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Thread: #384 Rayquaza

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    Looking for a rayquaza pm if you have 1 to trade i have shiny pokemon and other legendary pokemon and all starter pokemon
    White fc- 0648 6991 3191 Platinum fc- 0133 3030 7797 Soulsilver fc-4342 3713 5679
    Also have a list of FS/NFS
        Spoiler:- platinum Shiny spoiler:

        Spoiler:- Legendaries i have to trade:

        Spoiler:- White shinies:


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    If anyone needs to borrow groudon, kyorge, or rayquaza for pokedex entry I will lend you mine in exchange you allow me borrow one in my Sig for dex entry. Pm me
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    Platinum friend code: 1592 4293 3016
    Black 2 friend code: 3354 6026 7852
    Y code: 5429-7696-6475
    Y name: DJ

    Available for trade:

    Pokemon I need: ;494;;647;;648;

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    I'm looking for a Rayquaza, prefer a Mild nature, untouched. Have several Shiny, all starters. Just PM me a request, I'll let you know if I have it. Thanks!
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    I am looking for and in GEN IV(4)

    I have all starters, all fossils, as well as and many more for trade.

    I also have shiny for trade.

    I don't need anything for or from GEN V(5).

    If you have one of my wanted Pokemon, PM me a request, I have almost everything else. Please keep in mind, ALL trades will be GEN IV(4).


    Dream Team, just because I can.

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    (GEN 4 only - DPPt/HGSS)

    I am looking for Mewtwo

    I can offer any one of the following in exchange for a Mewtwo:

    Articuno • Zapdos • Moltres
    Lugia • Ho-Oh •
    Regirock • Regice • Registeel • Latias • Latios
    Kyogre • Groudon • Rayquaza
    Uxie • Mesprit • Azelf • Dialga • Palkia • Heatran
    Giratina • Cresselia •
    I am a reliable and trusted trader. Over 135+ PKMN traded and counting.

    Banned from trading with me: dasbun

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    Looking for an Event Arceus that will enable me to access the Sinjoh Ruins.


    I’m willing to trade the following Pokémon, and will give away a complementary Master Ball, Grass Knot TM, OR Stealth Rock TM (your choice) along with it if you desire it: (the Pokémon corresponding to this thread has been bolded)

    UT Machop *Shiny*
    UT Ghastly *Shiny*
    UT Larvitar *Shiny*
    UT Slakoth *Shiny*
    UT Cubone *Shiny*
    UT Shinx *Shiny*
    UT Draco Meteor Event Jirachi (With Liechi Berry)
    UT Event Suicune *Shiny* (With Rowap Berry)
    UT Event Raikou *Shiny* (With Micle Berry)
    UT Event Entei *Shiny* (With Custap Berry)
    UT Wi-Fi Event Mew
    UT Event Pichu *Shiny* (With Everstone; Unlocks Spikey-Eared Pichu Event)
    UT Latias (from Sapphire)
    UT Regirock (from Sapphire)
    UT Regice (from Sapphire)
    UT Registeel (from Sapphire)
    UT Rayquaza (from Sapphire)
    UT Kyogre (from Sapphire)
    UT Manaphy (hatched from Egg)
    UT Red Gyarados *Shiny* (from HG/SS)

    PM or VM me with offers.
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