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    Default Bayleef-tan (Chikoshipping, PG-13)

    Well, this has been in production for a LONG time, but I finally finished it today and so thought I'd bestow it upon you unsuspecting shippers out there.

    First, some background: this was inspired by my good friend buster_wolf's image of a human-ised Bayleef, whom he affectionately dubbed "Bayleef-tan" (hence the title). His artwork is pretty darn fabulous, and you can check it out at his art thread here, which I highly recommend you do.

    Secondly I plan on updating this once a night until it is complete. Considering it's a one-shot it's fairly long, as I wanted to cram in as much detail as possible. Please enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think - good, bad, anything, really.

    Oops, almost forgot the disclaimer - I don't own Pokemon, but I do own this fic and my original characters. So please don't steal them.

    Without further ado, let the shipping commence!


    "I'm home!" Ash's voice rang through the small, quiet house as he entered through the door, barely knocking as he walked through the hallway, Pikachu riding on his head.

    Delia Ketchum rarely bothered to lock the front door during the day. Indeed, Pallet Town was such a small and peaceful village that there was really no need - that, and she always had Mr. Mime ready to protect her from any would-be intruders.

    Ash removed his cap and allowed Pikachu to jump down onto the soft, welcoming carpet. Pikachu allowed it's paws to sink into the fabric, unwinding and letting out a tiny yawn of contentment as it did so. Ash smiled as he watched the Pokemon and remembered that he wasn't the only one who called this place home.

    "Ash?" the boy heard a gentle, feminine voice call out from the general direction of the kitchen. "Ash, is that you?"

    Ash grinned to himself and strolled through the hallway to greet his mother, Pikachu following closely behind.

    "It's me, Mom," he called as he walked further inside, laying his bag and cap by the front entrance before he forgot, "I'm finally back!"

    Delia was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink as Ash entered. She turned and smiled brightly at him, making sure she dried her hands before rushing over and embracing him in a tight hug. Ash hugged back, pleased to be home and back in Kanto.

    "So how was your journey?" Delia questioned, bringing the embrace to an end. "You'll have to tell me all about it!"

    "It was awesome, Mom," Ash explained excitedly. "Hoenn is just the best - you'd really have liked it there!"

    "I'll bet." Delia smiled pleasantly, extending a hand to Pikachu who now stood on the kitchen tabletop. Pikachu squeaked with affection as the young mother's hand tickled the creature playfully.

    "Oh, and I caught a ton of new Pokemon, too!" Ash continued, fumbling for his Pokeballs. "I can't wait to introduce them to everyone up at the Oak laboratory!"

    "Oh, honey," Delia exclaimed, ruffling Ash's hair. "your other Pokemon will be so pleased to see you! You've been gone so long, you know."

    "Heh, yeah..." Ash sighed, a sudden feeling of loneliness washing over him.

    He was surprised at himself for suddenly feeling this way, especially at the prospect of seeing all his old Pokemon at Oak's lab in just a short walk up the hill on the outskirts of Pallet, but he couldn't help but miss his friends in Hoenn. There was Brock, there was Max, and - of course - there was May...

    Ash's heart sunk slightly at the thought of the young co-ordinator and her little brother. Yes, they'd promised to see each other again, but they lived so far away, and Ash knew his track record of meeting up with old friends was less than perfect. Of course he knew he'd see Brock again, but both May and Max lived in a whole different region...

    Delia noticed her son's sudden silence and rubbed his shoulder sympathetically. She knew all too well how it felt to say goodbye, and she also knew just what would cheer the boy up.

    "How about I make you a celebratory lunch, Ash?" she suggested, her friendly smile able to brighten up even the cloudiest day. "It's been a long time since you've had one of those, I'll bet."

    Ash chuckled, his smile returning almost instantly.

    "Yeah, that'll be great, Mom." he admitted, before turning round and heading for the living room, Pikachu in tow.

    Delia could hear the sound of the TV begin to blare out from the front room and smiled to herself, happy her son was finally back - for however long it would last, at least. It seemed Ash always had some new adventure ready and waiting for him and he was a rare occurrence around these parts. However long he was here though, Delia was determined to make his stay as enjoyable as possible.

    "Oh, by the way, Ash?" she called over the blur of the television set. "The Professor and I have organised a welcome home dinner for you tonight up at the lab."

    "Sounds great, Mom!" Ash yelled back.

    "Pika pika!" Pikachu chimed in.

    "Yep..." the woman chuckled to herself as she reached for the bread knife. "It's good to have you back, Ash..."


    That evening Ash found himself sitting in the reception room of Professor's Oak's laboratory, his cap gone and jacket off, instead replaced with a formal, white dress shirt which his mother insisted he wear. He sat on the soft leather couch and leaned over the coffee table with his arms on his legs, locked in deep thought.

    "Come on, Ash," Tracey taunted from the other side of the table. "make your move."

    "I'm still thinking, alright!?" Ash replied, obviously flustered.

    The young trainer stared down at the chess board before him, almost all his pieces wiped out, compared to Tracey's side, which lacked only a few pawns. Reluctantly, Ash soon moved his final knight; a move which proved to be a big mistake.

    "Check and mate." Tracey chuckled, knocking down Ash's king with a playful swing. Ash held his head in his hands and groaned.

    "Ash, did you lose again?" a young girl's voice floated across the room as Misty entered, placing the cutlery at the large, wooden table in the far corner. "That's the fourth time tonight!"

    "I'm a trainer, not a-" Ash paused mid-sentence, pondering his word choice for a moment. "-a chess player."

    Tracey laughed, clearing up the pieces and replacing the chess board underneath the table.

    "You're getting better, really." he insisted, noticing Ash's enraged expression.

    "Don't mind him, Tracey," Misty taunted as she made her way over to the table where the two of them sat. "Ash has never liked losing, though he should be used to it after all those times he lost back when he first started training."

    "Hey!" Ash protested, getting to his feet. Both Ash and Misty's eyes met across the room as they exchanged heated glances. "Who placed in the top eight of the Hoenn League Championship!?"

    "Who got most of his badges in the Kanto region out of pity?" Misty retorted. She smiled to herself as she spoke. She enjoyed teasing Ash like this, though his reactions were getting almost a little too predictable these days.

    "I don't recall getting the Cerulean Gym's badge out of pity!" Ash answered. Pikachu, who was sitting on the chair arm beside it's trainer, let out a sigh.

    "Then you must have a different recollection than I do of that day!" Misty laughed back.

    As the two trainers argued the ring of the doorbell could be heard from further down the hall. Tracey sheepishly exited the room, glad to finally have an excuse to remove himself from such an uncomfortable atmosphere.

    "How about we battle right now, huh?" Ash continued, reaching for one of the Pokeballs at his belt.

    "You know I'd love to Ash," Misty giggled, winking at him as if he were a small child. "but you know that as a Gym leader I have to go through the official chains of command before accepting any trainer challenges. You'll have to wait at least a week before my schedule clears up."

    "Sounds to me like you're scared I'll beat you!" Ash growled, before being interrupted by a familiar voice.

    "Don't tell me you've forgotten Drake's advice already, Ash?" the young girl standing in the centre of the doorway spoke up, prompting both Ash and Misty to flush a deep red.

    "Pika!?" Pikachu squeaked in surprise.

    The two arguing trainers turned to face the newcomer, though Ash could hardly believe his eyes. Standing there, in the doorway, was May; the girl he'd left in Hoenn - the girl he thought he wouldn't be seeing again for a long time.

    Ash grinned, happy to see his friend again, though confused as to how she got here, but he didn't let that small detail worry him.

    "May!" he greeted her enthusiastically, running over to her whilst Misty approached casually in the background.

    "Drake told you to keep your overconfidence in check, Ash." May teased, winking at him as she spoke.

    "How did you get here?" Ash changed the subject, peering behind the girl as if expecting to find an entourage.

    "I got a lift with Professor Birch, of course." the girl replied. "He was on his way over to Kanto and Max wanted to see you-" she paused, readjusting her words mid-sentence. "-of course, I wanted to see you, too, and well, if Max and the Professor were coming then-"

    "So Max and the Professor are here, too?" Ash double-checked. "That's awesome! I've missed you guys so much!"

    "We've only been apart for a couple of weeks, Ash." May insisted, blushing slightly as she spoke. It was rare for Ash to be so up-front about their friendship and she was a little off-balance from hearing it so close-up.

    "Pika Pikachu!" Pikachu greeted the girl from atop Ash's shoulder.

    "Hiya Pikachu." the girl replied, scratching it's ear.

    May peered over Ash's shoulder, noticing Misty standing behind him.

    "Hi Misty," she greeted the girl, forcing a smile, "long time no see."

    It wasn't that she didn't like Misty - quite the contrary, she rather admired her, especially after all the praise Ash had bestowed upon her during their adventures in Hoenn. But when the group had visited the Mirage Kingdom with her she always seemed somewhat distant and unapproachable.

    Granted, she did have a lot on her mind with Togepi leaving her, but still, she never really attempted to integrate into the group and so May was always slightly nervous when seeing her; it felt as if Misty hadn't quite accepted her.

    "I'm fine, thanks May." Misty answered back warmly. "It's good to see you again."

    Ash sidled past May, excusing himself from the conversation as he was eager to see Max. As soon as he was out into the hallway he discovered Tracey at the front door being interrogated by both the Professor and May's little brother.

    "Professor Birch, Max!" he called over.

    The two greeted the trainer happily, Max dashing over and patting Pikachu on the head as the small rodent jumped down to greet the boy.

    "It's good to see you again, Ash." Birch chuckled in his usual, happy-go-lucky way. "Feels good to be back home, I'll bet."

    "Heh, yeah." Ash grinned as he spoke. "But I'll be entering the Battle Frontier soon."

    "The Battle Frontier, eh?" Birch echoed. "That'll be quite a challenge, Ash. The trainers there are no pushovers."

    "I wouldn't have it any other way!" Ash pumped his fist, the thought of another intense Pokemon battle easily getting him fired up.

    "Okay everyone, dinner's ready!" Ash's Mom called from the kitchen, prompting both Ash and May to simultaneously dash towards the source of food.

    "Heh," Max chortled, watching the two of them, "nothing changes."

    "Pika..." Pikachu agreed.


    The sound of happy gatherings and celebrations could be heard echoing throughout Professor Oak's vast Pokemon reserve. Outside the stars were blinking, carpeting the darkened sky with tiny jewels of light, the light of the moon casting down shadows on two figures standing just outside Professor Oak's dining area.

    "Bulbasaur..." Ash's Bulbasaur sighed, looking up towards it's companion.

    Bayleef stared cautiously through the glass window, making sure she couldn't be seen. The warm glow of the open fireplace could still be felt even from outside but that only served to make the Pokemon feel even more lonely and miserable.

    Bayleef watched as Ash's friends and family all gathered round him, congratulating him on a tremendous run through the Hoenn League Championships. Indeed, he'd proven himself as a great trainer to be knocked out in the qualifying rounds of the Ever Grande tournament and Bayleef was proud of him, though somewhat angry that she hadn't been a part of his winning team.

    "Bulba!" Bulbasaur snapped below. Due to it's small height it was proving difficult to be able to peer through the window and Bayleef refused to let it ride on her back. "Bulbasaur!"

    "Bay..." Bayleef ignored the creature below and merely continued to sigh as she watched Ash eat, happily surrounded by the people he loved the most.

    Bayleef's sad look soon turned to an angry one, however, when she saw Pikachu dashing across the floor, chasing Misty's Azurill playfully. How could Ash choose Pikachu over her!?

    Bulbasaur could sense the creature's anger and gently patted it on the back with it's vine.

    "Bulba," it reassured her. "Bulbasaur Bulba Bulba, Bulbasaur!"

    "Bay!" Bayleef hissed back, then sighed.

    She hated to admit it, but it was getting late and Bulbasaur was anxious to get back to the safety of the forest.

    "Oh, please, it's enough to make even a Luvdisc embarrassed!" came a patronizing female voice from high above the two Grass-type Pokemon. Bayleef and Bulbasaur both turned sharply and stared up at the owner of this new voice, and both of them were surprised to discover that it belonged to a Pokemon the likes of which neither of them had ever seen before.

    "Bulba!" Bulbasaur snarled, stamping its feet protectively as the Pokemon glided down for a closer look at the two of them, its misty black body hovering several inches above the ground like an elegant black ballroom gown.

    "Temper temper, short stuff." the dark-purple Pokemon responded, sending a haunting wink Bulbasaur's way before shifting her attention to Bayleef. "My, my, what a classic fairytale dilemma. A Pokemon in love with its trainer - a human!"

    Bayleef growled angrily, but this growl soon became a whimper as she stared down at the floor, shifting her feet as the uncomfortable truth of the strange Pokemon's words dug into her.

    "Bet you wish you were born a Gardevoir right about now, huh?" the Pokemon continued, laughing slightly as she adjusted her pointed hat and brushed some stray black locks of hair away from her face, her ominous, red eyes meeting with Bayleef's.

    "Of course..." the Ghost-type continued, a coy smile crossing her ethereal lips. "If you wanted to I could always... Make you human..."

    Bayleef's eyes widened with a look of hope at this suggestion and began to jump on the spot enthusiastically.

    "Woah, calm down, big girl." the Pokemon chuckled before continuing. "Even my magic is limited, but I can grant you just one day in the form of a human... Well, as human as I can make you..."

    "Bay!" Bayleef agreed, nodding energetically. "Bayleef, Bay Bay, Leef!"

    "Bulba!" Bulbasaur protested, poking Bayleef's leg with one of its vines angrily. "Bulbasaur, Bulba Bulba, Saur Bulbasaur!"

    "Oh don't dampen the mood, shorty!" the eery spectre interrupted, yawning. "Listen just think of me as this poor Bayleef's fairy godmother. I just want to see her happy is all!"

    "Bulba..." Bulbasaur growled warily, though Bayleef paid no heed to the small creatures warnings and immediately agreed to the stranger's conditions.

    "Alright..." the female ghost giggled, forming a sphere of dark energy in front of her which seemed to pulse and glow, reflecting a negative image of Bayleef as she stared inside of its seemingly never-ending depths. "Just to clarify this is only gonna last a day... So if I were you I'd give it your best shot to reel this guy in. Walk around naked, pretend to be interested in what he has to say, you know, sappy stuff like that."

    With sudden uncertainty Bayleef slowly reached out towards the dark orb, her nerves beginning to creep steadily over her. What if this was a mistake? What if this Pokemon was simply trying to trick her? Could she really take that chance?

    Bayleef's eyes darted back through the window, watching Ash smile as he was surrounded by the human girls while she was left out in the cold... With a growl, her mind was set.

    "Bay!" she yelled, charging straight into the ghost's magical incantation and causing the Grass-type's entire body to shift and meld. A bright, white light began to grow in intensity and slowly encompassed the entire area before suddenly vanishing, along with the ghost who made it all possible.

    Slowly Bulbasaur opened its eyes and examined his surroundings. When it focused on the area where Bayleef had once been standing, its eyes widened in disbelief at what had taken her place.

    Standing before the small Pokemon was now what appeared to be a young human girl, though her skin had a greenish hue and sprouting from her luxurious, dark-green hair was a large leaf which looked identical to the one which had once crowned Bayleef's head. She stood at just over four feet in height, making her rather small for a human girl but still allowing her to show off her slender body, which was currently lacking any clothing to cover it up.

    The girl, who Bulbasaur could only assume was the result of the ghost girl's magical trickery, stood admiring her new form for a moment, unable to help a huge grin cover her face. She turned towards Bulbasaur, beaming at the Pokemon, before happily speaking up.

    "Bay!" she declared ecstatically. "Bayuriifu!! ...Bay?"

    The girl's voice suddenly held a puzzled tone as she tried to speak in the human tongue but continued to fail. She didn't understand... She knew all the words, so why couldn't she just say them?

    "Hey, I told you there were limitations!" the ghost protested nervously as both Bayleef and Bulbasaur gave her a glare which could carve through a Aggron. "Come on, it's not as if he's going to listen to what you have to say anyway. Once he gets a look at that body he'll forget all about those scrawny little kids he's with now!"

    "Bulba!" Bulbasaur growled, stamping its feet in preparation for an attack before Bayleef stopped it.

    "Heh, good to see one of you has some brains at least..." the ghost chuckled. "Alright little lady... You have twenty-four hours to charm your way to his heart, so good luck. I, uh..."

    Bayleef watched the ghost curiously as she spoke.

    "I... Believe in you, or something. Heck, I don't know. I just wanted to sound cool."

    With those final words the Pokemon vanished into the shadows from whence it came, leaving Bayleef and Bulbasaur both standing outside the window as they were before.
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    Ooooh, what luck. I only like to read Pokemon/Human shipping stories, and I managed to wander in here on the day that there was a Chikoshipping AND an Altoshipping fic on the first page.

    It's been a long time since I've been into Chikoshipping since you don't see it too often anymore. Everyone seemed to lose interest in it once she became a Bayleef and the supporters decided that she had shed her romantic feelings for him. I don't think that happened, though. I think she just held her feelings for him more maturely and learned to grow and appreciate what affection he did show her. I'm sure it didn't help, however, that he abandoned all his Pokemon except Pikachu when he left Johto, though. I've always liked Chikoshipping though, and it's cool that you're reintroducing it in a later time when Chikorita is a Bayleef and Ash already knows May, and are making it look more like a current event. It strengthens my theory that Bayleef still has feelings for Ash.

    I like your story so far. I can't wait to see how Bayleef's day as a human turns out. Halfway through the story, I was suddenly reminded of another Chikoshipping story I read several years ago called "Chikorita's Wish." It has almost an identical premise to your story. I just found it:

    I'm hoping she's more successful in your fic, though. You have yourself a fan now. I want to see the next chapter.
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    Hey, thanks for the review, wayc. I was starting to worry that this shipping was a little too obscure for most shippers here. Thanks for the story link by the way, I'll be sure to take a look at it when I have some time!

    Yes, it's a real shame that Bayleef (and all the old Johto Pokemon) have seemingly been "abandoned" by Ash in the anime. I've always been a fan of Chikoshipping, simply because Chikorita's initial infatuation with Ash was just too adorable to put into words. I'm glad you're enjoying the story, it's been quite a challenge to put together.


    "Alright you guys... I guess we'll see you tomorrow?" Ash wondered out loud as he followed May, Max and Professor Birch to the front door.

    "Of course, Ash!" May replied happily. "I wouldn't dream of letting you go through the Battle Frontier all by yourself!"

    "Wait, you don't mean-" Ash began, slightly taken aback.

    "Well..." May continued, shuffling her feet somewhat awkwardly as she did so. "Well, I've heard about the Kanto Pokemon contests and I was thinking maybe I could earn myself some more ribbons over here if I travelled with you some more... I mean, I could go on my own if it interferes with you, but-"

    "That sounds great!" Ash agreed, grinning. "It'll be great to travel with you guys again! If truth be told I was starting to miss you a whole lot."

    "Oh?" May teased the boy. "Only starting to, huh?"

    "Hey, you know what I mean!" Ash answered back nervously.

    "Well, thanks to everyone for a wonderful meal. Your Mom is a superb cook, Ash!" Birch chuckled, opening the front door and stepping outside, eagerly followed by a drowsy young Max, who quickly woke up when he was confronted by the naked humanoid Bayleef who was waiting outside the laboratory.

    The young boy quickly let out a scream at the top of his lungs, causing Bayleef to step back in worry and prompting all the humans inside the laboratory to come rushing out.

    "What... What's going on!?" Tracey managed to speak up. The group all arrived at the front door and gasped when they saw Bayleef staring nervously up at them. May quickly covered Max's eyes with her hand and then covered her own with her other.

    "Bayu!!" Bayleef squealed as soon as she saw Ash, running into his arms and squeezing him tightly, causing Pikachu to take evasive action and dive off its trainer's shoulder. "Bayuriifu!!"

    "Uh... Bayleef!?" Ash coughed. "Is that you...?"

    "Don't be ridiculous, Ash!" Misty exclaimed. "Bayleef isn't... A... What is that thing?"

    "I'd recognise Bayleef's Body Slam anywhere!" Ash explained as he began to lose his balance and was soon lying on the floor with the Grass-type Pokemon resting on top of him.

    "Pika..." Pikachu sighed, picking up Ash's stray hat and placing it on his face.

    "Bulba!" Bulbasaur announced as it stepped inside Oak's laboratory and made its presence known. "Bulbasaur!"

    "Bulbasaur?" May commented on the Pokemon as it walked past her. "But what are you doing here?"

    "Bulba Bulba, Saur Bulba Bulba!!" Bulbasaur replied, motioning towards Bayleef who just continued to stare happily at Ash while she wrapped her newly human-like arms around his torso. "Bulbasaur!"

    "Pika?" Pikachu groaned.

    "Bayu!" Bayleef squealed again, rubbing her face against Ash's.

    "Oh my... This is quite a predicament..." Oak mumbled, uncertain of what to do. "I never would've imagined a situation like this... The men at the Pokemon Research Conference in Goldenrod sure would love to hear about this!"

    "Perhaps I should make a few brief sketches, Professor!?" Tracey enquired eagerly, sketch pad and pencil at the ready.

    "I don't think that will be necessary, Tracey." Oak chuckled, scratching his chin as he got to his knees and looked Bayleef squarely in the eyes. "The question is... How did this happen to you?"

    "I'm curious to learn the source of this mixup myself, Professor." Birch noted. "However, I think it would be best for all our sakes if we checked up on the situation in the morning. It makes no sense for us to strain ourselves late into the night. It's already fast approaching one o'clock as it is."

    "Well, if that really is Bayleef then there's no way we're going to be able to pry her off him long enough for Ash and Delia to make it home..." Misty groaned as Bayleef continued to rub her body against Ash's, causing the boy to squirm rather uncontrollably.

    "Delia walk home at this hour!?" Oak spluttered. "I could never allow such a thing! She can stay in the guest room, of course!"

    "But Professor...!" Tracey mumbled in an awkward form of protest. "We don't have a guest room at the lab!"

    It was then that Professor Oak shifted to the boy's side and whispered quietly into his ear, making sure no-one else could hear his words.

    "Where do you think you sleep every night, Tracey?"

    "I guess Ash and I can sleep in the living room..." Tracey sighed heavily.

    "Bayu!" Bayleef chimed happily, her lime-green fingers now beginning to crawl underneath Ash's shirt and feel the skin of his lower back, causing the boy to yelp a little in confusion.

    "Bulba..." Bulbasaur shook its head worryingly.

    "Come now, Bulbasaur..." Oak coughed, signaling the Pokemon out of the front door and out into the laboratory's immense garden. "We'll deal with this in the morning."

    "But what about Bayleef?" May asked curiously. "She can't stay outside like that..."

    "I'm sure Ash wouldn't mind staying with her for one night." Oak suggested, causing May, Misty and Ash to flush a deep red.

    "What!?" the two girls yelled in unison. "No way!!"

    "Now now, ladies, calm down!" Oak chuckled. "Tracey will be here to make sure nothing untoward happens between the two of them."

    "...She's a Pokemon, Professor..." Misty growled.

    "Um, yes... Quite..." Oak muttered, then turned to Birch. "If you'll excuse me I think I'll begin by getting some clean sheets in the guest room. We'll meet back here tomorrow morning to discuss these matters... Say around eleven?"

    "Sounds great to me, Oak." Birch laughed, then turned back to Max and May. "Come on, kids. Everyone knows Pallet Town's no fun at nighttime."

    With that the group began to disperse from the hallway as they all went their separate ways. In the vicinity of it all there were only three people who refused to move from their current position within the bushes beyond the front door. Or rather, two people and a Pokemon...

    "A human-shaped Pokemon, eh?" the voice of the redheaded female whispered slyly as the trio continued to watch the guests depart the laboratory. "Now that is surely a rare find!"

    "I'm not sure, Jessie..." the man with light blue hair and a bored expression groaned in response. "I mean, wouldn't that make it the same as a Jynx or something?"

    "I can picture it already..." the small, cat-like Pokemon began to mutter to itself, its beige-coloured fur faintly reflecting the light of the moon high above them. "Imagine the boss waking up one morning..."

    "Oh Meowth, must you always spoil things with your ridiculous boss-fantasies?" the man grumbled once again before burrowing his face in his arms.

    "Shut your trap, James! I'm working here!" Meowth snarled back before continuing his daydream in which a rather stern-looking man in a business suit and nightcap was sitting up in a large and luxurious-looking bed. "As I was saying, it's early morning, and what better way to start the day than to see your reflection in a golden mirror, being held by a beautiful female humanoid Bayleef!?"

    "Actually I think a handsome male humanoid Machoke would do the trick..." Jessie giggled as her own fantasy began to start in her head.

    "WOBBUFFET!!!" came a loud, rather grainy yell as the form of a light-blue Pokemon which mostly resembled a blob of irregular shape leapt out of its Pokeball in a burst of white light.

    "I said a Machoke, not a Wobbuffet, you dolt!" Jessie hissed, before smacking the creature over the head.

    "Wobbuh Wobbuh..." the Pokemon sighed, slapping its forehead in agreement.

    "Of course upon seeing this wonderful sight," Meowth continued, trying its best to ignore its partners as it spoke, "the boss would immediately turn to an imaginary camera and claim: 'Thanks to Jessie, James and of course that splendid and talented Meowth - who was no doubt the brains behind this operation - I can enjoy this kind hospitality from this female humanoid Bayleef every morning for the rest of my criminal days!'."

    "And how do you suggest we put this amazing plan of yours into motion, Meowth?" James asked curiously, turning around and staring up into the star-covered sky.

    "Just leave it me..." Meowth chuckled as it gleefully rubbed its paws together. "I have a cunning plan..."

    "Wobbuffet!" Wobbuffet seconded.


    The following morning Tracey awoke to an empty living room. Lazily rubbing his eyes he removed himself from the couch and tried to get his bearings. It was fast approaching nine o'clock and he had slept surprisingly well during the night, considering that he had been sharing a living room with Ash and Bayleef, though there was no sign of them anywhere now.

    Suddenly a loud crash came from the kitchen, causing the young laboratory assistant to dash out towards the source of the ruckus frantically. To say that what he saw in there surprised him would be a significant understatement.

    There, standing in front of Ash, Delia and Professor Oak, stood Bayleef. She was now fully clothed, though this didn't help to fully hide all of her assets as her bust seemed to be literally attempting to burst out from the light pink apron she now wore and the lines of her panties were quite clearly visible underneath her short, matching skirt.

    "Wha..." Tracey spluttered awkwardly as he tried to avert his eyes from the humanoid Pokemon who was standing before him with a curious look on her face. "What happened...?"

    "Pikachu..." Pikachu sighed in reply from atop Ash's shoulder.

    "Uh, sorry..." Ash managed nervously as he began to pick up the pieces of the broken plate carefully. "I guess I was just a bit shocked to see Bayleef wearing my Mom's old stuff..."

    As soon as Bayleef noticed Ash getting to the floor she also knelt down and began to help him pick up the broken pieces of Oak's dinner plate. She was still finding her human body clumsy and difficult to use, but she tried as hard as she possibly could, focusing on each shard of china as if she were in a Pokemon battle, knowing that any untidy mistake would make Ash unhappy - and that was something she would always strive to avoid at all times.

    "Well I couldn't bear to see poor little Bayleef here without any clothes!" Delia exclaimed, smiling as she watched the Pokemon occasionally tug at her apron in a confused fashion. "Besides, I have plenty of outfits back home - why horde all the treasures when there's a girl in need?"

    "But Mom..." Ash stammered awkwardly as both his and Bayleef's hands crossed paths and the two paused for a moment, sharing a brief glimpse into the other's eyes. "D-don't you think they're a little too small for her?"

    "Oh nonsense, Ash!" Delia giggled, casually waving away his thoughts.

    "And," Ash continued hesitantly, "Bayleef's a Pokemon... It's not like she's a human girl, y'know."

    "Bay..." Bayleef whimpered a little under her breath, quickly looking away from Ash for a moment.

    "Oh don't be ridiculous, son." Delia replied swiftly. "Bayleef may be a Pokemon, but a woman is still a woman above all else! And every woman can appreciate a good wardrobe."

    Just then the doorbell to the laboratory rang and Tracey wasted no time in rushing to the front door in a bid to answer it first. After a few moments he returned to the kitchen, followed by Professor Birch, Misty, May, and her younger brother Max.

    "Ah, Birch!" Oak greeted his fellow scientist warmly. "I think we're ready to begin the research whenever you are."

    "Well, no time like the present is there?" Birch chuckled in reply. "Please, lead the way, professor."

    "Right... Ah, Ash," Oak began, turning to the boy and his Pokemon who had just finished clearing up the shattered fragments of china from the floor, "do you mind if we take Bayleef off your hands for a little while?"

    "Uh..." Ash mumbled for a moment before Bayleef suddenly grabbed him forcefully around the torso and heaved herself against him, burrowing her head in his neck, the small leaf which sprouted gently from her green mop of hair wobbling beside his cheek. "Well, you're the professor, professor."

    "Bay!" Bayleef protested loudly, squeezing Ash even tighter and shoving him against the sink of the laboratory kitchen.

    "Hehe," May giggled playfully as she watched the two embrace, "it looks like Bayleef's got one serious crush on you, Ash..."

    "Wh-what!?" Ash coughed, blushing furiously. "She just... She just respects me as a trainer, is all! Um, yeah, that's right... I'm her trainer!"

    "Heh, sure you are..." May winked at him, causing the boy to swallow loudly.

    "C'mon, Bayleef..." he whispered into the Grass-type Pokemon's ear softly. "It's only for a little while... And then when you're back to normal we can go do some training, just the two of us... Okay?"

    "Bay!!" Bayleef cheered happily, smiling warmly at him.

    Bayleef was just about to reluctantly leave Ash's arms when she noticed him suddenly staring up at the small leaf that protruded from her head, which was now rubbing against his nose gently.

    Her hands slowly glided from his back and round to the front of his chest and down towards his stomach. It suddenly dawned on the young Pokemon that this could be the one and only time she would ever be close to him like this, in a form which he could find acceptable, and that saddened her. She was scared, yet at the same time she didn't want this opportunity to pass her up. She was a stubborn Bayleef, and she knew what she wanted.

    Slowly Bayleef began to move her face up closer towards Ash, standing on tiptoes in order to reach him as he was somewhat taller than she was. For a moment she felt as if time had stopped completely and they were the only two creatures in the world that mattered as she stared deeply into his eyes. Ash seemed to be somewhat confused by what was happening, but he offered no resistance to the Pokemon, who now closed her eyes and moved in to share a kiss with the boy.

    "Hey, Ash!" Max's voice suddenly shattered Bayleef's carefully-laid plans, causing her to stumble backwards slightly in surprise. "Can you show me all your Pokemon from the Johto region!? Please? I really wanna see your Totodile!!"

    The boy then began to hop on the spot excitedly, prompting his sister to awkwardly attempt to calm him down by grabbing his attention; a task which in his current state of excitement seemed almost impossible.

    "Calm down, Max!" May scolded the boy. "Ash doesn't have time for that right now!"

    "No, that's fine, May." Ash insisted, gently brushing past Bayleef to kneel down in front of the boy. "We'll go while the professors are checking out what's up with Bayleef. That is if you're prepared to see some awesome Pokemon, Max!"

    "You bet I am, Ash!" Max squealed before following Ash and Pikachu as they darted out of the front door.

    "May!" Ash called from outside. "You coming or what?"

    "Did you need me to help with anything, professor Oak?" May enquired, which prompted a shake of Oak's head.

    "You go and enjoy yourself, May!" Oak insisted.

    "Then wait for me, you guys!" May called back to her friend before heading out into the lush, green fields of the laboratory gardens.

    "Riifu..." Bayleef sighed dishearteningly as she watched Ash and the others disappear out of the door. Feelings of sadness and rejection clouded her mind as she followed Oak and Birch into the basement of the laboratory, her eyes trailing the ground, her thoughts purely on her trainer.


    It was another beautiful summer's day in Pallet Town and the wide open fields of Oak's Pokemon gardens proved to be an ideal way to enjoy the clear, blue skies and warm, gentle caress of the sun's rays. Grassy fields and trees stretched for miles as far as the eye could see and hundreds of tame Pokemon grazed and roamed free, making this a veritable safari of rare and exotic Pokemon.

    Ash, Pikachu, Max and May all seemed to be enjoying the day as much as the Pokemon as they wandered through the fields, Ash trying to make a mental note of where he was so he wouldn't get lost and embarrass himself in front of his friends. Ash and May were walking calmly through the different zones of the garden, making sure to keep an eye on the energetic young Max, who would point out different kinds of Pokemon whenever he saw them, explaining their types, strengths and weaknesses, amongst other things.

    Ash smiled as he absorbed the atmosphere of being surrounded by such great friends. Just the other day he was heading back to Pallet Town after having parted ways with Brock at Pewter City, consumed by the depressing thought of not seeing any of them for a long, long time; but now they were all back together again. It really was the best thing he could ever ask for.

    "Pika?" Pikachu asked the boy from atop its position on Ash's hat.

    "Oh, I'm fine, Pikachu." Ash replied. "Don't worry, I was just thinking about something, is all..."

    Ash was silent for a moment before he spoke up, catching May's attention in doing so.

    "Hey, um... May?" he began, prompting her ears to perk up as she turned to face him, smiling softly. "I'm sorry. If I could I'd love nothing more than to just head out onto the open road with you to help you with your Kanto contest run. But..."

    "But?" May echoed as Pikachu hopped from Ash's head onto May's, snuggling up in her red bandana.

    "Well, I can't leave Bayleef like this..." Ash mumbled. "I don't even understand... It's so weird... How could something like this happen, you know?"

    "I understand, Ash." May giggled, putting her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. "There's no hurry for my contests - like I said last night I'm not even sure where the first one is - and Bayleef is your Pokemon. It's important you take care of her first and foremost."

    "Pikachu." the Electric-type Pokemon added, wiggling its ears endearingly.

    "Heh, thanks you guys." Ash chuckled, readjusting his cap as he watched Max begin to chase a small flock of Pidgey up ahead. "It's good to know I can always count on you to understand."

    "Ash, look, it's your Tauros!!" Max declared excitedly as he rushed over to a nearby fence and stared wide-eyed at the small herd of grazing bull-like Pokemon which stood several yards away.

    "Heh, yup." Ash chuckled, walking over with May and leaning over the wooden gate as he watched the Pokemon go about their business. "Man, I haven't seen these guys in a while."

    "Professor Oak sure has a big lab, doesn't he?" May noted, craning her neck over towards the entrance to the more heavily wooded area of the laboratory gardens where several Paras were frolicking to and fro. "I'm impressed he manages to keep it all in shape."

    "Heh, I think Tracey helps with a lot of that, May." Ash explained.

    "Pika." Pikachu agreed before hopping down onto the fence and joining Max as the boy stared over towards the open fields, still enamored by the Tauros which continued to graze there.

    Suddenly a familiar voice called out from beyond the hill the three of them had just climbed, causing them all to turn to see three figures approaching them.

    "Bay!" Bayleef's voice cried out as the Pokemon rushed up to Ash and slammed her chest into his, causing him to tumble over the fence and land in a heap with the Grass-type once again laying on top of him.

    "It's impressive how she can still body slam you so easily even in her new form..." May mumbled nervously as she watched Bayleef rub her face against Ash's.

    "Uh... Hey, Bayleef..." Ash greeted the Pokemon with a groan.

    "Well Ash, I have to hand it to you;" Oak announced as he and Birch approached the children, "you always did have a way with Pokemon."

    "Professor..." Ash grumbled, trying unsuccessfully to get up due to Bayleef's protests. "Why is she still like this?"

    "Well, we analyzed traces of her skin, hair and DNA and we came up with nothing." Birch sighed. "All scientific evidence says that she's no different from any ordinary Bayleef."

    "What!?" Max spluttered, unable to believe what he was hearing. "But that's impossible! Look at her!"

    "Bayyyyyyy..." Bayleef whispered into Ash's ear, a huge grin painted on her face.

    "Pika?" Pikachu hopped down beside the pair which continued to lie on the floor, Ash having now given up the struggle and accepted his confinement. "Pikachu Pika!"

    "Bay!" Bayleef hissed back at Pikachu, squeezing Ash even tighter as if she were his property.

    "Aha! I see what we have here!" an unfamiliar voice called out from behind the group, causing everyone to turn and take notice.

    Before anyone could react a tall woman with long red hair shoved her way to where Ash and Bayleef were sitting. She was wearing dark green pants which were painted in a camouflage pattern and had on a matching jacket. She began to take photographs of the couple from as many angles as possible before finally turning to face the rest of the group and explain herself.

    "Professors, you've done a good job at keeping this Pokemon contained, but I can take it from here." she began.

    "What is the meaning of this!?" Oak demanded, glaring at the woman, whose thick, black sunglasses shielded her true identity from the outside world. "This is private property young lady, so you'd better have a good explanation for being he-"

    Professor Oak was cut off as the woman shoved a suspicious-looking gold badge underneath his nose.

    "The name's Jacqueline Bowser and I'm a federal agent!" the woman explained with a sharp tongue. "I need to quarantine this Pokemon right away."

    "Quarantine!?" Ash and May both gasped in unison. Bayleef, however, seemed puzzled by this strange new word.

    "You can't do that!" Ash growled. "Bayleef's my Pokemon... No... She's my friend, and that makes her my responsibility!"

    "Actually this is the Kanto Government's responsibility, young man!" Jacqueline snarled back. "You don't have a say in this. Now stand down or I'll have you all arrested for treason!"

    "You heard Ash!" May said defiantly as she stood in front of the woman and looked her square in the eyes. "If you want to take Bayleef then you'll have to deal with me!"

    "And me!" Max added, clenching his fists like a Hitmonchan.

    "Pika!!" Pikachu imitated the young boy, sparks flickering from its cheeks.

    "Very well..." the woman sighed. "I didn't want to do this, but..."

    Suddenly the woman spun on the floor, sweep-kicking both of the professors down to the ground before grabbing a cellphone from a holster on her belt and barking commands into the device.

    "Get them now!" she yelled. "Code Alpha-Four!"

    As soon as the words passed Jacqueline's lips a loud explosion could be heard from the wooded area as a large net launched itself towards both Ash and Bayleef, wrapping tightly around the two of them.

    "Ash, no!" May cried as she watched the startled pair get dragged back towards the source of the net, where a tall man with light blue hair stood with a talking Meowth.

    "Prepare for trouble!" Jacqueline cackled, tearing off her uniform to reveal herself to be none other than Jessie of Team Rocket.

    "And make it double!" James called over from the forest.

    "To protect the world fro-" Jessie began, though she was cut short by May's voice.

    "Oh no you don't!" May shouted, throwing down a Pokeball onto the ground. "Bulbasaur, I choose you!"

    The form of May's small Grass-type Pokemon appeared instantly from a sphere of light. May's Bulbasaur snarled at the woman in front of it, stamping its feet in preparation for its trainer's orders.

    "Sorry squirt," Jessie giggled as she dashed towards the wooded area where James and Meowth were awaiting her, "but I'm not stupid enough to battle you here!"

    "Wobbuh!!" the voice of Jessie's Wobbuffet made itself heard as the Pokemon unlocked itself from its Pokeball.

    "Oh no, don't screw things up for me now, Wobbuffet!" Jessie yelled.

    "Wobbuh Wobbuh!!" Wobbuffet replied.

    "Bulbasaur, Petal Dance!" May instructed. "Pikachu, Thunderbolt, go!"

    Both May's Bulbasaur and Ash's Pikachu began to charge their attacks simultaneously, ready to launch them straight at Wobbuffet. However, Wobbuffet was already anticipating this and just moments before the attacks could impact with the blue Pokemon a huge flash of blinding light filled the area, causing everyone to shield their eyes. Pikachu and Bulbasaur were both knocked back by a powerful force and by the time the light had died Team Rocket had vanished with both Ash and Bayleef.

    "Ugh..." Birch groaned as he slowly got to his feet. "What... What happened?"

    "That Team Rocket!" Oak grumbled. "They used Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat as a decoy to make their escape... What a wickedly brilliant strategy..."

    "How are we gonna find them now!?" Max asked anxiously.

    "Most likely they went into the lab's forest for cover." Oak wagered. "It's a veritable maze in there, and there's only one Pokemon I know who can find something in there... Let's go, everyone!"

    Oak, Birch and Max then proceeded to hurry towards the forest. May stood there for a moment, Pikachu and Bulbasaur both looking up towards her curiously.

    "Ash..." she whispered to herself. "I'm sorry... I let you down..."
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    =D Niiice, I really like how you did Team Rocket, it really sounds like what they would really do. So far it's a really cute story by far. I hope to see more of this from you later. 8D
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    Down your pants. =D


    OMG! I lub your fic! It is one of my favs already! I love tha fact that you used Chikorita since it's ma fav coz it's the only girlish starter that ends girlish as well. And i love the ChikoShipping because Chikorita's crush towards Ash is SOOO kawaii!!! ^^

    And it seems that your LONG construction of this story paid off! The plot is edging on to me - i even had a dream about it last night. Oh, and your humour is just unbearable! I was like XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD all the way!!!

    Keep up with the good chappies and See more of mwa laters! Keep Smiling!

    a_f ps. could i plz be on a PM list?? Oh and delete your accidental double post. C ya!! ^^

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    Ahhh, wow. The second part was even better than the first. Your story's already taken a much different turn than the one I linked you to, so that's good too. ^^

    I also like how you depicted Team Rocket. You got their antics spot-on. Anyone who's watched Pokémon for a few years has seen at least one of Meowth's boss fantasies and laughed at how awkward they are with Giovanni in a suit and a tie and a silly night-cap sometimes, wearing the same stern expression the whole time. Team Rocket messes up so much they probably don't know what a smile or any other kind of expression looks like on him. You also threw in some things that don't happen in the animé, as if putting your foot down on some of the annoying things they do and stopping it earlier than the animé would.

    I love how cute Bayleef is being, tackling him and rubbing against him and all that. I also love that he's just as oblivious to it all as he always has been. I hope that she snags him, though. She would be Ash's greatest win ever, if he'd just accept her heart. Hehe. I cannot wait until the next part! I'm on tenterhooks here! Ehe.

    By the way, does anyone recall why Ash caught a whole stampede of Tauros?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayc View Post
    By the way, does anyone recall why Ash caught a whole stampede of Tauros?
    Ha, I actually have no idea. I never saw the episode in question, I just remember turning on the TV one day and he had like 14 Tauros out of nowhere.

    Thanks to everyone for the great reviews, it's always really nice to hear good feedback, especially for a shipping as (sadly) obscure as this one!


    "Bay?" Bayleef's voice slowly began to rouse Ash from his forced slumber. "Bayu! Rii Bay Urii!!"

    "Ugh..." Ash managed as he slowly opened his eyes. He tried to move but suddenly felt a sharp pain rush through his head, causing him to flinch and fall back, gripping his head tightly. "Ow..."

    "Bayu!" Bayleef called out in a worried tone.

    "Ah, I'm fine, Bayleef..." Ash grunted, smiling at her in his usual, gutsy way. "I think I must've just hit my head on something when they pulled us away."

    There was a pause as the two stared at each other, Bayleef's eyes almost quivering with worry for her trainer. It was only now that Ash realised just how close she was to him; her breath pushed heavily against his skin and his eyes began to peer down towards her chest, where his mother's apron seemed to be waging a losing battle to stop Bayleef's chest from falling out.

    "...Are you okay?" Ash coughed, awkwardly looking away as quickly as he could.

    "Bayu..." Bayleef said, nodding; the leaf on her head tickling Ash's nose. "Bay!"

    Suddenly the Grass-type grabbed Ash around the torso against and snuggled up against his chest, breathing a deep and contented sigh.

    "I..." Ash stuttered, putting his arms around her comfortingly. "I'm glad you're okay."

    The two of them stayed in motionless silence for a moment until two voices could be heard arguing in increasing volume from nearby.

    "Jessie if you think for even one more second about how you're gonna convince the boss that YOU came up with this plan then I'm gonna-" Meowth began before being interrupted by his taller companion.

    "You're not gonna do anything, furball!" Jessie spat, shaking her fist menacingly at the cat-like Pokemon which was currently glaring at her. "The boss is obviously going to give ME the promotion because I am the one who so clearly deserves it the most."

    "If there's anything you deserve it's a dose of Fury Swipes!" Meowth snarled, baring his sharp claws for all to see.

    James simply remained motionless, sitting idly nearby his two companions in crime and breathing a bored sigh as he listened to them continue to bicker and argue. He had grown used to their quarrelsome ways by now - indeed, anyone would have after so long. How many years had it been now? Four? Five? Ten? He had long since lost count about halfway through their adventures in the Johto region.

    "Everyone knows the boss would much rather have a cuddly Meowth at his side than an old crone like you!" Meowth yelled at the top of his lungs.

    "Unlike you, Meowth, I have an intrinsic knowledge of what men want and it isn't you!" Jessie retorted angrily.

    "Oh my, my, my!" a spectral voice seemed to weave through the air, bringing a disquieting sense of calm to the scene. "What a highly amusing scenario."

    Jessie, James and Meowth all looked up in unison towards the source of the voice to see a ghostly Pokemon floating beside a large tree branch, its face beaming with ethereal delight.

    "Who asked you!?" Jessie answered with a snap. "You're a little early for Halloween, y'know. What's with the witch's hat anyway?"

    Suddenly the smile the Ghost-type Pokemon wore turned into a frown and it began to lower itself down to be at eye-level with the feisty redhead.

    "Nobody." it breathed in her ear. "Nobody makes fun of my hair."

    "Jessie!" Meowth mumbled uneasily. "Dat ain't no costume clown - dat's a Mismagius! It's a Ghost-type Pokemon!"

    "And a strong one, at that." Mismagius chuckled, her smile returning as she hovered up back to her original position amongst the tree tops, turning to face Jessie as she did so. "I was just curious as to what you thought the reason was that your boss would give YOU a promotion above everyone else in your team."

    "Oh, please!" Jessie groaned. "It's painfully obvious! Everyone knows that no man can resist a woman with such a beautiful complexion and irresistible demeanor!"

    "Haha, oh boy!" the Mismagius managed as she burst into a fit of hysterics. "Oh... Oh my... That's... That's priceless, it really is."

    Jessie's face began to slowly turn a deep red as her anger began to overwhelm her once more.

    "And what is so funny about that, you little witch!?" she roared, waving her clenched fist towards the Pokemon.

    "I hate to tell you this, lady," Mismagius began, smiling confidently as she floated back near to the human, well aware that her ghostly form would keep her from any material harm, "but the only reason a man would want you around is because of your boobs."

    "Wh-what!?" Jessie stammered in surprise, her wide eyes a perfect duplication of the shock which had painted both James and Meowth's faces as well.

    "Come on, ask any man and he'll tell you the same!" Mismagius continued, hovering over towards the net where Ash and Bayleef were lying in a state of confusion.

    Ash and Bayleef both watched the Ghost-type as it began to circle their prison slowly, its eyes sizing up the boy carefully.

    "Hey, kid." she finally spoke up before giving him a side-on view of her ethereal body and thrusting her chest out for him. "Who do you think has the better chest - me or the redhead?"

    "WHAT!?" Ash spluttered, shuffling as far away from the ghost as he could.

    "Are you kidding me!?" Jessie shouted, immediately marching up next to Mismagius. "No man would choose a Pokemon over me - not even this twerp!"

    Suddenly Jessie leaned towards the net and gave Ash a wink.

    "Come on - you'd much rather have this, right?" she whispered softly.

    "Uh...!" Ash coughed, his face turning an intensely bright red.

    "Bay!" Bayleef protested angrily, quickly turning to Ash and attempting her own pose to draw his attention.

    "Bayleef, what are you-!?" Ash managed, but he soon found himself smothered against Bayleef as she once again grabbed him forcefully and refused to let him go.

    "Dammit..." Mismagius groaned. "I made her human body way too good. I can't compete with a set like that!"

    "Alright then, missy!" Jessie growled, sounding clearly exasperated. "The only way we're going to settle this is with a Pokemon battle!"

    "Oh, please." Mismagius retorted, holding her nose up in disdain. "I don't battle."

    "You're a Pokemon!" Jessie pressed. "That's what you do!"

    "Actually I'm a contest Pokemon." Mismagius giggled, conjuring up the image of a small vanity mirror in front of her with which she checked her reflection. "A Pokemon of my caliber can't afford to mess up her hair by throwing a clumsy Shadow Ball."

    "Seviper!" Jessie cried, launching a Pokeball towards the Ghost-type. "Come out and use Crunch!"

    From the released beacon of light emerged a long, slender, snake-like Pokemon coloured with black and purple scales and bearing large, venomous fangs. It rattled its tail angrily at the ghost before leaping towards her, the extreme potency of its poison seeming to spill out into the air around it.

    Mismagius narrowly avoided the Poison-type Pokemon's attack by quickly moving to the side at the last second. She immediately proceeded to hover high up towards the forest canopy where she continued to watch the action unfold.

    "I'm not done with you yet, witch girl!" Jessie screamed at the amused Pokemon. "James - send your Chimecho in NOW!"

    "Jessie!" James whispered in a worried tone, using hand signals to indicate his pleas for her to be quiet. "Keep your voice down or they'll spot us!"

    "Shut up, you wimp!" Jessie snapped back. "If you're not man enough to take that thing out then I'll just get Meowth to do it for you!"

    "Hey don't go volunteerin' me to do yer dirty work!" Meowth protested before entering a hushed, mumbled tone. "She'd probably just use Attract on me, anyways..."

    "Alright, Sevi-" Jessie's instructions were soon cut off by the distant rumbling of approaching footsteps. But these didn't sound like ordinary footsteps - they were far too loud. "Wait... What was that?"

    The entire group held their breath as they listened intently to the footsteps which were slowly becoming louder and louder until suddenly a large, towering Ursaring tore through the trees nearby. The huge bear-like Pokemon let out an immense roar towards the humans and Pokemon which were located on the ground before charging towards them, thrashing about in defence of its territory.

    "Crap, we've gotta get out of here!" Jessie squealed in terror, quickly returning Seviper to its Pokeball and dashing away from the enraged Ursaring as fast as she could.

    "Wait!" Meowth and James called after their cohort in unison. "What about the Poke-girl!?"

    "Forget that!" Jessie returned, still continuing to frantically charge through the thick, wooded area of the laboratory gardens in her desperate attempts to escape. "Which do you value more - a promotion or your lives!?"

    "She makes a good point, Meowth..." James conceded with a heavy sigh.

    "Just so long as she tells the boss this was all her idea!" Meowth agreed, grabbing the last of their belongings and charging off after Jessie with James in tow. "It looks like Team Rocket's dashing off again!"

    With Team Rocket now gone the Ursaring turned, its sharp fangs gleaming under the light of the afternoon sun as it approached Ash and Bayleef, who were both still trapped inside Team Rocket's net.

    "Don't worry, Bayleef..." Ash tried to calm the Grass-type Pokemon down as he reached towards his belt. "I'll just send out Grovyle to-"

    There was a slight pause and Ash swallowed nervously as he realised that there were no Pokeballs strapped to his waist.

    "Oh no!" he yelped, causing Bayleef to eye him nervously. "I left my Pokeballs in professor Oak's kitchen!"

    By now the Ursaring was standing directly above the two prisoners, its eyes glaring down towards them as it prepared to strike, issuing one final, ear-splitting roar before launching its attack.


    A flock of Pidgey hurriedly took to the skies as the loud echo of a Pokemon's cry resonated throughout the vicinity. Birch, Oak, May, Max and Pikachu all stopped in their tracks at this sound, nervously eying its source which lay directly east of their position.

    Pikachu's ears perked up as the small, electric rodent attempted to pick up any other sounds which could point to what the disturbance was. Cautiously the creature sniffed the ground, trying to detect either Ash or Bayleef's scent.

    "What... Do you think that noise was?" May asked nervously, her voice quivering with worry as she spoke.

    "Sounds to me like one angry Pokemon." Birch suggested, taking a step deeper into the more heavily wooded areas of the forest. "Judging by the gruffness in pitch I'd say it's probably an Ursaring."

    "An angry Ursaring!?" May echoed, her alarm obvious for all to see. "Professor, what if it catches up to Ash and Bayleef!?"

    "Let's hope that doesn't happen." Oak answered bluntly, quickly following Pikachu as the Pokemon began to follow the source of the disturbance.

    'Ash...' May thought to herself as she passed through the thickets of the forest. 'Please be safe...'


    Ash wearily got to his feet; blood slowly trickling from his mouth as he panted heavily, his eyes on the Ursaring which continued to approach. The Pokemon had split open the net and continued to attack both Ash and Bayleef. Bayleef had attempted to halt the creature's progress but her human form proved much more restrictive than her natural body and she was not able to conjure up her traditional batch of Razor Leaf and Vine Whip attacks. For all intents and purposes she was nothing more than another human in this Ursaring's way, and yet she continued to defy it in protection of her trainer.

    "Bayleef, get back!" Ash insisted as Bayleef snarled at the oncoming creature, refusing to concede an inch of her territory.

    Bayleef's body was heavily bruised and her pride slightly more so, but she still refused to let her trainer down. Fortunately her agility was still high enough that she was able to evade the enemy's more serious attacks with only minor injury.

    "Bayleef, come on, we've got to run!" Ash continued to press the Grass-type who ignored him completely. "I'm not going to let you get hurt anymore!"

    Suddenly the bear-like Pokemon roared once again and began to charge an orb of orange light from its paws. Ash immediately recognised the attack as being a slowly charging Hyper Beam and quickly reacted.

    "Bayleef, no!" he yelled, leaping towards the Pokemon and shoving her across the forest floor and out of danger.

    The Hyper Beam tore through the dirt of the forest like a sharp blade cuts through paper, narrowly missing Ash as he managed to roll to safety with Bayleef in his arms. Bayleef paused for a moment until the two of them came to a stop, Ash leaning on top of her, a look of sincere worry in his eyes as he checked if she was okay, not even seeming to notice that the vast majority of her clothing had been torn and loosened.

    "Bay!" Bayleef's smile quickly dissipated as she angrily scolded Ash in her own language. "Bayuriifu, Bay Bay!!"

    Quickly she shoved Ash to the side and charged at the weakened Ursaring, leaping towards the Pokemon and throwing as heavy a punch as she could muster straight at its head. The Ursaring noticed this attack all too quickly and dodged to the side before swinging its mighty paw into the Grass-type's gut, causing her to wince as she was sent flying into a nearby shrub.

    "Bayleef, no!!" Ash cried, quickly hurrying over to see if she was okay.

    "B... Bay..." Bayleef managed as she slowly tried to get to her feet before Ash stopped her.

    "I'm not going to let you get hurt, Bayleef!" Ash insisted, his voice taking on a much firmer tone now. "You're in no condition to fight!"

    "Bay!" Bayleef protested angrily, struggling against her trainer's grasp as he slowly raised her up in his arms, grunting slightly at her surprising weight.

    Ash got to his feet and began to run as fast as he could through the forest, the presence of the angry Ursaring all too prevalent on his mind as it began to give chase, roaring and uprooting trees in its wake.

    "I sure wish I had a Pokeball to put you in right about now..." Ash muttered to himself as he rushed through thickets and brambles, trying his best to protect Bayleef from any harm as he went.

    "Bay!" Bayleef snapped at the comment. "Bayuri Bay Bayuriifu!!"

    "I'm not gonna let you get hurt, Bayleef..." Ash continued, his breathing becoming more and more ragged as he dashed towards what he hoped would eventually lead to a clearing where he could illicit some help. "I'm your trainer and you're my responsibility!"

    Ash's eyes lit up as he suddenly began to see an emerging light in front of him. The branches of the forest began to give way and it was soon obvious that the two of them were heading towards one of the many large, vacuous fields which littered professor Oak's laboratory grounds. Ash's heart was pounding as he ran as fast as could, though he couldn't seem to get rid of the feeling that the Ursaring was slowly getting closer and closer behind them.

    The pounding footsteps of the grizzly Pokemon suddenly stopped, though Ash refused to look back as he just kept dashing towards the fields, hoping that their attacker had finally decided to end the chase. Ash soon realised how wrong he was, however, when an intensely bright orange beam of light cut through a part of the forest, narrowly missing Ash but dislodging enough of the ground beside him to cause him to lose his footing and tumble headfirst to the floor just as they had reached the clearing.

    Bayleef flinched as she felt her body crashing heavily against the soft grass followed by the weight of her trainer who fell directly on top of her. Ash groaned slightly as he slowly got to the floor, their eyes meeting briefly before the moment was broken by the loud footsteps of the Ursaring which continued to walk towards them, snarling angrily at their continued efforts to elude its wrath.

    "I don't know why you're so angry, Ursaring..." Ash snarled, getting to his feet and moving his arms to the side so as to form a fence between the Ursaring and Bayleef. "But I'm not letting you hurt my Pokemon!"

    "Bay?" Bayleef whispered to herself as she heard her trainers words. "Bayu..."

    "You can do what you like to me, but you'll never get to Bayleef!" Ash yelled, staring directly into the Ursaring's eyes. "Now run, Bayleef! Get out of here and head to the lab!"

    "Bayu!!" Bayleef protested in disbelief. "Bayurii, Bay!"

    Suddenly the Ursaring let out an immense roar which seemed to rumble across the land for miles. It raised its enormous paw and began to swipe towards Ash as incredible speed. Ash shuddered as he watched the attack come towards him but before he could react he felt a powerful force shove against him, pushing him out of harm's way.

    As quickly as he could Ash opened his eyes to check his surroundings. He saw Bayleef lying on top of him once more, concern obvious in her eyes as she looked over him, her hands softly caressing his face as she did so.

    "Bayleef..." Ash murmured, only to be interrupted when Bayleef began to squeeze him as tight as she possibly could.

    "Riifu!" Bayleef said in a relieved tone of voice.

    Ash slowly began to put his arms around the Pokemon, and it was only then that he noticed the reason that neither of them had been hit by the Ursaring's attack.

    Standing just a few feet away from them was a large, monstrous Pokemon covered with plates of shining armour and steel. Ash immediately recognised the creature as being an Aggron, a large, powerful Steel-type Pokemon that was considered a rather rare sight - especially in Kanto. It then slowly dawned upon the boy that this Pokemon must belong to a trainer of some description.

    Ursaring snarled at the Aggron, which still had a tight grip on the bear's wrist, refusing to let go. The tension in the air began to grow around the two menacing Pokemon as they glared at each other, preparing to do battle.

    "Come on, Bayleef, we've got to get back to the lab right away!" Ash exclaimed, taking hold of the Grass-type's hand and helping her to her feet.

    "Bay!" Bayleef agreed. "Bay?"

    "What's wrong?" Ash stammered as he watched Bayleef turn on the spot and stare towards the horizon where four shapes began to move closer towards them.

    "Ash!" came the familiar voice of May from across the field as she, the two professors, Max and Pikachu came sprinting to the clearing where both Ursaring and Aggron had already begun to engage in their battle.

    "Haha, May!" Ash called, delighted to see his friend after all he had been through.

    "...Bay..." Bayleef sighed to herself, watching as Ash ran over to greet the girl before silently slipping away.

    "Ash, I was so worried about you!" May exclaimed, rushing over and hugging Ash as tight as she could. "I knew you didn't have your Pokemon with you, so..."

    "Pika!!" Pikachu exclaimed, excitedly hopping up on to Ash's shoulder and receiving a quick pet from its owner.

    "Are you okay?" Max questioned. "You're not hurt, are you?"

    "You guys got here just in time," Ash explained, motioning towards the two towering Pokemon which continued to battle fiercely over their territory, "this Aggron saved us."

    "Ah, yes, of course!" Professor Oak laughed as he watched the two battlers with interest. "That Aggron belongs to one of the trainers who store their Pokemon here with me for safekeeping. Its trainer is travelling through the Johto region right now and so this Aggron has become fiercely dedicated to protecting this lab's grounds; much like your Bulbasaur, Ash."

    "Well whoever its trainer is he must be pretty strong..." Ash pondered, a smile crossing his lips as he began to think back to his own journeys through the Johto region and all the strong rivals he met there.

    "Aggron are renowned for their protection of natural environments and habitats for smaller Pokemon," Professor Birch added, walking to the side of professor Oak so that he could get a better view of the action, "so this Ursaring's destruction of the forest must have triggered its defences into action."

    "Well my money's on Aggron!" May commented, smiling to herself. "Everyone knows that trained Pokemon are generally stronger than those in the wild."

    "Heh," Ash chuckled, "and you want to keep your Hoenn pride strong, huh?"

    "Well, that too." May admitted, coyly winking at her friend.

    Sure enough their expectations were true as it soon became obvious that the Ursaring was no match for the sheer power of the Steel-type Pokemon, which moved with surprising grace and agility, dodging blows and delivering rapid punches, eventually sending the Ursaring flying back towards the forest where it tumbled over into unconsciousness.

    "Great job, Aggron!" Professor Oak called out as he watched the victorious Pokemon head towards the forest where it began to attempt to rectify the damage caused to the area by Ursaring's actions. "Well, it's beginning to get late... What say we all head back to the kitchen for a well-deserved meal?"

    "Ugh, you're right, professor..." Ash grumbled as he clutched his stomach. "I'd forgotten that I haven't even had lunch yet..."

    "Bay!" Bayleef squealed, suddenly appearing beside Ash where she held a large pile of oran berries in both hands, offering them to her trainer excitedly.

    "Wow, Bayleef, thanks!" Ash mumbled as he reluctantly reached forward to take one before Bayleef quickly snatched her hand away. "Hey, what gives? You can't tease me like that!"

    Bayleef grinned at her trainer, then picked up one of the berries by its stalk and moved it slowly towards Ash's mouth.

    "Wow, Ash..." Max giggled. "Do you treat ALL your Pokemon as well as you treat Bayleef?"

    "Uh...!" Ash coughed as he tried to swallow the berry Bayleef had just fed him without choking due to embarrassment. "What do you mean by that!? Bayleef and I are-"

    "Um, yeah, I'm really hungry, too!" May interrupted suddenly, her eyes fixed on the grass beneath her feet. "I wouldn't mind helping out in the kitchen, professor."

    "I would..." Max grumbled. "If May's Purple Surprise is anything to go by her cooking won't be anywhere near safe for human consumption..."

    "Nobody asked you, Max!" May snapped, grabbing the boy by his arm. "Come on, we're heading back to the lab."


    I'm going to be concluding this story tomorrow, so please do check it out. I'm really interested to hear your views on the finished product
    Good Love Charm

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    Conclude?! ;_; Nooooo! It's too good to be over so soon. I WANT A SEQUEL ALREADY! XD

    My favorite part of this one was the ghost Pokémon's egging on Jessie, and her and Bayleef's competition to see which one Ash would want more. XD Classic. I did not like that Ursaring. :P I also didn't like the ghost Pokémon either, but she's starting to grow on me.

    You are an exceptional story-teller and writer. It's been a long long time since I've read a Pokémon fanfic where it's actually been like I was watching the show. Chikoshipping is indeed a rare ship, and I will be sad to see this instance of it end. It's been a pleasure reading this. It really has. Can't wait to see what happens, but I also feel kinda like I don't want tomorrow to come. :P

    Also, I couldn't find the picture of Bayleef-tan in that thread. 'Course, I didn't look very hard. Can you link to it pretty please? ^^;
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    Down your pants. =D


    Originally Posted by Gazmof
    Originally Posted by wayc
    By the way, does anyone recall why Ash caught a whole stampede of Tauros?

    Ha, I actually have no idea. I never saw the episode in question, I just remember turning on the TV one day and he had like 14 Tauros out of nowhere.
    Well, there's this banned epi which aired in japan and i also think us which had a gun in it from whta i've heard. Ash caught a stampede of tauros and because of the guns fox had to ban it.

    Originally Posted by Gazmof
    Thanks to everyone for the great reviews, it's always really nice to hear good feedback, especially for a shipping as (sadly) obscure as this one!

    Don't doubt your uncanny style of writing, that's why it makes people edge on to read and plus you have chikorita ^^!!!

    I liked how you had team rocket in thier usual try-hard vilian schemes and i craked up laughing in the conest between jessie and mismagius! lol Poor Ash!! ^^

    Wait a second? CONCLUDE!! NOO!!! Your story's so good ><" Wahhahhhaaa!!! ;_; Well if are for good concluding, then this has to be the BESTEST chappter you have ever done ok?

    Anyways, Keep on with the good chappies! Keep Smiling!

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    Hehe, we're on the same wavelength here, anime_aficionada. XD

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    Thank you both very much for your reviews, I am really flattered, especially from your comment about it being just like the anime, wayc - that's exactly what I was aiming for.

    Quote Originally Posted by wayc View Post
    Also, I couldn't find the picture of Bayleef-tan in that thread. 'Course, I didn't look very hard. Can you link to it pretty please? ^^;
    Here you go (warning - kind of pseudo-nudity):

    Heh, you know looking at it now it does seem really short, but when I was writing it was beginning to look like the length of a supercomputer instruction manual @_@; Still, please don't hold that against me ^^;;
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    Awww, she's adorable! ^^ That's a good picture. And naw, we won't hold it against you! Hopefully you won't fade into obscurity like Chikoshipping, though. I hope you'll keep writing new stuff. I'd be compelled to read it even if it wasn't more Chikoshipping or any kind of human with a Pokémon.

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    Down your pants. =D


    awww bayleef-tan is soo cute! ^^ you can draw good! ^^

    Originally Posted by wayc
    Hehe, we're on the same wavelength here, anime_aficionada. XD
    lol so true! ^^

    Anyways, Can't wait till next chappie and Keep Smiling! a_f

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    Quote Originally Posted by anime_aficionada View Post
    awww bayleef-tan is soo cute! ^^ you can draw good! ^^
    Heh, before I start taking credit I'm gonna have to disclaim that that's buster_wolf's artwork, not mine ^^;; But thank you, it felt nice to hear that anyway

    Alright, here it is... The final part and the conclusion to the saga! It's a little shorter than previously, but I think it contains the most meat of the story thus far ^^;; Please let me know what you think!


    Later that night professor Oak's laboratory was once again bustling with activity. Delia, May and Tracey had combined their efforts in the kitchen to provide the dinner for the evening, whilst Ash and Max listened intently to the two professors explain their theories on Pokemon evolution. It had been a fun evening for everyone involved, and even more so for Bayleef, who spent the vast majority of her time clinging to Ash.

    It wasn't until Ash went to the bathroom that Bayleef was able to catch her trainer on his own, waiting outside in the empty corridor until he reappeared, at which point she launched herself at him in her traditional 'Body Slam' manner. Fortunately Ash had become accustomed to this and managed to catch her without falling to the ground himself by leaning against the side of the bathroom door.

    "Bayurii!" Bayleef insisted, taking hold of Ash's hand and guiding him towards the back door of professor Oak's home. "Bay, Bay!"

    "Bayleef, where are we-" Ash managed to blurt out before Bayleef interrupted with an excited voice as she continued to pull him outside and into the gardens behind Oak's laboratory.

    Bayleef gently pressed the door shut behind them, not wanting to be disturbed by anyone else. Ash stared around, puzzled as to why his Pokemon had brought him out here. The sound of crickets chirruping was the only break in silence for miles around and the small collection of trees just a few yards in front of them seemed to pull invitingly at the two of them.

    "Bay." Bayleef continued, taking hold of Ash's wrist once more and leading him towards the small patch of shrubbery.

    Ash didn't resist and instead simply let himself be guided through the brambles and eventually the two emerged at a small but immensely breathtaking lake completely hidden by a deep ring of trees.

    "Wow, Bayleef..." Ash gasped as he took a step forward, admiring the view. "I didn't know this was here..."

    The lake was calm and quiet, with several small aquatic Pokemon swimming serenely through the crystal-clear waters whilst the occasional Grass-type Pokemon would wander over to the far edge to take a drink. Ash stared around, unable to comprehend the sheer beauty that was here. He wondered if even the professor knew about this place, as it seemed to be a natural haven for Pokemon, never before touched by human hands.

    "Bay!" Bayleef called over from a small patch of shrubbery which looked incredibly inviting, even for a human. She patted the grass gently to indicate that she wanted Ash to join her as she lied there, which Ash promptly did, leaning his head on his arms as he stared up at the sky together with his Pokemon.

    "Bayleef..." Ash breathed in wonder, gazing up at the stars which had never seemed more clear or beautiful until now. "This place is unbelievable... Do you come here a lot?"

    "Bay..." Bayleef sighed, nodding, though she quickly regained her happy self again. "Bayurii!"

    "I get it..." Ash smiled to himself as he spoke. "This is your favourite spot, right?"

    "Bay!" Bayleef confirmed, shuffling closer to her trainer. She had come here every night since she first discovered the lake, and would sit in this same spot, alone, wishing she could share this place with the one person she truly loved more than anything else in the world. It was depressing to think about how long she had waited for this moment, but now that it was here she was no longer afraid to take chances. This was the only time they had together, and she intended to use this opportunity to her full advantage.

    Ash closed his eyes and breathed deeply, enjoying the serenity of his surroundings when he suddenly felt his hat being removed. He peered up to find Bayleef wearing it, smiling at him; the green leaf which protruded from her hair sticking out from underneath the cap's rim.

    "Heh, it looks better on you than it does on me." Ash joked.

    Bayleef seemed elated at this comment, twisting it around so that the peak of the cap was jutting out behind her. She looked straight into Ash's eyes and leaned in closer to him, her heart pounding. It was a strange feeling that she was going through. She had seen human affection many times before but it was still such an alien concept to her. What if she got it wrong and he suddenly hated her? What if he didn't want her and instead one of the human girls? Would he ever let Bayleef be near him again? Regardless of the consequences, she had to try, because this was what she wanted more than anything else.

    "Bayleef..." Ash whispered, causing the Grass-type to pause nervously.

    "Bayuriifu..." Bayleef managed to speak through her nerves. "Bayurii... Bay..."

    Ash looked into Bayleef's eyes curiously. He knew that she was definitely trying to tell him something, but what?

    "Bay..." Bayleef shook her head, frustrated at her inability to speak the boy's language. "Bay! ...Bay! Bye!"

    "Huh?" Ash murmured, suddenly noticing the change in his Pokemon's voice.

    "I!" Bayleef exclaimed, ecstatic that she managed the first word in human language. "Bay! I lo..."

    Ash said nothing, not even blinking as he stared intently into the Pokemon's eyes.

    "I lo-ve..." she spoke, desperate to get the words out. There truly was no turning back now. "I lo-ve yo-u... A-sh..."

    Ash's eyes widened as he finally recognised Bayleef's statement. He wasn't sure whether to be more surprised by what the words were or by the fact that Bayleef had said them, but either way he wasn't sure what to do in response.

    "A-sh..." Bayleef smiled, then leaned in closer until the two of them were finally close enough for her to get what she had wanted for so long. Bayleef's heart was pounding like never before, but she had no hesitation as she slowly, but undeniably nervously, pressed her lips against his.

    Time seemed to stop for the couple as Ash accepted the kiss, allowing his lips to part. Bayleef's heart continued to pound, but this time it was from sheer elation as opposed to nerves or worry.

    Though in reality it lasted for only a minute or so, for both of them it seemed like forever. Finally their kiss was broken and Bayleef leaned up a little, removing Ash's cap and allowing her green hair to fall down towards his face. Ash seemed to be unable to do anything but smile at the girl, who happily smiled back and leaned in again for another kiss, which Ash gladly accepted, wrapping his arms around her as he did so.

    Bayleef's mind was so filled with joy that she was unable to focus on anything else apart from Ash. She wanted him to hold her, to kiss her, to stay with her forever. Her pride as a Pokemon was no longer an issue - she didn't care if she wasn't the best battler on his team or if she was always perched on his shoulder like Pikachu was - she wanted to be with him forever as a human would be.

    Eventually their kiss ended once more and Ash reached up, touching Bayleef's face gently as they continued to stare into each other's eyes. He was so happy as well, and yet his mind was plagued with doubts. Was she still a Pokemon, or a human now? What would the others say about this? And more importantly... Did he feel the same way?

    "Bayleef, I..." Ash began, but was then suddenly interrupted by Bayleef, who began to feel incredibly dizzy, her mind spinning and her arms reaching out for support. "Bayleef! What's wrong!?"

    "Bay..." Bayleef coughed in reply. "Bayuriifu!"

    Slowly Bayleef could feel her body tighten up as her arms and legs began to change shape and Delia's clothing began to grow looser. Ash could do nothing but watch as his Pokemon began to slowly change back into her original form. It soon became apparent that Bayleef was back to normal again... But was that what Ash really wanted?

    "Bayleef!" Bayleef angrily yelled, flinging Delia's dress from her head. "Bay, Bay, Bayleef!"

    "Ah, sorry about that..." came a familiar voice from high up in the sky, causing the couple to look up towards a shadowy, purple figure. "I did warn you that it'd only last a day."

    "Bay!" Bayleef snarled, glaring at Mismagius with angry intent.

    "Hey, hey, I'm just as disappointed as you are!" Mismagius insisted nervously, adjusting her ethereal hair with her mind. "I was really hoping you were gonna score the big one. But hey, you don't wanna be pregnant yet, do you? You're still so young!"

    "What!?" Ash spluttered, his face turning bright red as he stood bolt-upright. "We weren't-"

    "Oh yes, you were, young man!" Mismagius chuckled her reply, giving the boy a wink. "Don't worry, it's only natural. You know all about the Starlys and the Combees, right?"

    "Bay!" Bayleef continued to snap at the Ghost-type Pokemon angrily. "Bayleef Bay!"

    "Look, calm down, okay?" Mismagius groaned. "Even I have limits. And trust me, I'd love to help you, I really would. But right now my magic isn't strong enough."

    "So you mean..." Ash began curiously, getting to his feet. "That one day... It would be powerful enough to change Bayleef... Forever?"

    "Hey, anything's possible." Mismagius answered. "But what I do know is this..."

    Both Ash and Bayleef looked up towards the ghost together as she spoke these words, curious as to what she was about to say.

    "A few years ago a crack Ghost-type unit was sent to Orre for a crime they didn't commit." the ghost continued. "These Pokemon promptly escaped from a maximum security Pokemon Centre to the Kanto underground. Today, still wanted by the Elite Four, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Ghost Team."

    "The..." Ash stammered. "What?"

    "She said The Ghost Team, kid!" came another ethereal voice to the boy's right, revealing yet another Ghost-type Pokemon with shadowy arms and legs which Ash knew to be a Gengar.

    "That's right." another voice spoke from the darkness of the trees across the lake, belonging to yet another Ghost-type Pokemon known as Banette, a levitating ghost with a build like a puppet.

    "Our work here is done, boys." Mismagius laughed, prompting her two companions to leap up into the air and disappear into the night.

    "Aren't you going with them?" Ash asked the Mismagius as he watched her hover above the lake for a moment, her eyes still fixed on Bayleef.

    "I am." Mismagius replied, floating closer to the two of them. "But before I go I wanted you to know that if there's ever a time you need our help again, we'll be there."

    "Bay..." Bayleef thanked the Pokemon, her anger now subsiding into a smile.

    Mismagius slowly began to levitate up towards the sky, but before she left she suddenly turned to face Ash once more.

    "Oh and by the way, kid." she called out with a grin. "Take good care of her. I think she likes to be on top."

    With a sudden burst of purple smoke, the Ghost-type vanished into the night sky, leaving the couple standing together by the lake as they once were.

    "Leef..." Bayleef wondered out loud. "Leef Bay Bay?"

    "Yeah..." Ash smiled to himself as he answered his Pokemon. "I think we'll see her again. Some day."

    "Bayleef!" Bayleef agreed as Ash placed his hand on her back and led her towards professor Oak's laboratory. After all, it had been a long day and they both needed rest.

    Bayleef smiled to herself, watching Ash try unsuccessfully to fold his mother's old clothes as they walked. She was disappointed that she wouldn't be human again for a while, but this night had gone so perfectly that she couldn't have been any happier. Now that Ash finally knew how she felt she didn't mind if she had to wait for his next return, because she knew that he would be missing her just as much as she missed him.

    And besides... Sometimes waiting isn't so bad. Is it?
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    Hahaha, you did well. I think the ending was short and sweet, this was definitely an enjoyable story to read Gazzie.

    Kudos for a great story to read!
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    Haha, thanks, Wolfie. But I should be thanking you for the initial inspiration Can I request more Bayleef-tan images now?
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    Down your pants. =D


    Ah... last chappie. Tho I'm kinda sad that it's all over. I mean it's such a good story and it's ended just in one day? Well better early than never hey? This chappie was my favourite since Chiko finally make her move ^^ *jumps for glory* Aww so kawaii XD

    My comment sounds so bad since i just came back from dancing and it's like 10:30 pm, sorry, not in a fairly good mood. T_T;

    I made this really crap poem just on the spot for you:

    Bayleef-tan is short and sweet,
    making it a reading treat,
    if you don't like Chikoshipping, then retreat,
    but nonetheless, the fic is really NEAT!!! ^^

    I'll be reading some of your other fics that you make!

    Your faithful fan - a_f Keep Smiling!

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    Yay, poem

    Haha, thanks for the review. Not sure if I'll return to Chikoshipping anytime soon (this proved really tough to write) but I am working on another shipping fic as we speak, so keep an eye out.
    Good Love Charm

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    Well, I must say this was a delight to read

    I'm truely a fan uf uncommon ships, though I took a while to read this, I found it was adorable in the beginning.
    The whole concept of the Bayleef x Ash relationship is just...amazing in a way so the first chapter was very good, writing, description and presentation is excellent, so it gives the reader some willpower to read.
    The plot, her being transformed by a mismagus, was ingenius, and the last few lines in the first post were quite funny

    Max meeting the (naked) humanoďd bayleef was also to die for and I am quite surprised that you actually made Ash recognise her immediately !
    Ash explained as he began to lose his balance and was soon lying on the floor with the Grass-type Pokemon resting on top of him.
    Ash pinned down with a naked humanoďd pokémon on top of him I'd though I'd never see the day and Tracey wanting to skecth some of it as well made me laugh ^_^ and the whole thing is degenerating because she rather feels a bit...ho*ny let's say
    ah, the TR gimmick the writers couldn't have written it any better for the show, their part is brilliant
    Really enjoyed the part right after, when they wake up ^_^
    Though I feel that Ash, after the awkwardness, is really starting to appreciate the whole one way or another, cause, he's denying the fact that she has a crush on him (even though he knows it, and she's a pokémon after all)
    TR's plan actually worked of the rare times in fact, and I wonder why you put May's feeling of sorrow at the end ? though I think it's because she has a crush on him, and well, couldn't save him...

    (oh, about the horde of Tauros, Ash actually caught all of them on a banned ep in America (because there was a gun involved...see Buster's current avatar) at the Safari park. Like a shopping spree, he simply caught every one he could see)

    Gotta love the Mismagus His attitude is simply brilliant, the open-minded, free spirited character, who says what he thinks
    lmao at the boobs scene Ash wrong guy at the right place
    the battle was very intense...classical emotionnal struggle, heroic Ash risking his life, the usual of an episode
    at the end, of course, a more funnier note to end this

    so far, the length of the chapters is perfect, suitable length, and not too long to be overwhelmed by it

    Awww....the last part, when she was finaly able to say it was adorable (still, note the fact that she said it before Misty and May did go Bayleef !! xD)
    Again : Mismagus rules

    well, this was brilliant, everything from writing, spelling, ideas, plot, lenght, cuteness, this is the perfect one-shot fic
    I'll be reading more of your works in the future
    keep it up !! congratulations.
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    ...wait, that sounds wrong...
    ...yeah, it's the other way around.

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    This fanfic was delightful. =o I've never read really nice Chikoshipping before, though it's a cute enough ship... and your story was simply lovely! I giggled and squee'd through most of it. =D Great job.

    Art and banner by me | Click it to visit my Pokemon fanart gallery!

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    Thanks for the review, Ember. I've never written Chikoshipping before so I guess we're on the same page! And I think my number one goal as a shipping fic writer is to make my readers squee, so thanks very much

    Quote Originally Posted by shadow_shipper View Post
    TR's plan actually worked of the rare times in fact, and I wonder why you put May's feeling of sorrow at the end ? though I think it's because she has a crush on him, and well, couldn't save him...
    Heh, actually yes, I wanted her to have a crush on him, and I'm glad you noticed that. I'm a die-hard Advanceshipper through and through and I just love writing May/Ash tension. That's not to say I don't like other ships, but Advance has always been my one true love so I have to try and fit it in through sneaky cameos somehow.

    Ah, yes, the banned episode. I think I do recall hearing something about that. Though it confused the heck out of me back when I was younger. Thanks for your review
    Good Love Charm

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    Dang it!!! Between this site's perpetual downtime, and my stupid internet connection, I tried replying twice over the past 6 hours but have had no luck. And now I have to rewrite it too, because it didn't go through.

    Your story was excellent, Gazmof. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I'm sad that it has to be over.

    I was originally only interested in writing mainly Altoshippy and Pikashippy stuff, but you've turned me onto Chikoshipping again. I don't think it's going to be very soon, but I really want to write a fic now between Bayleef and Ash.

    Like aficionada, I'm a new fan and will keep a look-out for what else you write here and read it, even if it doesn't pair a Pokemon with a human. :P I looked to see if there was ever a Chikoshipping thread. There was, and ironically, you were the last person who posted in it before it got buried so far that it was locked for inactivity. I might restart it to see if I can breathe new life in it this time around. Aficionada said they would help me! Hehe.

    Anyway, yeah, wonderful story. The conclusion was so sweet and I'm glad that Bayleef finally got what she wanted. I think that Ash should continue to be with her even though she's back in her real form because love is about what's in the heart and how two individuals feel about each other, not if they look the same or have similar bodies. That's what I think anyway. :P

    Keep up the great work and I hope to see more from you in the future! ^^

    Fanfics In Progress: True Love Never Fades (Altoshipping)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayc View Post
    Dang it!!! Between this site's perpetual downtime, and my stupid internet connection, I tried replying twice over the past 6 hours but have had no luck. And now I have to rewrite it too, because it didn't go through.
    Haha, trust me, I know your pain.

    Quote Originally Posted by wayc View Post
    Like aficionada, I'm a new fan and will keep a look-out for what else you write here and read it, even if it doesn't pair a Pokemon with a human. :P I looked to see if there was ever a Chikoshipping thread. There was, and ironically, you were the last person who posted in it before it got buried so far that it was locked for inactivity. I might restart it to see if I can breathe new life in it this time around. Aficionada said they would help me! Hehe.
    Wow, I have only vague recollections of such a thread... That is pretty ironic though, heh. If you do start up a thread I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it, as it's always nice to have someone to discuss shippiness with.

    Hey thanks a lot once again for your reviews, they've been really inspiring. As I mentioned, I'm not sure if I'll return to any Human x Pokemon ships for a while, but if such threads exist I'll be sure to post a warning when I do.
    Good Love Charm

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    Well i just wanted to be the last fan to post on your blog, and thanks for keeping out for the fic wayc and i are gonna do; so i'll return the favour. Always be you faithful fan,

    a_f Keep Smiling!

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