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    Default My Sprites

    Here are my trainer sprites, Go easy on me, I am a begginer:

    Here are my Pokemon Sprites:

    More to come soon...

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    Well because u are a beginner (it's not begginer (are u begging?)) here are some helpful tips and Critics:

    1. Never save as .JPG (.JPEG) because it ruins your art and ruins the quality.
    - Just save as .PNG = PwNaGe

    2. Don't use Default Paint Colors for Recolors.
    - Default = Bad (it's going to eat u alive)

    3. Your Trainer edits are not bad ^^

    On the first one (the Flannery edit) i think that the hair is a bit to blond, because it messes with the outline.
    And the Scarf around her neck is also a bit to light , i suggest u give it a darker outline.

    The other one is fine.

    Read tutorials and practice alot and u will get better ;]

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    I saved it as .JPG as accident and I was like ,
    Its a bag around Flannery's neck if you look closer but I did that bit pretty bad .

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