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    Read Below
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    Pokemon Diamond - Name: Ares | Friend Code: 0819 9677 0437

    Currently Looking for Rock Slide TM and Stone Edge TM. Offering The things I have from below. still looking for TMs 6/16/12

    (I am willing to trade Multiple of the below for the Above!)

    I have all Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,and Sinnoh starter Pokemons.
    I have Eevee, Riolu,Drifloon, and Snorlax.
    I have Pokerus Virus.
    I have Master Balls (most likely hacked).
    I have Most TM's in Pokemon Diamond.
    I have Most Berries in Pokemon Diamond.
    I have Most ITEMS that you can get in Pokemon Diamond.
    I have any Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond (except rares) for trade.

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