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Thread: Pure Snow (Polarisshipping) PG13-R

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    Default Pure Snow (Polarisshipping) PG13-R

    hi, this is a polarisshipping fic (Lorelei x Articuno for the uninitiated) done for EmberGryphon, thank you EmberGryphon for inspiring me to write this. Rated R for nudity and implied sexual activities. Also if you dont like human x pokemon or think its "Beastiality". then dont flame. anyways on with the fic.

    Pure Snow
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Lorelei, or Articuno, they belong to Nintendo.

    It was a cold night near the dwelling of Lorelei. Not too long ago, the house's main resident had come across an injured Articuno while training in the mountains. She brought it with her to her home, but as she took care of it, she noticed the grace of its ice blue wings, the compassion in its eyes, and its soft coat of feathers. As she helped the legendary bird get better, Lorelei and Articuno grew closer and closer together. Until this very night where they finally expressed their love for each other in the way it should be. Now they were in her bedroom, reveling in their deed, and what would come next.

    The ice pokemon trainer was currently in the nude, with her bright red hair down from its usual ponytail stance. She was holding her lover, Articuno around its neck with its head nuzzling her chest. The ice bird had its wings wrapped around Lorelei's torso,holding her close not wanting to let go. the two lovebirds were currently just resting. in bed, both eyeing the other, the events of that night not far behind. Lorelei was, at the moment, thinking about the possibility of being together with not just a pokemon, but the legendary ice pokemon. She thought of all the things they could do in life, flying with each other, having battles with other trainers, things like they did tonight, but then she realized that maybe those things just aren't meant to be. "Articuno? " The redhead whispered.

    The pokemon reared its head from its resting place and looked Lorelei in the eye. "I, I don't know how to say this, but Im not sure we can be like this for much longer." She mused. Articuno then began to shift a little as it moved its face closer to Lorelei's.

    "What's wrong?" Lorelei questioned as Articuno continued to shiver. The ice bird pokemon then looked Lorelei in the eyes once-more.

    "Do you, do you really love me?" she said as she gazed at Articuno with a loving intensity. Articuno then began cuddling up against Lorelei some more and rubbed its head against her face. Lorelei giggled as she felt Articuno's soft feathers move against her bare skin. As much as she wanted to have this and other feelings for herself, she knew that she couldn't force Articuno to stay.
    "Do you want to be free?" She cooed at Articuno. Articuno nuzzled her some more as she giggled. Realizing that she couldn't force it to make a decision herself, she got up, and walked towards the window.
    "I personally would like you to stay with me too, but Its up to you." she declared as she opened the window, letting the frigid air in. Lorelei then shivered as the frigid air hit her naked body, chilling her. Articuno then went up to Lorelei, and wrapped its wings around her bring Lorelei in its embrace one last time. Lorelei was touched by Articuno's affection, and its warmth. She would miss that, but she knew that their love didn't end here.

    "Articuno, even if you leave now, I will love you, and I will wait here for you. Just do what you want". She said as she proceeded to kiss Articuno one last time. Articuno then let Lorelei go and looked back at her one more time, then flew out into the cold night. Lorelei looked at Articuno flying away, tears streaming down her face, she knew that now would not be a good time to be together, but deep down she knew that eventually, they would be together for life.
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    WOW! This is one of the few Pokemon x Human shipping fics here, and I LOVE IT! You're a good writer johnny! I absolutely love Poke Trainer Shippies and I have never heard of this one until I read this fic and it's beautiful! The love between Lorelei and Articuno is beautiful. And the way Lorelei set him free, was ...cute and...touching.

    Honestly one word could wrap this up and it's BEAUTIFUL! Even the most prettiest beautifly can't measure up to the beauty of this fic. Good job johnny, and hope to see more of your fics! ^^

    Keep Smiling! Your faithful fan,


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