This is my first shipping fic. Here Are The Characters:


The Story Will Take Place In Sinnoh. NO CONTESTS.

And More Characters Will Be Revealed As The Series Goes Along.

So Here We Go!

Chapter 1

Just coming from Twinleaf Town, Ash & Misty were on their way to Sandgem Town. The Path was long, but worth it. Ash had already 4 pokemon for his SInnoh Pokedex he obtained from Professor Rowan. Suddenly, he became lazy.

"Come on ash! Keep Walking!" Screamed Misty trying to keep ash along.

"Don't pressure me Misty! I'm stressed enough. Not Having breakfast, can we stop at a Starbucks? They had them all over the Hoenn region!" Ash said in a stressed voice.

"Why don't we ask that man over there?" Suggested Msty. Ash responded with a yes.

"Excuse me sir?" Misty said in a tempting voice. "Are there any Starbucks located in this region?"

"Why yes! He Responded. " I even work there! Here, take one of these." He handed them a Brochure takling about how Starbucks got started and about its legacy today, but they skipped right to the locations.

"Perfect!" Misty exclaimed. "There's a location right in Sandgem Town! Thank You!"

"Hey Misty? I see Sangem Town right ahead!" And excited Ash said.

"YAY!" They both exclaimed.


"Hows your coffee?" Renton asked Eureka.

"Good, but a little strong." Eureka explain. Renton agreed the same.

"I wish I had some of Stoner's homemade right now." Renton said.

They Both gave a chuckle.

"So how do you know Ash?" Eureka asked.

"He's been my best friend ever since we were 2." Renton explained. "Then at 10 he left for his journey, with Pikachu. I got my bulbasur, and I stayed in town, until i had to move out to work with my grandpa, and thats where i met you." Renton gently put his hand over Eureka's. "And i will never regret that. Being with you has been the best time of my life, and i love you Eureka."

"I love you too, Renton." And they both gave a gently kiss.

"Renton should be here soon!" Renton exclaimed as he looked at his stopwatch. It was 11:00 am, and they were supposed to meet at a 10:45 am.

Suddenly, Ash & Misty walked in with Misty, and Ash reconized him in an instant.

"ASH!" Scream Renton.

"RENTON! Scream Ash.

They both ran over to each other and gave a hug, and Misty & Eureka looked at each other.

"Hi, I'm Misty." Misty greeted. Eureka did the same.

"We'll leave you two girls alone." Said Renton. Let you girls gte to know each other while me an Ash catch up on the past 4 years."

RENTON & ASH's Conversation

"Renton, what have you've been up too in the past 4 years?" Asked Ash.

"Been busy." Renton responded. "When you left, i mainly trained my Bulbasuar, evolving into venusaur in only 2 weeks. Then I caught Shiny Pidgey, which I went to the Trading Center in Pewter Cuty For A Strong Espeon."

"Do you still have Venusaur & Espeon?" Ash asked.

"I Have Venusaur. Will never part from him. Espeon, I gave it to Eureka, She loves him, and its made her happy." Renton Responded.

"Has she caught any pokemon?" Ash asked.

"Yes, while traveling on the gekko, she saw a Noctowl flying high, and threw the team's only quick ball at it. She caught it. She loves the psychic type." Renton Quickly Resonded.

"Thats sweet. You guys dating?" Ash asked in a sweet voice.

"Yes, we are. I love her and she loves me." Renton sweetly responded.

"Aww, Renton, you old *******." Ash then does the unthinkable. "HEY EVERYONE?" He screams out. "RENTON'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND! RENTON'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND! He screams. Everyone looks at them, including the girls.

"Shut the hell up!" Renton Screams.

"Well Ok, I'm gonna go order an Iced Latte!" ASh Says.

"You do that." Says Renton.

EUREKA & MISTY's Conversation

"Hi, I'm Eureka." She says

"Hey. Nice to meet you. I'm Misty." She says.

"So, how do you know Ash?" Eureka asks.

"Well, i was simply fishing one day, and he comes out of his forest with his Pikachu. He then steals my bike which gets destroyed and I meet up with him at a pokecenter. we've been friends ever since. Yes, yesterday after 4 years, he finally got me the bike." She responds. "How do you know Renton?"

"We worked to stop the planet from duey & his crew, and i got banged up pretty badly in the process, unlike Renton. We then got together and been happy ever since." Eureka responds.

"Aww, thats sweet." Exclaims Misty. Can you excuse me for a second? I need to get an iced latte."

"No problem." Says Eureka.


They both race to the counter, Ash wining. The man at the counter asks what can i get you? and they both respond with an Iced Latte.

"So hows your chat with Eureka?" Ash asks.

"Its going good. She seems so sweet. Renton is so lucky to have her." Misty said. "And how are you and renton?"

"Ok. Man I can't Believe its been 4 years. ahh. Thats good Coffee." Ash Excliams. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah I'm getting pretty bored here." Responds Misty.

Then, Renton & Eureka both get up from their seats, and go to each other.

"Ready to get this adventure started?" Ash asks.

"READY!" All 3 of them scream.

Well That was the end of chapter one hope you enjoy it. Leave good comments, and the next chapter should be up in a couple days.