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    Default Ditto Madness!!!

    Ok, I just went a Ditto catching spree and here we go, this is what I have to offer:

    -Adamant Ditto with perfect attack IVs.

    -Bold Ditto with perfect defense IVs and high HP/Sp.Def IVs (both 26 IVs)

    -Calm Ditto with 24 Hp IVs, 29 def Ivs, and 22 Sp.Def IVs.

    -A Careful Ditto with 31 HP IVS, and other Carefuls with overall "good" IVs.

    -A Jolly Ditto with 26 attack and 24 speed IVs.

    -An "OK Ivs' Modest Ditto

    -A Timid Ditto with 30 Sp.Atk IVS, one with overall "Ok" IVS.

    -I have a host of other natured Dittos, such as Hasty, Naive, Sassy, Quiet, Lonely..... and almost any other nature you can come up.

    -It depends on the Ditto you want, but in return I am looking for:

    -Any Shiny Pokemon esp. legends or good nature/Ivs
    -A timid Azelf
    -Really good Jolly and Modest Ditto
    -Manaphy of any kind, esp. with good nature
    -Timid, Bold, or Modest Suicune
    -Earthquake TM
    -Any of the Power items, such as Power belt, Power lens, ect. (REALLY need these!)
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