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    Default The PokéSpa

    Welcome to the PokéSpa, the place to visit if you want your Pokémon in the best possible condition for those all important Contests in the FB Contest Halls. Whether you want your Pokémon more Beautiful than a Beautifly, as Cute as it can be, Cooler than James Dean, Smarter than Einstein or Tougher than the Terminator, this is the place it all happens.

    When registering your Pokémon, a payment of one Poffin or Pokéblock will be needed. All you need to do is specify which Pokémon of yours will be staying with us and which Poffin or Pokéblock you will be feeding them. Also state the Nature of your Pokémon - this is very important as we really don't want to be dealing with any unpleasant incidents when feeding time comes around. After three days your Pokémon will be boosted in its chosen category and will be ready to win you that Contest Ribbon in no time at all.

    - Dropoffs are on Sundays only.
    - Only one Pokémon per visit.
    - Only one Pokéblock or Poffin at a time.
    - State clearly in your post the Pokémon you are dropping off, the Nature of the Pokémon, the Contest Stat you are raising, and which Poffin or Pokéblock you will be using.
    - Post a link to the confirmation post in the Pokétreat Store to confirm the Poffin or Pokéblock you are using.
    - If your Pokémon has previously gained stats from the PokéSpa in the category you are currently raising, please post a link to the confirmation post of their last stat gain in that category (linking to every stat gain isn't necessary, only its last one).
    - Your Pokémon will stay in the PokéSpa for three full days, and cannot be used anywhere else while here.
    - Do not take your Pokémon out of the Spa until confirmation has been issued. If it hasn't you will lose the points for that week along with your Poffin or Pokéblock, and if persistent early pickups occur you may even lose that Pokémon.
    - With the exception of the Birthday Poffin, all stat raising items MUST be used in the PokéSpa or their effects will not be recognised.
    - The Birthday Poffin is the only item that allows you to raise a Pokémon's stat without declaring a nature so please ensure you declare a nature when posting in this thread.

    Sample post: Dropping off my Naughty Nuzleaf with a +30 Purple Pokéblock to raise his Cool Stats from 20 to 50.
    (Being sure to link to the appropriate posts.)

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