Welcome to the Berry Shop where you can find the finest berries in all of Fizzy Bubbles! From the most common berries to the rarest of the rare, we have them all! Attach them to your Pokémon or visit the Pokéblock Shop and use one of their wonderful Berry Blending Machines to make a delicious treat for your Pokémon. The choice is yours!

Our magnificent array of berry plants are grown all year round, making our prices competitive to say the least. In addition, every Wednesday we will give away one free random berry and all you need to do is visit to collect it. Make sure you check with us each and every day though, because at random times we will give away our surplus berries. There's no telling what time or day or even for how long these giveaways will last so you'll need to be quick!


Purchasing Berries
- Common Berries cost 300 coins each. Rare Berries cost 600 coins each. Super Rare Berries cost 1,000 coins each. Ultra Rare Berries are not for sale.
- Please list which berries you wish to purchase and include the link to your withdrawal from the Coin Exchange as proof of payment.
- Please do not use any berries until confirmation of purchase has been issued.

- You may only pick up the berry given away by the Shop Owner or its employees (All FB Mods), during the time frame specified.
- Please do not post for any berry of your choice. All berries given away will be named by the employee giving them out.
- When posting please quote and state the name of the berry you are picking up (for linking purposes). Any berries not quoted will not be accepted when you need to use them.
- Please pick up special offer berries within the time frame specified, or your post will be deleted.
- You may only pick up special offer berries for yourself. Weekly berries are the exception - you may pick up for somebody else if they cannot be here on a Wednesday to pick up for themselves.
- All links to all berries must be kept until the time comes for them to be used. Even if you trade a berry, the link must be used in the Cable Club so the Pokéblock Shop Owner can see where the berry originated.


Common Berries (300 coins each)
Aspear Berry
Bluk Berry
Cheri Berry
Chesto Berry
Chople Berry
Coba Berry
Kebia Berry
Lum Berry
Nanab Berry
Occa Berry
Oran Berry
Passho Berry
Payapa Berry
Pecha Berry
Persim Berry
Pinap Berry
Rawst Berry
Razz Berry
Rindo Berry
Shuca Berry
Sitrus Berry
Wacan Berry
Wepear Berry
Yache Berry

Rare Berries (600 coins each)
Aguav Berry
Babiri Berry
Charti Berry
Chilan Berry
Colbur Berry
Cornn Berry
Enigma Berry
Figy Berry
Grepa Berry
Haban Berry
Hondew Berry
Iapapa Berry
Kasib Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Lansat Berry
Leppa Berry
Mago Berry
Magost Berry
Nomel Berry
Pomeg Berry
Qualot Berry
Rabuta Berry
Starf Berry
Tamato Berry
Tanga Berry
Wiki Berry

Super Rare Berries (1,000 coins each)
Apicot Berry
Belue Berry
Custap Berry
Durin Berry
Ganlon Berry
Jaboca Berry
Micle Berry
Pamtre Berry
Petaya Berry
Rowap Berry
Salac Berry
Spelon Berry
Watmel Berry

Ultra Rare Berries (Not for sale)
Liechi Berry