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    Trainer Profile

    Name: Reyzadren
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30+

    Hometown: Laverre, Kalos (current residence)

    Personality: Laid-back and hardy are the 2 words to describe Reyzadren. He is usually quiet but he talks loudly, especially when he gets excited. Though he is quite stubborn and individualistic, he can be easily influenced by friends. With his straightforward and direct "Let's get it done" attitude, others think of him as rude. While seemingly careless and lacking attention, he is definitely a decisive person who has clear preferences.

    Opt in [yes/no. If yes, state your alliance]: No.

    Appearance: Reyzadren has black hair that is combed to the side, black eyes, a goatee accompanied with some facial hair and a scruffy look. Although he has fair skin, it is slightly darker in tone. His height is 1.66m, and his weight is 71kg, so his body size is just below average. He wears a grey hoodie, red trousers and black shoes as his pokemon trainer clothing. He carries a green backpack for his pokedex and pokenav, while his assortment of pokeballs are sheathed on his leather belt.

    Background: Reyzadren is a hardy worker who lives in Laverre, taking tasks ranging from mining, minerals, metalworking and machine maintenance. He travelled to other regions and battled the gyms before, but now he prefers to focus on his career, while having some pokemon as his tools. Harsh and rough, trained in the rugged mines, his team is ready for a variety of challenges and is determined to be better than your average trainer. He only gives nicknames to 6 of his pokemon, and regularly rotates those names as he updates his active lineup.

    Recently, he is hired by Aerhyos Industries, which is a device manufacturer as disguise, underlain by a secret community. Though their motives are unknown, the Aerhyos executives are aware of certain locations and properties of mystic artifacts and forbidden relics. Not much else is known about the Aerhyos as it is not a large organisation, while regularly shifting and being non-stationary, with some establishments scattered across continents. Reyzadren sometimes reads up about the The Unknown Chronicles for work travels due to certain business requests, with all expenses paid, of course.

    Miscellaneous Info: Returning member, retcon.

    Characters: (with approximate placeholder portraits)

    * Reyzadren

    Reyzadren is a hardy worker who lives in Laverre. He travelled to other regions and battled the gyms before, but now he prefers to focus on his career, while having some pokemon as his tools. His favourite pokemon are drapion, claydol and klefki.

    * Caley

    Caley is a quiet pokemon ranger from Opelucid city. While she tinkers with her garden whenever she is at home, she actually enjoys her job of adding route signposts along off-road mountain pathways to guide lost and unprepared trainers.

    * Centin (old unused character)

    Centin is a trainer from Johto, who wanted to purify water from rivers to save the environment for people and pokemon alike. He also has an elder brother named Kelntin. Presumably, he met Reyzadren somewhere in Unova, gave up all his pokemon and items, then exiled himself. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

    Active team: Lv 100 drapion, Lv 100 claydol, Lv 100 breloom, Lv 100 lanturn, Lv 100 chandelure, Egg slot

    Lv 100 male drapion, Laptop [pokeball] (Starter)
    + Crunch | Night slash, Bite, Knock off, Pursuit
    + TM Poison jab | Cross poison, Poison fang, Poison sting, Venoshock
    + TM Earthquake, TM Brickbreak, TM X-scissor, Bug bite, Pin missile
    + Scary face, Toxic spikes, Hone claws, Acupressure, Leer

    Lv 100 claydol, Smartphone [fast ball]
    + Earth power | Mudslap
    + TM Psychic | Extrasensory, Psybeam, Confusion
    + TM Ice beam, TM Shadow ball
    + Hyper beam, Ancientpower, Rock tomb, Rapid spin, Selfdestruct, Explosion
    + Heal block, Sandstorm, Power split, Guard split, Cosmic power, Power trick, Harden, Teleport

    Lv 17 female klefki, Toolbox [premier ball]
    + Fairy wind
    + Astonish, Tackle
    + Spikes, Metal sound, Fairy lock
    [Final daycare]

    Lv 100 female breloom, Armyknife [pokeball]
    + Seed bomb, Mega drain, Absorb
    + TM Brick break, Low sweep | Force palm, Mach punch, Dynamic punch, Sky uppercut
    + TM Facade | MT Thunder punch, TM Secret power, Headbutt, Tackle
    + Counter, Leech seed, Stun spore, Mind reader
    + MT Drain punch, Thorns, Fire shield

    Lv 100 female lanturn, Vehicle [pokeball]
    + TM Thunderbolt | Spark, EM Shockwave
    + HM Surf | Hydropump, EM Water pulse, Bubble beam, Watergun, Bubble
    + TM Dazzling gleam, TM Ice beam | Flail, Spit up
    + Charge, Aqua ring, Thunderwave, Confuse ray, Stockpile, Swallow, Supersonic
    + EM Psybeam

    Lv 100 male chandelure, Storage [pokeball]
    + TM Flamethrower | Inferno, Flame burst, Fire spin, Ember
    + TM Shadowball, Night shade | Hex, Astonish
    + TM Psychic, Smog
    + Pain split, Curse, Memento, Imprison, Will-o-wisp, Confuse ray, Minimize

    Lv 34 male cacturne, Signal [Valentines ball]
    + TM Energy ball, Needle arm, Absorb
    + Feint attack, Payback
    + Poison sting
    + Spiky shield, Spikes, Ingrain, Sand attack, Leech seed, Growth, Leer
    + MT Drain punch, EM Magical leaf, EM Smelling salts, EM Teeter dance, EM Counter, EM Acid, EM Dynamic punch, EM Low kick, EM Seed bomb, MT Giga drain, MT Thunder punch

    Note: This pokemon belongs to Caley.

    Lv 5 female heatmor [cable]
    + Incinerate
    + TM Shadow claw | Lick

    Note: This pokemon is a gift from Reyzadren to Caley.

    Lv 46 female flygon [cable]
    + Dragon claw, Dragon breath
    + Earthquake, Earth power, Bulldoze, Dig, Sand tomb, Mud-slap
    + Crunch | Hyper beam, Uproar, Feint attack, Bite, Feint, Rock slide
    + Sandstorm, Bide, Sand attack
    + MT Signal beam, MT Giga drain, TM Facade, MT Dragon pulse, MT Fire punch, MT Thunder punch | MT Snore, EM Mud shot, TM Rock tomb
    Alliance: 9; Contest stats: 10

    Note: This pokemon belongs to Caley.

    Lv 100 male whiscash [pokeball]
    + Earthquake | Magnitude, Mud bomb, Mud slap
    + HM Surf, HM Waterfall | Water pulse, Water gun
    + TM Ice beam, TM Facade | Zen headbutt
    + Amnesia, Tickle, Rest, Snore, Water sport, Mud sport
    + EM Spark, MT Icy wind, Seed bomb

    Lv 5 male scraggy [cable]
    + Low kick
    + TM Poison jab
    + Leer
    + MT Drain punch
    Alliance: 9; Contest stats: 10

    Lv 35 male pancham [cable]
    + Vital throw, Circle throw, Karate chop, Arm thrust
    + Body slam, Slash, Comet punch, Tackle
    + Work up, Leer
    + EM Foulplay, EM Me first, EM Quash, EM Storm throw, MT Drain punch, TM Sludge bomb, HM Cut, HM Rocksmash, HM Strength, HM Surf
    Alliance: 30; Contest stats: 10

    Lv 5 female mime jr, 27AL [cable]
    + Confusion
    + TM Shadow ball
    + Copycat, Tickle, barrier
    + EM Futuresight, EM Hypnosis, EM Wake-up slap, EM Fakeout, TM Flash

    Lv 100 magneton [cable]
    + Flash cannon, Magnet bomb | Gyro ball, Mirror shot
    + TM Thunderbolt, Discharge | Zap cannon, Electroball, Spark, Thundershock
    + MT Signal beam, Tackle, Sonic boom
    + Magnet rise, Lock-on, Screech, Metal sound, Thunderwave, Supersonic

    Lv 41 female krookodile [cable]
    + Foul play, Crunch, Assurance, Bite
    + Dig, Mud-slap, Sand tomb
    + Rage
    + Scary face, Swagger, Embargo, Torment, Sand-attack, Leer

    Lv 23 female corphish [cable]
    + Knock off
    + Bubble beam, Bubble
    + Double hit, Vice grip
    + Protect, Leer, Harden

    Lv 1 female swablu [chocolateball]
    + Peck
    + Growl

    Lv 3 female oddish [cable]
    + Giga drain | Absorb
    + TM Sludge bomb
    + HM Cut

    Lv 8 female seel, 30AL [cable]
    + TM Ice beam
    + HM Surf
    + MT Signal beam | TM Return, Headbutt
    + Water sport

    Lv 7 male sewaddle, 30AL [cable]
    + Tackle
    + String shot

    Lv 5 male foongus [pokeball]
    + Absorb
    + TM Sludge bomb

    Lv 5 female elgyem [cable]
    + Confusion
    + TM Shadowball, TM Thunderbolt
    + Growl

    Lv 100 male houndoom [cable]
    + TM Dark pulse, Faint attack | Crunch, Foul play, Beat up, Bite
    + Flamethrower | Firefang, Inferno, Ember
    + TM Sludge bomb, Thunderfang
    + Nasty plot, Embargo, Roar, Howl, Odor sleuth, Smog, Leer
    + EM Reversal, EM Punishment, EM Counter, EM Spite, EM Will-o-wisp

    Lv 81 female froslass [fire ball]
    + TM Shadow ball | Astonish, Ominous wind
    + TM Ice beam | Blizzard, Icy wind, Ice shard, Powder snow
    + Draining kiss, Wake-up slap
    + Destiny bond, Hail, Captivate, Confuse ray, Will-o-wisp, Double team, Leer
    + TM Secret power, TM Light screen, MT Signal beam, MT Water pulse, MT Spikes, MT Block

    Lv 5 female gible [cable]
    + TM Earthquake
    + Tackle

    Lv 14 male dustox [cable]
    + TM Sludge bomb, Poison sting
    + Confusion, Gust, Tackle
    + Harden, String shot
    + MT Bug bite, MT Electroweb, MT Giga drain
    Contest stats: 10, IQ: 10

    Lv 5 female stunky [cable]
    + Scratch
    + Focus energy

    Lv 68 bronzong [pokeball]
    + TM Flash Cannon
    + TM Psychic | Extrasensory, Confusion
    + Faint attack, TM Shadow ball | Tackle
    + Confuse ray, Block, Iron Defense, Hypnosis, Imprison
    + EM Signal beam

    Lv 52 luxray [cable]
    + EM Shockwave | Thunder fang, Spark
    + Crunch, Bite, Tackle
    + Scary face, Electric terrain, Swagger, Roar, Baby-doll eyes, Charge, Leer
    + EM Ice fang, EM Fire fang, EM Thunder fang, EM Take down, TM Thunderbolt, TM Sleeptalk

    Lv 5 female girafarig [cable]
    + Confusion
    + Tackle
    + Astonish
    + Growl, Guard swap, Power swap
    + TM Dazzling gleam, TM Energy ball, MT Signal beam, MT Shock wave

    Lv 100 male sableye [cyberball blue]
    + Foul play | Faint attack, Punishment, Knock off
    + Shadow claw, Night shade | Shadow ball, Shadow sneak, Astonish
    + Power gem, Zen headbutt, Fake out, Fury swipes, Scratch
    + Mean look, Confuse ray, Detect, Foresight, Leer
    + MT Signal beam | TM Shockwave

    Lv 100 female walrein [pokeball]
    + TM Ice beam | Aurora beam, Ice fang, Powder snow, Ice ball
    + Surf | Waterfall, Watergun
    + TM Earthquake | Body slam
    + Encore, Swagger, Hail, Growl, Defense curl, Rest, Snore, Sheer cold
    + TM Bubble beam, EM Rock slide, EM Yawn
    Cuteness: 40

    Lv 7 female numel [premier ball]
    + TM Earthquake
    + TM Flamethrower
    + Tackle
    + Growl

    Lv 5 female makuhita [pokeball]
    + TM Brick break
    + TM Facade, Tackle
    + Focus energy

    Lv 5 female mankey, 30AL [cable]
    + TM Brick break, Low kick
    + TM Earthquake, Covet, scratch
    + Focus energy, Leer
    + Counter, Reversal, Close Combat, Focus punch, Metronome, Revenge, Beat up, Smellingsalt, Foresight, Seed bomb

    Lv 6 voltorb [cable] [bio]
    + TM Thunderbolt, MT Shock wave
    + Tackle
    + Charge, HM Flash

    Lv 5 female drowzee [cable]
    + Pound
    + Hypnosis
    + MT Ice punch, TM Brick break, MT Fire punch, TM Dazzling gleam

    Centin's pokemon
    Note: I am not using this character in Fizzy Bubbles anymore, though this section will serve as a legacy database for those who are interested in what I obtained when I first began my adventures in FB.

    Lv 100 male mamoswine [pokeball]
    + Ice fang | Icy wind, Powder snow, Blizzard
    + Earthquake | Mud bomb, Mud slap
    + TM Facade, Peck, Double hit, Take down, Fury attack, Tackle
    + MT Stealth rock, Amnesia, Mist, Odor sleuth, Scary face, Endure, Mud sport
    + EM Ancient power, EM Mud shot, Ice barrier, TM Reflect

    Lv 100 male octillery [lureball]
    + HM Surf | HM Waterfall, Bubble beam, Octazooka, Water gun
    + Ice beam, Signal beam, MT Seed bomb, TM Psychic | Aurora beam, Psybeam, Gunk shot, Hyper beam, Bullet seed, Constrict, Wring out
    + Focus energy, Lock-on
    + EM Rock blast, EM Thunder wave

    Lv 100 male xatu [cable]
    + EM Drill peck | TM Aerial ace, Fly, Peck
    + Psychic
    + Wish, Confuse ray, Psycho shift, Miracle eye, Flash, Power swap, Guard swap, Me first, Tail Wind, Leer, Teleport, Lucky chant
    + Night shade, Future sight, Omnious wind
    + MT Giga drain, TM Shadow ball, EM Faint attack, EM Steel wing

    Lv 100 male durant [premier ball]
    + Iron head | Metal claw
    + X-scissor | Bug bite
    + Crunch | Guillotine, Dig, Bite, Fury cutter, Vice grip
    + Metal sound, Iron defense, Entrainment, Agility, Sand attack, Metal sound, Iron defense, Guillotine

    Lv 100 male whimsicott [pokeball]
    + Fairy wind
    + Energy ball | Solar beam, Giga drain, Razor leaf, Mega drain, Absorb
    + Endeavor
    + Sunny day, Cotton guard, Helping hand, Charm, Poison powder, Cotton spore, Stun spore, Leech seed, Growth

    Lv 56 female mightyena [pokeball]
    + Bite, Assurance
    + Tackle
    + Roar, Embargo, Odor sleuth, Sand-attack, Scary face, Taunt, Swagger, Howl
    + MT Foul play, TM Drain punch, TM Dig, EM Yawn, Fatal Attraction, Thunder wave, Tickle

    Lv 33 male lombre [leafball]
    + TM Energy ball | Mega drain, Absorb
    + HM Surf | Bubblebeam
    + TM Brick break, TM Ice beam, MT Fire punch, MT Thunder punch, TM Facade, MT Giga drain, TM Secret power, MT Drain punch | Natural gift, Nature power, Astonish
    + Growl, Icy wind, Charm

    Lv 11 female frillish [cable]
    + Bubble
    + Night shade
    + TM Dazzling gleam, MT Giga drain, TM Ice beam, MT Shock wave, Absorb
    + Water sport

    Lv 5 female snorunt [cable]
    + TM Ice beam | Powder snow
    + TM Shadow ball
    + Double team, Leer
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    9 Pokeball set
    1 Premier ball
    2 Friend ball, friend ball
    Jovial pokeball
    Level ball
    2017 New Year ball
    10 Pokeball set
    Premier ball
    Valentines ball
    1 Luxury ball

    Berry bag
    4 Apicot berry, Apicot berry, Apicot berry, Apicot berry
    Aspear berry
    3 Babiri berry, Babiri berry, Babiri berry
    Belue berry
    4 Bluk berry, Bluk berry, Bluk berry, Bluk berry
    2 Charti berry, Charti berry
    2 Cheri berry, Cheri berry
    2 Chilan berry, Chilan berry
    1 Chople berry
    3 Coba berry, Coba berry, Coba berry
    2 Colbur berry, Colbur berry
    3 Cornn berry, Cornn berry, Cornn berry
    Custap berry
    Durin berry
    6 Figy berry, Figy berry, Figy berry, Figy berry, Figy berry, Figy berry
    2 Ganlon berry, Galon berry
    6 Grepa berry, Grepa berry, Grepa berry, Grepa berry, Grepa berry, Grepa berry
    8 Haban berry, Haban berry, Haban berry, Haban berry, Haban berry, Haban berry, Haban berry, Haban berry
    5 Hondew berry, Hondew berry, Hondew berry, Hondew berry, Hondew berry
    10 Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry, Iapapa berry
    4 Jaboca berry, 3 Jaboca berries
    3 Kebia berry, Kebia berry, Kebia berry
    8 Kelpsy berry, Kelpsy berry, Kelpsy berry, Kelpsy berry, Kelpsy berry, 3 Kelpsy berries
    2 Lansat berry, Lansat berry
    6 Leppa berry, Leppa berry, Leppa berry, Leppa berry, Leppa berry, Leppa berry
    Liechi berry
    6 Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry, Lum berry
    6 Mago berry, Mago berry, Mago berry, Mago berry, Mago berry, Mago berry
    8 Magost berry, Magost berry, Magost berry, Magost berry, Magost berry, Magost berry, Magost berry, Magost berry
    2 Micle berry, Micle berry
    7 Nanab berry, Nanab berry, Nanab berry, Nanab berry, 3 nanab berries
    2 Nomel berry, Nomel berry
    8 Occa berry, Occa berry, Occa berry, Occa berry, Occa berry, 3 Occa berries
    3 Oran berry, Oran berry, Oran berry
    2 Pamtre berry, Pamtre berry
    3 Passho berry, Passho berry, Passho berry
    Payapa berry
    9 Pecha berry, Pecha berry, Pecha berry, Pecha berry, Pecha berry, Pecha berry
    Persim berry, 3 Persim berries
    9 Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry, Petaya berry
    3 Pinap berry, Pinap berry, Pinap berry
    3 Pomeg berry, Pomeg berry, Pomeg berry
    7 Qualot berry, Qualot berry, Qualot berry, Qualot berry, 3 Qualot berries
    5 Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry, Rabuta berry
    7 Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry, Rawst berry
    5 Razz berry, Razz berry, Razz berry, Razz berry, Razz berry
    2 Rindo berry, Rindo berry
    9 Salac berry, Salac berry, Salac berry, Salac berry, 3 Salac berries, Salac berry, Salac berry
    3 Shuca berry, Shuca berry, Shuca berry
    Spelon berry
    6 Starf berry, Starf berry, Starf berry, Starf berry, Starf berry, Starf berry
    7 Tamato berry, Tamato berry, Tamato berry, Tamato berry, Tamato berry, Tamato berry, Tamato berry
    2 Tanga berry, Tanga berry
    3 Wacan berry, Wacan berry, Wacan berry
    Watmel berry
    2 Wepear berry, Wepear berry
    6 Wiki berry, Wiki berry, Wiki berry, Wiki berry, Wiki berry, Wiki berry
    4 Yache berry, Yache berry, Yache berry, Yache berry

    TM Attract, TM Attract
    TM Blizzard
    TM Dazzling gleam
    TM Energy ball
    TM Egg bomb
    TM Frost breath
    TM Scald
    TM Swagger
    TM Tri Attack
    TM Water pulse

    Hard rock
    Mystic water
    Miracle seed
    Twisted spoon
    2 soft sand
    Silver powder
    2 metal coat
    2 blackglasses, Blackglasses
    Dragon gem
    3 Nevermeltice, Nevermeltice, Nevermeltice
    Dark gem
    Icy Rock
    Red card
    3 Fiery brew beer

    Moon stone
    Fire stone
    Water stone
    2 Thunder stone, Thunder stone
    Dawn stone, 2 Dawn stone
    Dusk stone
    Shiny stone
    Rose incense
    Yellow shard
    5 Heart scale, Heart scale, Heart scale, Heart scale, Heart scale
    Heart stone

    LiteBlue pokeblock (+20)
    Blue pokeblock (+20)
    +20 Indigo (beauty) pokeblock
    +20 olive (tough) pokeblock
    Passion pokeblock
    +20 Cherry poffin
    2 blackberry poffin

    1 Gummi bag
    1 Gummi basket
    3 red gummi's
    4 orange gummies, 3 orange gummi's
    3 yellow gummi's
    5 green gummi
    3 blue gummi, 3 blue gummi
    3 purple gummi's
    3 pink gummi's, 3 pink gummi's
    3 brown gummi's
    4 black gummies, black gummi's
    3 white gummi, 4 white gummies, 3 white gummi's
    5 grey gummi
    3 gold gummi's
    5 silver gummi
    5 clear gummi
    3 mysterious gummi's, 3 mysterious gummies
    3 royal gummi's
    3 grass gummi, 3 grass gummi
    6 plain gummies
    2 birthday gummi, birthday gummi

    1 seal case
    Black specs

    Froslass holo Rising Rivals
    Holographic Dark Dugtrio Trading Card
    Holographic Dark Magneton Trading Card
    Holographic Dark Slowbro Trading Card
    2 Birthday Pikachu, Birthday Pikachu
    Ditto promo card
    ND Dunsparce
    Rising Rivals Froslass, Rising Rivals Froslass
    Pikachu EX promo card
    Unown I
    Base cards
    Neo genesis cards
    Gym Heroes cards
    Blackout theme deck
    Jungle Power Reserve theme deck
    Brock theme deck
    Koga theme deck
    Water Blast theme deck

    2 Red flute, Red flute
    Swablu doll
    Right plusle
    Pika Doll
    Birthday slowpoke statue
    Rock-star pikachu doll
    Pikachu belle doll
    Pikachu PHD doll
    Pikachu lucha doll
    Pop star pikachu doll
    Bergmite doll
    Sparkly christmas tree
    Heartlax base item

    Plusle elf plushie
    Magical snorunt plushie
    Christmas dragonair plushie
    Lapras plushie
    Blueberry slushie, Blueberry Slushie
    Magical black glass rose

    Magical snowflake
    Unicorn horn
    Heart container
    Never ending birthday candle
    Merciless pepper of Quetzlzacatenango
    Frosted flake fall
    2017 New Year Popper
    Couple's pendant

    Town map
    Fishing rod
    Mega bracelet

    Approved Transactions
    66 rare candy(s)
    920971 coins

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