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    Looking for a Snorlax. I don't care about EVs and stuff, but it has to be legit. Will trade Yanma Lv 28, Croagunk Lv 24 w/ Black Sludge, Tropius(female, all others are male) Lv 30, Pichu Lv 31 w/ Thunder & Soothe Bell, Clefairy Lv 31, or Togepi Lv 1. None of 'em know HMs. Just PM me your FC. Pickup for ability, please, and can it be female and holding a Full Incense? (Breeding)
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    My friend code for Black 2:

    My team in Black 2:
    Charizard, Espeon, Samurott, Haxorus, Lucario, and Tyranitar!

    I'm too lazy to spend half an hour to look for an image generator ;-;

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