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    Age:20 years old
    Misc.:Thed is one cool dude... Coming from the island of Oahu, Hawaii he decided that the islands were getting a bit dull. So with his lifelong friend Tsunami the two went on a trip and stumbled into the world of Fizzy Bubbles. Thed can be a carefree guy, but when the situations are right he can become one of the greatest pokemon trainers you'll ever see. Thed loves his pokemon and if you mess with mess with him. His favorite pokemon types are water and bug, but he likes every pokemon whether big, small, uber, underused, etc. With his carefree attitude and all the things that go on in the world today he decided to call his pokemon team the 'Eh No Make Li'Dat' Crew. What that means is that in whatever situation the team faces they will always know to be true to themselves.
    Appearance:Thed is a pretty average height not too tall, not too short, but just right. He is also a very tanned fellow...what would you expect for a guy who lived in Hawaii for all of his life?? Thed wears a blue aloha shirt and baggy-ish shorts. The aloha shirt that Thed wears is his favorite aloha shirt with a print of waves with the perfect barrel. When the weather gets too hot Thed either unbuttons his shirt or just completely takes it off, watch out ladies XD. For footwear Thed wears his slippers, flip-flops for all you mainlanders, they are very durable.

    The 'Eh No Make Li'Dat' Crew:

    Tsunami | Blastoise | Male | Level 100 |
    Met:Starter @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Tackle, TailWhip, Bubble, Withdraw, WaterGun, Bite, RapidSpin, Protect, RainDance, SkullBash, HydroPump, FlashCannon, WaterPulse, AquaTail
    Egg Moves:MirrorCoat, Yawn, Refresh, Haze, Mist, Foresight, MudSport, Flail, MuddyWater, Fake-Out, AquaRing, AquaJet
    Move Tutor Moves:Mimic, HydroCannon, Counter, SeismicToss, BodySlam, RollOut, DynamicPunch, MegaKick, Substitute, Double-Edge, MegaPunch
    TMs:IcyWind, IceBeam, IcePunch, Blizzard, Earthquake
    HMs:Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Dive, RockSmash, Strength, Dig, RockClimb
    Cool Points:20, 40, 60, 80, 100
    Tough Points:20, 40, 70, 100
    Currently:Adventuring in Elyra

    Bio:Tsunami first joined up with Thed as his starter pokemon while still a small Squirtle. Since that time Thed and Tsunami have grown together and are quite the team. Ever since he evolved sometimes Thed will climb atop Tsunami and use him to surf the waves. The other pokemon of the crew are a little jealous of Tsunami since he has the strongest bond with Thed. But, Tsunami is seen as an older brother by all of the crew as well and would do anything to help them out.

    Bonno | Marowak | Male | Level 100 |
    Met:Adopted from UPN Adoption Center @ Level 5
    Ability:Rock Head & Lightning Rod
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Growl, TailWhip, BoneClub, Headbutt, Leer, FocusEnergy, Bonemerang, Rage, FalseSwipe, Thrash, BoneRush, Double-Edge, Endeavour
    Egg Moves:AncientPower, RockSlide, BellyDrum, SwordsDance, SkullBash, PerishSong, Screech, DoubleKick, IronHead
    Move Tutor Moves:IcyWind, Thunderpunch, SeismicToss, FirePunch, MegaKick, Substitute
    HMs:RockSmash, Strength, Dig
    Currently:At the Move Tutor

    Bio:A lonely little Cubone one day caught Thed's eye while he was at the UPN Adoption Center. Not wanting to leave the little guy there Thed adopted the Cubone and immediately connected with the little guy. Bonno finally having a home decided upon a new dream and that was singing. He sings his heart out whether it is to acoustic, r&b, pop, or even country music. Even though he continuously sings he finds time to train alongside the crew and is a fiercesome warrior with his Bone Club, which is usually used as Bonno's mic, he is known by the crew as the 'Singing Senshi(Fighter)' .

    Abe | Machamp | Male | Level 100 |
    Met:Adopted from Serebii Adoption Center @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:LowKick, Leer, FocusEnergy, KarateChop, SeismicToss, Foresight, Revenge, VitalThrow, Submission, CrossChop, ScaryFace, DynamicPunch, Wake-upSlap
    Egg Moves:LightScreen, RollingKick, Meditate, Mud-slap, CloseCombat, BulletPunch, Smellingsalt
    Move Tutor Moves:BodySlam, Thunderpunch, Metronome, MegaKick
    HMs:Strength, RockSmash, Dig, RockClimb
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:During a humble visit to the old SPPF Adoption Center Thed came across a very serious, yet energetic Machop. Amazed at seeing the Machop working out and practicing Fighting techniques within the Center made Thed realize this Machop was special and so he adopted him. Abe fulfilled his dream of becoming a Machamp after many battles with tough pokemon and actually evolved during a battle with a Walrein to achieve victory. Abe still works his body out, but he also has a focus on the lady pokemon. He goes on the occasional dates returning back to his pokeball late at night. Abe used to go on about being some character from another game, but he seems to have grown tired of trying to get the crew to believe him.

    Magneto | Magneton | Genderless | Level 100 |
    Met:Trade with Ytnim @ Level 5
    Ability:Magnet Pull & Sturdy
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:MetalSound, Tackle, Thundershock, Supersonic, Sonicboom, ThunderWave, Spark, Lock-on, Swift, TriAttack, Screech, ZapCannon, MagnetBomb, Discharge, MirrorShot, MagnetRise, GyroBall
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:Rollout, Double-Edge, VoltTackle
    TMs:WaterPulse, IcyWind, Thunder
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Deciding that a Magnemite would be a perfect addition to his crew Thed soon recieved on in a trade with Ytnim. Always energetic Magneto is just a pokemon full of positive energy. Magneto is also quite the creative pokemon and because of pure determination it was able to attain 3rd place in the Wings of Seraphim Tournament and gained Magnemites/tons respect as flying/floating pokemon. Soon after Magneto evolved, but thankfully Magneto's personality stayed the same, even with the seemingly new additions.

    Shredder | Shedinja | Genderless | Level 100 |
    Met:Adopted from Serebii Adoption Center @ Level 20
    Ability:Wonder Guard
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Scratch, Harden, LeechLife, SandAttack, FurySwipes, MindReader, FalseSwipe, Spite, Mud-slap, ConfuseRay, MetalClaw, ShadowBall, Grudge, ShadowSneak, HealBlock
    Egg Moves:SilverWind, Gust, FaintAttack, Endure
    Move Tutor Moves:FrenzyPlant
    TMs:Reflect, Protect, Detect, Safeguard, DoubleTeam, Thunderwave
    HMs:Cut, Flash, Dig
    Currently:In PC
    Adventuring in Elyra

    Bio:Shredder was dropped off by his previous owner in the SPPF Adoption Center and soon after Thed quickly adopted him into his team. Envious of it's unique typeage and ability Thed knew he had to have the Shedinja. Shredder is the monk of the crew meditating quite often and offering bits of wisdom to the rest of the crew when needed.

    Divatox | Muk | Female | Level 70 |
    Met:Captured in Fizzytopia @ Level 5
    Ability:Stench & Sticky Hold
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:PoisonGas, Pound, Disable, Harden, Sludge, Minimize, Screech, AcidArmor, SludgeBomb, GunkShot, Memento
    Egg Moves:Explosion, ShadowPunch, MeanLook, Lick, Haze
    Move Tutor Moves:FirePunch, IcePunch, Mud-slap
    TMs:Toxic, SoftBoiled, MegaDrain, IceBeam
    HMs:Dig, Strength, RockSmash
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Divatox was caught by Thed in the Dead Forest of Fizzytopia, and this was his first capture as well. Divatox believes that she is THE most beautiful Muk there is in Fizzy Bubbles. Don't tell her otherwise or else the b*tchy side of Divatox comes out and you don't want that... All day Divatox either grooms her sludgey body making it as shiny and smooth as possible or tries to climb all over Thed and the other pokemon.

    Coconut | Tropius | Male | Level 29 |
    Met:Captured in Fizzytopia @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:None
    Level Up Moves:Leer, Gust, Growth, RazorLeaf, Stomp, SweetScent, Whirlwind
    Egg Moves:LeechSeed, RazorWind, NaturePower, Headbutt, Slam
    Move Tutor Moves:BodySlam, FrenzyPlant
    TMs:SkyAttack, Roar, EnergyBall
    HMs:Fly, Strength, Cut, Flash, Defog, RockSmash
    Currently:In PC
    'Lost' in Elyra

    Bio:Coconut was captured by Thed in his adventures in Fizzytopia. He is quite confident, with a bit of cocky on the side. Coconut for some odd reason loves roaring. He'll roar for any old reason, and when he roars you'll know it. Being the only one able to fly Coconut flaunts his ability to his team mates, but he loves attention and sometimes he'll give everyone a ride on his back while he flies. There's almost nothing about him you couldn't love. *roars* Like I said 'almost' nothing...

    Awa | Sharpedo | Female | Level 36 |
    Met:Trade with SM @ Level 25
    Ability:Rough Skin
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Leer, Bite, Rage, FocusEnergy, ScaryFace, Crunch, IceFang, Screech, Swagger, Assurance, Slash, AquaJet
    Egg Moves:HydroPump
    Move Tutor Moves:FuryCutter
    HMs:Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Strength, RockSmash
    Tough Points:30
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Thed was able to obtain Awa in a trade with Shiny_Magneton. Awa didn't come into the group with all her energy. She had done that before foolhardily and ended up being traded every time. But, thanks to Thed and his love for Carvanhas and Sharpedos Awa eventually figured out that she was going to be a permanent member of Thed's team and opened up to him and the rest of the pokemon on the team. Awa is a very confident fish and the fact that she is a shiny doesn't help. She and Divatox are the best of friends.

    Validus | Trapinch | Male | Level 21 |
    Met:Hatched from Dragon Mystery Egg @ Level 5
    Ability:Hyper Cutter & Arena Trap
    Next Evolutions:Vibrava(Level:35), Flygon(Level:45)
    Level Up Moves:Bite, Sand-attack, FaintAttack
    Egg Moves:Gust, QuickAttack
    Move Tutor Moves:RockSlide, BodySlam
    TMs:IcePunch, Flamethrower, Taunt, Torment, Icebeam
    HMs:Strength, RockSmash, Dig
    Currently:At the Daycare Center

    Bio:Having wanted a Trapinch for some time Thed was overjoyed when he hatched one from his first Dragon Mystery Egg. Considered one of the babies of the group Validus is very much spoiled by the crew. Validus, meaning 'well grounded' in English and 'mighty' in Latin, loves to have fun and think he's tough, but the others keep him in his place. Right now he is prone to biting miscellaneous items and wandering off by himself.

    Papi | Butterfree | Male | Level 17 |
    Met:Trade with Skrusti @ Level 5
    Ability:Shield Dust
    Next Evolutions:Fully Evolved
    Level Up Moves:Tackle, StringShot, Harden, Confusion, SleepPowder, StunSpore, Poisonpowder, Gust
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    TMs:MegaKick, SweetScent, SolarBeam, HyperBeam, Flash, Reflect, Nightmare
    Cute Points:60, 80, 100
    Beauty Points:20
    Tough Points:20
    Smart Points:20, 40, 60
    Cool Points:20, 40
    Currently:In PC
    Adventuring in Fizzytopia

    Bio:Thed was able to get Papi through a trade with Skrusti, who hatched him. Unable to resist this little babys cuteness and the fact that Butterfree was his first favorite pokemon Thed got him. Thed named the little Caterpie Papi because whenever it's excited it'll say "Papi!" Thed believes that Papi is either Mexican (Papi Chulo=Pimp Daddy) or French (Papillon=Butterfly). Whatever the case this little caterpillar has a heart of gold. Papi enjoys playing around with Validus seeing as how they are both still young and considered babies of the crew.

    Kirein | Girafarig | Female | Level 17 |
    Met:Trade with Shinjara @ Level 5
    Ability:Inner Focus & Early Bird
    Next Evolutions:None
    Level Up Moves:Tackle, Growl, Astonish, PowerSwap, GuardSwap, Confusion, Agility, Stomp
    Egg Moves:TakeDown, BeatUp
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    HMs:Flash, Strength, RockSmash
    Smart Points:5, 15
    Currently:At the Pokespa gaining 10 Smart Points

    Bio:Soon after Shinjara hatched a little Girafarig she traded it to Thed. Thed was pleased to have the little giraffe and was amazed at her beauty. Her name, Kirein, is a mixture of Kirei (Pretty) and Kirin (Giraffe). Kirein is also considered a baby, but was soon 'adopted' by Divatox and Awa since they knew the girls had to stick together. Although Kirein is quite opposite to Divatox and Awa, quiet and shy, she is smart and confident in herself and seems to fit right in with the crew.

    Kilauea | Slugma | Male | Level 17 |
    Met:Trade with Freezer @ Level 5
    Ability:Magma Armor & Flame Body
    Next Evolutions:Magcargo(Level:38)
    Level Up Moves:Yawn, Smog, Ember, RockThrow, Harden
    Egg Moves:AcidArmor, HeatWave
    Move Tutor Moves:BlastBurn
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Some time after Thed had obtained his Elite PC Upgrade Furizaa hatched a small Slugma. Thed immediately offered for the little slug and soon after Kilauea was his. Kilauea was named after the most active volcano in Hawaii and the world. Kilauea can sometimes be a little dimwitted and clusmy at times. The crew always lend Kilauea their help and know that someday Kilauea will return the favor.

    Aura | Chinchou | Female | Level 17 |
    Met:Adoption Center @ Level 5
    Ability:Volt Absorb & Illuminate
    Next Evolutions:Lanturn(Level:27)
    Level Up Moves:Bubble, ThunderWave, Supersonic, Flail, WaterGun, ConfuseRay
    Egg Moves:N/A
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    TMs:Bubblebeam, Attract
    HMs:Surf, Flash, Dive, Waterfall
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Aura is a very cheerful fish, despite her age, which could shock many. She is the younger sister of Tess' Chinchou and tries to spend as much time as she can with her between their busy schedules. Aura enjoys blinking her bulbs and through Theds encouragement has taken up trying to learn Morse Code in times of emergency.

    Drillbit | Dunsparce | Male | Level 17 |
    Met:Trade with Joe @ Level 15
    Ability:Serene Grace
    Next Evolutions:None
    Level Up Moves:Rage, DefenseCurl, Yawn, Glare, Rollout
    Egg Moves:Bide, Ancientpower, Rock Slide, Bite, Headbutt, Astonish
    Move Tutor Moves:BodySlam, Double-Edge, RockSlide
    TMs:IceBeam, Teleport, WaterPulse, FuryCutter, HiddenPower(Psychic), Thunder, HiddenPower(Dragon), Nightmare
    HMs:Strength, RockSmash
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Coming into the crew with already having a lot of experiences with his past trainer Drillbit was a little skeptical if he could make new friends and become a permanent part of the crew. Soon enough though he started conversing and playing with the rest of the crew and he fits right in. Drillbit has an array of moves which makes fighting him very difficult. Knowing this Drillbit is very confident in himself and knows that the crew will always be there to back him up.

    Jade | Treecko | Female | Level 16 |
    Met:Hatched from Ultra Rare Grass Egg @ Level 5
    Next Evolutions:Grovyle(Level:16), Sceptile(Level:36)
    Level Up Moves:Pound, Leer, Absorb, QuickAttack, Pursuit
    Egg Moves:DragonBreath, Crunch, LeafStorm, DoubleKick, Synthesis
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    HMs:Cut, Strength, Flash, RockSmash
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Jade is a very secretive little Treecko. She isn't much of a talker, but when she does she goes straight to the point. Jade has been known to sneak up on Thed a couple of times surprising him to his dismay. Thed considers her a ninja and Jade has taken a liking to that title. Being a very loyal pokemon Jade doesn't like it when unknown people or pokemon approach Thed and she quickly Leers at them. Hopefully over time she will learn to not be so overprotective of her trainer.

    Isyss | Lapras | Female | Level 28 |
    Met:Trade with Bloody Banette @ Level 25
    Ability:Water Absorb & Shell Armor
    Next Evolutions:No Evolutions
    Level Up Moves:WaterGun, Growl, Sing, Mist, BodySlam, ConfuseRay, PerishSong, IceShard, WaterPulse, RainDance
    Egg Moves:DragonDance, Curse, HornDrill
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    TMs:RainDance, Attract, SweetScent, Reflect,IceBarrier, Blizzard
    HMs:Surf, Strength, RockSmash, Dive, Waterfall
    Beauty Points:40, 60
    Cute Points:40
    Currently:In PC

    Bio:Isyss is a gentle soul and loves nothing better than giving loving nudges and rubs. She is able to communicate telepathically to Thed, but only for a limited amount of time. Incredibly smart as well, Isyss knows when things just aren't right and always tries to come up with a solution that will be beneficial to everyone. Isyss has recently become more interested in her Ice typing and enjoys using the cold element.

    Mercury | Finneon | Female | Level 11 |
    Met:Hatched from Enigma Egg @ Level 1
    Ability:Swift Swim & Storm Drain
    Next Evolutions:Not Evolving
    Level Up Moves:Pound, WaterGun
    Egg Moves:Psybeam, SweetKiss
    Move Tutor Moves:N/A
    TMs:Return, Bubblebeam
    HMs:Surf, Waterfall, Defog
    Cute Points:20, 40, 60, 80
    Beauty Points:20
    Currently:At the Daycare Center

    Bio:Coming Soon...

    Misc. Items:Foldable Surfboard, Bodyboard, Fins, Tractor
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    Default Items Galore!


    TM Case:Sandstorm, FirePunch, ShadowForce, Flash, Captivate

    Special 'Move' Items:MagicalGlassRose,MagicalChocolateCarrot, ChocolateHeaven,

    Berry Bag:LumBerry(+1,+1,+1,+1)PechaBerry(+1,+1,+1),RawstBerry,

    Pokeblock Case: Indigo/Beauty/20,AsstdPokeblocks(-OlivePokeblock/-PurplePokeblock)

    SpellTag,ShedShell, ShadowLance,IcyRock,HeartScale(+1),Conker

    Base Items:CrystalEgg, "D"NoteMat, BaseToken(+1),"F"NoteMat,MudkipDoll,

    Card Collection:Squirtle,PromoArticuno

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