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    Default Lost Evolution

    Evolution is a battle.
    Something has to lose.

    My name is elyvorg, and this is my first foray into the realms of fanfiction writing. I'm hoping that the concept for the plot of this fic is something quite original, but I'm not sure and I'm not one to judge. Anyway, feel free to review, and be as harsh as you want; if you don't like it, I'll get over it and improve.

    This fic is rated PG13 for possible violence and possible mild language. To be honest though, it's just for safety as I don't know how much violence or how much language warrants a higher rating. Oh, and I don't own Pokemon, just in case anyone wanted to sue me or something.

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    Chapter List
    Prologue (this post)
    Chapter 1: Interruption
    Chapter 2: Life Changing
    Chapter 3: Friend or Foe?
    Chapter 4: Intrusion
    Chapter 5: Lost and Found
    Chapter 6: Aftermath
    Chapter 7: Fiery Passion
    Chapter 8: Unrequited Rivalry
    Chapter 9: Head in the Sand
    Chapter 10: Greed
    Chapter 11: Tarnished Bonds
    Chapter 12: Turning Soft
    Chapter 13: Separate Paths
    Chapter 14: Choices
    Chapter 15: Hope
    Chapter 16: Rest and Recuperation
    Chapter 17: Stalkers
    Chapter 18: Confrontation
    Chapter 19: Human Nature
    Chapter 20: Finish Line
    Chapter 21: Revelations
    Chapter 22: Surrender
    Chapter 23: Turnaround
    Chapter 24: Resolution
    Chapter 25: Pursuit
    Chapter 26: Wildest Fantasies
    Chapter 27: Trickster
    Chapter 28: Hopeless Fight
    Chapter 29: Prelude
    Chapter 30: Another Perspective
    Chapter 31: Escape
    Chapter 32: Direction
    Chapter 33: Inside

    So without further ado, here's the prologue.


    There was no hope. She was the last.

    She felt the wind rushing through her wings as she soared high above the world. Below her was a rippling ocean, infinitely wide, infinitely deep. Glancing behind her, she saw the forested island which she had grown up on fading into the distance. She was safe. They could not pursue her now.

    She could not remember a life before Them. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, They had struck fear into her. Each day she knew not whether she would wake up to find her parents dead, killed by a pointless act of hate. And one dreadful day, she had. They had spared her, for she was a child, so much like Their own children in so many ways. Yet she differed completely from Them now.

    As she had grown up, she had noticed fewer and fewer others like her and far more like Them. It was only to be a matter of time before They wiped out her kind completely. She had become increasingly lonely as the years wore on, the number who shared her pain dwindling. Eventually, there came a point where she knew, she simply knew in her heart that she and her mate were the last pair. Then They had come and taken his life. She had recognised one of the killers; he had been her best friend during childhood. But he was one of Them now, as was his fate from the moment he was born.

    With her mate, the penultimate one, dead, she was alone.

    Bringing herself back from the painful memories, she surveyed the vast expanse of blue below her. None of her kind had ever flown this far out before; they would not have had enough stamina to reach anywhere, or to fly back. But she had no intention of reaching anywhere. She had no intention of flying back. She only wished to escape from the oppression she had been born into and savour her gift of flight one last time. And she knew she would die out here, drowning in the cavernous depths of the ocean. That was the way she wanted it: natural, not brutal and sudden like the death of her mate. Not at the hands of Them.

    The great plain of water looked closer now. Her wings were tiring; she was losing height. For the last ever time in her life she marvelled at how exhilarating it was to fly, rushing through the air with no regard for gravity, no limits. The freedom, the incredible feeling of going anywhere she wished, of not being tethered to the ground.

    She was so low that she could almost dip her head and taste the salt water. Her exhausted wings strained to beat more, to lift her up so she could fly for just a moment longer. But it was no use. Her power of flight was failing, a power gained upon evolution for her kind.

    Evolution, she thought, laughing humourlessly. All of this is evolution’s fault.

    With the last of her strength, she powered herself downwards through the water’s surface, sending up a spray of white frothing foam. For a moment that spot was stirred into a frenzy, the liquid bubbling and thrashing about. Then the ripples subsided, leaving the ocean calm, flat and empty once more.


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    .: Evolution is a battle .:. Something has to lose :.
    Chapter 33: Inside has been posted.

    Foregone Conclusion
    Spinoff/prequel/backstory/thingy to Lost Evolution, written for NaNoWriMo 2010

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