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Thread: #173 Cleffa / #035 Clefairy / #036 Clefable

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    Looking for a softboiled + magic guard clefair/clefable. Must be UT or the EV's must be known, higher IV's = me willing to give more for it.

    Can give shinies, can breed egg moves, IV breed, EV train, etc. Just let me know.
    Hi! I'm always interested in having a nice standard OU Battle. Send me a message.
    SS FC - 5371 8712 7810
    ^That's all Gen 4
    Black FC - 2494-3425-8807

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    Have a shiny Clefairy for trade, pm for offers
    [IMG]Trainer Card[/IMG][IMG]Trainer Card[/IMG]I have Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, Lapras , and Larvitar for trade!
    Looking for Heracross, Male Nidoran, either a Pichu, Pikachu or Raichu a Houndoor and a shiny Haxorus
    Desperately in search of a Mew, will trade almost anything for it!
    If you have anything else, I'm open to offers!
    Currently breeding for a shiny Charmander, so I have boxes full of them!
    Soon I wll be completing the first 2 Gen Pokedex's


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