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Feedback and Suggestions

In response to this topic, a new Feedback and Suggestions thread has been created. This is YOUR topic. Issue with the forum, things to make it better, things that can be changed, moved, created, removed. That's what this thread is for. You want a better RPG forum, well this is the Headquarters where any changes will come from.

I know you don't like loads of rules, but these are very short and very simple.

  • This is NOT an ideas thread for your RPGs. Don't post here with ideas for an RPG, or your post will be ignored or ridiculed until it is deleted by mods and you are likely warned for your failure to grasp basic rules. Again, a reminder, this is NOT an RPG ideas topic.
  • Your suggestions are for RPG and it's two sub-forums only. We don't care what you think of other forums, so don't bother mentioning them unless you are using them as an example.
  • Don't advertise other web forums, even if you are using them as an example. Please explain in full what you wish to suggest or talk about.
  • If you are making a complaint, do so in a polite and proper manner. Any complaints that are poorly structured and on the verge of flaming will be ignored.