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    I have a legit shiny Lairon w/ brave nature and rock head lv. 36
    ev'd in atk and def not sure if fully ev'd yet though. I caught it on the pokeradar when my chain count was at 4!
    looking for
    shiny scyther adamant
    shiny treeko timid/modest
    shiny magby modest
    shiny hoppip timid
    shiny porygon modest
    shiny swinub adamant
    shiny ralts adamant
    shiny ryhorn adamant
    shiny jhoto legends
    must be all legit
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    Back from a very large break...
    I am looking specifically for the following shinies:
    UT adamant gible
    UT modest/timid feebas (must be absolutely UT)
    UT adamant giratina
    I have a large list of shinies to offer, so PM me if you have any of the above pokemon...Thnx

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