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Thread: Destiny Bond (Advanceshipping, PG)

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    Default Destiny Bond (Advanceshipping, PG)

    Destiny Bond (Advanceshipping, PG)


    (Known as Destiny Bond I: Aura Sphere on

    Sequel: Destiny Bond II: Sacred Fire

    So, um...hi.

    This will happen to be my first Pokemon Fanfiction. It's set in the late Sinnoh region and Advanceshippy.
    I've had this idea for a while, but now its nicely (hopefully) put into words.
    Constructive Criticism is appreciated.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Serebii version of this story (the one you're reading now) is properly formatted (i.e - Italics, Bold and the like) only after Chapter 10. I request that you read the first ten chapters on as the formatting is withheld there.

    I'll attempt to get the formatting done here to, but it's a cumbersome process, which will take time.


    Obligatory Disclaimer:

    I do not own Pokemon or any related intellectual property. This Fiction is in no way associated with Nintendo.


    Here's the Age breakdown on the Main Characters:

    Ash :15 years old

    (1 year Indigo League + 1 year Johto + 3 Months Orange Islands + 2 years Hoenn and Battle Frontier and 8 months Sinnoh)

    May: Nearly 13 years old

    (2 years Hoenn and Battle Frontier + 8 Months in Johto for her Grand Festival)

    Dawn: 10 years and 8 months old

    (8 months Sinnoh)

    Brock: Nearly 22 years old.


    Related Oneshot(s):
    What Came Before, What Lies Ahead


    Chapter List



    Chapter 1: Reunion Plans
    Chapter 2: An Aural Inauguration!
    Chapter 3: Hydrostatics
    Chapter 4: Polarity Practice
    Chapter 5: Draconian Delegation
    Chapter 6: Festival Finale



    Chapter 7: Turbulence
    Chapter 8: A Drop of Purity
    Chapter 9: An Inescapable Truth
    Chapter 10: The Diverge
    Chapter 11: Inverted Momentum
    Chapter 12: Water, Water Everywhere



    Chapter 13: The One Who Shines
    Chapter 14: A River of Light
    Chapter 15: An Ocean of Desolation
    Chapter 16: Unbreakable Bonds
    Chapter 17: Forward Assult
    Chapter 18: Tidal Wave


    Chapter 19: Destination Sunnyshore


    Chapter 1: Reunion Plans

    It was snowing violently in Snowpoint City, but after all; this wasn't described as the world's coldest region for nothing.

    The Sinnoh region, located far north of the Kanto-Johto landmass, was a cold, though admittedly, it was a rather beautiful place.

    The southern and eastern parts of the continent were nice, warm and comfortable. Of course, they were nowhere near the warmth of the sub-tropical climate of Hoenn which was located below the Kanto-Johto landmass.

    Right now, however, we find our trio at the Snowpoint City Pokemon Center, cosily protected from the frigid weather outside, rejoicing at the victory of a familiar Pokemon Trainer on having earned his seventh Sinnoh League Badge.

    The Battle with the Snowpoint Gym Leader; Candice, was not easy – as is expected of a Gym Battle. However, our hero pulled through (with a little bit of luck and quick thinking, naturally) and managed to secure the Icicle Badge.

    'We finally got our seventh badge, Pikachu!' came the voice of the boy with messy jet-black hair, covered partially by a hat. His features were not overly handsome in the classical sense, though his dark brown eyes portrayed the welcoming warmth of friendship and compassion.

    He had a well-built, muscular body, symbolic of his one and true passion: Pokemon.

    He held the blue Icicle Badge in the palm of his hand triumphantly. His two very good friends, and of course his very best friend, the yellow, mouse-like Electric Pokemon – Pikachu were excited at the thought of his needing only one more badge to obtain entry into the Sinnoh League.

    'So Ash – are you ready to win your last Badge?' asked the oldest of the Group. The Pokemon Breeder was fairly tall, at least compared to his fellow traveling buddies. He had brownish skin with matching spiky black hair. You could never tell whether his eyes were open or shut.

    'Sure I am, Brock! Right Pikachu?' Ash replied enthusiastically.

    'Pika!' exclaimed the mouse.

    'Don't forget though; I still have to get to the Grand Festival in Pastoria City!' interrupted the youngest of the group. She was a beginning Pokemon Coordinator, but was quite good at it. Her slim body was complemented by her blue eyes and blueish hair. She often wore a fluffy white hat on her head: Sinnoh was cold, after all.

    'We haven't forgotten that Dawn.' Brock answered, smiling slightly.

    'Yeah, next stop: Pastoria City!' Ash said. He looked out of the window and his expression dimmed, slightly; 'Of course, we can't go anywhere if it keeps snowing like this.' he commented.

    'I just hope it stops soon, though the forecast says it'll take two more days.' Dawn replied.

    'Don't worry Dawn, we'll get there, I promise.” said Ash. He soon left to the Pokemon Center's general hall, explaining that he was going to have a check on the Egg he had got from the mysterious traveler they had met on their journey.

    Dawn looked reassured. You can always count on Ash Ketchum to cheer you up, no matter what the situation. Ash was, after all, like the older brother that she never had, and she knew that Ash felt the same way.

    Downstairs, in the Reception Hall, Ash Ketchum approached the Center's Nurse Joy.

    He was really excited about the egg. After all, who wouldn't be? He had only ever got two eggs in his travels before; The First one in the Kanto Region, which soon hatched into the Pokemon Togepi.

    However, due to the fact that the first person Togepi saw was Misty, it became hers. Ash was a little disappointed of course, but as time passed, he didn't mind it at all. After all, he knew better than to get on Misty's bad side, and she was his friend – right? And Togepi left her eventually, though reluctantly, in the end.

    The second egg he had obtained, hatched into a Phanpy, an adorable, small and blue elephant which possessed a good amount of power. He picked it up from the Professor's lab for the Battle Frontier quest, or rather, Phanpy came to him, to be a part of his team again, evolving into a Donphan during his Battle Frontier Quest.

    But it, and most of his Pokemon, were all back at Professor Oak's lab and he missed them. He missed his friends to, although all of them were out fulfilling their dreams, and that fact made him happy; Misty was a Water Pokemon gym leader, Tracey was with Professor Oak – someone whom he really idolized, Max was in Petalburgh City right now, finishing school (he was devastated that he couldn't collect his first Pokemon on his 10th Birthday – he had totally forgotten that he needed to make up for all the school he had missed), and of course May-

    'Ash?' asked the Center's Nurse Joy, giving him her trademark smile.

    'What is it, Nurse Joy?' Ash asked her, spinning him away from his thoughts.

    'There's a message for you from someone called May, from the Olivine City Pokemon Center in the Johto region.' Joy told him.

    'May?' Ash repeated, not all that surprised. His friends were sure to keep in touch with him – after all they were his friends. May was just more in touch than Misty or Tracey – simply because she kept continually asking him for advice – he didn't mind that of course, their conversations often resulted in the development of battle strategies, beneficial to both of them; but it gave him the impression that she was ina real hurry to get her five ribbons. He never understood why she was being so hasty - she would then need to wait quite a while longer for the annual Johto Grand Festival.

    Ash brushed those thoughts aside, it was her problem wasn't it? He thanked Nurse Joy for the information and strolled over to the videophones. A few pressed keys later, May's smiling image flickered on to the screen. It was just a video message – not a normal phone call. This was surprising as May always used to call and talk – she was the chatty-type after all.

    She looked the same as ever – although the videophone concealed the entirety of her figure. On her head laid a neatly tied red bandanna with a pokeball symbol on the side. She had shining blue eyes that, coupled with a small smile and a fair face, seemed to give her a cheerful aura.

    'Hi Guys!' said May's image, still smiling for some reason. Clearly, she was addressing all of them, not just Ash or Brock.

    'I've finally got my fifth Johto Ribbon!' she continued. So that was the reason why she was so happy. The shiny gold ribbon managed to catch a brief glimpse of her phone's camera, courtesy of her gloved hand.

    'It's been a little tough without all your support, but I've finally made it through. The Grand Festival isn't till four months, so I haven't got much to do here.' She paused for a little while.

    'I'm on my way to meet up with all of you in Sinnoh!' May's image exclaimed.

    'Since Ash told me that you all are going to go to the Grand Festival in Sinnoh, I'm going directly to Pastoria City;' She paused for breath 'Can't wait to show you my new Pokemon. I'll be at Port Pastoria in three days.'

    'Bye!' She finished.

    Ash put the phone down.

    'Did ya' hear that Pikachu?' Ash asked his yellow friend.

    'Pika! Pikachu!' It exclaimed. Pikachu sure sounded happy.

    'Great then, let's go tell Brock and Dawn.'

    - - -

    'WOW, I GET TO MEET MAY??' Dawn literally shouted, hopping around the room with excitement.

    'That was something unexpected.' Brock agreed, 'I wonder why May was so eager to come though, but I guess she's feeling a little lonely in Johto and all.'

    I do wonder whether there is more to this than meets the eye. Brock thought briefly.

    'Well, you don't really get lonely when you face a challenge, especially with your rivals; But I think that you would feel lonely not meeting your friends for a long time.' Ash said.

    'I so hope that I get to battle her; It'll be good practice for both of our Grand Festivals!' Dawn said, still bouncing with excitement.

    'I'm sure you will Dawn.' said Ash. 'Still we need to wait for the snow to stop if we're ever going to get out of here.' He gave a small sigh and turned to the window, which was now completely white and completely opaque.

    - - -

    Two Days Later...

    'All Passengers, we have arrived at Pastoria City. Please be sure to check yo Luggage before leaving. We hope you enjoyed your journey.' The Captain of the ship announced on the ship's Public Address System.

    'We're here you guys!' Dawn exclaimed. Now her thoughts were focused on the Grand Festival.

    'Yeah, let's go find the site of the Grand Festival.' Brock suggested.

    The trio (and Pikachu of course) began walking down the road, with Ash holding his Egg tightly.

    They encountered a bifurcation in the road, there was a hastily painted sign, pointing to the right; to a dirt road. The sign read 'Way to Grand Festival'.

    The trio instinctively turned towards the dirt path. A few minutes of walking later, the eerie silence made them a little uncomfortable.

    'Are you sure we're going the right way?' Dawn asked, looking a little apprehensive.

    'Sure, the sign said that the path leads to the Grand Festival didn't it?' Ash replied, although he was feeling a little out of place as well.

    Suddenly, without warning, the ground gave away. Ash struggled to retain his balance – he still had the egg with him – he couldn't afford to let it fall. After a lot of muscle strain, he successfully managed not to fall in the trap – although Brock and Dawn weren't so lucky.

    The Egg, however, had slipped from his hand and the blue-black pattern gave the impression that it was rolling like a black marble over a blue floor.

    Ash tried to run for the egg, but first, he turned to look at Dawn and Brock, who had just managed to get on their feet after a copious struggle. They were all right. He positioned himself correctly and made a run for the egg, but he found that his path was blocked by an all-too-familiar Meowth hot-air balloon...

    So...there you have it. Kinda short. I actually write Sci-fi, and this is my first time writing Pokemon and Romance.
    I had actually outlined the plot for the sequel of this Fic. Turns out that I figured I have to give a decent explanation about how Ash and May get together.
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    How this is a going to be a great fic. Are you going to have May have the crush on Ash or are you going to develop there relationship without neither having a crush on each other but they start to love each other through the story. I hope you do but dont change your fic because of me. Also how did team Rocket know they were going to Pastoria. Great fic keep it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leafy-the-hedgehog View Post
    How this is a going to be a great fic. Are you going to have May have the crush on Ash or are you going to develop there relationship without neither having a crush on each other but they start to love each other through the story. I hope you do but dont change your fic because of me. Also how did team Rocket know they were going to Pastoria. Great fic keep it up.
    Thanks for the review
    Now for answer 1: You'll find out after a while. Right now, it depends on your interpretation.

    As for the Rockets: well they're always following the twerps aren't they? So they know.

    Next Chapter time:


    Chapter 2 – An Aural Inauguration

    Ash was irritated. His ears picked up the sound of Pikachu's quick feet as they scurried up the pitfall.
    As the Balloon gained altitude, he struggled up, and shouted, for what he felt the millionth time:

    'Team Rocket! GIVE ME BACK THE EGG!'

    Again, for what seemed like the millionth time, the owners of the balloon – A self-confident (but not at all successful) trio of 'thieves' gave their response.

    As usual, their first response was with their infamous Team Rocket Motto © .

    “Listen, Is that a voice I hear?” -came the voice of Jessie, the dominating, hyper tempered leader of the Trio and self-proclaimed actress, among many other things.
    She had a apricot-shaped face with red, gravity-defying hair. Apparently it was embossed in a bucket of hair gel.

    “It seems to me loud and clear.” -said James, the manly gent of the group. With vivid green eyes and an attractive shade of blue hair, he was a fanatic bottle-cap collector; with, quite literally, a very rich childhood.
    Team Rocket's alternating sequence continued...

    “On the wind.”
    “Past the Stars.”
    “In your ears!” -now comes Meowth. Team Rocket's Meowth. The Pokemon 'mastermind' of the trio, he had a sad, lonely history, which led him to learn human speech. He knew that he was unique by being able to communicate perfectly without telepathy to humans. Sometimes, he doubled-up as an interpreter.

    "Taking the Twerp's egg at a breakneck pace!"

    "Hatching it soon, and making dough in it's place"

    “A rose, by any other name's just as sweet.”

    “When every thing is worse, our work is complete!”

    “Meowth's da names!”

    “Putting the do-gooders in their place.”
    “Team Rocket” - “We're in your face!”

    “Waabuffet!” said Wobbuffet; an annoying (to Jessie at least, although it was an indispensable part of the team) and a weird blue pokemon, appearing to have eyes on it's tail.

    With their motto complete, they could now talk like normal human beings: rather more like criminal human beings - Unsuccessful ones at that.

    'Hah! Get the egg back yourself Twerp!' Jessie sneered.

    'You'll have a tough time taking the egg from our SuperBalloon Mark V' James added, subconsciously twinging his fingers.

    'Pikachu, Thunderbolt!' Ash commanded, as the rodent complied by promptly electrifying the Balloon.
    The only problem was – it didn't work. The electrical force dispersed instantly.

    'Da thing's specialized to be resistant ta all kinds of attacks – apart from da fighting type – which ya don' have.' Meowth commented, pressing buttons in quick succession on the remote. 'Ya' should know dat by now, Twerp.' he added.

    An expendable robotic arm lowered itself and established a firm grip of Ash's Pikachu – lifting it upwards to prevent any escape. After that, a net was launched from the base of the balloon. It was carefully aimed at Ash and it spread around him, causing him to be immobilized.

    'We're actually going to win this time' James exclaimed, doing a kind of celebration dance with his Mime Jr. who flawlessly copied his steps.

    The Balloon was now gaining altitude and the gap between it and Ash was widening.

    Out of nowhere, a blur of orange-red-fiery something appeared into Ash's field of vision. In but one sweep, it slashed at Ash, who, now immobile with shock was instantly freed from the ropes.
    He did manage to catch a fleeting glimpse of the figure as it took off for the balloon.

    It was humanoid, but tall; Covered with red and fiery colored feathers . It had jet black eyes and a mouth-like beak. Heat radiated from it's body with furious intensity. Unmistakably it was -

    'Blaziken, Sky Uppercut!'

    There was that sugary voice. The same one he had heard over the videophone. Right now, it had a mixture of anger and forcefulness attributed to it – the same can be said, at least for now, about the person from whom the voice originated.

    May, along with Brock and Dawn, walked into view. Before any reaction from either side (Ash and the others), there took place a reaction from a third side – the side of Team Rocket and their balloon. The mechanical arms released their forceful grasp, causing two objects – one living and one soon-to-be-living to immediately follow the laws of gravity.
    Pikachu fell, right on top of May's head, causing the later to nearly lose her balance. Ash had finally awoken from what he felt like suspended animation and managed to catch hold of the egg.

    Instinctively, the now-quartet looked up to see and hear Team Rocket scream 'We're Blasting off again!' - their standard exit sentence.

    Well, at least that fiasco was over.

    The quartet – and Pikachu – gave a short sigh. The silence was cut by May, who went over to Ash (who was still sitting on the ground due to the momentum of catching the egg) and helped him get up.

    May's figure was now visible. The same red bandanna with the red outfit and yellow fanny pack; the hourglass-shaped body and those deep sapphire-blue eyes, all in place.

    Grinning, she said, 'Well I've got to settle the score don't I?'

    Ash and Brock gave each other a glance. A moment later they both burst out laughing – Pikachu joined in too.

    'Am I missing something?' Dawn inquired. Being comparatively new to the group, she was oblivious to the fact, at least in practicality, about how Ash had saved May through some tight spots countless times.
    It seems that May finally returned the favor for once.

    'Forget it.' Ash said, brushing the dust off his trousers.

    'Anyhow, I believe that a few introductions are in order. May, Dawn?' Brock said

    'We already know each other from the phone, but hi.' said Dawn, smiling extending her arm. May took it and returned the gesture.

    'We better get going, or we'll be late.' Brock suggested.
    The quartet started walking back to the port, planing to reroute their path after asking for directions.
    On the way, May explained how she managed to find them: Her ship arrived a mere fifteen minutes after their, and she was trying to catch up to them.
    She had found the same old detour sign that Team Rocket had placed to mislead our trio, but had correctly deduced (especially since the paint was of low quality and was peeling..) that it would have been a trap. She ran to warn them and the rest was now history.

    'Well May, you certainly showed an unusual amount of brains today.' Ash teased her, earning himself a small whack on the head.

    - - -

    Pastoria City was the site of the annual Sinnoh Grand Festival – the tournament where Pokemon Coordinators from the Sinnoh region and beyond came to compete and meet their match in a series of appeals and contest battles.

    The Festival campus was massive – around half the size of a regional Pokemon League campus. Grand Festivals had way fewer participants that Leagues – around a fourth to give an estimate. This was because there was only one winner in every contest, or two in every tag-contest. Further, due to there being a monthly schedule of contests from selected locations, there were merely 200 or so participants total in a Festival, including those who were making a comeback after years of winning the ribbons of the respective region.

    This way, theoretically, the chances of becoming the region's Top Coordinator was greater than winning a regional League Championship. Of course, it was not so. Every single participant in the Festival had won five ribbons over many other coordinators who had participated: this proved that every challenge in the Festival was going to be a lot tougher than the last.

    May and Dawn, both great coordinators - understood this perfectly. As with any trainer, there was no room for overconfidence (a lesson which Ash had learned and relearned when he battled Prima and Drake – members of the Elite Four.)

    Our group stood in awe admiring the design of Pastoria Stadium. It had the shape of a perfect ellipse, smooth to every last degree. The vivid multi coloration made it appear as if the stadium possessed a magical aura of beauty and symmetry; two things highly valued in the fine art of Pokemon Coordinating.

    'Alright Sinnoh Ribbon Cup, you're MINE!' said Dawn, with a renewed determination as she started on a short spring to the campus's Pokemon Center for registration.

    'Dawn, wait up!' Ash said, as the quartet broke out on a brisk sprint.

    'Feels weird to be watching a Festival Performance rather than being in it.' May thought, while still running.

    Having arrived, there, Dawn quickly registered and received her Festival ID and room allotment. The Grand Festival would hold it's appeal preliminaries tomorrow – and she needed to work on those; one last time.

    Before she could go, she saw a familiar someone; A girl with flaming red hair, a matching dress and deep red eyes.

    'Hey Zoey!' Dawn called out.
    The girl smiled and walked over.
    'Hi Dawn. So you made it huh?' she asked. 'By the way, who's your new friend?' continued Zoey, gesturing at May.

    May and Zoey exchanged hellos and, it seemed, they immediately became friends. May recounted to Zoey about how she came to be in Sinnoh right now and about her co-ordinating career. Zoey politely acknowledged her and was impressed about the brunette's achievements.

    'She's a lot nicer than Harley – and even Drew, at first. Dawn's lucky to have someone like this for a rival' she thought. It was true of course; with all the humiliation that she had suffered from Harley (who had suffered many losses from May in turn too), she had a prejudice about rivals which was cleared away when she met Tyson – Ash's rival who went on to win the Hoenn League championship.

    On another count, Ash was sitting on the couch, cleaning the egg; slowly and gently. He later gave it to Nurse Joy and was delighted when she said it was likely to hatch in just a few hours.
    Brock was delighted too, but that was for a...different reason (who knows what kinda fantasies he comes up with?). His 'delight' was cut short by the appearance of a blue, toad-like pokemon with yellow cheeks– Croagunk. It raised a violet-glowing paw which was injected into Brock's abdomen – causing Brock himself to turn a shade of violet and was later dragged away.

    - - -

    The Sky was alight with fireworks that night. Brock, Dawn, Zoey, and Dawn's other rival; Kenny; were at Pastoria Stadium for the opening ceremony.

    Ash wasn't there, though he wanted to be. He was, in fact, tending to the egg that was in the process of hatching. May was there too. She said she'd rather witness the hatching of a new Pokemon than watch the Festival opening (especially if it was her best friend's one too)– feeling a little out of place as she wasn't competing anyway (and that she would be witnessing her own Festival opening soon enough).
    Brock and Dawn understood that, of course, and went off on their way.

    So meanwhile, the egg was lying on a table and was glowing in a radiant white light. Ash and May simultaneously bent over to get a closer look.

    The glow stopped. Immediately, both Ash as well as May (although not Nurse Joy – she was quite a distance away, observing the monitors), felt a mystical, tingling sensation warmly escalating throughout their body.
    It was unique: their entire nervous system felt like it was getting flooded with a wave of indomitable energy of a vibrant nature. Ash vaguely recognized it, but couldn't remember when it took place.
    Anyhow, the feeling was only momentary as the baby pokemon opened it eyes: Deep red eyes with a large pupil.

    The Pokemon's anatomy was largely humanoid. It had the body of a fighter; paws meant to strike and legs meant to kick. The body was completely blue complete with foxlike ears : save for the legs and the eye portions (like a mask), which was black.
    It had a black projections on either sides of the head. Somehow, they seemed to be radiating a strange frequency.

    The Pokemon's deep red eyes locked with Ash's. For a moment's gap, there seemed to be a distortion of intense energy transversing between them. It stopped almost immediately, and Ash was sure that it must have been imaginary.

    The Pokemon then delightfully said it's own name: 'Riolu!'
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    great chapter. I dont know why people arnt reading this fic. They are missing out on alot. You keeping it like the anime and your not jumping into the love scenes straight away which is good because you have time to develop the story more. Hope more people reivew this Fic its quiet good.
    - Diamond Team

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    I like it, very nice stroy, well written with nice description and in character-ness! However u have quite the collection of grammar mistakes and sometimes u have awkward wording...u should find a beta to look over your story.

    Anyways, keep up the good writing and perfect interaction between Ash and May!

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    Thanks for the reviews!
    Pikashipper: Thanks for your advice about a beta, hope the next chapter is better in that way.


    Chapter 3 - Hydrostatics

    'It's so cute!' May squealed. Although that was her standard paraphrase at anything remotely cute, Riolu was quite adorable. Really. Pikachu, (who was sitting on Ash's shoulder as usual), cooed his approval of May's comment.

    'Congratulations Ash.' said Nurse Joy, smiling in the Joy way. 'Riolu are extremely rare – you're lucky that you got one. It is said that those who witness the hatching of a Riolu share a powerful bond of Aura.'
    May blushed slightly at this, although it wasn't all that clearly visible. Ash shrugged, and pulled out his Sinnoh Pokedex. May peered over to get a good look at it, as she had never seen a Sinnoh Dex before.

    The cool, computerized voice of Dextina read out Riolu's description:
    Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon. The aura that emanates from its body intensifies to alert others if it is afraid or sad.

    The newborn was curiously looking around, trying to familiarize himself with the new world he was in. He a curious expression on his face; maybe that was how his personality was going to turn out, or maybe it was just the curiosity that a baby's world has. Anyhow, it was surely a happy expression – and it felt happy to be around a happy Riolu: the emanating Aura makes you feel so.

    The Pokedex had more to say:
    Riolu's body is lithe yet powerful. It can crest three mountains and cross two canyons in one night.

    'What a cool Pokemon.' Ash said, enthusiastically. 'Wait there's more,' he continued, scanning his Pokedex, 'It says that Riolu evolve into Lucario.'

    'Yes that's right.' Nurse Joy replied, 'That's why Riolu are so rare.'

    'Come on May, let's introduce Riolu to the others!' Ash said excitedly, grabbing her hand had pulling her out of the Pokemon Center. He (and May) immediately felt that same sensation of infinite energy running through them the moment they made contact. This time, it persisted for just a little while longer.
    'Thanks Nurse Joy!' Ash said to the joyful Joy when he, Pikachu and May arrived at the door, almost as an afterthought.

    The duo found themselves at the Pokemon Center garden. The night was amicable, the air had the odor of burnt Phosphorous: apparently, the inauguration ceremony was over. It was sad that they had missed those awesome fireworks, although you don't get to witness a Riolu hatching everyday now, do you?

    Striding over to open space, Ash threw his four pokeballs, which released his Pokemon from their pure energy state to their matter equivalence. His Sinnoh lineup was quite impressive and he was proud of that fact.
    His Pokemon stood in line. The right-most one had the appearance of a purple monkey, with two tails, each with a fist attached to the end. Ambipom had been with Ash before he came to Sinnoh – though it had evolved quite recently in the battle against Candice.
    Next came an intimidating bird with black and white color alterations on his body. Staravia was the first Pokemon Ash had captured in the Sinnoh region. Back then, it had been a tiny little Starly.

    A shrub-like pokemon was standing next. This Grotle was the fastest of it's kind – impressing every Gym Leader that he had fought under his trainer's guidance.
    On the far left, there was a sea creature with beady black eyes and a blue-white body. Shellos was a water Pokemon which Ash had rescued during the course of his journey.

    Riolu was greeted and treated hospitably by his new friends and partners who welcomed the newcomer into Ash's pokegang. Those who hadn't seen May before were also given her introduction: and seemed to like her almost instantly.

    Brock and Dawn didn't take long to come along; Both were pleasantly surprised at the newborn Riolu – no one was expecting this. They could somehow tell that Riolu had accepted them; his Aura emanations were his form of expression, and they could feel how he felt.

    Suddenly, there was a strange – yet familiar – churning, squeaky noise from the vicinity. It was followed by yet another sound of the same kind.

    'We haven't eaten yet.' Ash and May growled at the same time, creating a ripple of laughter throughout the group, which included Ash's Pokemon.

    - - -

    'Welcome everyone, to this year's Sinnoh Grand Festival!' exclaimed Marian, the Sinnoh contest MC. A roar of applause could be heard from the audience - eager to watch jaw-dropping appeals from some of the world's best coordinators.

    Our quartet wasn't in the stands yet however: Ash, May, Brock and Pikachu had gone backstage to give Dawn their final best wishes before the appeals started.
    Dawn was nervous – as can be expected, yet she had not allowed this nervousness to overcome her self-confidence. Her friends were constantly giving her advice:

    'It's just another contest Dawn.' Brock soothed her.

    'You're gonna be fine. Just focus on the appeals: Nothing else matters right now.' May advised; She (May, that is) had already been in two Grand Festivals (and so she had experience), with the third which was coming soon enough.

    'Pika!' Pikachu said encouragingly.

    'You can do it Dawn! We'll be cheering.' Ash said, raising his hand. Dawn give him a hi-fi and took off to the coordinators' waiting room, with a word of thanks to all of them.

    All in the stands we now we find May, Ash and Brock (in that order) sitting cheering for Dawn. Pikachu and Riolu, who was let out for a bit of real-world experience, were beside the railings cheering on.

    Marian had introduced the judges: Three Nurse Joys, Mr. Contesta and Mr. Sukizo.

    'In accordance to the Sinnoh Contest Association rules, the appeal is to be done using a combination of attacks from two Pokemon.' Marian announced.
    'Let's heat things up with our first participant: Zoey from Sunnyshore City!' she announced.

    The redhead gracefully glided to the stage and revealed her appeal Pokemon: A Shellos, like Ash's, only pink in color; which indicated that it was from the Western Sinnoh region.
    Accompanying it was a Grey cat with a very springy tail: her Glameow.

    'Shellos use water pulse! Glameow, combine it with Sucker Punch!'

    The pokemon complied. Shellos built up a kind of aqua fountain out of water pulse, growing higher and higher. At it's peak, Glameow used Sucker Punch and the attack promptly turned the fountain into a small wave that spread out it all directions, making an incredible prism effect; before eventually dissipating.

    'Great, now do it in reverse!'

    This time, Glameow lit the arena with the intensity of it's sucker punch. The Water Pulse attack from Shellos drowned the whole arena with water, save for just a small part at the center, which was glowing with a mystical light. The effect was quite dazzling.

    The crowd and the judges were impressed after such an original performance. The rated Zoey's appeal a neat ninety-two out of hundred.

    'That was a really good appeal.' said May thoughtfully. 'Ya' know, her style is almost like Drew's when we were in the Hoenn Festival.'

    'Zoey's good May, but I like your appeals better.' Ash said absently, his eyes never leaving the arena where the next performer (Kenny) had showed an awesome combination of Bubblebeam and Psychic,
    earning him a score of eighty-seven out of hundred.
    'It's Dawn you got to watch out for. She'll be a tough rival for you.' Ash told May, now looking over to where Riolu and Pikachu were; the railing.
    'She's taken a lot of training from her Mom, who's a Grand Festival winner by the way.' Ash added.
    'I've taken a lot of training from someone who has won the Battle Frontier and managed to save the world a couple of times.' May said quietly into Ash's ear, who gave a slight blush.

    'Riolu seems to be enjoying himself.' Brock commented, pulling Ash and May's attention away to the soon-to-be Lucario, who was gazing with a lot of interest at the Arena. Apparently, it was ready to jump right in, but thankfully, this didn't happen as Pikachu was restraining him. Ash, whose interest was sparked again, remembered something that Paul had told him: He took out his Sinnoh Dex and checked the attacks which Riolu could perform.
    Seeing the list of attacks, his face lit up as if he'd just been informed that he was having three birthdays this year.
    'I gotta go and train Riolu after Dawn's appeal.' He thought.

    Dawn's turn came out soon enough. Her nervousness didn't show on stage, where it was encapsulated by fiery determination. She was wearing her pink contest dress and ran over to the arena with great enthusiasm.

    'Pachirisu, Buizel: Spotlight!' said Dawn, releasing her cute electric Squirrel and her sea otter in a shower of sparks and bubbles, courtesy of the ball capsules.

    'Water and Electricity, this should be interesting.' Brock said.

    'Buizel, use Water Gun! Pachirisu, use Spark!' Dawn commanded.
    The otter pokemon unleashed a beautifully symmetrical jet of water, and the electric squirrel send out a spiraling channel of electricity. The effect was unique; Pachirisu could control the current so that Buizel would not be affected and maintain a kind of yellow radiance from the jet of water.

    'Now Buizel, jump and spin!' Dawn ordered.
    Buizel complied, jumping high into the air and spinning gracefully, carefully aiming it's water jet at the ground. Buizel managed to stay airborne due to the force of his water jet.

    'My, what a wonderful sight! Buizel is spinning beautifully against the force of gravity, propelled by it's own water jet!' Marian commented.

    'Alright Pachirisu, how about a Thunderbolt!' Dawn instructed.

    Pachirisu electric field began to grow...and grow. The field had now engulfed the entire arena, and approached the critical point when it broke off into a million shimmers of packets of energy.

    The water jet spiraled around a final time and Buizel made a perfect landing on stage. Dawn and her pokemon bowed before the audience, while her friends cheered on.

    'Excellent Performance. The way you managed to strike a balance between your usage of electricity and water was wonderful.' Mr. Contesta remarked.

    'Remarkable!' said Mr. Sukizo, his well-known catchphrase.

    With the Nurse Joys giving their positive remarks, Dawn's score was a neat eighty-nine out of hundred.

    'Great Appeal. You've got some tough competition May.' Ash said, a bit more seriously this time. He stood up from his seat, going to get Riolu. He handed over Pikachu to May (it wanted to stay and watch the appeals), who said, 'Someone needs to give me some training.'

    'Riolu vs. your new Johto Pokemon. Today, I promise.' Ash said smiling, taking Riolu with him on his way to the exit.

    Ash and Riolu managed to find the exit, and soon came out of the adrenaline-filled Festival Stadium. But, Team Rocket are never behind and soon enough, and extensible robotic arm appeared into sight, going directly for Riolu.

    'Listen, Is that a voi-' Jessie began, but she was cut short.

    Riolu had unexpectedly dodged the arm as if the arm was a Slowpoke trying to do a tackle attack.

    'How dare You!' Jessie said, mad with rage. 'You didn't even let us complete the motto!'
    'Waaabuffet!' said Wobbuffet.
    'Try this, ya' blue blob!' said Meowth, pressing buttons on his controller with furious intensity and speed.
    The Robotic Arm repeatedly tried to grab the baby pokemon, but remained unsuccessful.

    'Riolu, Force Palm!' Ash commanded.
    This order was almost unnecessary as Riolu seemed to have sensed his master's thoughts.
    He raised his hand, with his paws wide open. Radiants of a yellowish color began to gather at the center of the palm. With one a single stroke, the robotic arm broke into a thousand pieces. Another blow, this time at Team Rocket's balloon, and the next second they were vanishing into a distant part of the sky, blasting off once again.

    'T-that was totally cool!' Ash said, still in awe at Riolu's amazing skill and speed.


    It's a little tricky not to get too much Dawn focus into the fic, and at the same time maintain a flow of advanceshippy hints. I've tried anyway, tell me what you think.

    Bah, Serebii doesn't keep my Openoffice Formatting. At least does.
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    Where are you Serebii reviewers gone?

    - - -

    Chapter 4: Polarity Practice

    'Brock's super special, coming up!' said Brock, who was busily maneuvering the ingredients in the right places in the outdoor mini-kitchen of the quartet's assigned Grand Festival residence.

    Ash was spending this time narrating the Team Rocket vs. Riolu incident to the two girls, right after he was told delightful news about Dawn's qualification to the next Festival round.
    The Pokemon were already savoring a meal of Brock's mouthwatering (even for the fire types), poke-cuisine. The breeder was already busy in preparing a meal for the human members of the group – two of them didn't like waiting for food, but decided that Brock's maxim of 'Pokemon First' (apart from attractive Ladies that is), would have to be accepted for now.

    After all, the double celebration of Dawn's beautifully choreographed appeal as well as Ash's fantastically brilliant Riolu was one which deserved a particularly delicious gourmet. Brock had promised this one right after Riolu hatched – and now, he had to make it even better; seeing as Dawn had managed to attain a commendable score in the Festival appeals. But that didn't matter to him, he loved to cook.
    Anyhow, the food was ready before long. Our human members attacked it as soon as it touched the table – even Dawn was a little hungry this time.

    While the group was in the stage of devouring their dessert, May politely reminded Ash about his battle promise.
    Ash, immediately fired up for the battle, replied in the affirmative.

    Ash called for Riolu from the ensemble of the quartet's pokemon. However, this proved to be unnecessary as the Aura Pokemon had sensed his master's thoughts and was by his side the next instant.
    'Did you enjoy your dinner Riolu?' Brock asked, coming over to referee the match, while Dawn came skipping along too (There's no way I can miss this!).
    Riolu nodded politely at the Breeder, who looked pleased due to that fact that he could somehow tell that Riolu really did enjoy it: as if it had directly beamed it's emotions to Brock.

    All the Pokemon had formed an irregular circle, so that they could see the battle. This was kinda like a boxing arena of sorts, where the Pokemon proved to be the boundary line for the battle field. Brock stood directly at the centerline of the irregular field, although on the edge of it's boundary.
    Ash and May, with Riolu and a cute green Pokemon which had a large yellow flower on top.

    “Skiploom, the Cottonweed Pokemon.” came the voice of Dextina, originating from Ash's Sinnoh Dex. “It blooms when the weather warms. It floats in the sky to soak up as much sunlight as possible.”

    'Watch out Ash, my Skiploom is way stronger than it looks.' May said, gazing directly into the latter's chocolate eyes. A synergy of energy once again sparked between them, stronger than before.
    'What's going on?' were the thoughts that emerged in both their minds as they unknowingly strengthened their focus on the energy synergy.

    'Um guys?' asked Brock. 'Do you want to start a Pokemon Battle or a staring contest?'

    'Sorry!' both of them said, a little embarrassed. Their pokemon let out a few silent snickers – Dawn look totally confused while Brock had, for a tiny moment, a thoughtful expression on his face. Pikachu wasn't really paying attention, as it was constantly being 'pestered' by Dawn's Buneary while talking to Pachirisu (the two had developed a very close friendship during the Space-Time incident, where both the electric-types had gained the distinction of having helped save the world from an infinite quantum entanglement).
    'Alright Riolu, let's go!' Ash commanded, as that old, familiar fire of determination was ablaze in him again.

    'Skiploom, let's take the stage' said May, directing her Cottonweed onto the ground.

    The two opponents stood face-to-face. Brock signaled the battle to begin, by raising both his hand in the traditional referee style.
    May moved first, signaling Skiploom to begin the battle by flying up. It hovered effortlessly, guided by the fluid motion of the wind: something it could sense flawlessly.

    Riolu was ordered to use Focus Punch. With an impressive high jump that could have put Blaziken to shame, a radiant fist connected with Skiploom's body, although the latter quickly used a Gust attack to lessen the impact of Riolu's Focus Punch.
    Now it was Skiploom who attacked. The Gust attack continued gracefully at her trainer's command. With a contest maneuver, May ordered Skiploom to use Razor Leaf.

    A flurry of razor-sharp leaves clashed directly upon Riolu, who was unable to dodge in time as the velocity of the leaves had been augmented by the Gust attack.

    'Typical contest move. Let's give May something she won't expect.' Ash thought, as his focus on the battle intensified. He soon found an opening.

    'Alright Riolu, sidestep the attack!' He commanded.

    The Aura Pokemon complied, moving in a speedy zigzag to avoid the Gust-Razor Leaf combination. His attempt was fruitful as it followed up by suddenly jumping in the air. Skiploom wasn't ready for this. The baby Lucario had barely stopped it's combination attack when Riolu used Force Palm.
    The fighting type attack, though not very effective, was successful in getting the Cottonweed out of the air. Skiploom crash landed on the ground, down but not out.

    'Skiploom, Cotton Spore and follow up with Aerial Ace!' May ordered.

    A white substance (probably Cotton), ejected out of Skiploom, significantly decreasing Riolu's Speed.

    Next, the Cottonweed disappeared in a flash of white light, immediately reappearing again and again. This was another one of May's contest combinations: using Cotton Seed's remaining cotton to totally confuse the opponent's senses while bringing it down using a critical attack.
    But Riolu was ready. Why? Because it was not limited like other Pokemon to five senses – and May had forgotten this. Although it had to endure a hit due to the dead-on accuracy of Skiploom's attack, he was able to avoid the most of the attack by the proliferation of his Aura guidance.

    'Great work Riolu, Now let's finish this with Iron Tail!'

    The emanation Pokemon complied by preparing a glowing tail for attack. It manged to get into the perfect position to hit Skiploom and scored a direct hit with one tail flick.

    That hit proved to be the final blow for May's Skiploom; exhausted, it collapsed completely.

    'Ash and Riolu are the clear winners!' Brock announced.

    Riolu did a very weird thing: It gave May and Skiploom a short bow, and went over to Ash. It beamed a wave of emotion to Ash: something which clearly said 'I'm happy at my first victory'. Somehow, his trainer could tell exactly how he was feeling, and what he was trying to say.
    Unknowingly, Ash transmitted his own thoughts of thanks: having absolutely no idea how he managed to do it. Riolu sure seemed a lot happier. Satisfied, he went over to to the other pokemon who gave him a pat on the back for doing a good job.
    Shaking off this emotional contact, Ash went over to thank May for a great battle; something that aroused that same tingling emotion again as they came into close proximity.

    'Where did Riolu learn those manners?' asked May, curious about the fact that the newborn could be aware of something so mature as giving so much respect.

    'Surely not from it's trainer.' Dawn answered, teasing Ash and getting her hat pulled over her eyes in the process. Ash had been doing that a lot lately, it had become his standard action whenever Dawn teased him like that: reminiscent, though highly unlike what May usually did to Max when he was teasing her.
    May giggled. Brock explained to her that Ash and Dawn didn't fight around 'silly little things' as much as a real pair of siblings would (obviously hinting at hers and Max's endeavors), but it was, for him at least, a welcome change form the monotonous action of their long distance travels. Of course it could get a little irritating sometimes.

    It was then that our group noticed something odd: their pokemon weren't laughing. They were silent and seemed to have eyes only for the sky at the moment.

    Four pairs of human eyes followed their Pokemon's line of vision. Then they saw what the disturbance was about; the quiet of the night sky was being disturbed. If one listened carefully, a nerve chilling, bone rending noise was audible: a voice that seemed to encompass all the ages of the Earth, all the ferocity of the storm and all the violence of the stormy Sea.
    This trailed in from a gigantic formation of rapidly rotating dark clouds: something created by this absolute force. Ash found himself feeling a very uncomfortable tingle at the sight of these clouds: as if he could feel it was something really terrible.
    But then, it stopped. Almost in an instant, it seemed that the gentle silence of the night had been restored and that the environment went back to normal. Still, that momentary desolate feeling had not vanished from our quartet: Ash seemed a little bit more affected by it than usual, although he was also the first one to shake that feeling off.

    Almost involuntarily, Ash, May, Brock and Dawn recalled their pokemon. Without a word, they strode off, each of them knowing exactly where the others were going.

    - - -

    'What the hell was that?'

    This was the same question asked by each and everyone who had come to the Grand Festival's Pokemon Center. Nearly all the Festival participants were there anxious for news about that particularly odd weather phenomenon.
    Every eye was focused on the center's big Plasma TV, waiting for news to come.


    'We've been getting reports that an invariable large storm has been sighted all across Sinnoh's southern perimeter: seen near to Pastoria City's Grand Festival site.' reported Helena, Sinnoh's favorite news forecaster.
    'This weird storm phenomenon has been linked by our experts to the sudden inactivation of the Stark Mountain. The connection between the two is still unknown, especially the reason why the storm persisted only for a little while. We'll be back after a little break.' said Helena, while the screen flashed with indifferent advertisements.

    'Bad.' said Dawn. 'When did Stark Mountain become inactive?' she wondered aloud.

    'Around two days ago.' said Zoey, joining up with them. This was probably the first time that our group had seen her and Dawn so worried, despite Dawn's oft uttered maxim 'Not to worry!'.

    'Didn't you guys know? It's been all over the news lately.' she continued, now talking to all of them.

    'I don't even know what Stark Mountain is.' said May, wondering what they were so worried about and all.

    'Oh, you're new to Sinnoh aren't you? Stark mountain is an ancient volcano, located far north of here:In a place kinda like the Kanto Battle Frontier. It's a volcano that never erupts but is always active. The Sinnoh Legends tell of an incredible power living there, a power which through it's flames, keeps the southern side of Sinnoh warm and comfy.' Dawn, being a Sinnoh native, explained.
    'The wind here blows from far north to south: directly in the direction of Hoenn. This wind current spreads that volcanic warmth all over southern Sinnoh.' said Zoey 'Every native knows this, and it's what keeps the whole of Sinnoh from becoming like Snowpoint. We're that far north.'

    'So what about the storm isn't that -' Brock began, but was cut off by Helena announcing her return.

    'It has been confirmed' she said, 'That it was Rayquaza who was responsible from stopping the storm.'
    Images of the Emerald Dragon came on the screen. It had a very puzzled look on it's nearly expressionless face – as if it was trying to find something. Apparently it was shifting from side to side, searching for the source of the storm while also getting it's Airlock – the ability to block a weather effect – to spread everywhere, preventing the storm from proliferating.
    'We still don't know, however, what is causing it. Reports from the World Coordinator Forum have decided not to cancel the Grand Festival' (every coordinator present gave a sigh of relief: It was something that was on their minds) 'but to proceed with caution. The Second Round has been officially delayed by a day. The Grand Coordinator was unavailable for comment as she is out on a vital expedition; although the administration had declared to direct her to Sinnoh as soon as she returns: if the situation requires it.' Helena completed all this in one long breath.

    'On to Kanto, Cerulean City will be experiencing...' she carried off, going on about the weather of the other regions.
    'That was that.' said May, now looking a little scared herself. Apparently, the situation was serious enough to warrant Grand Coordinator innervation: something that hasn't happened in history. Of course, the position was newly created; whereby the Grand Coordinator was the best in the world, having won the Festival of every region, and so on. The qualification for GC (as the post was often called) and WC (World Champion, being the league equivalent), were quite near-impossible to accomplish.

    'Loooong way to go – at least Ash is closer to his goal than I am.' May thought mentally sighing, as she, Ash and Brock slowly exited the Center building, walking back to their residence. Dawn had excused herself: she wanted to call her mother.

    'Thank Rayquaza the storm's over.' Ash said, quite literally, as they came out onto the center's garden: the place which had been Riolu's first sight of the colorful outside.

    A slither of green flew over the festival sky, scanning the premises carefully. Not finding what it wanted, the Emerald Protector moved on...

    - - -

    Things become a little weird now don't they

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    hey there,
    your story is really awesome. I think it's very creative and all. I like how you divided it and how you started at the Grand Festival (One of my favorite parts of pokemon)
    I am also currently working on a story. It's not that popular yet, actually it's new. Please come and read and comment it. If you like it, tell all your friends. Im kind of desperate for someone to comment so I could start chapter 3.
    Great story, can't wait til ch 4
    bye xoxo may&mistylover

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    I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates, but my schedule hasn't left me in a considerable position to write. However, things are looking better now, and I'll be trying for regular updates.

    The Previous chappie was just a kind of preview of what is to come after the festival is over. If any of you are disappointed about the lack of advanceshipping, I'm sorry, but it will not get established so easily. Don't worry though, It will get established, hopefully, in a reasonable manner.
    Till then enjoy Dawn's performances, and thanks for the reviews!

    - - -

    Chapter 5: Round Two – Draconian Delegation

    A ball of dark energy sliced through to the electric squirrel. However, Pachirisu was quick and dodged it playfully. A command from it's trainer and it jumped on top of the ball, hence slowing down it's own momentum to gain just enough time to shoot out a jolt of electricity from it's cheek capacitors.
    But on the other side, the Evolution Pokemon was just a fast. Running in between the sparks, it managed to hit it opponent head on, and bite it hard, causing it to be knocked out.

    'Pachirisu is unable to battle, May and Eevee are the winners!' Brock announced, who was refereeing the match as usual.
    May went over to Eevee to give it a cuddle. She went over to Ash and Dawn, where the former was pointing out the latter's strategy flaws. The final round of appeals would be over soon - they had been postponed to today: the third day of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. The bizarre event of the first day was still fresh in everyone's minds. The second day was decided to be unsafe by the Contest Committee – after all, it's better to be safe then sorry – especially while dealing with the security of the thousands of spectators who had come to watch the Festival.

    However, the threat of the storm wasn't nearly enough to warrant our quartet to stay indoors. Dawn wanted to train – which was natural assuming the level of competition she was about to face - her rivals wouldn't be sleeping on the job either. May wanted to help too, but her first priority – for now – was shopping. She had promptly dragged Ash along with her as Brock and Dawn started training, the former highly sympathetic over Ash's misfortune.

    After a few hours of torment (for Ash) and delight (for May), they returned. Ash immediately went over to train with Dawn, to relieve himself of extreme boredom by the thrill of a battle. However, the after effects of those tormenting hours still gripped his mind. He barely managed to win. Somehow, he was certain that if it was anyone other than May he went to shop with – he would have fallen asleep on the spot.

    May had changed into the new clothes which she had bought here at the Festival. She was insistent on the fact that since Ash and Brock had got new ones in Sinnoh – why shouldn't she? This caused the shopping period to be extended by over an hour, where she finally decided upon a dress strikingly similar to the first one, but was blue in the places where the original dress had red – and white where the original had other colors. She completed this with a matching white bandanna which had an elaborate blue pokeball patten on it.

    The clothes were, essentially, of the polar opposite colors of her old ones. The blue-white appearance, matching perfectly with her sapphire blue eyes, made Ash comment that she looked like a Swablu, causing May to blush. Dawn commented that she now looked like a Swablu with fever, causing May to get emotionally upset. Ash tried cheer her up (which worked like a charm), while Brock explained to Dawn about how May had rescued a Swablu during their Hoenn journey which happened to be a pokemon she had become emotionally attached with.

    With that agonizing event over, the day soon progressed with a discussion about contest tactics, followed up by practice battles.
    Those battles extended till today: and Dawn had shown a lot of improvement during her determined fight against May and Ash. Yesterday, she had lost to May 2-1 and to Ash 3-2, but today, she drew with May in a series of four battles.

    Now, Ash was trying to teach Riolu some attack trick, along with the help of his other Pokemon. May and Dawn met up for a little chat after that intense battle.

    'That was great Dawn. You've done quite a bit of training.' said May. Even though she had won, Dawn was, as Ash rightly said; no easy going coordinator.
    'Thanks May. I'll still need to do a lot of work to be as good as you.' she replied. 'But not to worry, I'll get there.'
    'Hey guys!' said Brock, turning to them after a glance at the room clock. 'The results of the final appeal must be out, let's go and check it out!'

    'Alright!' exclaimed Dawn. She was out of the room, running to the Festival Pokemon Center before anyone could say “Pikachu”.

    - - -

    'You're tied with this Megretha girl Dawn. I wonder what she's like?' May questioned, curious to know the details about Dawn's opponent.

    'Well, Zoey is gonna battle Kenny.' Dawn replied, carefully scanning the results of the Top Thirty-Two. The Sinnoh Festival was more focused on Appeals than contest battles; this was a long held tradition.
    Unlike the Kanto and Hoenn festivals, the one here had two appeal rounds: which narrowed down participants to the best Thirty-two, unlike the traditional Sixty-four. This worked in the following way: The participants were divided into two blocks: A and B.
    The A block (which included Dawn and her rivals), had it's appeal on the Second day. The Top sixteen coordinators qualified into the best thirty two. They were joined by sixteen more coordinators from the B block, whose members showed their appeals on the Third day of the festival.

    'Is y-your name Dawn?' came a voice. A teenage girl walked up to the young coordinator and held out her hand. Dawn shook it. She had rather short hair for a girl and wore a dress made completely of the colors violet and cyan. This made a striking contrast to Dawn's black and May's white dress. She was slightly taller than Dawn, although a little shorter than Brock. But Brock wasn't even here! He had managed to say around one word to Nurse Joy before he was expertly dragged away by his Croagunk to Rayquaza knows where.
    Megretha had a blue pokemon by her side, who had a hard head. Her Bagon was constantly poking her leg, apparently wanting something.

    'I'm Megretha, your opponent. I'm in a hurry, but I've just come to meet you.' she said. She certainly looked like she was in a hurry: her Bagon was still pulling her leg periodically to remind her.
    'Anyway, g-good luck to you tomorrow. Y-You'll need it 'cause I'm a Dragon type coordinator.' she was stammering a bit now, it was noticeable.
    With that hasty speech, she practically ran towards the exit.

    'Well, that's a nice new rival you've got there Dawn... er, I think.' said Ash. 'You'll be having a tough time fighting a Dragon Type, I wonder how her appeals will be...' he drifted on.

    'It seems Dawn has a thing for getting only nice rivals' May said, a little disappointed.

    'Well, you get good experience from having annoying rivals May.' Ash told her. 'I've had my share of them; It's annoying but worth it. You wouldn't be where you are now if it weren't for Harley ... or Drew.'
    'Maybe that's true...' May replied, pondering his words for a moment.
    Ash turned to Dawn. 'And not to worry Dawn, you'll be fine tomorrow.' he said it with a reassuring smile: a smile that can lighten up anyone's day.

    'Really? But Dragon types are gonna be hard to beat aren't they?' Dawn said, a little nervous now.
    'Yeah, but with me and May's training, you'll have no problem'
    'I hope so. Well, not to worry...' she tailed off, dragging Brock along with them as they walked out into the quiet evening...a very cloudy quiet evening.

    - - -

    'Get ready everyone, to witness the spectacle of another exciting battle!' announced Marian, as the stage , as well as the crowd was set the next morning.
    'For our first pair of contestants, we have Dawn from Twinleaf town and Megretha from Veilstone City!'

    A roar of anticipating applause followed, wherein the two coordinators unleashed their two sets of pokemon.
    From Dawn's side, out came her ever reliable penguin Pokemon: Prinplup. Alongside it stood a chocolate colored bunny, looking ever confident.
    Megretha unleashed her Bagon and a curiously shaped blue Dragon type Pokemon. It looked like a cross between a shark and a dragon: intimidating in any case.
    Luckily for Dawn, she had seen a Gabite before, and had come up with the pokemon who would be the best to take out Megretha's dragon types.

    The two teams faced each other, the four pairs of eyes glowing with fierce determination along with their trainers. The timer was activated, causing the teams to spring immediately into action. Dawn's strategy was defense: she waited for her opponent to make the first move.

    'Bagon, let's start out with focusing your energy. Gabite, move in close and go for a Take Down attack' Megretha commanded.

    Her pokemon complied. Bagon stood perfectly still, and closed his eyes in concentration. His Focus Energy move may not have inflicted damage, but it was still beautiful to see. Gabite, on the other hand, quickly gained momentum while coming within close proximity with Dawn's pokemon. However, his Take Down attack was countered by Prinplup using it's steel armor by actively blocking it.
    However, this caused both the pokemon to sustain a little damage. It was followed by a tiny loss of points of both coordinators.

    Dawn tried to move out on the offensive, by ordering Buneary to use Ice Beam while connecting it with Prinplup's Hydro Pump. The effect was elegant; Hydro Pump served as a conductor for the Ice type move, thereby creating a beautiful column of ice which hit Gabite right on target.

    'Will you look at that!' exclaimed Marian, 'A Hydro Pump and Ice Beam combination which worked both beautifully and effectively.'
    A significant portion of Megretha's points decreased, but Dawn knew better than to become overconfident.

    'That was a good move' May said, cheering on her new friend.
    'Yeah, but I don't think Megretha's gonna let her off so easily.' Brock countered. Ash had remained silent, observing Dawn's tactics carefully. Pikachu and Riolu were doing the cheering duties.

    The Dragon type coordinator wasn't in the least bit about to give up. With an ingenious combination attack of her Gabite's Dragon Rage and Bagon's Headbutt, the two pokemon delivered a monumental blow to Buneary. A mix of these two completely radical attacks, where Bagon delivered a headbutt through her Gabite's Dragon Rage, simultaneously blocking Bagon from view was a novelty that commended itself. Clearly reflecting this result was the scoreboard: Both Dawn and her opponent had their points at the halfway mark, with two minutes of time left on the clock.

    But, Buneary had other plans. Before falling down, it mustered up it's last reserve of energy, unleashing an awe inspiring Ice Beam attack which hit the opponent Bagon dead center. This resulted in the judges declaring both Buneary and Bagon to be knocked out, leaving the two rivals to face a one-on-one battle.
    The situation was critical with excitement from the crowd's side, and with adrenaline pounding through the bodies of the two coordinators. It was a who-gives-the-other-a-red-signal-first match now, unless the combat could be refuted by skillful and innovative tactics.

    Dawn, it seemed, was the one who was going to have to use such tactics. Gabite, although worn out from the battle, was a powerful adversary against Prinplup. Though the latter did have a natural defense against the former, the Dragon type was still a force to be reckoned with.
    Gabite had woven yet another beautiful Dragonbreath attack which caused an expressive amount of damage on Dawn's tired Prinplup, as well as her battle score. Dawn ordered Prinplup to try and doge the succession of attacks that it's opponent was launching to buy her some time to think. She didn't have much time, and she knew it. Only Prinplup's defense was keeping it conscious.

    Come on Dawn, think, think. What did Ash and May tell you to do in situations like this?

    'You can do it Dawn!' she heard a voice from the stands, the voice that was the spark which led to a brainwave.

    'Prinplup, Hydro Pump in all directions!' Dawn commanded.
    The Penguin Pokemon generated a semi-continuous whirlpool of water. Surfing on top of the pool, it used in magnified momentum to propel itself at an immense speed towards Gabite.
    Gabite didn't see him coming, but he certainly felt the power of his opponent's Areal Ace. At a last attempt of resistance, it launched a Hyperbeam. The attack narrowly missed Dawn's Prinplup which moved in to deliver the final blow: a flash of high speed Metal Claw, and the Dragon type fell face first onto the arena's floor.

    - - -

    'YES!' exclaimed Dawn, bouncing with excitement as she came out of the stadium, giving an extra forceful hi five to Ash.
    'Ouch! Not SO hard' said Ash, his happy expression turning into an annoyed one. The bickering between the two soon followed up, almost instantly. Pikachu took refuge by jumping on top of May's bandanna.

    'Those two fight like siblings.' May sighed, speaking in the most matter-of-fact tone she had ever used.
    'Missing Max, aren't you May?' Brock questioned, a wearing a little sympathetic expression. May gave a small nod in response.
    'Don't worry, you'll get used to it. I really missed my brothers and sisters too, back at Pewter when I joined Ash on his travels.' reflected the Breeder, his minuscule eyes focusing somewhere down Memory lane. 'I learned to live with it. I guess sometimes you need to leave the people you love, at least for a while, to fulfill your dreams...' he trailed off.
    May stared at Brock. She hadn't heard him talking so sincerely for quite a while, and apart from that, she couldn't help but feel that there was a double meaning in his statement, somehow.

    'Hey D-Dawn?' asked a voice. The quartet turned around to see Megretha (which also stopped Ash and Dawn's bickering back to , who was wearing an expression of satisfaction on her face. She went over to Dawn and shook her hand.
    'That was a great battle Dawn.'
    'Hey thanks!'
    The two girls exchanged more pleasantries, and Dawn found Megretha's coordinating career to be fascinating. She excused her self and went off with her new rival, both of them ranting on about their style and art of Pokemon Coordinating.
    They got a little carried away and barely managed to make it in time to see the final minute of Zoey and Kenny's battle.

    It was a neck – to – neck battle. With one pokemon down on each side, Kenny's Alakazam and Zoey's Glameow were fighting to see which one of them could produce the most beautifully executed attacks.
    Alakazam had the advantage in power, but Glameow: sleek and speedy, had the upper hand in terms of attack choreography and beauty – the essence of a contest battle.

    The two opponents kept attacking and defending: creating spectacular combinations overhanging the Oval Stadium.

    The time ran out before anyone could know it. For a moment, it seemed that the world had stood still, and that there were dark clouds forming everywhere over the arena. It was really just the effect of the final explosion before the timer exhausted, but deep inside, the spectators felt that it was somehow connected to events taking place far greater than they could comprehend.
    Ultimately, the dust cleared. Zoey and Glameow were the winners as Alakazam didn't manage to stand still – but no one was celebrating. There was that ominous feeling again, and there were only two people in the crowd who were somehow able to comprehend it's magnitude.

    This feeling too dissipated, but not without foreshadowing a sense of despair.
    Leaving those feelings aside, our quartet gave Zoey a little cheer, firing themselves up with enthusiasm for the next round: an appeal round. However, none of them truly had any idea about what would happen after the Festivals festivities would end.

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    Post Nice.

    This gets better and better. I want more! Keep going!
    New pic coming soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Red
    "You have an allergy to me too!"
    Shows that love in Pokemon (or anywhere) has ups, downs and pits.

    I've been away to think, and I've come back a more mature human being.(I think...)

    R.I.P Michael Jackson. It's one year on, and the world still misses you.


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    Oh hey Earthborn, didn't see that you started a fic here. =)

    I haven't read the chapters yet, but from the character ages, setting, and even formatting, some things are seeming quite familiar, eh? =P

    Well I promise I'll get to it sometime, but right now, being 12:09 AM, I need to put some progress into my fic and then get some rest, which I've been lacking all this week. Keep up the good work that I bet you've been doing though!

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    Wow... WHAR IS THE AS???

    hehe, nice chappy btw. Now I'm hooked onto it. Will be back again when you post again.

    May look slike a Swablu? *XD*

    This is the start of a brand new journey...

    FF.Net +
    PB + DA + Blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by kawaii serebii

    Wow... WHAR IS THE AS???

    hehe, nice chappy btw. Now I'm hooked onto it. Will be back again when you post again.

    May look slike a Swablu? *XD*

    I've already explained that the AS will be slow in the development stage. The Next chapter will lighten things up a little I think ... I'll be taking a little more time to write it, unfortunately.


    Quote Originally Posted by cichawk

    Oh hey Earthborn, didn't see that you started a fic here. =)

    I haven't read the chapters yet, but from the character ages, setting, and even formatting, some things are seeming quite familiar, eh? =P

    Well I promise I'll get to it sometime, but right now, being 12:09 AM, I need to put some progress into my fic and then get some rest, which I've been lacking all this week. Keep up the good work that I bet you've been doing though!
    No probs, take your time. The ages may reflect somewhat, but the settings and emotional balance is significantly different from what you'd expect. It's meant to be a happy story you know .


    Quote Originally Posted by JB239874
    This gets better and better. I want more! Keep going!
    Last edited by EarthBorn; 27th October 2007 at 1:34 PM.

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    Wow, this is really good! I think that Riolu was the one Raquaza was looking for...the one to stop the impending disaster! May and Ash and will have some importent role as well with that, now that they have that mind link thingy.

    You use the term "latter and former" a lot. A little too much maybe...

    Can you please add me to your PM list?

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    As I said, I have arrived to drop off a very late review.

    I hope you do not take offense if this is a shorter review, 'cause I'd have five chapters to review. I'll post some generic comments here, and then give a more in-depth review for the next chapter. *nudge*

    Okay, This is good. I like how you are taking the romance slowly, and building on their friendship first.

    I LOVED the Swablu comment - I laughed out loud, and my annoying little bro came to look over my shoulder. (That bugs me SOOOOOO much.)

    I can appreciate your sci-fi style here, You are telling things in a more factual way, so it's not all dripping with bubbly, gigglesome, romantic style. It makes it easier to focus on the plot, and the characters, 'cause I'm not going totally ignoring the scenery. It makes a fuller mental picture.

    It's meant to be a happy story, you know.
    Oh, good. I really like those! Mine is gonna get darker soon, and I'll like being able to read some good happy stuff.

    Anyway, I'll see you around. Cant wait for Chapter 6!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel_Anderson View Post
    Wow, this is really good! I think that Riolu was the one Raquaza was looking for...the one to stop the impending disaster! May and Ash and will have some importent role as well with that, now that they have that mind link thingy.

    You use the term "latter and former" a lot. A little too much maybe...

    Can you please add me to your PM list?
    Hey thanks! I've kept the 'former and latter' thing in mind and I'll try and reduce it. I love to use it because it's really handy, that's all.
    And yeah, I've added you the PM List. I hope the other posters don't mind me adding them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zant View Post
    As I said, I have arrived to drop off a very late review.

    I hope you do not take offense if this is a shorter review, 'cause I'd have five chapters to review. I'll post some generic comments here, and then give a more in-depth review for the next chapter. *nudge*

    Okay, This is good. I like how you are taking the romance slowly, and building on their friendship first.

    I LOVED the Swablu comment - I laughed out loud, and my annoying little bro came to look over my shoulder. (That bugs me SOOOOOO much.)

    I can appreciate your sci-fi style here, You are telling things in a more factual way, so it's not all dripping with bubbly, gigglesome, romantic style. It makes it easier to focus on the plot, and the characters, 'cause I'm not going totally ignoring the scenery. It makes a fuller mental picture.

    Oh, good. I really like those! Mine is gonna get darker soon, and I'll like being able to read some good happy stuff.

    Anyway, I'll see you around. Cant wait for Chapter 6!

    I don't mind the 'short' review at all. In fact, I almost never post long ones myself, as you'd have noticed.
    I'm glad that your thoughts agree with my writing style. It is indeed intended for realism and clarity about the situation.

    Thanks for the review, and yeah, the Swablu thing was one of my own favorites of this story too.
    The story itself may become a little on the epic side, but I'll try to avoid a darker tone.

    - - -

    Now about the next chapter, I wasn't totally satisfied with the way it turned out, so I'm currently in the process of rewriting it from scratch. I hope it doesn't take too long, as it's probably going to be a bit longer than average.

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    This Chappie came out on three days ago. Serebii wasn't letting me post, so hey


    Chapter Six: Festivities Finale

    The massive display blazed with the results of the spectacular appeal session. Here were displayed the top eight coordinators participating in this year's Sinnoh Grand Festival; and Dawn was among them.

    But so were her two remaining rivals: Zoey and the two-in-one gentleman by the name of Nando. He was later going to compete in the Sinnoh League championships as well, facing Ash along with Paul.

    Three of the qualifying coordinators, one non participating coordinator, a trainer, a breeder and a Pikachu celebrated as the results of the Grand Appeal Round were declared.This was the last appeal session of the Sinnoh Festival. The three rivals were all in, and that's what they now wanted: their skills put to the ultimate test.

    The Fifth Day of the Festival was undeniably the most spectacular event in the entire tournament. Sixteen of the best coordinators fought their war: the war of beauty, the war of brilliance and the war of extraordinary grace and power. Appeals that many people could not have imagined in their wildest dreams took place here; appeals that took your breath away when your looked at them; moves that struck in the mind a sense of beauty and radiance encapsulating that of the entire Pokemon world.

    - - -

    The image flickered onto the screen. It displayed the face of a woman. She had blue hair and matching eyes, reflecting her clam but motherly personality.

    On the other side of the screen, there stood a breathless coordinator and her friends. The resemblance of the two females was accurate to the details of their hair and eye colors, but the one on the festival side was much younger.

    'Hi Mom!' said Dawn, smiling; she was happy to talk to her mother again, and especially happy to talk to her after achieving something.

    'Hello Dawn,' said Johanna, 'And before you say anything: congratulations. I saw your appeal on TV; not that bad you know. Oh and before you're at it again: don't tell me not to worry!' Johanna gave her daughter a wink. Dawn blushed with a little embarrassment.

    'Alright – and thanks mom. Did you see the appeal of that Leaf girl...' Dawn trailed off, chattering again.

    Meanwhile, May had sidestepped out of the Mother-Daughter conversation to receive a videophone call from someone.

    May adjusted herself in front of the phone. She smiled a little at the image of the person before her; he had green hair, eyes and isometric facial features.

    'Hey Drew. Finally got your last ribbon?' she asked.

    'Yeah, that one was easy.' Drew replied, 'I heard what happened at the Festival a few days ago. Are you alright?' he asked, a little concern visible on his face.

    'Yeah. I'm fine.'

    'So, have you asked him yet? Is it okay with him?' Drew changed to the topic for which he had made the call. He was curious to see if May was capable of the task which she had assigned to herself.

    'No, I'm sorry Drew.' she replied with a sigh. This conflicting part of herself had not risen lately due to the company of her friends, and she intended to keep it that way.

    'That's alright May.' Drew replied, although his expression remained static. 'You still have at least three months since the Johto Festival. Tell me there.'

    'Alright.' said May, relieved.

    'Fine. Remember, the Johto Ribbon Cup is gonna be mine! Bye!'

    With a flick of his green hair and a wink, Drew's image flickered off into blackness.

    May got up and put the phone's receiver back to it's stand. She went about thinking, her sapphire blues contracted in concentration...

    'Well, his arrogance hasn't come down much, has it now? He's still right though; I wonder what I should do now with so much going on...'

    - - -

    'Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to our next Top Eight Victory round battle!' Marian announced. It was a bright sunny day again, and everyone was sure that the weather patterns of Sinnoh were really going crazy. Truth be told, neither the PLA, nor the media had anything new to tell the world about Sinnoh's potential catastrophe, and in the Festival, it was business as usual.

    'We have, next, Zoey from Canalave City battling Dawn from Twinleaf Town!' exclaimed the excited Sinnoh MC, firing up the crowd.

    'Which of these two magnificent coordinators will win? Let's get busy!'

    With that, the ten minute timer went off, counting down the six hundred seconds which would decide the semi finalist.

    'Alright; Prinplup, Pachirisu; Spotlight!' Dawn commanded, letting her two favorite Pokemon out for battling against her primary rival. The ball capsules let the two battlers pop onto the stage with spectacular visuals.

    'Glameow, Gastrodon; Let's roll into action!' Zoey commanded, as the two Pokemon; the normal type Cat and the water type invertebrate came out with elemental showers from their ball capsules.

    May took the chance of looking Gastrodon up in Ash's Pokedex:

    “Gastrodon; The Sea Slug Pokemon. It has a soft and boneless body. Its damaged body parts heal and recover immediately.”

    'Not good! It must have evolved sometime now.' thought May. Ash and Brock were looking a little apprehensive too, although they had a little smile of confidence on their faces; they had seen Dawn pulling through before: why shouldn't she now?

    Dawn took the offensive without any waste of time. She ordered her Prinplup to attack Glameow with a tactful Bubble, followed by a Whirlpool. This created a spiraling channel of water packed withhighly explosive bubbles. That's right - explosive bubbles! Something definitely not desired in a bubble bath.

    The bubble-whirlpool was fast, but so was Zoey's Glameow. It couldn't evade the attack completely, but it did manage to dodge it sufficiently so that the attack didn't inflict a critical hit.

    Zoey had her Gastrodon replicate this attack; but Prinplup and Pachirisu managed to evade it.

    But this was a distraction. A Shadow Ball from Glameow managed to critically hit Prinplup, although the proud penguin would not go down so easily.

    A wildly excited Elesquirrel sent down a good thousand volt jolt down to it's opponents simultaneously. This created a momentary paralysis (and a drop of points for Zoey) where Dawn was able to revive her Prinplup for a combined and dazzling combination of Hydro Pump and Discharge. The current spiraled down the conducting water ... and was deflected back! The Sea Slug and the Cat used a combination of a speed agumented Shadow Ball and Surf to great effect. Gastrodon surfed on a array of tiny shadow balls and the force of the water knocked down both of Dawn's Pokemon – for the time being.

    With five minutes left on the clock, Dawn and Zoey were almost equal in points, although the former had a slightly higher score.

    But looking up, the sky was changing. It was the middle of the day, and yet the mercury suddenly went down. There was a flash of lightning, and the sky went dark. This caused our two coordinators to look up in surprise. Yet, they shrugged it off, and the battle went on.

    Prinplup let out a stream of bubbles. With the darkness of the sky, the light of the stadium, slowly switching on, dispersed into the optical spectrum. There was a bright rainbow on the stage – a pretty fast one which managed to hit Glameow.

    But the feline Pokemon retaliated by coming in close and striking the penguin with shadow claw. It's dark color offered it an advantage and made it nearly impossible to see – so it hit it's mark.

    Pachirisu emitted an electrifying Thunderbolt out of it's cheeks. The blue flash of electricity glimmered with sparkling radiance, severely hitting the type disadvantaged Gastrodon. A strange thing happened when Gastrodon, loosing it's balance, tumbled onto it's partner. Ironical though it was, the sheer weight of the Sea Slug Pokemon caused the shadow cat to faint, leaving Zoey with only one Pokemon.

    Gastrodon unleashed a Giga Impact: it's trump card; and attack of furious intensity where the heavy Pokemon rapidly gained momentum and charged like a projectile onto it's opponent – in this case – it was Prinplup.

    Suddenly, without warning, the clouds burst open to let the sunlight climb through. Prinplup was completely unable to adjust to normal conditions in time and the momentary flash caused it to lose it's focus. That was a fatal error: the Giga Impact was able to make contact – and it did make an impact. Prinplup, retaining it's proud posture, fell on the ground fainting.

    A small frown developed on both Dawn and Zoey's faces. Their eyes met for a moment, and they immediately understood each other: the weather was the weather – and it's effects on the battle had to be accepted, although both of them, as fair rivals wanted a fair battle.

    Now, it was just Pachirisu facing Gastrodon, with a mere minute remaining on the clock.

    'Come on Dawn.' Ash whispered, closing his eyes in focus. Brock was calmly analyzing the battle while May seemed to be in deep thought: her eyes were closed lightly, just like Ash, as though conveying an indescribable form of emotion to her new friend. Pikachu and Buneary were up front, cheering Dawn on.

    Pachirisu and Gastrodon kept on fighting. That fighting was graceful and spectacular – the essence of a contest battle. The elesquirrel's electrifying ability to overcome the Ground-type immunity and the Sea Slug's experience ensured that each of them could expertly evade, repel and retaliate at the other's attacks.

    This resulted in the timer finally expiring. After what seemed like a long battle, the scores of both coordinators were within a 2 margin – nearly a draw.

    'It looks like we have a tie!' Marian announced to the thunderstruck crowd. 'Since this is not permissible in a Grand Festival match, the coordinator with the highest appeal score shall move on to the semifinals!'

    'That means ... ' Dawn spoke, partly to herself, partly to Zoey.

    '...Zoey from Canalave City shall proceed to the next round, Congratulations Zoey!' Marian announced, checking the results from the Judges' desk.

    '...It's me.' Zoey answered, moving toward Dawn – who was looking disappointed. 'Don't worry Dawn, you've done great for your first Grand Festival.' she said, comforting her rival and giver her a hand.

    The two opponents walked out of the stadium, to an enormous roar of applause from the spectators.

    Outside, Dawn found that her friends were waiting, and although she had lost, they were still proud. It was over for her now, at least for this year; but Ash's Sinnoh challenge was still something to look forward to.

    - - -

    The next evening, the Festival was finally over. The conclusive battle for the Ribbon Cup was fought in a fiery encounter between Nando and a coordinator named Leaf – a girl perhaps Ash's age – who lost to the former. Nando had briefly met up with our quartet to say a quick – but gentle word of goodbye with his Roserade.

    'It would be most inadvisable to go through Valor Lakefront at the moment, Master Ash.' he added, courteously, with a little indication of seriousness on his face.

    'Valor Lakefront?' Ash asked, looking confused.

    'Oh, it's Sinnoh's best resort Ash!' May exclaimed, squealing a little. 'I've always wanted to go there, I've heard so much about it!'

    'Well yeah, we should be passing it on the way to Sunnyshore.' Brock said, 'But why shouldn't we go there Nando? It's on the way to the last Gym.'

    'There is a terrible storm brewing, and I bid it inadvisable to travel near the sea. A ferry service has begun which reaches Sunnyshore by traveling around the whole of Sinnoh – but it takes a longer period.' replied the Top Coordinator.

    'Oh, I see.' Ash said. 'We'll keep that in mind Nando, thanks.'

    'You're welcome. Now, if you permit, I must take my leave for I have the ferry booked. I look forward to meeting you at the Sinnoh League, Master Ash; Although I doubt my trainer skills are as good as my coordinating ones.'

    With a quick bow and a swish of a robe, he left with Roserade following up behind.

    Next, our quartet had to decide weather it was worth risking the storm for the Valor Lakefront – but for now, it was time to relax for a little while before setting off on their journey once more – but this time, they had a new Pokemon and an old friend with them.


    A little trivia:

    Dawn losing because of her appeal score is reminiscent of the fact that she is the only protagonist in the Pokemon anime to have lost like that in the Hearthome Contest.

    Drew wants something from May...I wonder what it is?

    So, that was the last chapter of the Festival. I think we'll come to the main plot now, as well as increase the advanceshippy content gradually.

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    That's right - explosive bubbles! Something definitely not desired in a bubble bath.
    ^I can agree with that...

    '...Zoey from Canalave City shall proceed to the next round, Congratulations Zoey!' Marian announced, checking the results from the Judges' desk.
    I feel sorry for Dawn, but I'm glad I don't have to read about another Grand Festival. I tend to find contests boring.

    Drew wants MAY! He's asked her to be his girlfriend, but May wants Ash, or Ash's advice/permission?... I dunno.

    Nando seems a bit off, but any guy who trains a flower as his main Pokemon is one to look out for...

    Your style is still very nice... I know I ranted last time, and I could easily do it again. I don't want to waste time, though, so I'll just say: Don't change your style. It makes your fic unique.

    On a not-so-similar note, have you seen cichawk around? Or has he dissappeared as well, left only to memory?

    Next chapter will be much appreciated!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zant

    Drew wants MAY! He's asked her to be his girlfriend, but May wants Ash, or Ash's advice/permission?... I dunno.
    Essentially correct, It's just a little more complicated, that's all.
    You're the first one to guess however - a cookie for you (if you like cookies that is )

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zant
    Nando seems a bit off, but any guy who trains a flower as his main Pokemon is one to look out for...

    Your style is still very nice... I know I ranted last time, and I could easily do it again. I don't want to waste time, though, so I'll just say: Don't change your style. It makes your fic unique.
    Nando ... yes - these grass types are weird aren't they? It seems that the Roselia evolutionary tree appears to be the favorite one of the anime writers
    I intend to keep my style mine as much as possible, so don't worry there. I love writing like this.

    On a not-so-similar note, have you seen cichawk around? Or has he dissappeared as well, left only to memory?
    He might be on his hiatus again, unfortunately I've not had any sight of him lately -Just when Neo Genisis was so close to breaking through the shippy surface too :|.

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    Who's the "Leaf" girl? And why does Nando call Ash, "Master" Ash? (If this was on the anime, I wouldn't know. I couldn't be bothered watching anymore once May left)

    Hmm, more strange weather? The plot thickens!

    Yay, May got all her ribbons before Drew! (A nice first!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel_Anderson
    Who's the "Leaf" girl? And why does Nando call Ash, "Master" Ash? (If this was on the anime, I wouldn't know. I couldn't be bothered watching anymore once May left)
    'Leaf' is based on the protagonist from FireRed/LeafGreen: she's just there as a game tribute, thats all.
    Nando... well if you've seen DP, he is a very gentlemanly fellow and so I've added 'Master' Ash as a sign of respect.

    A/N: This chapter marks the first sight of a major OC for the story as well as the beginning of the main Plot. Thanks for the reviews, keep reviewing (after reading, of course)!


    Chapter Seven: Turbulence

    It was a hazy evening here in Port Pastoria. As the Sun was making it's descent to below the horizon, a ray of light streamed over a small bush.

    Beneath the bush, was a trio of familiar figures who were hiding themselves, not wanting to be seen by those whom they were observing.

    'Hey Jess, I think that the Twerps are going to board that ship!' James, the one with the blue hair, told his team mate.

    'Quiet James!' replied the red haired woman, peering through the green bush.

    She could see that the quartet was heading to a bench right next to the port, although their expressions were not visible. A magnificent Cruise ship lay in the background, with the letterings 'Lady Light' on it's front brow. The ship was being boarded by many passengers, and the three members of Team Rocket soon lost sight of their swift prey in the crowd.

    They were nowhere to be seen now – they had vanished as fast as a Drifloon in the wind.

    'Great, now yous lost em' !' Meowth sighed. He carefully came out of the bush and sneaked toward the ship. The two other members of the Team followed – they could sense what to do next – a result of being together for so long.

    Repeating what they had done so many times now, the Team quietly slipped onto the ship. They had done so just in time too, the ocean liner left port a mere ten minutes after their infiltration. Being a stowaway was always risky, but exciting and sometimes fate dictated it, especially for this particularly miserable group of Team Rocket field agents.

    - - -

    An electric rodent led the way as the road went on and on. Its excellent sense of hearing was complemented by it's partner – A far younger Pokemon that was currently walking around with it's eyes closed. Even so, it could sense by the means of Aura, the path and direction it must lead the team through. Riolu and Pikachu were doing their jobs rather well, although it was becoming more difficult every second – guiding the four young souls out of the haze safely, although the former was much younger than all of them.

    The road on which our quartet was traveling on was pretty unused. Usually, there was a premier Trainer's road, apart from many other motorized ones which led to the resort of Valor Lakefront and onto Veilstone and Sunnyshore City.

    However, the recent storm had caused all of them to be shut down. There was a fanatic rush towards the new Ferry Service, and this resulted in high prices with rooms all booked out – not something our heroes really liked.

    May was, to start with, quite happy with this, saying that it would give her a good chance to see the Sinnoh region up close. Her cheery mood diminished, however, as they started upon this gloomy, desolate path towards Valor Lakefront. It was expected to take at least a week or two of consistent traveling by foot, as the distance to the famous resort was a little under a hundred miles from Pastoria City, and there was the unpredictable weather they had to contend with.

    But this was a journey that they were prepared to take – after all, the group had faced many dire circumstances before, and Ash did not want to miss the Sinnoh League due to a “little wind blowing up on my face” - as he put it.

    They encountered a growing blanket of fog, after nearly a day's march.

    'Even Team Rocket won't be able to find us in this fog!' sighed May, completely oblivious to the fact that the incompetent villainous trio was probably far away from them – miles out at sea.

    The fog was slowly becoming impossible to navigate. As our group went along the rugged road the sound of someone falling could be heard, along with a little scream. Moving cautiously by instinct, Ash proceeded towards the barely visible figure, with Pikachu tagging along. It was Dawn - she had fallen on a rather hard rock and a stream of blood was trickling down of her leg.

    'That must have hurt.' he murmured. 'Are you OK Dawn?' Ash asked her gently. She responded with a small nod while Pikachu hopped over onto her white hat to make her feel a little comfortable. The electric type attempted to calm her by patting her head gently with his paw. Ash tried to straighten out her leg which was proving to be a little difficult for the young girl.

    The layer of white surrounding them soon gave away to Brock and May, who had followed Ash's Riolu as soon as it had sensed two members of the group (and Pikachu) not within the confines of his Aura 'vision'. Brock and May understood the situation immediately, as they rushed over to where Ash and Dawn were. As if it was a well rehearsed play, May went over to comfort Dawn while Ash and Brock applied bandages from the Breeder's emergency first-aid kit.

    In a ironical turn of events, a streak of green flashed across the sky just as soon as they had finished attending to Dawn. In no time at all, the fog began to dissipate – but not before May had the opportunity to aim her Pokedex at that green streak;

    'Rayquaza, the Sky High Dragon pokemon. A Pokémon that flies endlessly in the ozone layer. It is said it would descend to the ground if Kyogre and Groudon were to fight.'

    'So that was the “Airlock” ability then.' Brock said, his expression told the others that he had understood what had happened. But – that was immaterial for now.

    'Let's get going before the Fog comes back.' Dawn said, making a fruitless attempt to stand up.

    The others looked at each other. They knew that there was no way they could go before Dawn was fit to travel. Like a prechoreographed movement, May and Ash simultaneously lifted Dawn by the shoulders – one holding up each – and began moving towards a now-visible clearing.

    'I'm sorry Ash, May. Oh, and be careful not to spoil my hair.' Dawn said, looking deeply disappointed. She had her eyes firmly on the ground, although the last remark was said with more enthusiasm.

    'That's alright.' both of them replied together. They arrived at the clearing after walking a bit at sluggish pace. Brock was ahead of them, and so were the two Pokemon – already on site and laying the tent foundations.

    All this efficiency did surprise our quartet, but they should have expected that long years of traveling would lead to the development of such skills. Actually, this effect was the combinations of many factors – including the exposure of their Aura to Riolu.

    'Dawn, you're heavy, you know that?' Ash said, panting slightly as he sat down on a log.

    Dawn's expression of deep disappointment immediately turned into a malicious one.

    'YOU THINK I'M WHAT???' she shouted.

    - - -

    Somewhere near the Valor Lakefront, overlooking the south Sinnoh beach...

    The sky was black. The wind was fast.

    Over there did the storm last.

    The sea was green and submarine,

    There was a voice which called all to pass.

    Dancing in the sea, beneath the waves,

    From everywhere, from the caves.

    Ever since becoming Grand Coordinator, she had to continually face some difficult and hazardous jobs. It wasn't always like that though – but now she was the first ever Grand Coordinator – and after all this position was created specifically for her. She was too strong for the Top Coordinator Class, there wasn't one person in the world who could outmaneuver her in contest battles. Not one who could choreograph more awe inspiring appeals.

    So, it wasn't as if she couldn't manage, of course: in fact – she really enjoyed helping both people and Pokemon everywhere – it gave her an unmatched sense of satisfaction and purpose – two things she wanted; no; needed, now that she had found both love and fame.

    But this problem ... it was a little different from what she usually came across – and usually, she was with someone really special who was always close to her. She remembered what he had told her ... 'When in doubt, close your eyes – and focus.'

    She did so. Slowly but surely, her sharp mind bent itself, transcending the normality of her five senses. She could see her answer clearly – it called out to her from the higher dimension of thought.

    Opening her brilliant shimmering blue eyes, she had found the solution – the ocean was reflecting it back at her.

    - - -

    'So much for the cake.' Brock murmured, peering into his bag. He found some raw materials for food though; a couple of onions, carrots, and vegetables.

    'Ah, forget it. I guess I'll just have to whip up something now.' he sighed, defeated. The Breeder went on to figure out the ingredients for his cuisine.

    'Well Brock, you can't start cooking without a fire.' Dawn said peering at her bandaged leg rather nervously.

    'Well, those two should get back before the Fog haunts us again.' he replied.

    A cold breeze swept through their campsite, momentarily causing both Brock and Dawn to give a little shiver.

    'I don't really get what's going on Brock, you know...' Dawn started, now watching the breeder as he prepared his ingredients, '... Sinnoh was never unfriendly or cold, at least for me.' she finished.

    'You'll be surprised at how unfriendly the world can be Dawn.' Brock replied, smiling faintly. 'When you're traveling with Ash, strange things happen – even he doesn't know why. The good thing is that we can always learn from it – and see things – amazing things, which we don't normally see.' He finished, now in the process of mixing the ingredients and tasting the uncooked food.

    In the background, the Sun was setting, slowly in all of it's majestic glory.

    Dawn turned her head towards the sunset and gave a little smile as those refracted orange rays poured into her pupil. She soon closed her eyes, feeling that tingling of sunlight on her face – but she also felt something stronger ... a force which was pulling at her slightly and searching for something.

    - - -

    'There. Alright, Blaziken – return!' said May, raising her pokeball. Her fully evolved starter transformed into a red flash of energy as it returned to it's pokeball.

    'Great. Let's get these back to the campsite.' Ash replied pointing to the freshly cut blocks of wood.

    Without any further command, Riolu picked up a rather heavy bunch of logs and started walking back to the campsite, as if those logs were nothing but a bunch of papers.

    Ash and May looked at each other, surprised. Once again, the eye contact resulted in that intense energy surge, causing both of them to flinch uncomfortably. But this time -

    'Um...Ash, did you feel that?' May asked, although she was a tad bit nervous – she wasn't sure that Ash flinching was a part of her imagination.

    'Yeah, it was weird. I...I think it's been happening for some time now.' he replied, smiling slightly but avoiding her eyes. He did look a little confused though, but he had learned throughout the course of his travels that small mysteries like these often solve themselves – they like to run away if you follow them.

    There was an uncomfortable silence, but it was broken by Pikachu's prompting. The yellow rodent pointed to those freshly chopped logs while saying it's own name and later looked up at the glorious sunset.

    'That's right buddy, we better get going before the Sun goes down.' Ash said. He proceeded to pick up a bunch of logs, helping May get some into her hands. He picked up the remaining ones himself and without another word, the three of them proceeded to follow Riolu back to the camp.

    - - -

    'Just in time guys!' Brock exclaimed as he proceeded to arrange the logs which his friends had brought beneath his vessel and lit a flickering flame.

    It wasn't long before they and their Pokemon began eating. Brock's scrumptious food always managed to elevate their mood, no matter how bad it might be. The proceedings were once again happy and full of color, and Dawn almost forgot that she had an injured leg.

    Unknown to the party as well as the Grand Coordinator, the Emerald Guardian had locked in on whatever it was searching for. Although it had no power over it anymore, it would still try to negotiate – it must, or the Harmony of Nature would be in jeopardy.


    Wait a minute ... I WROTE A POEM???

    *Faints from disbelief.*

    Now, if you'll excuse me, my subconscious mind is playing tricks on me – I need to give it a firm scolding.
    In all seriousness, I plan to proliferate the chapter length from now somewhat. I hope I can manage it!
    Oh, and the Cake part: THE CAKE IS A LIE, I WARN YOU!!!
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    It's excellent sense of hearing was complemented by it's partner
    I think you meant "its"...

    Her cherry mood diminished,
    What? She felt like a small piece of fruit?

    'Dawn, you're heavy, you know that?' Ash said, panting slightly as he sat down on a log.

    Dawn's expression of deep disappointment immediately turned into a malicious one.

    'YOU THINK I'M WHAT???' she shouted.
    Wow, just wow. I laughed at that one. (That funny was like skatoula... Did you read any of her stuff?)

    She did so. Slowly but surely, her sharp mind bent itself, transcending the normality of her five senses. She could see her answer clearly – it called out to her from the higher dimension of thought.
    A human user of Aura, perhaps?

    It wasn't long before they and their Pokemon began eating. Brock's scrumptious food always managed to elevate their mood, no matter how bad it might be. The proceedings were once again happy and full of color, and Dawn almost forgot that she had an injured leg
    Missed a period...

    Wait a minute... YOU WROTE A POEM?
    *Celebrates that he is not the only one*

    Brock can cook cake on a campfire? That shows some REAL skill. Ever tried it? (Pancakes are even harder...)

    Now, if you'll excuse me, my subconscious mind is playing tricks on me – I need to give it a firm scolding.
    Or you could just go to sleep... That's what I do.

    Leaf and Nando are gone... *sigh* Leaf was cool. Nando was... interesting. They will be re-appearing, no?

    Liked the chapter, I am now pondering the identity of the Aura-using Grand Coordinator. My guess is that her name starts with an A, an M, or a K...

    And now, to sleep...


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    Right, corrected . Damn spellchecks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zant

    A human user of Aura, perhaps?
    Think so?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zant
    Wait a minute... YOU WROTE A POEM?
    *Celebrates that he is not the only one*

    Brock can cook cake on a campfire? That shows some REAL skill. Ever tried it? (Pancakes are even harder...)
    WOW, I WROTE A POEM!(I'm still having some difficulty believing it.)

    About the But maybe he could - after all some pokemon may help in the baking
    Truth is, I've been playing too much Portal (hence, the cake is a lie - but actually you come to know the truth after the credits roll).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zant
    Or you could just go to sleep... That's what I do.

    Leaf and Nando are gone... *sigh* Leaf was cool. Nando was... interesting. They will be re-appearing, no?
    Yeah, maybe the sleep part is a good. They might make a reappearence, but I'm making way for two cooler characters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zant
    Liked the chapter, I am now pondering the identity of the Aura-using Grand Coordinator. My guess is that her name starts with an A, an M, or a K...
    Neither. She's a original character whose coolness will be unmatched in this story. At least I hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarthBorn View Post
    Oh, and the Cake part: THE CAKE IS A LIE, I WARN YOU!!!

    btw, Portal + Pokemon Advanceshipping Fanfic = ?!?!?!

    so thats just odd. but its funny too

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    So, I've been gone for pretty long due to the exams - sorry for the understated delay. I should probably warn you that the situation may be the same for another two months.

    Anyway, R&R This Chappie.


    Chapter Eight: A Drop of Purity

    'Rayquaza!' she exclaimed in delight, running up to the Emerald Dragon whilst carrying the all important package in her hands.

    The Dragon -- although you couldn't quite make out an expression on it's expressionless features -- appeared to look satisfied. It was as if the solution to his problems was standing right in front of him.

    The woman seemed to be in her mid twenties. She possessed distinctive and elaborate, flowing black hair; intensely radiating blue eyes. Her facial features demonstrated the capacity of her determination and wisdom – surmounting a sturdy and firm figure.

    Her attire was one which displayed mild formality – but also had utility. With pure Cyan and a green outline, it consisted of a modern style robe and simple (but fashionable) boots and trainer gloves. Although they looked a little strange at the first glance; they managed to enhance her (already magnificent) beauty and give her the freedom of movement.

    Her sea blue eyes contacted with those of the majestic Dragon who was levitating right in front of her. The two knew what the other was thinking. She had this special connection to Pokemon – she was able to feel their emotions, their thoughts and negotiate with them. This connection didn't materialize out of nowhere – it was developed over a long period of time and training, where she had discovered how to refine her thoughts and connect them with Nature.

    Rayquaza knew her. In fact, she and her friends had saved him from some of Team Whirlwind's exploits when they were at the peak of their power. Rayquaza had shattered the entire base in fury – and Team Whirlwind fled, later diverging into Team Aqua and Magma.

    But they were all defunct now. What was happening was merely an aftermath. But this aftermath could prove to be even more disastrous than the main event.

    This brought Rayquaza back to what The Grand Coordinator was holding in her hands. With a brief nod from the latter, sending him a message of reassurance, The Emerald Dragon took off, gently ascending into the stratosphere.

    He had been guarding the realm of The Sky – the one which he created eons ago, for several centuries now. This was because it's true guardian was in a neverending anger (and so were his children), appearing only to those who had that capability of Mind, Body and Heart, to restore true peace to the world.

    Those like The Grand Coordinator, and Ash Ketchum.

    - - -

    Once again, the Pokemon World managed another rotation on it's own axis, signifying the beginning of a new day.

    Dawn broke out and Dawn awoke (the first thing she did was check her hair) – she had managed to sleep for quite a long time that day, and her leg seemed to have regained quite a lot of it's energy.

    Quietly putting on her hat, she peered around the campsite. Brock was lazing off in his usual position – near a nice big tree. Ash was sleeping soundly (with Pikachu by his side of course) near the now exhausted campfire, with May right on the opposite site – only that she wasn't there.

    Curious, Dawn tried to lift herself up with the support of her legs – unsuccessfully. She tried it once more – and managed to stand up, although a little pain still persisted as her damaged leg protested in agony.

    The young coordinator surveyed the surroundings carefully. She spotted a distinctive sign of blue and white among the common green, a little far away in an open clearing.

    Limping slightly, she slowly walked over to that sign of blue. Her guess was correct as it did turn out to be the other coordinator whom she was looking for.

    But – May didn't look up to her, or welcome her. In fact, she didn't seem to have noticed. She was busy staring up at the sky, clearly lost in thought.

    Dawn didn't want to disturb her either. Her leg was screaming for rest again – she obeyed it and quietly lay down next to May, not making a sound.

    The Sun had nearly crossed the horizon by now. It's orange tinge began to fade as light shone upon the two coordinators' bodies.

    'Morning' Dawn.' May said gently, finally realizing that it was Dawn who was next to her.

    'Good Morning May!' Dawn said happily, now looking at her new friend. 'What were you doing here all alone?' she asked, curious.

    'Just thinking...' May replied, although that wasn't all she wanted to say.

    Dawn seemed to realize that there was something she had been hiding. She wanted to know what it was – curiosity was just nature after all.

    'Listen May,' she began, 'If you need to tell me something – I'm all ears. There's no need to worry!'

    May looked at Dawn, first surprised, then expectant. She was a girl after all – and she might know what to do.

    The air around them slowly began to warm up. That feeling of the morning sun and the calming temperature soothed her a little.

    'Well Dawn...' May trailed off, not knowing where to begin. Dawn placed her hand on top of May's in order to encourage her a little. May glanced at her Poketch briefly – it was Seven AM, and the boys would be waking up soon.

    'You see Dawn, there's this strange emptiness I've felt since I came here to Sinnoh. I'm feeling so out of place – like there's something big going on but I can't explain it.' May explained, her eyes going in and out of focus.

    'Don't worry, we all feel that right now – there's a disaster waiting to happen, but I know that we'll make it through somehow. Someone will find us.' Dawn replied in a reassuring manner. This was the truth though. She was certain that everyone was getting this feeling of, shall we put it - 'intimacy with darkness'. Retrospectively, it was kind of like what she had felt when she had gotten close to Darkrai during the space-time incident.

    What she didn't know was that May's unknowingly enhanced 'Aura Sense' had made her more sensitive to it – and she wasn't able to completely subdue it like Ash – who was constantly dreaming about the upcoming Sinnoh League - which promptly took his mind away from everything else.

    But deciding that it wasn't necessary to make Dawn worry or to bring herself to an awkward position, she simply smiled, thanked Dawn, and helped her to walk back to the camp.

    Surprisingly, the boys were up, and Brock was already in the process of preparing that group's breakfast.

    'Ash's gone to find us water.' he answered, seeing May's inquiring look. May nodded, and went off to follow him in the direction where Brock had pointed his finger. Dawn on the other hand, was constrained by her leg – and of course, by Brock's insistence on her getting enough rest.

    - - -

    Around the same time, at a little distance away from the quartet, that same young woman had just finished eating a scrumptious breakfast.

    She and her charge – the sea blue, tear shaped pokemon Manaphy – were out following Rayquaza's directions. Smiling at the sight of Manaphy fondly gobbling up a watermelon slice, she proceeded to quickly pack up all of her traveling gear – some of it standard (like a tent, some basic cooking equipment, clothes...), but some of it serving a more advanced purpose.

    This included a rather compact but complicated sensor device whose primary role was navigation via the Global Positioning System. It could also sense Aura frequencies and display weather reports.

    However, none of these were of any utility at the moment – The sudden weather change disrupted navigation signals and interfered with mechanical Aura detection - It was a good thing that she had the ability to sense it by herself.

    Apart from these, there was a cellphone (which again, wasn't working right now), and a yellow Poketch on her right wrist.

    'Mana!' exclaimed the sea blue pokemon as it finished taking in the last watermelon slice. It seemed rather satisfied with it's breakfast and wore a smile on it's face, emitting an innocent happiness.

    'Want some more?' she said, still smiling at the charming little pokemon.

    The Seafaring pokemon shook it's head playfully – it was quite satisfied.

    'Let's get going then.'

    Manaphy looked up as the Grand Coordinator took an ultraball out of her pocket. Expanding it to the normal size, she threw it into the air.

    The energy inside changed to reveal an illustrious Dragonite. This one was unusually well groomed and had a glamorous appearance. Nevertheless, it's muscles were visibly noticeable.

    With a friendly greeting to her Dragonite, the Grand Coordinator hopped onto it's back, with the air of being someone to have done this a thousand times. She motioned for Manaphy to hop into her lap.

    The Seafaring pokemon complied, and eagerly hopped on, awaiting an adventure.

    - - -

    'I think that's enough for now.' Ash said, while he finished bottling up a water container.

    His companion electric type had completed putting the lid on a smaller container as well.

    'Well Pikachu, let go find these herbs which Brock was talking about.' Ash told his electric rodent while carefully extracting a pocket sized book entitled “Breeder's Handbook”.

    The Pokemon Trainer opened the “Human Medication” section which Brock had marked for him. He managed to discover the picture of the appropriate herb, with a title that said, “For Cuts and Sprains”.

    With a gesture to his pokemon, Ash and Pikachu carefully put the water containers under a rather noticeable Fir tree. They where just turning to leave when -

    'Hey Ash! Pikachu!'

    'Hi May.' said Ash, smiling at the sight of his friend. Pikachu gave her a cheerful wave.

    'Where're you guys going?' May asked, taking not of the two water containers which were placed under the lone Fir tree.

    'Looking for herbs for Dawn.' Ash answered. He paused for a moment, considering May.

    'Wanna come with us?'

    'Yeah, sure!' May exclaimed happily. The trio of Ash, May and Pikachu went out further away from the camp. With the handbook in his hand, and with Pikachu and May constantly peering over his shoulder to have a look at the herb's photo, and also around the forest they were in for the herb itself; Ash was certain that they would find it in no time.

    Unfortunately, fate seemed to have other plans. The wind stubbornly refused to stop blowing at high speed. The Sun was getting blanketed by a layer of clouds again – they looked adequately black to cause a little worry. Worst of all, the blanket of fog had returned – no Rayquaza was close to provide an airlock.

    Now, although it wasn't as bad as it was when Dawn fell, still -

    'Ash, don't go too far.' May said, to her surprise, in a whisper. Something about the weather made her a little apprehensive.

    All for good reason – the fog was acting unpredictable again, uncaring. It plunged through that area at a rather inconvenient time. This resulted in the two getting separated – although it wasn't for long.

    May felt a warm, gentle but firm grip being exerted on her shoulders. Immediately, she whirled around once again sensing that indescribable exhilarating feeling – but not loosing it so quickly.

    'Ash, is that you?' she whispered questioningly, even though she did not have an iota of doubt.

    'Yeah, it's me.' he whispered back. He was quite close, but that was a warranted necessity right now – the fog was really thick – almost as if a literal blanket of solid snow was creating an opaque curtain all around them. The chill started to kick in too.

    May gave a shudder – her clothes weren't exactly suited for this kind of weather. A moment later she felt her torso being covered with a rather warm jacket – it certainly did help her stop shivering, but along with it, she felt a kind of liberating sensation inside, as if she had just freed herself from the burden of procedural thinking – but that was only for a second. This procedural thinking told her that it was Ash who must have felt her shiver and handed her his jacket.

    Her brain's right-half took over as she turned to open her mouth to protest, but that protest was unwarranted. Ash wasn't here any more – she felt a weight on her head. It was light, but it still radiated power – more like electric power. Pikachu's static force raised her hair level slightly, but that wasn't what was on her mind right now.

    For now, she was glancing at the dim outline of the figure in front of her. It was Ash. She felt it. However, she also felt the presence of a strong force heading her way – and she somehow came to know that her friend had felt it too.

    May felt like she was in a surreal dream – the entire stage of events was an endless cloudy mist. She felt time coagulate – and the events that followed seemed to have occurred in slow motion.

    Suddenly, she felt the wind blow again. This time, it wasn't cold and unforgiving – it was warm and welcoming. The wind felt like it was accurately vectorized, landing down on her in the stroked motions of wing movement.

    The fog's unforgiving nature immediately turned into beauty. This warm current of air blew fog away – and her vision became clearer.

    She could see that Ash was ready, holding a pokeball – but even he was amazed at the breathtaking beauty of that sight. It was an immensely graceful Dragonite – mounted upon by an elegant woman who, in turn, carried a blue creature.

    In that moment of landing, that blue creature and May made eye contact. Her neurons surged with electrical charges, instantly recognizing it with stupendous speed.

    The Dragonite had landed. Manaphy proceeded on a parabolic course directly into the hands of a certain shocked coordinator.

    The woman, meanwhile gave a brief, but warm smile at her Dragonite. She pulled out her Ultra Ball, retracting the Pokemon inside and then looked at it.

    'I'll need to tell the Pokemon Council that we've performed the world's first non-computerized fog landing – with about Zero visibility.' she said warmly, winking at the Ultra Ball's eye.

    Ash was startled, but he was unmoved.

    'W-Who are you?' asked the trainer – with alertness, yet a little bit of childish curiosity.

    The woman turned to face him. Ash was nearly awe struck as he thought he saw blue fluid patterns around her, and looked into her ever-illumine eyes.

    'Bliss Aurora, PC Grand Coordinator.' her tone was soft and elegant. Everything about her seemed elegant.

    'It's nice to meet you Ash Ketchum.' she finished, giving him a little wave.


    So, May gets Manaphy back and they meet the GC? That's something nice right?
    Let's twist the plot a little now.

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