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    Default Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place (14A)

    Rated 14A (or PG-13) - Violence and gore, language, some mature themes, and sexual innuendo.

    Genre- Action/Adventure, Drama, Suspense, Character Drama.

    You probably already know this but I still have to say:
    “Example” is for humans and pokemon speaking their native tongues.
    “<Example>” is for Pokemon-speech translated into English.
    Example” is for people/pokemon in thought.
    "---------" is a time skip transition.
    "=======" is a flashback transition... I think. Usually.

        Spoiler:- Awards 'n' stuff:

    Chapter List

    0.Prologue (1st Rewrite)
    1.The Launch of a Journey (1st Rewrite)
    2.The Roots of a Friendship (1st Rewrite)
    3.Retributions (1st Rewrite)
    4.The Revival of a Friendship (1st Rewrite)
    5.To Leave the Nest (1st Rewrite)
    6.And This is What You Get... (1st Rewrite)
    7.On a Wing and a Prayer (1st Rewrite)
    8.A Head as Hard as Rock (1st Rewrite)
    9.The Breaking Point---(Continued)
    10.Nobody Said it was Easy---(Continued)
    11.Now Isn't Forever---(Continued)
    12.Home is Where the Heart Is
    15.Shock and Terror---(Continued)
    16.Exile: Part 1
    16. Exile: Part 2
    17. Truth or Reconciliation
    18.Cutting to the Chase
    20.Shock of the Lightning
    22.Training Day
    24.Lost and Found---(Continued)
    26.Fossil Fuels
    27.The Meteor Stratagem
    28.Magma Rising

    PM List
    BladedScizor ; blaziken33 ; elyvorg ; Brumrha ; Last Disaster
    MayfanXD ; Maze ; Air Dragon ; bobandbill ; Manaphyman
    Luphinid Silnaek ; fishyfool ; SnoringFrog ; Ultimatallic ; Slipomatic
    SamuraiDragon1 ; Kinger810 ; Lolitar ; Chimpchar ; lloyd094
    Drippy Miltank ; BWfan ; Resident evil

    Disclaimer/Author’s Notes Below (Don't bother reading them.)

        Spoiler:- :

    The prologue is much, much shorter than my usual chapters, since it's only here to set the mood and anticipation for the story. Oh and I know I'm not supposed to call the Prologue "Prologue" but I wanted to put it there for formality. Once I post the first few chapters, the prologue will seem more in place.


    Everything was a dark green and brown blur in my eyes. The colours moved around frantically; I was unable to focus while I sprinted. All that I focused on was running away. I ran through the eerie, misty forest, bounding over roots and branches. There were few beams of light trying to enter the forest, clearly seen in the haze.

    I didn’t know what I was running from but I knew that I had to run. I knew I was being chased, I could sense it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see what appeared to be a moving shape- perhaps a figure- running beside me. It blended in with the forest but had a blur of red moving on it as it ran by my side, like there was a piece of the forest running with me. The red was the only way that I knew that it wasn’t part of the underbrush.

    The underbrush that I dashed in became denser. I felt myself trip over a hard, unwavering root and fall face first into the bushes and grass. I lay in the ground, expecting the worst. When it didn’t arrive I tried to get up and move forward, but my legs wouldn’t let me. I used my right arm to try and crawl forward.

    The dim figure in front of me extended its hand. I tried to reach it and grab it but I couldn’t reach. I looked up and saw a beautiful, almost angelic, shape of a girl I knew beside the figure. Behind them shined a blinding light. The girl had brown-red hair and smooth, natural skin. She smiled sweetly at me with an innocent yet beautiful face. I tried to grab for them but the two continued to be forever out of my reach. I tried to get up again but my legs were limp causing me to fall back to the ground. I moved forwards using only my hands to drag the rest of my body.

    I heard whispers and high, raspy shrieks of the unknown creature echoing. They boomed through the forest… but I knew they were only getting closer to me. They gradually grew louder and I struggled, helpless.

    I looked down at my left arm and saw a gigantic gash appear down my bicep. The flesh was completely ripped. I could see the grisly insides: still pumping veins and arteries, muscles which quivered in contraction, and exposed tissues. The arm stung with a cold numbness, but surprisingly no pain. I was horrified by the grizzly sight; I could feel every muscle in my chest constrict in fear.

    Oh, Arceus…my arm… its insides…" I thought in terror.

    I felt as if I should vomit but I couldn’t. IT… did this! I was sure that the next strike would kill me.

    The echoing of screeches all around flooded into my ears once more. I saw the glint of a metal blade in the very corner of my eye.

    This is it.


    Pain. A horrible, piercing pain was felt in my head. It was Not the dull pain of a headache, but more like someone… or something, slashed me in the head. All I then saw, seconds after, was a blinding light and a neutral sense of purgatory.

    All I saw was white.
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