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    Name: Jeff Foduan
    Info on trainer: Born to a rich family in Lavender Town. Because of this he is a bit spoiled and is quite a paranoid person. Jeff is a trainer who is new to this stuff. He knows most things about pokemon that a normal trainer knows just from various books and TV. When he decided to become a trainer he took one of the fish from an aquarium that his parents had. And has had little adventures as of now.

    Info on Archer: Archer, his starter was born in a store and has been sheltered through out his life like Jeff however much more. He is a simple creature but he does have one dream and that is to be accurate. Probably just a basic remoraid instinct to a larger extreme. That he wants very, very much.

    Archer (Remoraid) Male, Starter, Lv. 9
    In: Party: Pokeball
    Water Gun
    PsyBeam Lv. 10
    Aurora Beam Lv. 14
    Bubble Beam Lv. 19
    Focus Energy Lv. 23
    Bullet Seed Lv. 27
    Water Pulse Lv. 32
    Signal Beam Lv. 36
    Ice Beam Lv. 40
    Hyper Beam Lv. 45

    Info on Batteries: Batteries seems to be just another magnemite. The thing has a pretty good mind and it uses it to a full. However, it doesn't know much and because of that it is not very understanding of people and various other creatures. And even if it knew it wouldn't care. It is a loner and likes it that way. Everything that isn't helping it is worthless in its eye.

    Batteries (Magnemite), Caught, Lv. 7
    In: Party: Thunder Ball
    Metal Sound
    Shock Wave
    Iron Tail
    Supersonic Lv. 11
    Sonicboom Lv. 14
    Thunder Wave Lv. 17
    Spark Lv. 22
    Lock-On Lv. 27
    Magnet Bomb Lv. 30
    Screech Lv. 33
    Discharge Lv. 38
    Mirror Shot Lv. 43
    Magnet Rise Lv. 46
    Gyro Ball Lv. 49
    Zap Cannon Lv. 54
    Zap Cannon Lv. 50

    Info on Bo: Info to be revealed to public currently: Family friend, Jeff's mother's pokemon as well as soul reincarnate. Well, close to that anyway.

    Bo (Tangela) Female, Adopted, Lv. 9
    In: Party: Premier Ball
    Beauty Points: 4
    In: Party: Pokeball
    Nature Power
    Secret Power
    Sleep Talk
    Sleep Powder
    Sweet Scent
    Growth Lv. 12
    Poisonpowder Lv. 15
    Vine Whip Lv. 19
    Bind Lv. 22
    Mega Drain
    Stun Spore Lv. 29
    Ancient Power Lv. 33
    Knock Off Lv. 36
    Natural Gift Lv. 40
    Slam Lv. 43
    Tickle Lv. 47
    Wring Out Lv. 50
    Power Whip Lv. 54

    Info on Wallace: Seriously I will elaborate on it later. Ignore as of now.

    Wallace Q. Oxenfree (Spinda) Male, Adopted, Lv. 11
    In: Party: Heavy (Metal) Ball
    Ice Punch
    Psycho Cut
    Dynamic Punch
    Faint Attack Lv. 14
    Psybeam Lv. 19
    Hypnosis Lv. 23
    Dizzy Punch Lv. 28
    Sucker Punch Lv. 32
    Teeter Dance Lv. 37
    Psych Up Lv. 41
    Double Edge Lv. 46
    Flail Lv. 50
    Thrash Lv. 55

    Info on Aeris: A gift from one of the fellow pokemon trainers trapped in one of the alternate dimensions. It seems to be rather sad and aggravated with the current state of things. Also, Jeff thinks it is a souless freak demon spawned by mistake by the alternate dimension, making Aeris not exactly popular with him.

    Aeris (Lunatone), Trade, Lv. 27
    In: Party: Pokeball, I guess.
    Rock Throw
    Cosmic Power Lv. 34
    Heal Block Lv. 42
    Psychic Lv. 45
    Future Sight Lv. 53

    Info on Wobbelina: Wobbelina was the daughter of two wobbuffets who lived with their trainers (used in the lightest sense of the word) in a scented candle shop. Well, under unknown circumstances, Lina found herself on the streets alone. Yeah, so after being homeless for quite a bit, she was found by Andrew, Jeff's brother. Andrew put Lina under Jeff's care. Or vice versa.

    Wobbelina, (Wynaut) Female, Trade, Lv. 5
    In: Party: Pokeball
    Hidden Power (Dragon)
    Counter Lv. 15
    Mirror Coat Lv. 15
    Safeguard Lv. 15
    Destiny Bond Lv. 15

    BackPack Contents: Luxury Ball, a Tiny Mushroom, 5 Pokeballs, an empty bottle of "Eau de Bellossom" Perfume, a Heavy Ball, an Xmas Ball, a Chocolate 2007 Easter Ball, a Pokedex, a Bottle Opener, Batteries, Fish Food, a Camera, a Bucket, Water, 2 Cheese Sandwiches, a Miltank Balloon, Nameless Necklace (arn's heart necklace), TM Water Pulse, a Whistle, a Slice of Cake, 2 pairs of Blackglasses, 2 bags of Shoal Salt, a Shoal Shell, a Polka-Dot Bow, a Berry Bag (Containing a black apricorn, a Enigma Berry, a Chesto Berry, a Petaya Berry, a Hondew Berry, a Cheri Berry, a Magost Berry, a Lum Berry, a Razz Berry, a party popper, a Kelpsy Berry, 3 Lum Berries, a Rawst Berry, a Aguav Berry, a Rabuta Berry, a Cranberry Memory Berry (, a Durin Berry and a LiteBlue Pokéblock [+20]), a Green Scarf, Berry Juice, Soot Sack with maybe 5 piles of ash, a Crystal Egg, Magical Sneasel Wand (+1 lv. and Nightmare), Magical Gengar Plushie (Torment + Taunt), Devil Horns, Bunny Ears, a Lucky Rabbit's Foot, a Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot, TM Bubblebeam, TM Softboiled, TM Swagger, TM Attract, TM Icy Wind, TM Blizzard, TM Reflect, TM Ice Punch, TM Thunder, TM Mud Slap, TM Flamethrower, TM Zap Cannon, TM Shadow Force, a Light Barrier, the Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango, a Golden Fiddle on which to play the Unfinished Symphony, an Aegis of Frost, a silver egg, a Rainbow Egg, a Bunny Bonnet, a Spooky Pouch, a Black Persian Plushie, Red Flute, 2 empty Red Valentine's Coin Cases, Cupid's Bow and Arrow, a Hard Rock, Soft Sand, Nevermelt Ice, a Shadow Scanner, box of Fizzy Chocolates, Valentine's Ball, TM Captivate, a Magnet, A Magical Glass Rose, TM Pay Day and 7 Heart Scales:,,,,,,
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