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I suppouse they can´t have all girls complaning about it. The character of Misty used it to follow Ash which later on became a running gag. I thought that she never cared about the bike after a few eps in s1. May did complain but only in the very beginning, which was good, and she never saw it as important. And it was a way to get a travell- companion. Dawns way of looking at it was the even more realistic, she noted it but saw the situation and could joke about it. I thought the scenes in the beginning of the ep showed a bit of what Dawns character are.

Well I don´t think Brock going to stay at a Pokemon Center when/if Happiny evolves, hower it is set up for one great tearful goodbye- episode. Brocks only Pokemon, he already has Crognaruk as new, Bonsly has evolved and therfore Sudowodo is more or less new, and now Happiny. Remember when Zubat was his only Pokemon that evolved (in the Jotho saga) and Pinecho was the only real new addition to his team. As I said, D/P really are changing the style of the series.
Well in future episodes, things will take some VERY unique turns.