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    Default Members List Directory

    Due to problems with our current Members List we're going to be asking everyone to post their own thread with your registration details until the problem is solved.

    The thread you post will have only ONE post in it and that will be your registration/member post which you will edit as normal. Once we've worked out what to do on a more permanent basis, your posts will all be taken and merged into a normal Members List.

    Since FB has a fucntion disallowing anyone other than FB staff to post a thread you'll need to make a small post in the Soul Extraction thread giving up ownership of your souls mwahahahahah! j/k. Once you've done that your post will be split out of the thread (extracted, hence the name of the thread), and placed into the Members List forum where you'll be able to edit your post at will. Once your thread is in place, please post a link in this thread to your registration details so that a hyperlink to it can be edited into THIS post as it will save searching for it among dozens of posts later on.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but at the moment we really don't see any other way around this problem as Serebii's server just can't seem to handle the mass amount of information the full Member's List contains.

    Hopefully it'll be sorted out eventually, but until then this is all we can do.

    FB Member Details


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