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Thread: Erosion (PG-13, Roark x Saturn)

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    Default Erosion (PG-13, Roark x Saturn)

    (A/N: Yes, you read that. Roark x Saturn. Because I never posted this ^^; And I probably should've. Not sure if I'm gonna continue or not :c)


    “You failed me again?!”

    “Sir, I tried my hardest, but that child was just far too strong! Mars and Jupiter fell to him also. We couldn’t overpower him!”

    “Mars and Jupiter were taken unawares! You knew the boy was coming!”


    “You told me to watch the pixie Pokemon, sir! I had no idea it would come to a battle!”


    “Don’t you backtalk your superior, you hopeless bastard child! I should have you demoted down to Grunt level for this!”



    “It’s not up to you, maggot-bait, it’s up to me. But I won’t, don’t you worry about that. No, that wouldn’t stick with you the way I’d like. I’d throw you into the coal processor in this city, but that would spoil all that lovely energy.”

    “I really did try, sir!”

    “Too often you try, too often you fail!”


    “Sir, that hurts!”


    “You shut up!”



    “I said shut up!”











    “….you two grunts there.”

    “Yes sir!”

    “Stash the body in the gym. We don’t want our fingerprints all over this, not good for our image. Let the gym leader take the blame.”

    “I hear he’s real moody where the welfare of the coal mine is concerned!”

    “It’s the perfect cover, sir!”


    “….um….sir, he’s still alive! …I think. He’s breathing.”

    “Would you rather keep him around and have him hinder our operations?”

    “On our way, sir!”


    Roark was exhausted. Ten trainers in a row, eight of which took with them a Coal Badge. Right now he was wishing he wasn’t a gym leader at all…his heart just wasn’t in it today for some reason. He felt ready for a nice, long rest…

    “Roark! Come quick!”

    Or not. Standing up slowly, he made a slow jog to the corner of the gym where one of his Junior Trainers was situated, kneeling down.

    “What is it this time, Jackson?”

    Jackson moved over, allowing Roark to see the body on the floor. The boy was unconscious, breathing shallowly, covered in yellow and black bruises. Roark’s tired eyes suddenly sprang open.

    “Was he attacked?!”

    “I have no idea, I don’t even know who he is! It doesn’t look like an attack…god, look at his mouth…” Jackson replied, visibly disturbed.

    “Jackson. Go get a doctor.”


    “I said get a doctor! Do you want this kid to die or what?”

    “I don’t even know who he is, Roark!”

    Roark growled. “So that means he should die? I told you to get a doctor and I’m not going to tell you again!”

    With slight hesitation, Jackson sped off. Roark’s attention turned to the boy spread out on the floor. He wore a Team Galaxy uniform…someone must have tried to hurt him for that. People in Oreburgh didn’t take well to Team Galaxy members, viewed them as terrorists, realy; He was one of those people. But up close, this boy didn’t look evil. In fact, he looked quite innocent and frail…at least he did now.

    He looked down and found himself staring into a pair of widened, almond-shaped eyes. Out of instinct, he screamed.

    “Holy crap!” he shrieked, jolting back a little. It took him a moment to regain his composure but once he did, he sighed in relief. “…you’re awake.”

    “Unfortunately.” The boy replied softly. He tried to sit up slowly, finding it impossible to do so without waves of piercing pain coursing through his torso. Settling on leaning against the wall, the boy looked about the gym in bewilderment. “…how did I get into the gym?”

    “Whoever knocked you around must’ve dumped you here. I’m Roark, by the way. The leader here.”

    “I’ve seen you about.” The boy replied, examining his wrists for damage.

    “Do you have a name?”

    “My boss calls me Worthless Bastard Failure.” The boy laughed, though bitterly. “And for all I’ve shown him, he’s probably right.”

    Roark’s expression softened considerably. “Your boss….Cyrus of Team Galaxy?”

    “That’s the one. I’m one of his commanders…and his scapegoat.”

    “A commander in Team Galaxy?!” Roark asked, surprised that someone so high in the ranks could be treated this way.

    “Keep your voice down!” the boy snapped., but immediately clutched his lower chest. “Ohhh…”

    Concerned, Roark put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “…you alright?”

    “Ah….god, that hurts…! It’s my ribs, I-”

    “Unzip your vest.”

    “…excuse me?”

    “Unzip your vest, lift up your shirt. I bet you bruised your ribs or something. Let me check it out.” Roark requested.

    Hesitantly, the boy did as he was told. The vest was discarded on the floor, and the black sweater he wore was raised to breast-level. Roark gently touched the ribs, not seeing enough of a bruise to warrant such an urgent reaction. He pressed down with two fingers and felt a little more give than there should have been. The boy gave a pained holler.

    “Dammit, don’t do that!” he shrieked, trying to bat Roark’s hands away. “Oh man…oh, ow…you’re not even a doctor, why the hell are you touching my ribs?!”

    “If you’re so worried about me not being a doctor, why did you let me? See, I’ve been around mountain climbers and explorers and people like that all my life. My dad’s one. I’m one. And I know fractured ribs when I see them. And you, sir, have them.”


    “I’ll let the doctor know when they get here.”

    The boy’s almond eyes widened even more. “What?!”

    “I sent one of my trainers to get a doctor for you. We thought you were dead or something, we thought this was a lot more serious than it is…”

    “Yes, let’s send a Team Galaxy commander to a hospital in Oreburgh city where everyone hates us. Oh yes, that is most superb logic- owwww…..” he hunched back over, pain going through his ribcage again.

    “It’s either that or die.”

    Growling, the boy looked up and nodded grudgingly. “…fine. Fine, okay, just make the pain stop!”

    Roark smiled a little. “You never told me your actual name, by the way. I’d like to know the name of the guy whose life I saved.”

    With a smirk, the boy answered him. “Saturn. Call me Saturn.”


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    I gave a review on LJ, and my opinion hasn't changed on it. It's a lovely start to a lovely pairing. It still makes me wanna smack Akagi... >.> And of course, anything with Saturn that doesn't pair him with Mars or Jupiter is good in my book. If you write more, I'll be sure to read it~
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    Now, you made me happy. Persoally, I love these boys..and yes, a good pairing.

    How dare HIM! He.....wanted Roark to take the blame? AND BEAT UP SATURN FOR GOSH'S SAKE.

    Very nice fic, will you continue it? :O

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    I might, iunno....XDD; I've been trying to think of how to continue it, but I just can't get into a Pokemon-writing mood. D:


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