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    Ok, we've worked out why some of you are able to post yet others aren't.

    While FB is protected by a usergroup (excluding the Registration Forum for obvious reasons), FB also has a function disallowing anyone other than FB staff to start their own threads.

    So to get straight to the point it will be impossible for most of you to post your own thread as asked in the Member's Directory. However, we have found a way to get around this little problem and while annoying at best is the only real option we have.

    When you're ready to post your registration/member details, please make a small post in this thread which includes your username or something of the sort. So long as it covers the character limit, all is good. After you've posted, a Mod will SPLIT your post out of this thread and pop it into the Members List Forum where you'll be free to edit it at will.

    I know it's a lot of messing around, and it's not something we're thrilled about either, but it's all we can do until the problem is resolved. This is all we're capable of doing, so please bear with us for the time being.

    Once again, sorry for the trouble, and we'll try to split your posts out as soon as possible after you've posted so that you can edit your member details in.
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    You only need to post something like your name in your post that you will post here, until your post is moved to the Member List subforum in the main FB forum by someone. You can then edit your post on your thread with all your FB information that was moved from here. Also, please don't post your signature.

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