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Thread: #054 Psyduck / #055 Golduck

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    I'm looking only for Kens Psyduck, -> PM me ^^

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    Looking for psyduck of ken, jun and shigeshige:

    offering lucky egg, soul dew, magmarizer, shiny magikarp, aura's mew, shiny zubat, enigma berry, liechi berry, salac berry, 10aniv celebi and shiny mareep.

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    I am looking for shiny bold psyduck or golduck
    It must be legit and untouched
    Please PM me

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    i have a shiny psyduck, lax nature lvl 23 (my first shiny i caught on pearl ^^) completely untouched, but i may clone it once or twice... (haven't yet though)
    pls pm me, thanks.
    well im not cute anymore but, FEED MAH or ill stilllll eat joooooo yummah
    lookie i had a baby! (with what? O_o) (me ^ ) feed me some num nums?
    .... ....... .... is wrong with these things????

    my shinies: 325, 043, 418, 290 225, 198
    by latte3000-deviant art>

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    IMPORTANT!!!: Make sure you read all of this before making me an offer! If it is clear to me you didn’t bother then I will may not reply to your PM!

    Also, I only want what I have listed. Please do not offer me anything else.

    Looking for:

    Game Freak Psyduck ID 05458 (UT lvl unknown)
    Game Freak Psyduck ID 38793 (UT lvl unknown)
    Game Freak Psyduck ID 53437 (UT lvl unknown)
    (If you are going to offer me any of these 3 Psyducks please tell me their Natures and their dates.)

    They have to have any items or berries they are meant to come with as well.

    Can offer (All Legit):

    Shiny Staters Pokémon:
    Shiny Bulbasaur (Lvl 1, Naďve, UT)
    Shiny Charmander (Lvl 5, Jolly, UT)
    Shiny Squirtle (Lvl 1, Gentle, UT)
    Shiny Chikorita (Lvl 5, Careful, UT)
    Shiny Cyndaquil (Lvl 1, Jolly, UT)
    Shiny Totodile (Lvl 1, Brave, UT)
    Shiny Treecko (Lvl 5, Hardy, UT)
    Shiny Torchic (Lvl 5, Hardy, UT)
    Shiny Mudkip (Lvl 1, Naughty, UT)
    Shiny Turtwig (Lvl 1, Rash, UT)
    Shiny Chimchar (Lvl 1, Mild, UT)
    Shiny Piplup (Lvl 1, Adamant, UT)

    Shiny Legends:
    Shiny Articuno (Both Lvl 50, Sassy and Serious, UT)
    Shiny Zapdos (Lvl 50, Gentle, UT)
    Shiny Moltres (Lvl 50, Modest, UT)
    Shiny Mewtwo (Lvl 70, Bold, UT)
    Shiny Mew (Lvl 100, Lonely)
    Shiny Raikou (Lvl 50, Timid, UT)
    Shiny Entei (Lvl 50, Modest, UT)
    Shiny Suicune (Lvl 50, Sassy, UT)
    Shiny Ho-oh with Sacred Ash (Lvl 70, Bashful, UT)
    Shiny Lugia (Lvl 70, Jolly and Hardy, Both UT)
    Shiny Latias with Soul Dew (Lvl 40, Lax, UT)
    Shiny Latios with Soul Dew (Lvl 40, Quite, UT)
    Shiny Regirock (Lvl 40, Brave, UT)
    Shiny Regice (Lvl 40, Rash, UT)
    Shiny Registeel (Both Lvl 50, Mild and Quirky, Both UT)
    Shiny Kyorge (Lvl 70, Relaxed, UT)
    Shiny Groudon (Lvl 45, Serious, UT)
    Shiny Rayquaza (Lvl 70, Brave, UT)
    Shiny Deoxys (Lvl 30, Relaxed, UT)
    Shiny Uxie (Lvl 50, Naďve, UT)
    Shiny Mespirt (Levl 50, Jolly, UT)
    Shiny Azelf (Lvl 50, Hardy, UT)
    Shiny Dialga with Adamant Orb (Lvl 47, Jolly and Calm, Both UT)
    Shiny Palkia with Lustrous Orb (Lvl 47, Mild, UT)
    Shiny Heatran (Lvl 70, Lax, UT)
    Shiny Regigigas (Lvl 70, Brave, UT)
    Shiny Giratina (Lvl 70, Serious, UT)
    Shiny Cressleia (Lvl 50, Quiet, UT)
    Shiny Phione (Lvl 1, Timid,UT)
    Shiny Manaphy From Ranger Egg (Lvl 1, Naughty, UT)

    Other Shiny Pokémon:
    Shiny Gyarados (Lvl 43, Docile)
    Shiny Ditto (Lvl 53, Hardy)
    Shiny Eevee (Lvl 17, Careful, UT)
    Shiny Flareon (Lvl 17, Rash, UT)
    Shiny Dratini (Lvl 5, Lonely, UT)
    Shiny Tyranitar (Lvl 56, Gentle)
    Shiny Gible (Lvl 15, Relaxed, UT)
    Shiny Lucario (Lvl 51, Relaxed, Hatched from Riley’s egg)
    Shiny Leafeon (Lvl 16, Rash)
    Shiny Glaceon (Lvl 16, Mild)
    Shiny Rotom (Lvl 15, Hardy, UT)

    Event Pokémon:
    10 ANIV Bulbasaur (Lvl 70, Mild, UT)
    10 ANIV Blastoise (Lvl 70, Lax, UT)
    10 ANIV Charizard (Lvl 70, Brave, UT)
    10 ANIV Pikachu with Light Ball (Lvl 70, Quite, UT)
    10 ANIV Alakazam (Lvl 70, Hardy, UT)
    10 ANIV Articuno (Lvl 70, Quiet, UT)
    10 ANIV Zapdos (Lvl 70, Lonely, UT)
    10 ANIV Moltres (Lvl 70, Mild, UT)
    10 ANIV Dragonite (Lvl 70, Lonely, UT)
    10 ANIV Typhlosion (Lvl 70, Rash, UT)
    10 ANIV Espeon (Lvl 70, Serious, UT)
    10 ANIV Umbreon (Lvl 70, Lonely, UT)
    10 ANIV Raikou (Lvl 70, Bold, UT)
    10 ANIV Entei (Lvl 70, Gentle, UT)
    10 ANIV Suicune (Lvl 70, Hasty, UT)
    10 ANIV Tyranitar (Lvl 70, Quirky, UT)
    10 ANIV Celebi (Lvl 70, Naďve, UT)
    10 ANIV Blaziken (Lvl 70, Sassy, UT)
    10 ANIV Absol (Lvl 70, Rash, UT)
    10 ANIV Latias with Soul Dew (Lvl 70, Bashful, UT)
    10 ANIV Latios with Soul Dew (Lvl 70, Hardy, UT)
    10ANNIV DRACAUFEU Charizard (Lvl 70, Jolly, UT)
    10ANNIV ARTIKODIN Acticuno (Lvl 70, Relaxed, UT)
    10ANNIV Charizard (Lvl 70, Brave, UT)
    10ANNIV Pikachu with Light Ball (Lvl 70, Quirky, UT)
    10ANNIV Acticuno (Lvl 70, Impish, UT)
    10ANNIV Suicune (Lvl 70, Lonely, UT)
    10ANNIV Raikou (Lvl 70, Calm, UT)
    10ANNIV Entei (Lvl 70, Sassy, UT)
    10ANNIV Lugia (Lvl 70, Jolly, UT)
    10ANNIV Ho-oh with Sacred Ash (1: Lvl 100, Naughty. 2: Lvl 70, Quirky, UT)
    10ANNIV Latios with Soul Dew (Lvl 70, Quirky, UT)
    10ANNIV Latias with Soul Dew (Lvl 70, Quiet, UT)
    10JAHRE GLURAK Charizard. (Lvl 70, Rash, UT)
    10JAHRE Pikachu with Light Ball (Lvl 70, Modest, UT)
    10JAHRE ARKTOS Acticuno. (Lvl 70, Hasty, UT)
    10JAHRE Raikou (Lvl 70, Modest, UT)
    10JAHRE Entei (Lvl 70, Mild, UT)
    10JAHRE Suicune (Lvl 70, Bold, UT)
    10JAHRE Lugia (Lvl 70, Hasty, UT)
    10JAHRE Ho-oh with Sacred Ash (Lvl 70, Timid, UT)
    10JAHRE Latios with Soul Dew (Lvl 70, Hardy, UT)
    10JAHRE Latias with Soul Dew (Lvl 70, Hardy, UT)
    Aura Mew (Lvl 10, Naďve, Bashful, Modest UT. Careful, Trained 9/10 of a Level)
    MYSTRY Mew (Lvl 10, Calm, UT)
    Hadou (Wave) Mew (Lvl 10 Naďve, UT)
    Hadou (Wave) Rigirock (Lvl 40, Naďve, UT)
    Hadou (Wave) Rigice (Lvl 40, Sassy, UT)
    Hadou (Wave) Rigisteel (Lvl 40, Mild, UT)
    MATTLE Ho-oh with Sacred Ash (Lvl 70, Careful, UT)
    MT BATA Ho-oh with Sacred Ash (Lvl 70, Naughty, UT)
    Ageto (Agate) Celebi (Lvl 10, Lonely, UT)
    Koroshiamu (Colosseum) Pikachu (Lvl 10, Rash, UT)
    PokePark Mew (Lvl 30, Timid, UT)
    PokePark Celebi (Lvl 30, Modest, UT)
    PokePark Jirachi ID 60731 (Lvl 30, Naughty, UT)
    PokePark Jirachi ID 60830 (Lvl 30, Lonely, UT)
    WISHMRK Jirachi with Salac Berry (Lvl 5, Relaxed and Hardy, Both UT)
    CHANNEL Jirachi with Salac Berry (1-3:Lvl 100, Naďve, Lonely, Hardy. 4: Lvl 5, Impish, UT)
    Negai Boshi Wishing Star Jirachi ID 30719 with Salac Berry (Lvl 5, Calm, UT)
    Tanabata Jirachi ID 40707 with Apicot Berry (Lvl 5, Adamant, UT)
    Tanabata Jirachi ID 50707 with Petaya Berry (Lvl 5, Modest, UT)
    Tanabata Jirachi ID 60707 with Ganlon Berry (Lvl 5, Careful, UT)
    Cherish Ball Tanabata Jirachi ID 07077 with Ganlon Berry (Lvl 5, Relaxed, UT)
    SPACE C Deoxys (Lvl 70, Rash UT)
    DOEL Deoxys (Lvl 70, Naďve, UT)
    Cherish Ball 10th Deoxys with NeverMeltIce (Lvl 50, Sassy,UT)
    Cherish Ball Palcity Mew (Lvl 50, Quirky, UT)
    Cherish Ball Palcity Lurcario with Metal Coat (Lvl 50, Modest, UT)
    Cherish Ball Palcity Manaphy (Lvl 50, Hardy, UT)
    PKTOPIA Pikachu with Light Ball (Lvl 10, Hardy, UT)
    PKTOPIA Electivire with Magnet (Lvl 50, Adamant, UT)
    PKTOPIA Magmortar with Charcoal (Lvl 50, Modest, UT)
    Cherish Ball TRU Manaphy with Red Scarf (Both Lvl 50, Lax, Hardy, Both UT)
    Cherish Ball NWS Manaphy with Red Scarf (Lvl 50, Modest, UT)
    Cherish Ball E4ALL Manaphy with Red Scarf (Lvl 50, Modest,UT)
    Cherish Ball JBHF Manaphy with Red Scarf (Lvl 50, Naughty, UT)
    Mizunotami Manaphy with King’s Rock (Lvl 5, Calm, UT)
    Manaphy Eggs From Pokémon Ranger, Not hatched.
    Consaato (Concert) Chatot with Soothe Bell (Lvl 25, Timid, UT)
    Cherish Ball Namazun Wishcash (Lvl 51, Gentle, UT)
    Cherish Ball Syokoton Tropius (Lvl 53, Jolly, UT)
    Cherish Ball Sunday Octillery (Lvl 50, Serious, UT)
    Cherish Ball Hitokage PC Tokyo Birthday Charmander with Lucky Egg (Lvl 40, Mild, UT)
    Cherish Ball Saikyou Molotic with Flame Orb (Lvl 50, Bold, UT)
    Cherish Ball Saikyou Electivire with Magnet (Lvl 50, Serious, UT)
    Cherish Ball Saikyou Magmortar with Charcoal (Lvl 50, Hardy, UT)
    ROCKS Metang (Lvl 30, Bashful, UT)
    PokéFesta Electabuzz With Electrizer (Lvl 30, Gentle, UT)
    PokéFesta Magmar With Magmarizer (Lvl 30, Quite, UT)
    PokéFesta Metang (Lvl 30, Quirky, UT)
    Sunday Wobbuffet (Lvl 5, Impish, UT)
    JEREMY ID 24680 Ekans (Lvl 14, Rash, UT)
    JEREMY ID 24680 Oddish (Lvl 26, Modest, UT)
    JEREMY ID 24680 Pysduck (Lvl 27, Naughty, UT)
    JEREMY ID 24680 Growlithe (Lvl 32, Bold, UT)
    JEREMY ID 24680 Shellder (Lvl 24, Rash, UT)
    JEREMY ID 13579 Sandshrew (Lvl 12, Timid, UT)
    JEREMY ID 13579 Vulpix (Lvl 18, Quirky, UT)
    JEREMY ID 13579 Machoke (With a Everstone to stop it Evolving) (Lvl 38, Quite, UT)
    JEREMY ID 13579 Slowpoke (Lvl 31, Naughty, UT)
    JEREMY ID 13579 Haunter (With a Ever Stone to stop it Evolving) (Lvl 23, Mild, UT)
    JEREMY ID 13579 Staryu (Lvl 18, Navie, UT)
    JEREMY ID 13579 Tauros (Lvl 25, Hardy, UT)
    Shiny RUBY Zigzagoon with Liechi Berry (Lvl 5, Brave, UT)
    Shiny SAPHIRE Zigzagoon with Liechi Berry (Lvl 5, Relaxed, UT)
    Pokémon Centre Event Kangaskhan with Egg Moves Yawn and Wish (Lvl 5, Naďve, UT)
    GW Pikachu (Without Fly) (Lvl 10, Relaxed, UT)

    I can make any Pokémon traded to you hold a Master Ball or any TM if you wish. (Unless they already have an item or berry).


    T&C of all Trades:

    Only PM me if you can get me something I want. Don’t if you are just trying your luck to get one of my Pokémon because you need it without being able to offer something for it.

    Legit Pokémon only! I will check before the trade. If they are hacked, not the ones I am looking for or have any EXP on them then I will disconnect. If you think that I have a hack then disconnect but tell me why you think it may be a hack.

    Don’t ask for the Item on the Pokémon without having the Pokémon to go with it. The Item is a bonus with the Pokémon.

    Fair Trades only. I will not do a 2 for 1 deal, even if they are in my favour.

    I do not mind taking clones.

    Do not ask for TMs or Master Balls unless you can offer me one of the Pokémon I am looking for.

    Don’t ask about IVs. I don’t know how to work them out.

    I haven’t got any EV Trained Pokémon and I don’t want them.

    I will not do Data Trades to help fill up your PokéDex.

    I am using another Event List as Serebii’s is out of date. There are more hacks on here than what people know about so if I disconnect from a trade it because you have a hack. I will PM you telling you about the problem.

    This may be a bit OTT… And it is… but I think it’s needed.

    Private Message me with any offers.

    All Gen 5 Trades:0819 4028 8122.
    3DS Friend Code: 3007 8062 6995. Add me for Mario Kart 7 and any upcoming games!

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    Offering a XD Golduck, Calm nature and UT, knows Charm, Psych Up and Brick Break (although why one would keep both Charm and Psych up is questionable...)
    Accepting pokes with egg moves, or even shinys or rare pokes - feel free to make any offer that you think I may like however.

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    I have a legit shiny Golduck. PM me for your offers.

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    Default Event "Game Freak" Kodakku

    I'm looking for a Psyduck that was given out a couple of months ago from the directors (Jun, Ken etc..).

    ID No.: 05458 Nickname: Kodakku (Koduck)
    OT: Jun

    ID No.: 38793 Nickname: Kodakku (Koduck)
    OT: Ken

    ID No.: 53437 Nickname: Kodakku (Koduck)
    OT: ShigeShige

    If anyone has one (or multiple) i will in return trade you a Shiny Snover or a Shiny Togepi.

    Please PM Me
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    hey want a shiny psyduck. any offer. d/p pokemon cant be traded because i just restarted so i can trade anything else (except shinys)

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    Looking for a shiny psyduck, offering starters in return. (I only have charmanders, Bulbasaurs and Turtwigs for now...maybe more later)

    Kecleon is my Bishie ^_^
    Magical Wonders await you here...

    WIFI IS BACK!!! ^_^

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    looking for a shiny pysduck that is low leveled and UT.
    i would love if it were nameable also...but if not istill want it.
    i can offer you meny UT shinys that i own : D

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    I have a legit, shiny, ut Golduck. Pm me if interested.
    Black FC- 0089 1725 7749

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    Anybody that needs a golduck, let me know and I can trade u, have plenty to trade so just drop me a pm and i will get back with u
    FC: 1075 0954 9266

    The Name is Rain, got it memorized?

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    looking for a male psyduck/golduck that knows cross chop and hypnosis!

    can offer: eevee with wish and charm (almost any nature); chikorita with sunny day and leech seed; spiritomb with grudge, shadow sneak and destiny bond; chimchar with thunder and fire punch (coming soon!); cherubi with grass whistle (coming soon!); larvitar with dragon dance, stone edge and earthquake; and koffing with destiny bond, explosion and sludge bomb i think.
    also can do any other normal breedable pokemon, so just ask and i'll see what i can get! also can offer up to 4 items from: electrizer x2, focus sash x3, heart scale x5, moon stone x3, black belt x5, water stone x5, leaf stone x5, armour fossil x2, damp rock x5, smooth rock x2, expert belt x5, enigma, leichi, starf, apicot, etc. berries (once i grow some more).

    pm if you'd like to help me out!

    edit: got 1 now, thanks.
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    im looking for male psyduck/golduck with cross chop and hypnosis

    worth your time pm me
    LF-----nothing ATM

    offering a lot of good natured shiny pokemon
    vm me to see what i have for trade!!

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    I'm currently searching for a Psyduck that carries a Pokédex entry in Spanish, German, or Italian to fill my foreign language dex entries. If you've got one (or any of other chosen 14 in Italian, German, French or Spanish) please contact me via PM.

    I'm willing to offer anything that's breedable (uncloned), as well as all 1st to third-gen non-event legendaries, Jirachi and Mew (cloned from legit originals I captured or otherwise obtained myself).
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    Looking for a shiny male Psyduck. Preferrably untouched, PM me with offers, I have almost every pokemon in Shiny form.

    +Credit to Rukaria+
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    looking for a shiny psyduck.
    i can offer shiny pokemon..
        Spoiler:- Wanted list:

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    I have a Shiny Psyduck

    Psyduck - Lv.8 UT - Lax

    PM me with offers, I'm after shinys
    Pearl: FC: 3480 6156 2066

    Name: Kim

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    wit WEEZY BABY


    i got a lvl 45 shiny psyduck ill trade for another shiny....just caught and trained up...i can evolve to golduck if any1 would like.

    im new so idk how we do the trades so ull have to work with me

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    wit WEEZY BABY


    where do u find ur friend code???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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    wit WEEZY BABY


    where do u find ur friend code???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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    go to bag key items and on pal pad ull find ur own and will be able to register ur own
    anyways i am offering a level 26 golduck! female lenely nature {moves water gun disable confusion and waterpulse} yeah im sure no one will want it>.> lol but just in case i am looking for a pokemon i dont own/seen for dex shinies as well
    heh maybe i should go catch the level 50 one lol

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    Event Psyducks Wanted!

    Global Events

    NDS Event
    Gender/Nature/Quantity: I am looking for a Male one with a Timid Nature and a Female one with a Modest Nature
    Ability: Damp
    Nickname: Kodakku
    Level: 1
    OT: Jun
    ID No.: 05458

    NDS Event
    Gender/Nature/Quantity: I am looking for a Male one with a Timid Nature and a Female one with a Modest Nature
    Ability: Damp
    Nickname: Kodakku
    Level: 1
    OT: Ken
    ID No.: 38793

    NDS Event
    Gender/Nature/Quantity: I am looking for a Male one with a Timid Nature and a Female one with a Modest Nature
    Ability: Damp
    Nickname: Kodakku
    Level: 1
    OT: ShigeShige
    ID No.: 53437

    Misc. Pokemon Events

    GBA Event
    Gender/Nature/Quantity: I am looking for a Male one with a Timid Nature and a Female one with a Modest Nature
    Ability: Damp
    Nickname: None
    Level: 27
    ID NO.: 24680

    The specified Levels, Genders, Natures, and Abilities are only if possible. I will do everything in my power to give whoever replies the pokemon they want in exchange. The Psyducks can be clones, but NO HACKS! PM me if you have any of them.
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    I am searching for the Psyduck Event.I need the one which has the OT Jun

    I offer many events.Ask me per PM

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