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Thread: #280 Ralts / #281 Kirlia / #282 Gardevoir / #475 Gallade

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    I'm looking for a shiny ralts or kirlia, preferably female, to give to my girlfriend as a present. She's never had a shiny, and ralts is here favorite pokemon. I'm willing to trade a Groudon or a Mewtwo, heck, even both! PM me if interested please. Thanks!

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    looking for a gallade.
    high lv.
    mean look
    false swipe

    pm me.

    I have these pokemon for trade

    All on pokemon X


    Palkia / jolly - pressure lv.100 (GTS) 1iv
    Dialga / sassy – pressure lv.100 JPN (GTS) 1iv
    Gyarados / relaxed – intimidate 6iv lv.100 impish – intimidate 1iv lv.41 modest – intimidate lv.30 1iv
    Geodude / hasty – sturdy lv.12 1iv
    Golem / relaxed – sturdy lv.100 1iv
    Pidgeot / serious – tangled feet lv.100 1iv
    Kricketune / jolly – swarm lv.100 1iv
    Seaking / docile – swift swim lv.100 1iv
    Crobat / timid – inner focus lv.100 6iv
    Raichu / lonely – static lv.100 2iv
    Pikachu / jolly – static lv.61 event (cherish ball) 1iv
    Staraptor / brave – lv.100
    Tentacruel / lax – liquid ooze lv.100 1iv
    Pelipper / calm – keen eye lv.100 1iv
    Gastrodon pink/ timid – sticky hold lv.100 1iv
    Gengar / quiet – levitate lv.100 1iv
    Dratini / mild – shed skin lv.1 1iv
    deoxys / modest – pressure lv.100 (GTS) 6iv

    easily trade ^
    something good for >

    luvdisc / lonely SPA – swift swim lv.15 1iv KALOS
    ponyta / serious JPN – run away lv.30 2iv KALOS
    eevee / impish – adaptability lv.30 2iv KALOS
    dunsparce / brave JPN – rattled lv.34 2iv KALOS
    torterra / hasty – overgrow lv.33 1iv
    politoed / impish – water absorb lv.54 1iv KALOS hasty – damp lv.52 1iv KALOS
    exploud / relaxed – soundproof lv.48 2iv KALOS
    forretress / quiet – overcoat lv.39 3iv KALOS
    espeon / jolly – synchronize lv.100 3iv KALOS
    whiscash / lonely – oblivious lv.66 1iv KALOS
    Magikarp / hardy – swift swim lv.100 (all 6 good ivs and all 6 bad ivs?)
    koffin / lax – levitate lv.18 1iv
    ninjask / quiet – speed boost lv.31 2iv KALOS


    I have all except for landerous trio. I have all other legends non-event. Natures vary.


    darkrai / naughty – bad dreams lv.100 (GTS) 2iv
    jirachi / careful relaxed – lv.100 (GTS)
    shiny deoxys / modest – pressure lv.100 (GTS) 1iv
    manaphy / brave – hydration lv.1 1iv careful – hydration lv.76 JPN 1iv
    + can breed phione (natures will vary)

    Something amazing for>
    Torchic / lonely – speed boost lv.10 event (cherish ball) 1iv

    gts pokemon - not sure if theyre legit or not. I obtained on the gts and transferred them to x. they went through poke bank So don’t ask.


    Dratini / adamant – shed skin lv.1 (egg moves) 4iv
    Totdile / adamant – torrent lv1 (egg moves) JPN 4iv
    Squirtle / modest – torrent lv.1 JPN 4iv
    Froakie / modest – protean lv.1 SPA 2iv
    Frogadier / hardy – protean lv.30 JPN 2iv
    Bulbasaur / timid – overgrow lv.1 3iv
    Charmander / adamant – blaze lv.1 (egg moves) JPN 4iv
    Charmander / timid – blaze lv.1 JPN 3iv
    Charmander / jolly – solar power lv.12 (egg moves) 5iv
    Cyndaquil / serious – blaze lv.1 3iv
    Chimchar / jolly – blaze lv.1 (egg moves) JPN 4iv
    Xerneas / mild – fairy aura lv.83 3iv
    Cottonee / bold – prankster lv.1 (egg moves) 3iv male X2
    Cottonee / bold – prankster lv.1 (egg moves) 3iv female X5
    Gastly / timid – levitate lv.1 (egg moves) JPN 4iv
    Goomy / lonely – hydration lv.1 JPN 3iv
    Gible / jolly – sand veil lv.1 (egg moves) JPN 4iv
    Druddigon / relaxed – rough skin lv.1 3iv
    Noibat / timid – frisk lv. 1 (egg moves) JPN 4iv
    Beautifly / bashful – swarm lv.23 3iv
    Charmeleon / docile – solar power lv.30 JPN 2iv
    Bagon / relaxed – rock head lv.1 3iv
    Larvitar / modest – guts lv.1 (egg moves) JPN 5iv
    Larvitar / relaxed – guts lv.1 JPN 5iv
    Torchic / naughty - speed boost lv.1 JPN 3iv
    Driftblim / lax – aftermath lv.37 3iv
    Shuckle / relaxed – gluttony lv.20 4iv
    Litwick / modest – flash fire lv.1 4iv
    Abra / modest – magic guard lv.19 JPN 3iv
    Pichu / naďve – static lv.1 (volt tackle) 2iv
    Mawhile / adamant – hyper cutter lv.1 (egg moves) JPN 3iv
    Phione / serious – hydration lv.1 JPN 4iv
    Beldum / adamant – clear body lv.1 JPN 5iv
    Bergmite / relaxed – ice body lv.1 (egg move) JPN 5iv
    Bulbasaur / modest – chlorophyll lv.1 (egg move) JPN 2iv
    Riolu / adamant – inner focus lv.1 (egg move) 3iv
    Litleo / impish – rivalry lv.1 3iv




    I have all starters in basic form. I have some trained ones for trade as well. Natures vary.

    Other Pokemon

    You name it and I most likely have it. Natures vary.

    HAVE POKERUS – contracted it myself. Can infect pokemon for you

    Looking for

    Mega stones: Venasaur Blastoise Aggron & mewtwo y, blaziken
    Ability capsule, lucky egg, leftovers

    Non-english ditto with 5-6iv
    Any legit event pokemon (really need mew shaymin meloetta keldeo arceus)
    Any shiny pokemon

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