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Thread: #246 Larvitar / #247 Pupitar / #248 Tyranitar

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    I have level 1 larvitars if anyone's interested~ 3 male and 2 female~
    3DS Friend Code: 2165-7412-5613
    IGN: Amanda

    I breed competitively as a hobby but don't actually battle all that much! Really just looking to flush out a living shiny dex with favorable IVs (and thus I breed! )

    Current hunt:

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    Looking for an Event Arceus that will enable me to access the Sinjoh Ruins.


    I’m willing to trade the following Pokémon, and will give away a complementary Master Ball, Grass Knot TM, OR Stealth Rock TM (your choice) along with it if you desire it: (the Pokémon corresponding to this thread has been bolded)

    UT Machop *Shiny*
    UT Ghastly *Shiny*
    UT Larvitar *Shiny*
    UT Slakoth *Shiny*
    UT Cubone *Shiny*
    UT Shinx *Shiny*
    UT Draco Meteor Event Jirachi (With Liechi Berry)
    UT Event Suicune *Shiny* (With Rowap Berry)
    UT Event Raikou *Shiny* (With Micle Berry)
    UT Event Entei *Shiny* (With Custap Berry)
    UT Wi-Fi Event Mew
    UT Event Pichu *Shiny* (With Everstone; Unlocks Spikey-Eared Pichu Event)
    UT Latias (from Sapphire)
    UT Regirock (from Sapphire)
    UT Regice (from Sapphire)
    UT Registeel (from Sapphire)
    UT Rayquaza (from Sapphire)
    UT Kyogre (from Sapphire)
    UT Manaphy (hatched from Egg)
    UT Red Gyarados *Shiny* (from HG/SS)

    PM or VM me with offers.
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