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Thread: Bleach Manga (many spoilers) discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ver-mont View Post
    Elsewhere I saw a theory I liked, I don't know if you guys discussed it here yet: Mayuri called Nemu "Nemuri Nanagō" (the seventh Nemuri), indicating she is not his first experience, and he seems very adamant in stopping her from growing, of even doing anything without his permission. That brings us to Shutara, whom Mayuri seems to resent and does have some physical resemblance to Nemu. Perhaps she was his first experience? And she "outgrew" her creator, became "superior" to Mayuri — that would be the reason why he doesn't like her and is so controlling of Nemu: he doesn't want another Shutara situation in his hands, he doesn't want Nemu to surpass him. If she is actually the seventh experience, he might as well have discarded/killed all the previous ones when they started to act outside of his orders and were close to surpass him. (Or he might have simply have modeled Nemu after Shutara, but I like the other idea better.)
    Do you mean experiment? I'm sure Kubo will go forever without saying anything about it, then when no one cares he'll bring it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorde View Post
    Interesting theory, though he may simply dislike Shutara because she was a better scientist than him in the first place?
    He may, of course, and it wouldn't be out of character for him.

    It's just more interesting if there's more into it.
    Nemu being somewhat similar to Shutara and called "the seventh" makes one wonder.

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    Chapter up.

    The Nemu-Mayuri moment was hilarious. Especially Mayuri being the one calling someone else creepy.
    Beyond that, this fight needs to end. Seriously. Dragged along enough as it is. It's turned into a loop, Mayrui thinks he has the upper hand, Pernida rebuffs it. Mayuri tries something else, Pernida rebuffs it. Needs to stop.
    And we can assume Nemu sacrifices herself, or puts herself near the brink of death, causing Mayuri to flip out and power up himself or something.

    Never noticed Nemu and Shutara looked like each other. Theory was interesting nonetheless.

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    Welp, Mayuri underestimated Pernida's learning capabilities. At least he and Nemu worked together and now she must save Mayuri.

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