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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    Contest Stat Confirmation

    Hayward, you've not provided a nature for Mightyena. If you can do that for me I'll edit this update. Additionally, for future reference, please also remember that Pokéblocks and Poffins cannot be used outside of this thread. The only exception is the FB Calendar's Birthday Poffin.
    Sorry about that! Totally spaced on Mightyena's nature. Anyways, it's Jolly. And apologies about the Pokeblock/Poffin usage. I remember you saying that once before, but the only reason I used it in that post was because Arc and Ethe and LB also used theirs in the thread too, and so I thought I was supposed to, too. ^-^;

    Dropping off Jolly Mightyena with 30 Smart Stats again to chow down on a Lite Blue (Smart +20) Pokeblock. Thanks!
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