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Thread: #351 Castform

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    Default #351 Castform

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    Castforms? I've got Castforms.

    Untouched level 1s, if you want a specific nature notify me and I'll try to breed for it.

    I'll take Miltanks, Puruglys, Spheals, Sealeos, and shinys. PM me.
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    looking for a legit shiny castform...

    My shinies to trade...


    shiny bulbasaur
    shiny charmander (egg moves)
    shiny charizard (lvl 100)
    shiny squirtle (egg moves)
    shiny caterpie
    shiny weedle
    shiny pidgey (one nicknamed "pelican" with ability keen eye and one not nicknamed with ability tangled feet )
    shiny rattata (FEAR comes with focus sash)
    shiny spearow
    shiny ekans
    shiny pikachu (comes with lightball)
    shiny sandshrew (nicknamed Sandshreeu)
    shiny nidoran (male and female)
    shiny vulpix (can come with fire stone)
    shiny zubat
    shiny goldbat (comes with soothe bell)
    shiny oddish (both male and female)
    shiny paras
    shiny diglett
    shiny meowth
    shiny psyduck
    shiny golduck
    shiny mankey
    shiny growlithe (adamant with egg moves)
    shiny venonat
    shiny poliwag (can come with king's rock or water stone)
    shiny abra
    shiny bellsprout (can come with leaf stone)
    shiny tentacruel
    shiny machop
    shiny geodude
    shiny golem
    shiny ponyta
    shiny slowpoke (can come with kings rock)
    shiny magnemite
    shiny farfetch'd (comes with stick)
    shiny doduo
    shiny dodrio
    shiny seel
    shiny grimer (nicknamed Grimer)
    shiny muk
    shiny shellder (can come with water stone)
    shiny ghastly
    shiny onix (can come with metal coat)
    shiny krabby
    shiny voltorb
    shiny exeggcute (can come with leaf stone)
    shiny cubone (comes with thick club)
    shiny marrowak (comes with thick club)
    shiny lickitung
    shiny koffing
    shiny ryhorn (comes with the protector)
    shiny rydon (jolly nature)
    shiny tangela
    shiny kangaskhan
    shiny horsea (2 - both with modest nature, 1 with sniper and 1 with swift swim)
    shiny goldeen
    shiny staryu (comes with the water stone)
    shiny scyther (lvl 100 and can come with the metal coat)
    shiny pinsir
    shiny tauros
    shiny magikarp
    shiny gyarados
    shiny lapras (2 - one is lvl 100, calm nature, watabsorb ability, and moves PP maxed out, the other has shell armor ability)
    shiny ditto (adamant nature and comes with quick powder)
    shiny evee (3 - jolly, adamant and quirky natures available)
    shiny jolteon
    shiny vaporeon
    shiny flareon
    shiny porygon (can come holding upgrade or dubious disk)
    shiny omanyte
    shiny kabuto
    shiny aerodactyl (2 - abilities pressure or rock head available)
    shiny dratini (4 natures available: adamant, timid, lonely, and relaxed - none are OT Tumbly)
    shiny articuno
    shiny zapdos
    shiny moltres
    shiny mewtwo
    shiny mew


    shiny chikorita
    shiny cyndiquil (egg moves)
    shiny totodile (egg moves)
    shiny hoothoot
    shiny ledyba
    shiny spinarak (egg move)
    shiny chinchou
    shiny pichu
    shiny togepi (caught by me)
    shiny mareep (modest nature)
    shiny bellossom (nicknamed sparkle)
    shiny hoppip
    shiny aipom (2 - one with runaway ability, one with pick up ability)
    shiny yanma
    shiny wooper
    shiny murkrow (can come with the dusk stone)
    shiny misdreavus (can come with the dusk stone)
    shiny unown (letter F)
    shiny girafarig (lvl 100)
    shiny pineco
    shiny dunsparce (2 - one lvl 100 with serene grace ability, one lvl 16 with runaway ability)
    shiny gligar
    shiny snubble
    shiny quilfish (lvl 100)
    shiny shuckle
    shiny heracross (adamant nature with guts ability, lvl 100)
    shiny sneasel (can come with the razor claw)
    shiny teddiursa
    shiny slugma
    shiny swinub
    shiny corsola
    shiny remoraid
    shiny delibird
    shiny skarmory
    shiny houdour (can come with the fire stone)
    shiny phanphy
    shiny stantler (adamant)
    shiny smeargle
    shiny tyrouge
    shiny smoochum (caught by me)
    shiny elekid (adamant with egg moves)
    shiny magby (comes with magmarizer)
    shiny miltank (lvl 100 and comes with moomoo milk)
    shiny raikou
    shiny entei (lvl 100)
    shiny suicune
    shiny larvitar (egg moves)
    shiny lugia
    shiny ho-oh
    shiny 10 ANIV celebi (lvl 100)


    shiny treecko (egg moves)
    shiny mudkip
    shiny swampert
    shiny torchic
    shiny poochyena
    shiny zigzagoon (event pokemon OT: Ruby, comes with liechi berry)
    shiny wurple
    shiny dustox
    shiny lotad (comes with water stone)
    shiny seedot (comes with leaf stone)
    shiny taillow
    shiny wingull (nicknamed polka)
    shiny pelipper
    shiny ralts (male and female)
    shiny surskit (japanese)
    shiny shroomish
    shiny slakoth
    shiny nincada
    shiny ninjask (adamant nature)
    shiny shedinja
    shiny whismur
    shiny exploud
    shiny makuhita
    shiny hariyama
    shiny azurill
    shiny nosepass
    shiny skitty (can come with moonstone)
    shiny sableye (nicknamed sableye in lowercase form)
    shiny mawhile
    shiny aron
    shiny meditite
    shiny electrike
    shiny plusle
    shiny minun
    shiny volbeat
    shiny illumise
    shiny roselia (modest nature)
    shiny gulpin
    shiny carvanah
    shiny wailmer
    shiny numel
    shiny torkoal
    shiny spoink
    shiny spinda
    shiny trapinch
    shiny cacnea
    shiny swablu
    shiny zangoose (lvl 100)
    shiny seviper (lvl 100)
    shiny lunatone
    shiny solrock
    shiny barboach
    shiny corphish
    shiny baltoy
    shiny kecleon (OT: ZERO different ID# 51514 from the hacker Zero)
    shiny feebas (modest nature)
    shiny milotic (lvl 100)
    shiny castform
    shiny shuppet
    shiny duskull (comes with reaper cloth)
    shiny tropius
    shiny absol
    shiny wynaut
    shiny snorunt (male and female)
    shiny spheal
    shiny clamperl (male)
    shiny gorebyss
    shiny luvdisc
    shiny relicanth
    shiny belum
    shiny bagon
    shiny regirock
    shiny regice
    shiny registeel
    shiny latias (comes with the soul dew)
    shiny latios (comes with the soul dew)
    shiny rayquaza
    shiny kyogre
    shiny groudon
    shiny jirachi (adamant lvl 100)
    shiny deoxys (japanese and available in sassy and serious natures)


    shiny turtwig
    shiny chimchar (egg moves)
    shiny piplup (egg moves)
    shiny starly
    shiny bidoof
    shiny kricketot
    shiny shinx
    shiny budew
    shiny cranidos
    shiny shieldon
    shiny burmy (male, nicknamed Burmy)
    shiny vespiquen
    shiny pachirisu (2 - one with pickup ability (japanese), one with runaway ability (english))
    shiny buizel
    shiny cherrubi
    shiny shellos (pink and blue variety)
    shiny drifloon (2 - one with aftermath, one with unburden)
    shiny buneary
    shiny glameow
    shiny chingling
    shiny bronzor
    shiny stunky
    shiny bonsly
    shiny mime jr.
    shiny happiny (comes with your choice of lucky punch or lucky egg)
    shiny chatot
    shiny spiritomb
    shiny gible
    shiny munchlax (comes with leftovers)
    shiny riolu
    shiny hippopotos (male)
    shiny hippowdon (female)
    shiny skorupi (sniper ability)
    shiny croagunk
    shiny carnivine
    shiny finneon
    shiny mantyke
    shiny snover
    shiny rotom
    shiny uxie
    shiny mespirit
    shiny azelf
    shiny dialga (comes with adamant orb)
    shiny palkia (comes with lustrous orb)
    shiny heatran
    shiny regigigas (adamant)
    shiny giratina
    shiny cresselia
    shiny phione
    shiny manaphy

    My event pokemon to trade...

    Space C Deoxys (untouched)
    10th anniversary Celebi (untouched)
    10th anniversary Entei (untouched)
    10th anniversary Suicune (untouched)
    10th anniversary Raikou (untouched)
    10th anniversary Zapdos (untouched)
    10th anniversary Moltres (untouched)
    10th anniversary Umbreon (untouched)
    10th anniversary Espeon
    10th anniversary Pikachu with Lightball
    10th anniversary Dragonite
    10th anniversary Charizard
    10th anniversary Latios
    10th anniversary Latias
    Mystry Mew
    Latest post of stupid shamelessness...
    "I want 38 Pokemon for it, 3 10anv (must have Raikou, Latias), 3 PCNY, rest must be shinies I don't have!" - Some insane guy referring to his overblown supposed worth of his legit (hacked) Japanese movie darkrai

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    Does anyone have a Castform they are willing to trade me? Preferably a breeded one.

    I can breed some Pokemon like Chimchar, Piplup, Houndour, etc.

    Please PM me. However, I do NOT know how to breed certain natures.
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    I can breed Castforms for people who want them. Just pm me.

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    I have a untouched shiny castform I caught at the triphy garden it took a while to get it.

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    Looking for a Modest untouched Castform, PM me with what you want.

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    i have castform, i need ekans, zangoose or tanglea. PM me
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    I am looking for a shiny castform

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    I can breed these. PM to offer. ^^

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    i have a castform i will accept any legit shiny for it
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    A breeding project I worked by myself last year or so. I really loved castform. That's why.

    From MetalKid's IV calculator:
    Castform - #351 (Serious)
    HP: 31
    Att: 15
    Def: 22
    SpA: 31
    SpD: 31
    Speed: 30
    Serious #351 Castform: 31 / 15 / 22 / 31 / 31 / 30
    Hidden Power Type is 'Psychic'. Hidden Power Power is 70.

    Dumb luck, I say. If you plan on using one with experienced opponents, take this. It's almost as good as the "perfect" pokemon you woulda gotten on Netbattle or Shoddy. I wish it had a better nature, though.
    Currently playing HG for life.

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    i'm looking for a shiny castform ut

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    I can breed modest castforms! Pm me with offers!

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    Post Castforms

    I have some breeded Castforms from Emerald I can put up for trade. (All of 'em range from lv1 to about lv12 or so right now)
    I have lots of different natures, so just ask if you want anything in particular. Plus, just because I'm feeling nice, I may throw in a TM or a berry, or something along the lines of that.
    Just PM me with your offers, and I'll see what I can do!
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    I've got this huge pile of Castform eggs; PM me, maybe we can work something out.

    For the future of the world, I'll be your server, nya!

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    i need:
    shiny castform
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    Looking for a level 1 castform. nature doesn't matter. i have starters. PM if interested

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    looking for castform for pokedex, i have almost finished and can offer almost any breedable pokemon! xox
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    I have Castforms that know Ominous Wind. PM me if you would like one.
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    I have a level 25 Castform and a level 5 for trade. I can also breed one. If you'd like it, please let me know if you're willing to trade some TMs for it.

    I'm looking for Heart Scales now.

    Updated need of TMs.

    Stone Edge
    Dark Pulse
    Shadow Claw
    Dragon Pulse
    Steel Wing
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    I can breed castforms, PM me

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    Looking for a simple castform
    Message me with what you want, I may have it. : D

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    i have a shiny castform (modest)
    looking for other shinies.
        Spoiler:- Wanted list:

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    I am after any shinys I don't have but Castform is one of the main ones I want. I am after a legit, english, un-nicknamed shiny Castform. I can offer about 60 shinys ( I cloned some and evolved them so all adds up to about 60) all pokemon except pokemon 491, 492 and 493. All TMs, most berries and most items. I can also give any of my pokemon pokerus. PM me with an offer and we can work something out.

    EDIT: Traded with above.
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