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    Note: Changed this first page to match the one I have on, so information will get to new readers quicker, but the rest will stay the same.

    Hello, and welcome to my one and only fanfic, Pokémon: Neo Genesis. This story takes place during the Diamond and Pearl series between episodes 38 and 51, as those are those are the episodes between when Brock’s Happiny hatches and Ash adopts Chimchar. Therefore, Dawn doesn’t have Aipom and Ash doesn’t have Chimchar or Buizel yet.

    The fic contains Advanceshipping, but the entire plot is not focused on it. There may also be some minor ships throughout the story, but those are mainly just to contribute to the plotline and may not turn out into a ship by the end. All in all, I will stay true to the ship. I know I labeled the story as Advanceshipping, AshxMay, AaMayL, and whatnot, but for this fic, there’s a much larger story behind everything. As a disclaimer, the real ‘shipping’ stuff won’t occur until part 2, as I have a lot of the story planned out and everything via timelines and other materials, so if you are looking for some immediate shipping material, you may be disappointed. However, there are hints dropped everywhere, but you’ll actually have to read the fic to find stuff out.



    Part 1 - Neo Expedition
    Chapter 1 - Newcomer
    Chapter 2 - Friend or Foe or Rival
    Chapter 3 - Dogfight
    Chapter 4 - History Maker
    Chapter 5 - Dare
    Chapter 6 - Training Wheels
    Chapter 7 - Gifts and Curses
    Chapter 8 - Detour
    Chapter 9 - Cerberus
    Chapter 10 - Questions
    Chapter 11 - Silver
    Chapter 12 - Shocking
    Chapter 13 - Wonderwall
    Chapter 14 - Blinding
    Chapter 15 - Enigma
    Chapter 16 - Directed Business
    Chapter 17 - Double Edged
    Chapter 18 - Fear, Fight, Flee
    Chapter 19 - Polarity Check
    Chapter 20 - Ice Box
    Chapter 21 - East
    Chapter 22 - Truth
    Chapter 23 - Goodnight, Goodbye

    Part 2 - Neo Revelation
    Chapter 24 - Exodus
    Chapter 25 - Trial
    Chapter 26 - Premonitions
    Chapter 27 - Lost

    Holiday One-Shots
    One Spotlight - Christmas 2007
    Hiccups - New Years 2008
    Fourteenth Day, Second Month - Valentine's 2008


    Also, I'm going to put the PM list up here so I don't keep almost forgetting some of you guys. (Not that there are many of you guys to remember, I just have a sucky memory =P)

    Lord Zant
    Uzamaki Hinata

    Now for our feature presentation.



    Alright, I always start off with a foreword and end up with an afterthought. These just contain random tidbits about the chapter and whatnot, but no spoilers.

    First off, character ages. Quite an important part of the fic. Since it’s the beginning of the fic, I’ll only reveal the ages of the characters that you all know have to be in here. First off, Ash is 15 now, and this is how I present my justification for that (note: for those of you who read this on SPPf, I have changed it a bit). He spent 1 year in Kanto and Indigo Plateau, half a year on the Orange Islands, 2 years in Johto (since that actually spanned for 3 seasons in the anime, though it was mostly filler), 1 and a half years in Hoenn, and now he’s just a couple months into Sinnoh. Sounds good, no? Therefore, everyone else’s age was done according to his. Dawn is 12, Brock is 20, and May is 13.

    I’ll touch on the title of the story as well. In Latin, the word ‘neo’ means new, and ‘genesis’ has several meanings, though they all mean something like beginning, birth, or origin. So when translated, it loosely means ‘New Beginning.’ The reason for the title will probably be subtly revealed as the story goes. Also, part 1 is called Neo Expedition, which you all can figure out what that means after giving the definition of neo.

    Now that’s all I wanted to touch on. Finally, our feature presentation.


    Part 1 - Neo Expedition

    Chapter 1 - Newcomer

    Three travelers and a Pokémon were walking down a dirt road, with the traveler in the center walking slightly in front of the other two. It was mid-morning, and the weather was perfect. The sky was cloudless, there was a slight breeze, and the temperature was on the cool side, as it was around most of the Sinnoh region since it was farther north than other regions.

    The traveler walking in the center of the threesome was a Pokémon trainer. He was a rather short teenaged boy, wearing a black vest with a horizontal yellow stripe, a white T-shirt underneath, a pair of baggy blue jeans, red and black sneakers, black fingerless gloves, and finally, a red and black hat with a blue symbol on the front. Under the hat was his untidy, black hair that stuck out in multiple direction, and his large brown eyes. His build was somewhat muscular, which probably developed over the many years of traveling he had done. On his back was a green backpack that had the bare necessities he needed for his travels, and on his right shoulder was where a small yellow mouse-like Pokémon stood.

    To the trainer's right was an older male, who aspired to be a great Pokémon breeder. He was a couple inches taller than the trainer and wore an orange and grey vest with an olive green T-shirt underneath. He also wore a pair of khaki pants, white and blue sneakers, and carried a large blue backpack that contained supplies that the three travelers needed to survive in the wild. He had spiky brown hair, eyes so squinty that one could never tell if they were open or not, and a rather muscular body build.

    On the left of trainer in the center was a girl that was younger than both of the two males. Her goal was to be a great Pokémon coordinator. Although the coordinator was younger than the trainer, she was about the same height as he. She wore a white beanie cap with a pink symbol on top of her dark blue hair, yellow hair clips on both sides of her head, a black tank top, loose pink mini-skirt, knee-length black socks, and a pair of pink boots that went up her shins. On her back was a small yellow backpack that held the simple necessities needed for travel like the trainer's backpack.

    The three travelers had been walking for many days towards their next destination, Lightcrown City. There was no official Pokémon league gym or contest at Lightcrown City, but the three travelers needed to go there anyway to pick up more supplies for their journey, as well as figure out where they needed to be next.

    The day was seemingly normal, and all was quiet until a strange sound was heard.

    Growwwwllll Gurrrrgggleee

    The female member of the group immediately jumped up in surprise and shrieked.

    "What the heck was that?!" the girl squealed. She came to a stop and looked in several directions, searching for the source of the sound she had just heard.

    There was a short pause after the two male travelers came to a halt. Finally, the older male spoke up.

    "Sounded like Ash's stomach," the breeder calmly replied with a raised eyebrow.

    The coordinator quickly looked at the trainer's direction, and then at his stomach. The trainer named Ash had a nervous grin on his face as he placed his hand on his stomach.

    "How could his stomach sound so... alive!?" she asked while pointing.

    "Heh," chuckled Ash. "Guess I'm really hungry, seeing how we didn't eat breakfast 'cause we're out of food. Does my stomach really sound that scary, Dawn?" he added with a slight blush.

    "YES!" the girl named Dawn almost yelled. "You nearly scared me out of my boots. We really have to make it to Lightcrown City today, don't we Brock?"

    "We sure do," said Brock. "I seriously doubt Ash can last a day without food," he added with a chuckle.

    "Pika pika," the little mouse Pokémon laughed.

    "Aw, c'mon Pikachu, you know how my stomach is when I miss a meal," Ash said as he pulled his hat over his eyes slightly and blushing some more.

    His two companions laughed as they continued down the road, Ash following slightly behind this time.

    "You're so cute when you're embarrassed, Ash," Dawn said while giving him a wink.

    This caused Ash's face to turn even redder, since he wasn't so used to people calling him "cute," even under the circumstances. He began to drag behind the group even more.

    Dawn turned her head around again and saw how red he looked even with his hat covering part of his face. She let giggle and continued on walking.

    "Now that I think about it, he really is kind of... cute... isn't he?" As Dawn pondered that thought again she let out a small blush. "Hee hee, it's fun to embarrass Ash," she thought to herself with a smile.

    Brock silently observed the two through the corner of his eye. "Oh boy, looks like we have a situation here... Wonder if Ash even notices that she's flirting with him." He did a double take at Ash and then said to himself out loud, "Nah."


    The threesome continued walking on the road normally after their short conversation. The land around the road wasn't the normal plain grasslands they usually traveled through however. There was other vegetation around, such as bushes, trees, hedgerows, and plants, all of different shapes and sizes, that decorated the landscape around the road. It was perfect for many things, such as foraging for berries, sleeping under trees, hiding... launching ambushes...

    Out of no where, a pair of rubber gloved hands flew out of a large bush and grabbed Pikachu off of Ash's shoulder.

    "Pikapi!" cried the little mouse Pokémon.

    The hands quickly retracted back towards the bush and just as Ash, Dawn, and Brock turned their heads towards Pikachu's cries, the ground underneath them collapsed.

    "WAHHH!!" the three shouted.

    The three travelers landed with a loud thud, and after the dust had cleared, Ash spoke up first.

    "Owww," groaned Ash. "What happened?"

    When his eyes finally regained their focus, he noticed that he had fallen into some kind of hole. He also noticed there was something, or rather someone on top of him. It was Dawn, and she wasn't just on top of him. Her body was parallel to his body and pressing against it while her arms held onto his shoulders. Her face was also just a couple of inches away from his, but her eyes were closed. If one was to look at the scene from the side, it would have looked extremely suggestive. It took a few seconds for Ash to register in his mind how close they were and he when he did he gave a short yelp.

    Dawn opened her eyes after hearing him, but before she could say or do anything, loud laughter exploded at the opening of the pitfall.

    "Looks like the twerps have once again fell into our simple little contraption," a female voice cackled.

    "You'd think they'd learn something after the thousands of time they've fell into them," chuckled a male voice.

    "How 'bouts we stop laughing over 'dem twerpies and get's outa here now that we gots Pikachu." a slightly high pitched voice rang out.

    "What about the mott-"

    "Forget 'da motto! Let's jus' scram before 'da twerps can react!" the high pitch voice yelled annoyingly.

    "Right!" The male and female voice said at the same time.

    It didn't take the pitfall victims long to figure out who had set up the trap. However, as they stood up ready for battle, they heard running footsteps heading away from the hole.

    "Team Rocket! Come back here with Pikachu!" Ash hollered angrily, instantly forgetting the embarrassing situation that occurred earlier. He threw one of his Pokéballs and a black and white bird Pokémon appeared out of the flash.

    "Staravia, Catch up to Team Rocket and bring Pikachu back!"

    "Staraaavia!", to bird Pokémon complied to the order and instantly flew out of the hole.

    Dawn threw a Pokéball out of the hole as well and said, "Buizel, you follow Team Rocket too!"

    A weasel-like Pokémon came out of the flash of the Pokéball and immediately started chasing after the three crooks as well. Ash, Dawn, and Brock could only stand in the hole and wait for their Pokémon to return...


    The seconds were turning into minutes and there was no sign of the two Pokémon sent by their masters to fight Team Rocket. Ash was beginning to become worried and he began pacing around the perimeter of their pitfall prison.

    "What if-," but before he could finish his sentence, an ear-shattering explosion resonated through the air. The three travelers covered their ears in an attempt to cut out the sound of the explosion that could break their eardrums.

    The sound of the explosion lingered for ten whole seconds before subsiding and everything became quiet once again.

    "That... WAS LOUD!" Dawn shouted with a bit of fright in her voice.

    "What do you made that explosion?" asked Brock while putting a hand to his chin.

    "Maybe, maybe it was Team Rocket's balloon?" Ash said. "I hope you're alright Pikachu."

    Dawn noticed Ash's worried looks and walked up next to him. Ash noticed her motions and turned around to give her a little smile to let her know he was alright.

    The three of them continued waiting for their Pokémons' return. After a couple minutes, a sound above could be heard, and Ash, Dawn, and Brock looked up towards the opening of the hole. As the sound got closer, they could recognize that it was the sound of footsteps walking towards the hole.

    "Buizel, is that you?" Dawn called out.

    "Are you there too Pikachu and Staravia?" Ash called as well.

    The footsteps continued walking closer to the hole, and after what seemed like an eternity, they came to a stop. Ash, Dawn, and Brock all held their breath at this.

    "Pi-Pikachu? Staravia?" Ash said one more time, more nervously.

    The suspense of waiting was killing him, but right as he was about to call out again, a dark figure looked over the top of the hole.

    It was a head.

    A human head.



    So, what'd you all think? I decided to start the story with something that could have happened in the anime, to create the right atmosphere. And look, Team Rocket even makes an appearance in the first chapter! Except I'm sad to say I don't know when I'll have them return, for any of you Rocketfans. The team's not part of my main plot, but I may find a place or two to stick them in, for comic relief probably.

    I've already had a couple people read over this chapter and point out some errors. Now that I look back again, I've found quite a number of other errors, which I of course fixed for this reposting, but please tell me any other errors you find. Well, reviews, comments, suggestions, even flames will be greatly appreciated. I know it sounds weird, but I somewhat do enjoy criticism, since it's the best way to improve yourself in anything.

    Thank you for reading.
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