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    I have a sassy registeel with great IVs. I have both untouched and battle ready copies.

    IVs 28/30/21/0/27/7
    EVs 252 hp, 252 atk, 6 def

    the battle ready copy has:
    Metal Claw

    the legendaries that I am looking for are:

    adamant/jolly ho-oh with good IVs.
    timid or modest Celibi with good IVs.
    modest/calm/timid Lugia with good IVs.
    I'll trade all 4 regis for a good shiny Lugia
    mild/modest/rash deoxys with good IVs
    modest/timid/jolly/adamant Mew with good IVs
    I may trade for EV trained pokemon or shinys depending on how good they are.
    PM your offers.
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    Pokemon Diamond code= 2921 5573 8147 Name: Red X
    EV trained legendaries I have for trade:
    All of the pokemon that I trade are legitimate. most of the pokemon I offer will be cloned.
    I won't make trades for hacked pokemon

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