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Thread: #347 Anorith / #348 Armaldo

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    looking for armaldo or anorith i can offer any johto/kanto starter and many more pokemon just pm me
    looking for shiny scizor jolteon charizard poliwrath spiritomb beedrill garchomp tauros armaldo arcanine donphan sableye marowak drapion or any dragon-type pokemon and any pre evolutions of the listed pokemon private message me with pokemon offers i need it 4th gen
    fc for ss 1807 8329 4919

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    LOoking for an anorith or armaldo that's game origin is anything other than english.
    so like a Japanese anorith, chinese anortih ect.

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    I have both of these pokemon available. I'm looking for any Shinies, EV trained Pokemon, Rare Candies and the pokemon in my signature. Send me a PM.
    OFFER: ANY POKEMON (And TRIO BIRDS);; PP Ups/PP Max, Master Balls, Most TMs, Most Berries, Max Ethers/Elixirs/Revives, All Arceus Plates, Most Evolution Stones, All Colored Shards, All Fossils, Tons of Hold Items (Except Choice and Power), x46 Heart Scales
    JONNY Diamond FC 0347-6353-9402
    Send me friend requests!

    Serebii Forums is like the hardest game. I've been a member since 2007 and I'm still a beginning trainer! D:<

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