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Thread: Picking Out A TM From the Games Corner

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    Default Picking Out A TM From the Games Corner

    Hey everyone. I have 4300 coins in the games corner in Pearl. I do NOT have the patience to play those slot machines anymore. Heck no. So I want to choose one of the prizes that I can afford right now.
    I can use some advice. Here are the ones I can afford, they cost 2000 & 4000 each:
    TM 90 - Subsitute
    TM 58 - Endure
    TM 75 - Swords Dance
    TM 32 - Double Team (that's just an evasive thing, isn't it? If so dnt want that
    U turn, Hidden Power & Rest all cost 6000 & I don't even care what costs more cuz I cant do it lol.
    Btw they have one that costs 20k & that is giga impact. Giga impact is cool & all but heck no.

    PS: 2 or 3 years ago I went to some casinos in Atlantic City - there is NO WAY I am ever going back again - wait. Scratch that - there is no way I'm ever touching a slot machine again. I'll do the card games & stuff though if I feel like I have gotten good enough at them to not lose my hiney. I mean...basically, if those games were meant to be winnable in any real capacity, every casino in the world would be out of business pretty quickly. So just by design they've got to be set to make us lose, mostly.
    Plus, I just cant stomach the thought of giving out money & possibly getting nothing back. Shoot if I cant even do it on a Pokemon game...!!!)

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    It really depends on what Pokemon you want to use. Stuff that stalls? Substitute. Set-up for attacking Pokemon that can't normally learn Swords Dance (as a bunch can via level up)? Swords Dance. Endure and Double Team are not worth it.

    If you have any more questions, use the DPPt section's help thread sticky (towards the top of that section). Closed.

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