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    Got what I needed. ^^

    Also, as left overs from breeding I have quite a few Shinx with Ice Fang and Fire Fang that I'd give away, but since I can't just hand over pokemon I'll take whatever you'e got - these are on my Gen5 games. I don't know about their IVs, but I do have a couple of different natures if you'd like to pick one. I also have a male with Adamant nature and 2V Attack & Defense (I think he has Guts ablitity, not sure), but I'd like a little something for him. If anyone could leave a EV reducing berry for speed, defense, or maybe even special defense (dunno which berries those are) on my DreamWorld Share Shelf, that'd be good enough for me. PM if you wanna trade.
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    Looking for a Shinx! Will trade any Gen 4/5 pokemon for it.

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    Looking for a shiny shinx. I can offer anything in my sig.
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    i would like a shink freshly caught not shiny or orything special need it as a dex entry

    Items; reaper cloth pure incense quick claw choice scarf quick powder green shard silk scarf nevermelt ice moon stone everstone metal coatx2 2 tiny mushrooms magnet destiny knot heartscale mystic water soothebell mental herb nuggetx2 4 heavy balls max elizerx2 hp up dubious disk protectorat and full incense

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    Looking for an Event Arceus that will enable me to access the Sinjoh Ruins.


    I’m willing to trade the following Pokémon, and will give away a complementary Master Ball, Grass Knot TM, OR Stealth Rock TM (your choice) along with it if you desire it: (the Pokémon corresponding to this thread has been bolded)

    UT Machop *Shiny*
    UT Ghastly *Shiny*
    UT Larvitar *Shiny*
    UT Slakoth *Shiny*
    UT Cubone *Shiny*
    UT Shinx *Shiny*
    UT Draco Meteor Event Jirachi (With Liechi Berry)
    UT Event Suicune *Shiny* (With Rowap Berry)
    UT Event Raikou *Shiny* (With Micle Berry)
    UT Event Entei *Shiny* (With Custap Berry)
    UT Wi-Fi Event Mew
    UT Event Pichu *Shiny* (With Everstone; Unlocks Spikey-Eared Pichu Event)
    UT Latias (from Sapphire)
    UT Regirock (from Sapphire)
    UT Regice (from Sapphire)
    UT Registeel (from Sapphire)
    UT Rayquaza (from Sapphire)
    UT Kyogre (from Sapphire)
    UT Manaphy (hatched from Egg)
    UT Red Gyarados *Shiny* (from HG/SS)

    PM or VM me with offers.
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