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Thread: #096 Drowzee / #097 Hypno

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    I have 2 Shiny Drowzee up for trade. Both of them are uncloned and both chained with PokeRadar.

    The first is Male, Bold Nature, Level 19. Ability: Forewarn
    Attack: 21
    Defense: 25
    Sp. Atk: 22
    Sp. Def 40
    Speed 26

    Moveset: Disable, Confusion, Headbutt, Poison Gas

    Second one is Female, Relaxed Nature, Level 19, Forewarn Ability.

    Attack: 23
    Defense: 29
    Sp. Atk: 22
    Sp. Def: 40
    Speed: 21

    Same moveset as the other.

    Looking for another Shiny in return.
    I love trading! X/Y ONLY NOW Anything you need or can offer me, please PM me!

    Always interested in Shiny Trading, I love collecting them. So if you have shinies and interested in what I have to offer, PM me.

    Pokemon X FC: 0087-2373-9227 (No more Fighting, Ground, Rock or Ice type Safari's.

    & FC: 1864-9774-2101 (Open to all types)

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    none of your business


    offering wish drowzee. Only serious offers for this. these are stuff that i would like for it
    other wish events
    a dated Jeremy set
    nagoya squirtle
    other rare gba events
    PCNY Staryu from b,c or d
    PCNY Cacturne from a or d
    italian channel jirachis
    french aura mews

    here's the info on drowzee
    41052 STAR Drowzee - Relaxed - Thoroughly Cunning - 7-6-2007
    If i trade you drowzee it will be kept nft. i will keep gba events nft by request

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    Shiny Drowzee available- two of them actually but I may keep the other one. PM me offers- I would especially like shiny Koffing/Weezing because I have had no luck in chaining that... Other shinies I would like to have are Charmander and Eevee but offer any shiny / other uncommon pokemon (legendary, IV:d, eggmoved, non-english, EV-trained, event) and we may have a deal

    PM for more info

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