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    Looking for male sneasel/weavile or compatible species for breeding with pursuit and 31IV in both Attack and Speed, or female Jolly sneasel/weavile with same IVs as above.

    I have to offer:
    -untouched Adamant Riolus with perfect Attack/Speed IVs and the egg move Crunch
    -untouched Impish Skarmory with perfect HP/Defence IVs with Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Drill Peck and Roost.
    -I also have various leftover Riolu/Skarms from breeding with the same moves as listed that have perfect IVs in only one desired stat (though some also have perfect IVs in another stat as well) that can be used for breeding. I will trade these for your leftover sneasel/weavile to breed myself. Must have pursuit if male.

    PM me.
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