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Thread: #418 Buizel / #419 Floatzel

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    I've got 4 shiny buizel available for trade. All were obtained from chaining, are at level 23, and are untouched. Their natures are careful, quiet, and jolly x 2.

    I'm primarily interested in getting other shiny pokemon in return. Here are a few examples of shinies that I'm really interested in: absol, vulpix, growlithe, eevee (and evolutions), dratini, bagon, trapinch, glameow, shroomish etc.

    Aside from the pokemon listed above, just send me a PM if you have an offer that you think is fair =)

    Also, let me know if you want them nicknamed or not. All have nicknames at the moment, but I can get rid of them.

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    Shiny Buizel for trade. Looking for offers. Lv. 7/Hasty/UT. PM if interested.
    *Currently away from trading/games while finishing classes*

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    I wanna be the very best.
    4th Gen >(UT)(UT)(crown)(crown)(Crown)(10 ANIV/UT)x2 (not HG)(not SS)(Movie Promo/UT)(UT)(UT)(event/JP), (UT)
    5th Gen >x2, (UT)
    Can Breed >(Dragon Dance & Outrage)(Hydro Pump)
    Shiny >
    DW (F) >

    4th Gen > n/a
    5th Gen> (DW)(DW)

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