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Thread: #115 Kangaskhan

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    Dec 2009


    looking for any kangashan. pm me please. i will give you a porygon-z in return.
    Matt FC: 0089 3741 7171

    I can EV train pokemon for you no hacks. I also have EV reset berries, if needed, in return I would like one shiny pokemon or one female dw pokemon.

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    Looking for an UT Adamant Kangaskhan with scrappy. Must have flawless IVs (or almost) and the egg move counter. Will offer lots of good pokes for one.
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    I can offer Kangaskhan.

    PM me if you want one.

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    Looking for:

    Adamant Wish Kangaskhan with Early Bird

    Will trade multiple good natured UT shinies for the one.
    PM me if you'd like to trade.

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    I can breed Kangaskhan
    PM me.
    Be nice, I don't good speak english ♪

    FC: Kaoru - 1161 9364 1831

    I don't need any pokemons for my dex, I have all.
    I can offer all breedable or evolved pokemons, many legendaries, some eggmoves, Surf&Fly Pikachus, foreign pokemons for the Masuda Method, some events and also many shinies.
    PM me if you want something.

    Please click them ♥

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    Looking for any Kangaskhan I breed all Johto and Sinnoh starters as well as Eevee and Charmander

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    looking for adamant Kangaskhan.
    pm me with your offer
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    looking for a kangaskhan for my pokedex pm me with offers

    need a chansey or happiny or blissey with the move wish, will trade 6 shinys for it


    Fc:2879 7559 0271

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    Also looking for a Kangaskhan. Can trade starters (eggs or hatched Level 1) from most regions, or many other Pokemon. Please PM if you can help. Thanks!

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    Melbourne Victoria


    looking have kangaskhan any level and nature have alot to offer pm me for a fair trade

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    I've got a bunch of freshly hatched Kangaskhan I'm willing to trade.

    What I'm looking for:

    * Sabeleye
    * Torchic
    * Treeko
    * Mudkip
    * Bulbasaur

    However, I'm open to any offers.

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    Looing for a Kangaskhan level, movs etc don't matter. PM if interested.

    Here are the following eggs I can produce-

    001 Bulbasaur
    004 Charmander
    007 Squirtle
    010 Catapie
    013 Weedle
    016 Pidgey
    019 Rattata
    021 Spearow
    023 Ekans
    027 Sandshrew
    032 Nidoran Male
    037 Vulpix
    041 Zubat
    043 Oddish
    050 Diglett
    052 Meowth
    054 Psyduck
    061 Poliwag
    063 Abra
    066 Machop
    069 Bellsprout
    072 Tentacool
    074 Geodude
    077 Ponyta
    081 Magnetmite
    083 Farfetch'd
    084 Doduo
    092 Gastly
    095 Onix
    096 Drowzee
    098 Krabby
    100 Voltorb
    101 Electrode
    104 Cubone
    108 Lickitung
    109 Koffing
    111 Rhyhorn
    113 Chansey
    118 Goldeen
    120 Staryu
    122 Mr. Mime
    123 Scyther
    129 Magikarp
    133 Eevee
    137 Porygon
    138 Omanyte
    140 Kabuto
    142 Aerodactyl
    143 Snorlax
    161 Sentret
    163 Hoothoot
    167 Spinarak
    172 Pichu
    173 Cleffa
    174 Igglybuff
    177 Natu
    183 Marill
    185 Sudowoodo
    190 Aipom
    194 Wooper
    198 Murkrow
    200 Misdreavus
    203 Girafarig
    206 Dunspance
    207 Gligar
    209 Snubbull
    214 Heracross
    215 Sneasel
    218 Slugma
    220 Swinub
    222 Corsola
    223 Remoraid
    225 Delebird
    226 Mantine
    231 Phanpy
    234 Stantler
    252 Treecko
    263 Zigzagoon
    265 Wumple
    270 Lotad
    278 Wingull
    280 Ralts
    285 Smoomish
    287 Skakoth
    296 Makuhita
    298 Azurill
    299 Nosepass
    300 Skitty
    307 Meditite
    309 Electrike
    311 Plusle
    312 Minum
    313 Volbeat
    314 Illumise
    315 Roserlia
    320 Wailmer
    333 Swablu
    339 Barboach
    345 Lileep
    349 Feebas
    351 Castform
    359 Absol
    361 Snorunt
    363 Spheal
    370 Luvdisc
    374 Beldum
    387 Turtwig
    390 Chimchar
    393 Piplup
    396 Starly
    399 Bidoof
    401 Kricketot
    403 Shinx
    406 Budew
    408 Cranidos
    410 Shieldon
    412 Burmy
    415 Combee
    417 Pachirisu
    418 Buizel
    420 Cherubi
    422 Shellos
    425 Drifloon
    427 Buneary
    431 Glameow
    434 Stunky
    436 Bronzor
    438 Bonsly
    439 Mime JR.
    441 Chatot
    442 Spiritomb
    443 Gible
    446 Munchlax
    447 Riolu
    449 Hippopotas
    451 Skorupi
    453 Croagunk
    455 Carnivine
    456 Finneon
    458 Mantyke
    459 Snover
    So yeah, I've to restart all of my Pokémon collection, I can breed the Unova starters and the elemental monkeys, so if anyone's interested in my small and limited Pokéfarm, fire a PM. (:

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    if anyone has a knaghaskan that knows counter i'll trade a manaphy or something else for it. pm me for offers

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    I am looking for an Adamant and a Naive Kangaskhan.

    I have all 493 Pokémon. Just tell me, what you want for it.
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    I have an adamant, EV'd kangaskhan (attack and speed). lv. 50. Knows:

    Fake out

    I am looking for an adamant ditto. I don't care about IVs, so if it has like 0 Attack Ivs, I seriously will take it.

    PM me with offers.
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    looking for a ut nonshiny noncloned kanto caught (firered or leafgreen) Kangaskhan with adamant nature and with the ability scrappy yes it has to be caught from kanto >.>

    in return I will trade a shiny pokemon for it ^.^
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    I accept clones in most cases. I will not accept Hacks. If you RNG I will always accept them, but please let me know they're RNGed.

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    Pokemon X IGN: Brimo

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    I no longer need one, thank you!
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    Need a starter Pokemon? I have some with good moves; PM me for them. I'm trying to clear out my PC, so I'll take anything.*

    SS Friend Code: Emiko | 1076 3048 2928
    The forums are really slow for me, so if I don't reply right away please just be patient. Thank you!

    - Heatran [shiny]
    - Regice [shiny]
    - Regirock [shiny]
    - Registeel [shiny]
    - well bred Eevee/Espeon PM for details

    I have: legendaries, shinies, shiny legendaries not listed above, starter pokemon, pokerus, master balls, evolution stones, etc.

    Need something for your dex or just because you want it? Let me know and if I can help I will. :D

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    Breeding Kangaskhan. PM me if interested.
    I'll take the ones in white in my signature link in return.
    Pt national pokédex complete!

    Platinum FC: 0732 7475 6826
    Black FC: 2107 8218 8097

    I have lots of legendaries and event pokémon. Looking for shinies. PM me.

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    I have a lv 8 Kangaskan with Scraapy. PM me if interested (:

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    Offering kangaskahn. Pm me
    Pokemon Heart Gold Friend Code: 1462 9685 1495

    Check out my trade shop!! It has what I'm seeking and what I can offer, so give it a look!!

    I UPDATE my trade shop every trade and usually every day. Please look, I need the pokemon I listed!!!

    I don't use "uber" Pokemon,I don't calculate stat values, I don't use cheating devices, I don't breed my way to perfection and I sometimes care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are barring unfortunate natures, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.(Started by Tyranitar and re-worded a little by Aurawarrior8)

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    Looking for kangaskahn! it doesnt mutter the lvl or the nature.

    These pokemon that I can give in return:

    you can ask for items to, and if i have ill give you
    My Trade Shop!
    Events, Items, IV Breeding, EV Trainig, Leveling Up, Legenderies And More!

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    I have a kangaskhan

    PM me for offers

    PS: Looking for seviper and spiritomb (2 left to complete dex)

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    Looking for a shiny adamant/jolly Kangaskhan. While Scrappy would be the preferred ability, it is not required.

    I am willing to offer a good natured shiny or up to two adequate natured shinies in return. Shiny Charmander, Shiny Adamant/JollyGrowlithe, and Shiny Adamant Shinx are a few of what I've got. I've got a ton of other shinies so list what you're looking for and I'll see if I have it. I'm a half-decent chainer so if you want a specific pokemon that I do not have (but is chainable) I can get it for you (with your choice of nature).

    Pm me if you wanna make a deal.

    edit: I'm trying my hand at Masuda methoding a shiny Kangaskhan so I've got pc boxes full of them. So for those who just want a generic Kangaskhan, pm me for a free one. Otherwise, they'll just be released.
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    Does anyone have an extra UT kangaskhan with an adamant or jolly nature? I have some events I could trade, like the crown dogs. If you want something else, I'll see if I have it. PM me and we can work something out.
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    Hello. I need a really low level Kangaskhan. I need it because I am too lazy to walk 3,000 steps to get one myself because it's like 3 a.m.

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