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    Default Adore The Music (Amourshipping PG)

    Notes: The fic contains references and characters from Gravitation fandom and also includes Klavier from Ace Attorney and Matt from Digimon. The characters will also be slightly older than they are in canon as well.

    Adore The Music
    Chapter One: The Interview

    Ash almost spat out his coke when he saw Serena on the TV screen in-between two handsome males. He couldn't mistake those big blue eyes for anyone else. It was his childhood friend and one of the many dear friends that he had travelled with. Just looking at Serena and how much she had grown up since he last saw her reminded him of the wonderful times he had in Kalos.

    The sounds of camera clicks made him grit his teeth. He wanted to hear what Serena had to say. His eyes widened from Serena shrugging her shoulders as she blushed. Her eyes squinted at the bright lights.

    "Hey Pikachu!" Ash called out to his best friend on his shoulder. "It's Serena. She's on TV!"

    "I don't like her," cried the voice of a teenage boy sitting on the table ahead of him. His other friends nodded in unison as a group of girls sitting on the table nearest to the television gasped and expressed a sullen frown on their faces. They were whispering, and he heard Serena's name mentioned.

    Ash reached his limit when he heard a little kid scream, "Serena sucks and is damn ugly."

    "Hey!" Ash yelled. He stood on the table and crossed his arms. "Serena happens to be my friend. You guys have no right to judge her. She doesn't deserve this."

    The teenage boy gazed at Ash. "She's Shuichi Shindou's replacement. It's a truly devastating day for music."

    Ash gasped. "Who's Shuichi?"

    Everyone in the restaurant glared at him. Ash took a step back and held his hands in the air. "I'm a pokemon trainer, so I'm not always up to date with the music scene."

    "Shuichi Shindou is the best singer in the whole wide world," the girl at the bar proclaimed. "He formed Bad Luck with his best friend, fell in love with a novelist, then he went off and dominated the world with his extraordinary talents." Ash was stunned. The girl had broken down into tears. "As gay myself, I could really relate to Bad Luck's music. Serena is really bad luck for this band!"

    "STOP IT!" Ash yelled. Pikachu yelled with him as sparks arouse from his red cheeks. "Has any of you actually heard Serena sing?"

    "No," the crying girl said. "I don't want to either. I know she will sound like a strangled cat."

    "You have no right to judge Serena until you've heard her sing!" Ash demanded. "Don't knock it until you try it."

    All were silent; including the crying fan-girl.

    "There was no man that could replace Shuichi," the news reporter said as the camera fixated on her large breasts. "So they hired a woman instead." The woman smiled as the microphone jumped closer towards her mouth. "We will now bring you over to Sasame who will be doing Bad Luck's first live interview with their new lead singer."


    Serena had been a pop star for seven hours. When she was a kid, she used to dream of being a star. She wanted to be admired and respected just like her mother was as a Rhyhorn racer.

    Serena wanted to try a music career. Whenever Serena sang, it made her feel alive and it gave her an identity. She knew that she wasn't the best singer in the world, but she would do her best. It was all about having fun. Still, it was all very nerve-racking, but at the same time she was so excited she could feel an earthquake inside her.

    Her two band-mates were very nice, and they also had other careers outside of the music scene, Klavier was a prosecutor and Matt was one of the original digidestined who was now a spaceman.

    The other two were so talented that Serena felt left out. Even though everyone in the studio said that Serena's voice was good, she knew that she would always be second best.

    Bad Luck was Shuichi's band, and people will always say that the originals are the best. Klavier and Matt weren't original members of the band either, but stepped in after the other members left the band to pursue their own interests.

    When the cameras began rolling, she sat in the same position as she was in her press conference. In the middle and sandwiched between two guys. She sighed, wishing that Ash was by her side.

    Serena had admired him since they were very young. Each gift exchange was special and Ash was one of the few people in the world who she could feel as if she could open out for.

    Serena would have loved the opportunity to be in a serious relationship with him, but fate had other plans at the moment. Serena was hopeful that he would one day return his feelings.

    Serena thought to herself that she didn't want Sasame to mention Ash very much. Thinking about him made her heart quiver, and she didn't want to embrass herself in front of her new band and potential fan-base.

    Sasame looked just how Serena had expected him to look like. When she heard his deep soothing voice on the radio once, she imagined him to be tall, pale and with hair brighter than pure snow.

    "Good morning and welcome back to Japan Central News," Sasame announced. Serena carefully observed how laid back he seemed as his eyes rolled towards the camera. "It's a new era for music. Last night were were given a bomb shell that Shuichi had sensationally quit Bad Luck and now we are here with Bad Luck and their new singer, Serena." Sasame twirled her chair and smiled to the band. "Good morning Bad Luck."

    "Good Morning, Sasame," Bad Luck said in unison.

    "I have to ask this, why did Shuichi leave the band?"

    "He was ready to do his own thing," Matt said.

    "It is an end of an era but the beginning of a beautiful one. We are born from the ashes," Klavier interrupted as he gently closed his eyes and clicked his hands.

    Ashes. Serena could feel her world turning to Ash. Even though he was miles away, he would always be close to her heart. Memories of him will be strength to get through this difficult hurdle.
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    Hmm, interesting...I'd love to know what happened to Clemont and Bonnie and I'm guessing this was written before Serena got interested in Pokemon Showcases?

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    Chapter Two: Blinded By Nostalgia

    When he heard Bad Luck's songs being played at the pokemon centre, he couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Shuichi was a good singer, but his vocals were bland like a burger without cheese. For the fans to say that Shuichi was the best singer in the world must have been joking. The production of his songs were very good, but Ash still felt the vocals were bland. It was ridiculous, Ash thought: so much fuss over an average singer.

    "I've heard better, Pikachu," Ash said. He didn't care if he was going to get punched by an avid fan-girl. "There's no way Shuichi is the best singer in the world." He crossed his arms as he waited for the concert to begin. "I can't believe people are so mean to Serena when they don't even know her."

    "Hey Ash!" A teenage girl was waving at him. At first he had no idea who the girl is, but he didn't want to sound like an idiot. It wasn't until she saw a red florges twirling behind her, did a image of a young girl with a flabébé come into his head. Then it all came back to him. She looked so different and grown up, but at the same time, he couldn't believe that he was unable to recognise his own friend instantly.

    "Hi Bonnie!" He was amazed at how fast eight years had gone. The last time he saw Bonnie, she was tiny. She still had that blonde pigtail by the side of her face. "It's been so long since I last seen you. Is Clemont with you?"

    Bonnie shook her head. "He's just been promoted as an Elite Four member," Bonnie explained. "My brother couldn't make it, so he sent me here instead to support Serena."

    "That's great," Ash exclaimed. He held his fist at the level of his eye and declared, "Serena is going to need all the support she can get. These haters are being pathetic."

    Bonnie giggled. "Haters gonna hate. I know that Serena is going to blow them away with her amazing voice."

    Ash felt the pit of his stomach churn. He was scared for Serena and even through she was strong, he could only imagine how horrible she must had been feeling when the media are trying to portray her as the most hated singer in the universe. It was times like that when Ash was reminded why he chose to be a pokemon trainer and not be moulded into society's expectations.

    Ash had been training on his own for a while and decided to train in some of the harshest environments in the world. For a while he called the sheer cold peak of Mt. Silver his home until a trainer from New Bark Town swept his team with a hoppip. After the defeat, Ash realised it was time for him to take a break and return home. Looking at the pink poster with Serena in a frilly dress made him realize how much the world had changed since he stayed at Mt. Silver.

    He had never seen so much chaos over a music band since the British boy-band, One Direction announced their split. Ash was never keen on them either, but could remember Dawn dragging him to one of their concerts in Sinnoh.

    "Have you ever been to any other concerts before?" Bonnie asked.

    Before Ash responded, he looked around the hall. There was only a handful of people in the large standing area of the hall whilst the front row of the balcony was filled with miserable people in sunglasses. He shook his head and faced Bonnie again. "Uhm... I've been dragged to a couple of concerts. But this is the first time I've come to one on my own free will."

    "I'm really excited," Bonnie exclaimed, bouncing on the spot. "Serena is going to be amazing."

    The opening act for Bad Luck was a band composing of dragon-type pokemon. The lead singer was a golden altaria whose sweet vocals warmed up the crowd, especially the other pokemon up nicely. There was a large dragonite on the altaria's left on bass guitar and on the right, was a flygon on lead guitar. A mega-salamence threw himself on the drums creating an eerie sound that went well with the metal music. A goodra on the keyboard created a calming atmosphere.

    Ash couldn't see as well as he had hoped to as everyone out in the front had their arms out trying to take a picture on their cell phones. The music itself was very good, and Ash liked the idea of an all-pokemon-band and hope more come out in the future. Even though they were only on for an hour, it felt as if they were on for only thirty minutes.

    As soon as Serena came on the stage. The crowed at the front booed at her whilst the people at the balcony remained silent and like statues showed no signs of movement. Serena stood back and waved to the crowd. She pulled an over the top smile, but the crowd only hissed louder. Serena tried to open her mouth, but the words wouldn't come out. Her lips trembled as the cries from the crowd became more clearer.


    "Serena sucks!"

    "Bring Shuichi back!"

    "I can't take this any-more!" Ash stomped his foot and held his fist in the air. "Pikachu! Thunderbolt the lot of them!" He didn't want to do it, but it was the only way to get their attention. With immense pleasure, Pikachu jumped from the sky and unleashed a powerful wave of electricity at the haters. It wasn't for very long, but was strong enough to make the people go on the floor. There were waves of smoke that all lead to Ash.

    "Who do you think you are?" A girl at the front roared.

    "Ash?" Serena whispered in amazement.

    "You guys are a disgrace," Ash declared. "Serena hasn't even started singing and you're hating on her before you even get to know her."

    "We know she's gonna suck!" Another guy cried out from the balcony.

    "If you think that Bad Luck can't survive without Shuichi then why did you buy tickets to see them?" Ash asked. "If you bought them just to hate on Serena, then you are the ones that suck. There are people who struggle with money all the time and you guys who use it to express your hate disgust me. Now shut up because I want to hear Serena sing!"

    It was soon silent.

    "Thank you," Serena said. She bowed her head as her lips leaned towards the microphone. She held it in her hand and gulped. It was her moment to shine. She had been nervous, but seeing Ash stand up for her the way he did made her want to sing. The show must go on. "Let's have some SPICY MARMALADE!" Serena shouted with her hands on her hips. The energetic guitars kicked in as Serena swayed her hips. She couldn't hear her haters from the sounds of the bombastic riffs.

    "You have no right to sing that song!" a girl in front of Ash cried out.

    Ash recognised the song Serena and the band were performing as Spicy Marmalade. It was one of the band's first hits. Ash really enjoyed how they made a retro pop song into an epic rock anthem. He didn't just like Serena's voice, he loved it. Bad Luck had no original members left, but that didn't bother Ash, he was enjoying the way that Serena breathed new life into the old music.

    He didn't care what the haters were going to say, he was declaring himself Serena's biggest fan.

    "Serena is amazing," Bonnie shouted to Ash. "It's a shame about the haters."

    "Don't worry," Ash assured Bonnie. "They're just blinded by nostalgia."

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    Man, these people are a little harsh. Pity it describes a chunk of the Pokemon community...

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    Chapter Three: Back Stage

    Bad Luck's rise to super stardom was credited to Shuichi Shindou's eccentric personality and his explosive love life with novelist, Eiri Yuki. With both of them now in jail, the band was at risk of disbanding, but Matt and Klavier's passion for music was so strong that they wanted to continue the band. They had carried on with Serena, knowing very little about her other than the fact she was from Kalos and had a cute little fennekin. Bad Luck's first gig with Serena would be one that the band will never forget.

    Both Klavier and Matt patted Serena on the back. Serena jumped at the force of their palms as she didn't see it coming. She felt like she had become part of a brotherhood. She couldn't deny the mile on Matt's face when he said, "Serena, you were simply outstanding."

    Klavier nodded and clicked his fingers. "The way you confronted the haters was pure class. We really did make the right decision of hiring you for our band."

    "You really think so?" Serena gasped. Her whole insides felt warm and fuzzy. Klavier and Matt were musical veterans and international superstars. It was like your idol telling you that you were an amazing person. "I hope I can prove the critics wrong."

    "I'm sure you will," Matt said with his hands in his pockets. He hopped onto the couch in the dressing room and lied on his back.

    Another blond man burst into the room with a pistol swinging around his wrist. It was Claude K. Winchester, or as the band knew him simply as K. He had been Bad Luck's manager way before all three joined the band.

    "That Pikachu saved our career," K yelled. "Tomorrow morning, I want you all up and recording in the studio. Our new single is going to kick *** and if flops, I'll blow your brains out. It will be called Pikachu!"

    "If it's going to be anything like Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty then no," Matt laughed.

    "I think we need a serious single," Klavier insisted. "They'll just continue to pick on Serena and that's not fair."

    "And that's why we have b-tracks!" K roared as he fired a bullet towards the floor. "The Pikachu EP shall be released next week on iTunes. Now I want you three to think of some lyrics and melodies."

    "Well, I guess I'll see you all in the morning," Klavier said as grabbed his bag and marched towards the exit door.

    K sighed as his gun clicked. "Not so fast! Nobody is leaving until I get a verse from all of you. Ladies first!"

    Serena had the urge to say, why not age before beauty, but she decided not to. The song was called Pikachu, so naturally, the song should be about one. The first words she would associate with pikachu was cute, electric, yellow and friendship. It was hard not to think of Ash as Pikachu was one of his best friends. Then she thought of the wonderful time she had travelling with him. How he always cheered her on in her battles and showcases.

    There was a cute fast-paced tune in the end. She wasn't sure how she going to pull it off, but she knew that somehow she had to put her thoughts on Pikachu together and put them into lyrics.

    "Mon amie till the beginning and the end...
    Sending a lightning trend to my soul, and an adventure to remember.
    Come with me!
    Mon amie!
    Let ten thousand bolts free.
    You're gonna be the strongest of your kind.
    You're gonna be the mastermind."

    K clapped. "Very good, I like it. Mon amie, very French and very catchy. We've got a hit in the making. I can feel it." He stared at Matt and winked, "It's your turn now."

    "Pikachu, you know that I choose you.
    There's no turning back now.
    Come with me!
    Mon amie!
    It's time for a brand new story
    That's starting right from the heart."

    Serena liked the soft tone is Matt's voice and the edgy grit when he holds his notes. It was perfect for acoustic settings. There wasn't a lot of power in his voice, but his tone was so gentle that it didn't matter to Serena. She could see why so many girls fancied him. While Matt was singing, she noticed K turning her gun towards Klavier and the man didn't even flinch. Perhaps being a prosecutor gave him thick skin.

    "Lightning strikes again,
    I can sense a storm coming our way
    Come with me!
    Mon Amie!
    Rock all the guitars in the world.
    Let all the cuteness unfold."

    Serena felt bad for not listening to a lot of songs from Klavier's old band, The Gavinners when they were still active. There was so much power in Klavier's voice, very deep and he could really hold notes. He was classically trained and had a good voice for rock as well. Serena liked how Klavier was willing to try any genre of music.

    K put his gun back in his pocket. "Simply marvellous guys. Keep up the good work and we'll record the entire EP tomorrow morning. No excuses, and if any of you try to say that you've forgotten the lyrics, I've recorded them."

    "I can finally play that song again," Klavier said as he sat on the couch between Serena and Matt.

    "Ah The Guitar's Serenade?" Matt said.

    "I haven't been allowed to play that song in a long time," Klavier explained. "Shuichi's boyfriend hated the song so Shuichi wouldn't let the song be played."

    "We could have that as a B-side," Serena suggested. "I'd really like to hear the song."

    "Do forgive me, if I become tearful," Klavier said. "The song is very personal to me." Klavier got his guitar out and started singing away. Serena could tell the man was really passionate about music from the way he closed his eyes as if he was lost in it. Matt started singing along with it as well and Serena started humming to it.

    "Sugar, Sugar...

    O that night, in your embrace

    When you stole away the keys

    my heart held on to so tight.


    But a fleeting melody

    It wraps itself around me,

    And now through the air I fly.

    Woh... Woh...

    Burning on in my heart. Fire.

    Burn my love away. All away.

    Like a bullet of love. Fire.

    Take my life away. All away.

    Guitar, Guitar... Up together to the sky."

    "It's so beautiful!" Serena clapped her hands.

    "It's even better with female vocals," Klavier said as he looked at Serena. "I think this song will be perfect for your voice. You've got the tenderness to pull it off."

    "There's also another demo that we did that Shuichi demanded us to delete," Matt said. "One With Nature!"

    "I can't even remember the words to that one, but I loved our guitar solos for that one," Klavier said. "When we find it, you have to listen to it, Serena."

    "You make Shuichi sound like a diva," Serena admitted.

    "It was his way or the highway," Matt explained.

    "So he was a diva?"

    "Let's just say he was a rather interesting guy," Klavier said. "Sometimes very difficult to work with and his boyfriend made us feel very uncomfortable. Still we had good times."

    "The dark days are over now," Matt whispered. "Welcome to Bad Luck."

    Everything seemed to be going so fast for Serena. She was glad she saw Ash again, but sad that she never got to have a proper conversation with him. She hoped to see Ash again.

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    Chapter Four: So Close But So Far Away

    It had been nearly a year since Ash saw Serena's first concert. He never got the chance to see any others since but he managed to listen to Bad Luck's two new albums; Serious Business and Heart-core. He really enjoyed both albums because they showed that Bad Luck could be flexible and show off talent with Serena. Even though the critics praised the album and topped the charts, Serena was still being horribly treated by Shuichi's fans.

    "I don't understand why Serena is still getting so much hate!" Ash ranted to his friends, Dawn, May, Misty and Brock. They had all met up that morning at the local pokemon centre in Pewter City, and then they all decided to go out for a coffee. The gang had so many interesting stories to tell. Brock told the group about his amazing holiday romance in New York. Misty spoke about her sister's wedding and Dawn and May couldn't stop talking about their summer tour to Europe where they saw many live concerts and entered world-class contests - they even had the ribbons to prove it.

    "Shouldn't you be concentrating on your own pokemon journey?" Misty asked Ash. "What happened to you are a pokemon master after all?"

    "I know that," Ash responded. He couldn't bring himself to smile because all he know how crazy fans can be. He remembered after becoming a pokemon champion, being flamed by some people because they expected him to be a god, but when they saw he was just a young man, they nitpicked at every flaw. He heard of other incidents were people were crushed to death by overcrowding and how unkind words anonymously sent over the internet caused people to take their own lives. The other side to fame was not so great. Ash had risen and fallen during his career as a pokemon trainer. He could only imagine what Serena is going through. "But I can't help but worry about Serena."

    "You don't need to be worried about Serena," Brock stated. "She's young, beautiful and is one of the richest ladies in the world right now. She's one third of the best selling band in Japan. She has everything."

    "None of you guys understand," Ash insisted. "Just because she's famous, it doesn't mean that she's happy. Last week some crazy Shuichi-fan got arrested for throwing a bag of ratatta droppings in her face."

    May gasped. "That's disgusting."

    "See what I mean?" Ash asked. "There's a real dark side to fame."

    "You're right," Brock said. "To top it all up, Shuichi's in prison so he can't do anything about it."

    "How come he's in prison?" Dawn asked. "Wasn't he dating that really popular romance novelist from the 90's?"

    "Shuichi's boyfriend murdered two people," Brock explained. "They tried to cover it up for so many years. The day after Shuichi's last concert with Bad Luck, they arrested him, his boyfriend and their friend, Tohma did too. Tohma had been covering up for him for years and Shuichi's undying love for Eiri was the downfall of his career. Klavier was assigned as the prosecutor for all three trials and Matt was a witness for the prosecution. They say it was them who reported them to the police."

    "Who did they kill?" Misty asked. "I know one of them was Taki Aizawa, the lead singer of ASK, but who was the other one?"

    "Yuki Kitazawa, he was pimping Eiri out when he was young. Eiri shot him dead and Tohma had been protecting him ever since. Shuichi's obsession with Eiri was once the driving force to his fame, but it was his eventual downfall. Eiri's got the death penalty. Shuichi and Tohma both have ten years. Eiri and Shuichi also adopted some children, they're in the care of Eiri's brother."

    "It's not fair!" Ash yelled. "Serena had nothing to do with it! Why is she getting the blame? Damn that pink-haired ******!"

    "Be careful Ash," Misty whispered. "People can hear you."

    "I don't care," Ash spat out. "Shuichi sucks. He and his boyfriend are horrible human beings that took advantage of their friends. They killed those two men in cold blood."

    "YOU'RE WRONG!"A man roared from the other side of the coffee shop. The man was a tall man wearing a white frilly top and tight black jeans. He had a pink stuffed rabbit toy tucked on his arm and a teddiursa clinging onto his sleeve. They paid attention to the man's face, his cheeks were red and his eyes sparkled with tears.

    "It's Ryuichi Sakuma!" Dawn gasped.

    "Oh gosh," May swooned with star-struck eyes. "I love Nittle Grasper."

    Ryuichi pointed his finger at Ash and yelled, "You give all the cute pikachus in the world a very bad name."

    Ash wasn't sure what shocked him the most, his childish voice or the way he dressed.

    "What are you talking about?" Ash asked.

    "YOU DON'T KNOW A THING ABOUT SHUICHI AND ALL THE THINGS HE WENT THROUGH," Ryuichi screamed. "Tell them what you think Mr. Bear and Kumagoro!" Mr. Bear the teddiursa hopped on the table as Kumagoro, controlled by Ryuichi whirled around his body. Mr. Bear said nothing and only gritted his teeth. "SHUICHI SHINES BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND. THAT DIRTY TALENTLESS WITCH, SERENA HAS NO PLACE IN BAD LUCK. SHUICHI IS BAD LUCK'S STAR!"

    "Serena deserves to be in that band more than anyone else," Ash snapped. He was still holding his ground. "Anything Shuichi did, Serena did a million times better."

    "NO!" Ryuichi cried. "Serena kills Bad Luck with her generic vocals, and she can't sing; she's like a witch."

    "So you have to insult Serena to prove that you like Shuichi?" Ash hissed. "I can take you on in a pokemon battle to settle this."

    "Ash, don't you know who you're talking to?" Misty shouted.

    "I don't care if he's the emperor or the pope," Ash snapped as he grabbed a pokeball from his pocket. "I'm letting nobody insult my friends."

    "You think you're so hard cause you're a pokemon trainer?" Ryuichi tutted. "You're not a real music fan. I'm not battling you; not even worth my time."

    "Coward," Ash hissed. The more he head about Shuichi, the more he hated his guts. Listening to his music was torture enough. "Good on Klavier and Matt for supporting her."

    "Ryuichi was Shuichi Shindou's biggest idol, rival and fan," Brock explained. "He and Shuichi are very much alike in so many ways. I'm not surprised that he's sticking up for Shuichi. And he's right, we don't know what the guy has been through."

    "I don't care," Ash said. "They need to leave Serena alone."

    "Ash," Dawn patted his back. "Do you know that Bad Luck will be performing in Nimbassa City. We should get some tickets."

    Ash felt his heart skip for joy. He loved listening to Serena's soft and tender voice, but then it hurt him as well because the music made her seem so close, but she was so far away.

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    Not really seeing a lot of armour here, and Ash is really out of character it seems.

    I would have loved if you had tossed in an easter egg where one of the songs was the original Pokemon theme.

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    I was going to put that in the next chapter. Romance is slow, there's only a couple of chapters in. I wanted to make at least 20 so plenty of time to see amourshipping.

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    Chapter Five: Courage!

    Even though the backlash from the fans were as bad as they were last year, it still hurt Serena's feelings. Even though she had gained fortune and fame, she felt as if she had lost something along the way. So many people trying to tell her to act in a certain way or to do certain things. She couldn't believe it, but was beginning to miss her old life. She wanted to go back to her comfort zone, but she knew that she couldn't. People would recognise her if she left and Shuichi fans were free to attack her in any way they please.

    The worst of them was Ryuichi, Shuichi's idol. Not only did Shuichi's fans gather around him for support, his own fans also sent Serena horrible messages on all the social media sites she was on. She shivered on the spot and cried herself to sleep on the occasional nights. She had adoring fans, but the negative comments always seem to sink into her heart whilst the positive ones she found hard to believe.

    As she went hopped out of her bed and sat on a chair near the kitchenette in the tour bus she saw her manager, K reading the newspaper. He removed his sunglasses and tossed the paper over to Serena. "You should read this," he said. "It's very interesting."

    When Shuichi was sentenced to five years in jail, I assumed that it would be the end of Bad Luck. I understand the sadness and disappointment of fans when Bad Luck decided to carry on with a new vocalist and also without their final original member. I have heard many things about the current Bad Luck's music, some good and some bad, especially unfavourable comments about their new vocalist, Serena.

    Out of curiosity, I bought a ticket to their show. Now that I've seen them live, I don't understand why Serena gets so much hate? It was a fantastic concert and an example of true musicianship. Serena was a fantastic vocalist, her vocal ranges are impressive and she breathes a whole new life into Bad Luck. I also think the people who have mistreated Serena should be ashamed of themselves and have no right to call themselves a Bad Luck fan.

    I am still in contact with Hiro, Shuichi's best friend and he also thinks they're brilliant. He also said that even though Shuichi was upset about being replaced, that he is even more upset about the way fans have treated her. I hope with this statement that Serena will be treated with more respect. If people act their age and not their shoe size, they might will be able to appreciate the new Bad Luck.

    - Suguru Fujisaki

    "Isn't he a good boy?" K asked. His manetric nodded as K patted his head. "He was one of the most talented members of the band. Left the band to pursue a solo career in classical music. Hello there," K said as he opened the door. Serena stood up when she realised it was Ash outside. "You must be Serena's boyfriend!" Serena blushed as he heard her manager talk to Ash.

    Ash sounded nervous. She assumed that her boss had his gun out again. "Uhm...I guess so."

    "Well come on the tour bus," K insisted. He dragged Ash by the collar and threw him him. "She needs your support right now."



    "Boyfriend?" Serena pondered. She had liked Ash for a long time, but she knew that it was too soon to consider him as a boyfriend.

    "I have to stay," K said. "It's part of my duty as a manager to make sure that you're safe."

    "Are you okay?" Ash asked Serena. "I was worried about you. I heard that some people were giving you a really bad time."

    "Maybe they have their reasons," Serena said as she lowered her head. "I guess I'm just not good enough."

    "Don't be so silly!" Ash yelled. He held onto her hand and patted her back. Serena could tell that Ash would do anything to help her feel better. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to this band. I would never have gotten into it if it wasn't for you."

    "Good words," K nodded. "It's true that Bad Luck lost a lot of fans, but we've gained even more fans since you've joined. We've attracted a whole new audience and so many young girls are looking up to you now."

    Serena couldn't believe her eyes when K showed her the American Amazon site and scrolled down the thousands of positive reviews that were on Serious Business and Heartcore. She thought that she was one of the most hated girls in the world, but her spirit had been uplifted. All the reviews seemed genuine, it couldn't have been done by more than one person. She knew in Japan there was a lot of mixed reviews and it was very hard to make it in America.

    "Bad Luck achieved so much with you," K told Serena. "The Pikachu EP is the best-selling mini album of the year. Serious Buisness was the first album by a Japanese act to top the charts in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Heartcore topped the charts in 16 countries. All the awards we won; best album, best single, artist of the year and lifetime achievement award. We couldn't have done that without you."

    "I've done nothing to deserve them," Serena sulked. "Bad Luck would have won them anyway even if I wasn't picked as the new vocalist. But seeing all this is so encouraging." Hearing Serena giggle, Fennekin popped out of the bed and hopped onto Serena's lap. His large head resting on Serena's stomach. "Aww, thank you for being there for me, Fennekin. How could I have ever forgotten you."

    "Consider this a privilege," K told Ash as he fiddled with his gun. "I don't let Klavier's boyfriend or Matt's wife in the tour bus. If you want me to give you some alone time, I'm afraid you'll have to go outside and find somewhere else to do your thing or I'm afraid I'll have to shoot you."

    "WHAT?" Ash yelled.

    "Don't worry," Serena blushed as she held onto Ash's hand. "I can assure you we haven't gone that far yet, Mr. K."

    "Sure," K said. "You two are like two lovers. Anyway I hope you're ready to kick *** in tonight's concert, Serena."

    "Believe me I will," Serena declared. She felt adrenaline gushing all around her and giving her a new life. She had no more words to say about her boss as he left the tour bus. She could tell that Ash was confused, K may be a strange man, but he was a good manager and he knew how to get what he wanted. K looked after the band for so long and even when the original members were in the group. He believed in the group and he believed in Serena.

    "He's weird," Ash admitted. "I hope he dosen't hurt you with that gun."

    "I'll be fine," Serena insisted. "Anyway it's just so good to see you." She held onto Ash's arm tighter and then she hugged him like she once did as a child. "I just missed you so much. You'll stay and watch me sing tonight, right?"

    "Of course I am!" Ash declared. "Me and my friends have got tickets to see your show."

    "Great," Serena said. "You're going to love it tonight. We're going to have an orchestra of pokemon behind us and we're going to show off a song that we've got planned for the new album."

    "You're making another album?" Ash gasped.

    "Yeah," Serena replied. "It's going to be amazing. It's called Delta Stream."

    Ash smiled and squeezed her hand. "I'm looking forward to hearing it."

    The concert in Nimbasa was a massive success. Serena enjoyed interacting with the fans and sharing the experience with everyone on stage. In particular she enjoyed showing off Fennekin who strutted his stuff around the stage and unleashed flame wheels to add that extra spark for the audience. She felt more confident about singing and going on stage. For that night, she wasn't afraid of anything and it was all because of Ash.

    "It's been a fantastic night!" Serena announced. "I want to thank everyone here for your wonderful support and it's so nice that so many of you have brought your beautiful pokemon here to enjoy the show as well. I've got something special to show you guys. It's a brand new song."

    The audience cried in excitement. Matt made more of the girls scream when he said, "And we've only just wrote it today. So it's in it's early stages. Still I think you'll enjoy it."

    Serena smiled as she leaned closer to the microphone. "This song is Delta Storm."

    Delta Storm was introduced by thunderous guitar riffs where Klavier and Matt played in unison. The rhythm and bass guitar sounded melodic as the violin dominated orchestra followed. The orchestra were lead by a gardevoir. Besides her was a gallade on the keyboards and a blaziken on the drums.

    The Sea of the beginning & Land of the end in a brutal war.

    No gods, no kings or monsters can save us like before.

    We must go back to the beginning and find it's core.

    Praise dragon's ascent give us our delta storm.
    Their hurricanes won't make us surrender.

    Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice or lightning.

    Let these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash.

    Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting.

    Alone its song will fail, and thus the earth shall turn to ash.

    I awake at dawn, go to the beach and grab a coconut for breakfast.

    Then I take a talk, get tired and lay still on the grass.

    The butterfree look so beautiful as they run into the sunlight.

    I wonder why can't we all be as peaceful?

    When the waves crash behind me, it reminds me that my journey will never end.

    Just when I think I've seen it all, I know that there are more species waiting to be discovered and potentials ready to be fulfilled.

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    Chapter Six: Trouble!

    Not only does Serena brainwash people with her ****ty behaviour, she also steals lyrics from other people and claim them as her own. #freeshuichi
    Was the former keyboard player and composer of Bad Luck's statement change Ryuichi Sakuma's views? No it didn't, it only made his behaviour worse. Serena didn't expect an overnight miracle but now Ryuichi was now accusing them of plagiarism on his twitter page. A part of their song was included from an ancient traditional poem from Shamouti Island. Serena had picked part of the poem herself because she knew that Ash had once visited there and made a great impact on the village. Residents from the island also seemed to enjoy the song.

    Serena didn't see how quoting a traditional poem was plagiarism. She thought it was beautiful and the fans seemed to enjoy it. She had noticed that Ryuichi had been saying all this stuff about her, and yet he had never gone up to her face and told her what he thought. He was always behind a scene or with a huge backing when he expressed his views on her. K insisted that it was a publicity stunt and that he wouldn't even hurt a fly, but Serena found it hard to believe. From what Ash had told her, Ryuichi sounded like a psycho. His actions in particular were the reason why Ash was so scared about her welfare.

    Ryuichi had posted a picture on Instagram tagged as #freeshuichi. The sepia picture showed in a hotel room as his teddiursa held a flag with Shuichi's face. On Ryuichi's top there was a dead women childishly scribbled in white, standing out from his black clothes. Serena knew that it was meant to be her when she saw the hashtag: #Serenasucks. Even though Shuichi's arrest had been a secret until the day he was sentenced to five years in prison, even she didn't know he was arrested until well after Shuichi's arrest.

    Serena laughed. Normally his words would make her cry, but with the support of her friends and family, she felt she was finally strong enough to confront the man once and for all. She went onto her twitter account before she checked out her direct messages, she responded to Ryuichi as her fingernails clashed against the keyboard she felt a fire in her eyes.

    You're the one that's brainwashed. If you think that bullying me will free a criminal. Leave me alone. Also please stop harassing my boyfriend, please and thank you.

    Serena felt so good when she hit the enter button both times. The media could say what they want about her now, she wasn't going to let the man get her down any more when she a has a whole bright career ahead of her. To her surprise, Ryuichi quickly responded to her. This was as heated as one of Ash's pokemon battles.

    Shuichi was in love. That is not a crime. Your blatant homophobia disgusts me.

    Serena gasped. A court of law found Shuichi guilty of perverting the course of justice for covering up for Eiri even when he knew that he was murderer. Shuichi committed a crime and needed to do the time. Simply stating the obvious did not make her homophobic. She looked at her pancham and said, "This man is so stupid!"

    Love isn't a crime but not letting your lover get away with murder is.

    Pancham appeared to have agreed with Serena's comment as he gave her a thumbs up. She rubbed her hands together. She was beginning to look forward to what Ryuichi would say next. She could already see that her notifications were rising at a monstrous rate. She refreshed Ryuichi's page and she saw that he had replied.

    Sweetie, you really need to get your facts that. Eiri was a young child at the time who did it out of self-defence.
    Serena thought that if Eiri had murdered someone as a child, had he murdered anyone else since then that nobody knew about. She couldn't believe that Ryuichi used Eiri's youth at the time to justify his actions. Her stomach hurt from laughter when she saw that she was called sweetie. It was the nicest thing that he had ever said to her so she was sure there was sarcasm there.

    It's still cold hearted murder and they both deserve to be in prison.

    Her opinion did not change. Murder was murder. She quickly saw how sharp Ryuichi's tongue was with his next message.

    If anyone should be in prison it's you! Your crimes against music are horrifying.

    Serena signed out after that. She had realised that sending any more messages would only be a waste of time as neither of their opinions were going to change. Ryuichi hated her for replaced Shuichi and he was trying to make her life as uncomfortable as possible. She was never going to let him get to her again. As far as Serena was concerned, it was all pathetic. Why couldn't people just enjoy the music and not get into these silly fights. She returned to the studio where her bandmates and manager K were waiting for her. The look of surprise on their face was obvious.

    "Hi guys," Serena said with an optimistic smile. "Oh I guess you've been on twitter?"

    "I must say that you keep surprising me everyday," K admitted. "Are you feeling better now?"

    Serena nodded.

    "Right now let's get down for business! The new album needs to blow people's minds. It needs to have more fire then this gun."

    "You won't have to worry," Serena spoke out. "Our new album will surpass the entire Bad Luck catalogue. Everyone on that stage last night loved Delta Storm. It was trending on twitter when I last checked."

    "I don't think it's trending now," Matt said. "Loads of people have been talking about your argument with Ryuichi."

    K and the whole band started laughing. K turned to Serena, "Just don't be surprised if Mr. Sakano tells you off. But don't worry we won't let you get sacked. If NG records decide to drop us there are plenty of other labels who are happy to sign us. And I heard this album is going to be based on pokemon. Sounds interesting. I think we should get guests to liven up."

    "What sort of guests?" Matt asked.

    "I'm thinking extra musicians, choirs, orchestra, celebrities, you name it. It's all gonna be there. You want to make a legendary album and I'm going to get the tools for you to make it."

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