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    Buying 1x Aerodactyl (M) for 500,000 coins. And, I've been meaning to do this for some time now but just never got around to it, anyway, while I'm here, I'll also be buying 1x of the following TMs and teaching them to Pineco upon confirmation. Thanks!

    Venoshock 7,000; Bulldoze 6,500; Return 6,500; Giga Drain 4,000; Struggle Bug 3,500; Rock Polish 4,000; Rollout 3,000; Stealth Rock 4,000; Toxic 5,000

    Total: 543,500 coins

    **Also, just out of curiosity, is Gen I's TM 40 (Defense Curl) no longer available for purchase?

    EDIT: Pokeball (1 of 2o)
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