Hi! I'm looking for a legit normal or shiny Wailmer I don't really care about the nature but would be good if it's "Quiet" and low lvl, I can trade the following:

- Giratina UT/lvl47/Bashful
- Dialga UT/lvl70/Sassy
- HO-OH UT/lvl70/Naive
- Mewtwo UT/lv70/Timid
- Gyarados (Shiny) lvl30/Quiet
- Suicune UT/lvl40/Quirky
- Articuno UT/lvl50/Adamant
- Zapdos UT/lvl50/Docile
- Moltres UT/lvl50/Modest
- Latios UT/lvl35/Timid

I'm also offering a Wish Jirachi UT/lvl5/Naive (Only for a Shiny Wailmer)

Send me a PM if you are interesed.