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Thread: Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place (14A)

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    Ohhh, so THAT'S what an angst-stu is...*sweatdrops as he realized Jeff almost fell into that category*

    Fact of the matter is I wasn't trying to make an anti-stu. Luck and the irony revolving around luck is an important theme in my fic, which is why Jeff's journey so far has been quite crappy. But yeah like that Switchfoot song says "The Shadow Proves the Sunshine". xP

    And...added to PM list.

    Also Yeah, that is what I'm aiming for with the Treecko scene.

    I am bit ashamed of that list like Treecko descrip, but in my defense, I wanted to get across that is was a Treecko, and was I absent mindedly disregarded how I could have described it better.
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