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    I have Piplups w/ aqua ring to trade. Please make a good offer. I mostly have the pokemon I was looking for to breed, but I'm always interested in collecting and trading shinys.

    I also can offer all starters from gens 1-4, plus Aron, Houndour, Chimecho, Driftloon, Heracross, Absol, Duskull, Chatot, Gible, Bagon, Gulpin (w/ Pain Split), Misdreavus, Tyrogue, Spiritomb, Larvitar, Mr. Mime, Chansey and all fossils (besides kabuto and omanite), amidst many others!

    Please don't hesitate to pm me if you may be interested in trading! I love to breed!

    PS: I'm only in Platinum right now.
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