And the craziness continues...

Marina looked dully at the two boys, sighing. “Of course. This is a story, not some place where all your sick, twisted fantasies can take form.”

“I am offended, Marina,” Kamon said, ripping his eyes away from the statue to look at Marina. “I am truly offended. I was merely admiring the artwork of the statue. However this pervert over here–” he nudged his head in Kenta’s direction who was standing near the statue, “–is the one who’s staring at the … badonkers on that statue.”

“Everyone loves the boobies!” Kenta said, gawking at the statue, his eyes wide.
OK, Kenta. Calm down... XD

“Ugh. Whatever!” Marina said with a huff, blowing up her bangs.

Suddenly, a single, thin steel railing drop from the sky, standing upright. Alarmed, Marina shifted Eeveesquiramachu to one hand and walked over toward the bar, poking it with her index finger. She jumped back in surprise as another bar dropped a few inches away. Steadily gaining speed, more bars began to drop from the sky, surrounding the three by all four sides. To top it off, a heavy steel-plated wall dropped on top of the bars, enclosing the three in a make-shift jail cell.

“Dammit, Marina,” muttered Kenta, hesitantly walking away from the statue to put his hands against the cold bars. “’Whatever’ must have been the secret word.”

Kamon got up from his chair and stood in between Kenta and Marina. He grabbed a hold of the bars and shook them violently, but it was to no avail – the bars stood firm. “What the hell is this?”

“I’m scurred,” Eeveesquiramachu said, sniffling.

The three trainers watched as three men in black suits walked toward them, pushing away the shrubbery with ease. The man in front was tall, his face cold and emotionless. The man to his right was chubbier but meek, looking frantically from side to side. The other man had his hands held behind his neck, sighing thoughtfully to himself. They reached the cage, and the man in front grinned nastily. “Kenta, Kamon, and Marina,” he said. “It is time for your evaluation of your story. A ‘review’ if you will.”

“Ah … Crap.”

Oh noez, not da reviews! I could literally see Psychic, Yami Ryu and Silawen dressed in mobster suits glaring the trio and their odd little fakemon down. Hope Marina has a permit for Eeveesquirrmachu!

This was golden funneh. and i don't just mean the statue...

Well, gottta run... L@er!