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I watched the episode pics and I can't believe no one mentionned this before.

Ash has a spine and neck made with steel. Is he the next Superman ? Is Brock a chiropractor ? Does Ash know a good Professionnal cyclist's doctor ?

How can Ash support a 2 1/2 feet, 109 lbs pokemon (based on the site's 'dex) on his head ??? Heck, we're not talking caterpie but a friggin sand-filled hippo O_o

BTW, I know Ash has survived numerous flamethrowers and thunderbolts and others but, isn't this too much ?

On a more serious note, were there any explanations for this in the episode ? Also, what was the sand attack used in TR's balloon or was it its ability ?
It was Yawn.

So Ash didn't catch a Hippopotas?

Edit: Oh, in the balloon. Yeah, maybe he whipped up a Sandstorm.