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    I'm looking to trade for a legitimate level 91 or higher Munchlax that has the ability "pickup", (or any level 91+ pokemon with pickup).

    I'm actually looking for between 1 and 5 of them, I'm not interested in identical clones. Nature, known moves and stats are irrelevant.

    I can offer:
    Most pokemon in the national dex. If I don't have it I'll find it. (a few exceptions)

    10th Anniversary event pokemon.

    Professionally trained pokemon, name your pokemon, nature, ability, desired EV spread and IV spread as well as known egg moves and I shall breed it and give it the needed EVs & desired nickname, should you want one.

    Shiny pokemon, the list is currently limited but ask and we will see.

    Feebas eggs, 50% chance of modest, "outstanding" parents, unknown gender / IVs on said offspring. Try your luck!

    TMs numbers 1 to 50.

    Master balls / other needed items, request and we will see if I have them.

    Please PM me your offers
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