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Thread: Burning Friendship (Contestshipping, Ikarishipping and some others)

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    Default Burning Friendship (Contestshipping, Ikarishipping and some others)

    This fiction is basically life at a place called The Battle Academy for a bunch of 17 year olds that you see in the series and two that you don’t that I’ve made up. YAAAY! If you don’t know, The Battle Academy was an RPG formed by Pokemon_Breeder_Chris on the RPG section. The Battle academy is a boarding school for Trainers and coordinators and they are currently testing grounds for Rangers. Now it's time I started this thing. May will have a friend that I have created. *Evil laugh* some of you on the RPG board may know her! I made another person up for her, too. Yay. Oh, and all the chapters have song names!
    Burning Friendship
    Chapter One
    Stick With You
    Rated PG for slapstick violence

    -Some people say that love is friendship on fire...-

    ‘Will you two SHUT UP!!!’ A green haired boy shouted. He massaged his head so vigorously that there were little red marks forming. The girl next to him gave a laugh.

    ‘Gee, Drew. No need to be such a stress-head. BTW, don’t massage your head like that. It’s going as red as a Krabby and I doubt your adoring fans will like that.’ She said to the boy, Drew.

    They both looked about 17, and were in regular summer clothing. The girl looked stunning as the warm sunlight glinted off her waist length, wavy, strangely golden coloured hair. Hot honey golden, just gold. Her mischievous emerald eyes stared at him, the colour the shade of the neat pastures outside. She then turned around, smirking. She was dressed in clothing that showed off her obviously voluptuous figure: a vest shirt halfway in between baby blue and white, a red and black checked miniskirt and black flat shoes that looked expensive. She wore many golden bangles on both her thin wrists and was forever pulling them back up and on top of small colourful bands and friendship bracelets. Her hair was down and yet neatly covered with a jet black cap that Drew pulled off whacked her over the head with.

    ‘Serenity! You’re my cousin! NOT my mom!’ He yelled at her as she swiped the hat back and put it on. His clothes were a lot simpler: A black none sleeved shirt and green pants. He also wore a dog tag but like that compared to Serenity’s extensive collection of jewels. He flicked another case of oddly coloured hair out of his eyes, this time green. An emerald green like his eyes, which were the only thing that made the two look alike. Serenity pulled a face and another girl on the desk in front of them laughed.

    ‘Dawn! You laugh at EVERYTHING!!!’ The person sat next to her sighed. It was a person with longish black hair and, while everybody else was dressing in clothes that looked like they were from the stylish places in Lilycove, Saffron and Celadon, he was dressed in clothes that looked like they cost at least 600 dollars per!

    ‘But she was funny, Matty!’ Dawn pouted. She had bluish hair covered in a white hat, wore a pink miniskirt with a brown belt and a black waist jacket over a white shirt.

    ‘You’re all idiots. Complete idiots.’ Another boy said, shaking his head of browny grey hair. You couldn’t see his clothes as he was in front of Drew and Serenity and Dawn and Matty.
    ‘Shut up, Paul!’ Drew yelled just as the door opened to see the teacher. They all stopped talking as she could hear the suit-clad teacher mutter words of encouragement at the door. They were all puzzled. That was until a small girl appeared out in front of the door, blushing and holding a few books. Serenity smirked.

    ‘Hey Drew, looks like we’ve got another newbie. She actually looks pretty tough!’ She whispered to him.

    ‘Eh. She looks all right. Not anyone we can’t beat.’ Drew replied.

    ‘Ahem. I’ve beaten you a ton of times. My team is so better than yours!’

    ‘Don’t start!’ Drew replied, rolling his eyes at her. To avoid a case of much annoyance, he chose to scan the new girl…and he found Serenity was right. She DID look pretty tough. But in a good way. She also had a lot of innocence mixed in with it and…she did kinda look pretty. She had long, hazelnut brown hair that cascaded in curls to her middle back and sapphire blue eyes that showed a lot of emotion. She was wearing a red short-sleeved dress that had a V-neck cut and was cut at the middle thigh, showing off her legs. She had open toed sandals that showed a heart toe ring and purple painted toenails. She was also carrying a black swing bag and had various black bands on her arms.

    Matty caught him looking and snickered. Serenity whacked him in the back of the head.

    ‘OW! Ren! What was that fooo-oooooh. Sorry Miss Rain.’ Matty said. The small girl before them all giggled.

    ‘Class, this is May Maple. She’s from Petleburg city. May, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.’ Miss Rain said, sitting down.

    ‘Uh-uh…’ She said, obviously nervous. ‘Well…as Miss Rain said I come from Petleburg and…. my dad is kinda the gym leader there.’ She said. A murmur spread through the class.

    ‘May, that is quite interesting…well, why do you want to be a coordinator?’ Miss Rain asked her.

    ‘Well. My great great…great grandma was coordinating champion for five years running in Hoenn. That was a world record and I only found out last year. You might have heard of her. Her name was Clarabell Annice Maple. Well, I found out that we were actually a lot alike. We didn’t want to be trainers and so we went into coordinating. It kinda inspired me.’ She said, smiling. Obviously she had come out of her shell (very quickly at that) and had the whole class in silence. Then, Drew started to clap. And people began to clap with him.

    May looked straight at him and mouthed:

    “Thank you.”

    He could tell that she wouldn’t be so bad.
    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
    Ma was putting her books in her locker when she suddenly heard a cough. She looked up to see the strange green haired guy from her homeroom. She smiled.

    ‘Nice performance.’ He said.

    ‘Huh?’ May said, confused.

    ‘Like YOUR great great grandmother was Clarabell Anice Maple: You totally made that up.’ He smirked. She frowned and was just about to say something when he cried in pain.

    ‘MORON!!!’ Someone yelled. May turned to see the golden haired girl that sat next to the green haired guy. ‘WHY DO YOU SCARE EVERYBODY WHO DOESN’T FALL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN OBNOXIOUS JERK!!!’ She yelled. She turned to May. ‘Don’t listen to that arsehole. He comes up with these witty comebacks because he was never taught manors. I’m Serenity by the way. I know your name already!’ She grinned and laughed. May was speechless for a second or two.

    ‘Uh…thanks.’ She said.

    ‘I can’t believe we’re even related!’ She sighed.

    ‘You’re related?’ May said, stunned. ‘But you don’t look anything alike!’ Serenity smiled.

    ‘Actually, if you look, my eyes are the same as Drew’s. We also have the same smiles. It’s just he doesn’t EVER USE ANYTHING BUT A SMIRK!!!’ She yelled so he could hear.

    ‘Renny!’ Someone cried. May looked to see the girl with blue hair and a white hat, the guy with grey hair and the guy in expensive clothes running up to them.

    ‘NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!!!’ A teacher with a big head and a bushy moustache yelled at them and they slowed down to a walking pace. Serenity smiled when they eventually got there.

    ‘You’ve been hurting your cousin again, haven’t you?’ The guy with grey hair said, wearily.

    ‘NO! I’m just on the floor because I’m memorising the tile sequence!’ Drew said, sarcastically.

    ‘He’s also famed for his sarcasm,’ Serenity said to May. ‘Oh! Paul, Dawn, Matty, this is May. May, this is Dawn,’ She pointed to the blue haired girl. ‘Paul,’ She pointed at the one with the grey hair and weird eyebrows. ‘And last and least Matty.’

    ‘It’s rude to point and that wasn’t very nice!’ Matty yelled.

    ‘Nice to meet you, May!’ Dawn smiled.

    ‘Sorry you got laid off by Jerkwad over there.’ Paul said.

    ‘Ignore her on all costs and it’s nice to meet you.’ Matty said.

    ‘May! Stick with us and there’s no doubt you’ll survive the Battle Academy!’ Serenity smiled at her.

    May looked at the smiling faces around her and knew it: she was home.

    Kinda cheesy but there ya go.
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    I like what I see so far. There's just one part I don't get.

    Matty caught him looking and s******ed. Serenity whacked him in the back of the head
    I think the word is 'snickered' so why did you censor it? Just curious.

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    I didn't. I put S N I G G E R E D. It must be a misspelling. Thanks for the comment!

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    No prob. Are you gonna have a PM list? If so, I'd like to be on it.

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    Aw, this certainley is going to be something. I love how your writing has such a comedy edge. I like the story you put behind May for wanting to be a coordinator too. That was really creative. PM list? add me. =D
    kyo sohma is my bishie (:

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    hehe! Thanks, you guys! Not many people thooough. PM list created!

    PM List

    Funny we are talking about PM lists, cause the next chappie will be done sooooon!

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    Wow! Good story so far! Its good how your story is creative, has all the characters in sync, and has a sense of homour! WHICH I LIKE!

    Good luck on future chapters - Keep Smiling! - and laughing! Oh, and can i please be on your PM list, if you don't mind?

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    Wow! Great fic. I love it so far. You got 2 of my most favorite shippings. Can you please put me in your PM list? Contest and Ikari 4 life!

    Good luck and keep up! I can't wait for the next one!


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    Your story does have a feel to it, that compells several readers to read and review, while not being dissapointed.

    Your description is spot on, with snappy lines throughout the fic, and characters that we can invision, just amazing.

    that Drew pulled off and whacked her over the head with.
    and needs to go after off.

    This is the spot in most fics, where the characters interact with each other in this kind of setting, and you make it a enjoyable experience to read. Keep up the good work.

    I'm not required to be on the PM list.

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