Notes: This is my fanfic from Nsider that I'm bringing here. Violence isn't too overly descriptive, and although there is some attraction and other hinted activities between characters, nothing is ever shown. As such, it probably has a PG to PG-13 rating depending on how vivid your imagination is. Now on to the story!

Prologue: The Faded and the Foundation

Is this what has become of me? I, who once consumed the painful memories of a world with delight, am now next to nothing? Curse that Mio and her interference. But even now, I will find a way. I will return to my glory.

Raem retread his old familiar thoughts. For now, he was next to nothing, merely an ephemeral black cloud, barely existing and unable to do anything. He once had been the master of a world, laying claim to all but known by almost none. Now, he was reduced to staying in his realm, a black abyss of nothing.

I could go back, but that means I would have to accept her plan. Harmony? No, I could not stand such an existence. Living off the pathetic dribbles given off by the people when they are done would not sustain me. I hunger. I hunger for the exquisite memories of pain and suffering that I once consumed. I must have control. Only then can I get such things again. But Mio, she would never allow me to regain anything. She would see any move I made back on that world. But is there somewhere else? I’ve searched before and found nothing.

Raem waited for many years, looking for a way to escape Mio and find a new world. Eventually, Raem noticed a disturbance in his realm of memories. An unknown pathway opened. Raem eagerly traveled through this gate, and once through, he immediately felt a new triumph and vigor.

What is this? I sense two worlds, but one is collapsing into the other. The last of the power separating them has faded. The energy released by this collapse must have opened the way for me. Soon, there will be only one world, so I shall observe for a time. The confusion caused by this collapse will be the perfect place to begin. The sorrow and chaos will make them easy prey. At last, I restore my power, my glory!

Raem made preparations for moving to this new realm. He made sure Mio would not notice his absence, not that she cared unless he tried to return to the other world. Raem slowly shifted his influence over this new world and began watching. There was much more people here than the other world. There was also some other creatures with intelligence.

Are there monsters here already? I thought I created them from the painful and faded memories that I consumed. No, these are different. These creatures are natural, but perhaps I could find a way to use some of them. I’ll need more time to understand.

Raem began to watch the collapsing world combine with the other. Luckily, he was not a being tied to any physical dimension, so he could easily watch both worlds in their separate realities. The collapse would take some time to finish, but Raem could wait.

* * *

The world was collapsing. The foundation had known it for a short time now. They worked feverishly in their attempts to try and stop it. The natural disasters in both the world of Arrol and the world of Geonne had steadily grown worse as the convergence neared.

Arrol was merging with the world of Geonne, and in a short time only one world would be left. The terrible disasters and chaos would be sure to reduce the technology and civilization of the humans to almost nothing. The foundation, also known as Exaccus, tried their best, but nothing could restore the energy that kept both worlds separate.

With this failure, the foundation had only one choice. They would make something to survive the calamity with all the knowledge of their world. It would have to be able to protect itself and slowly reveal the knowledge to build up the human civilization once again. From these efforts, Project Forde was born.

As the project was finished, Forde opened his eyes. He went over his system data, which flashed up in his optical channels, covering some of what he saw. Everything was normal, so he hid the data so that he could see his creators. After a quick look around, he already knew about all the grey-haired scientists in the laboratory. Their profiles were all in his internal databases since they all were part of the project staff.

The head of the project, with his long grey beard, took a step closer. “Forde, you are completed. It is a great achievement for us, but now I must ask you some questions to make certain your programming is functioning as planned. Are you ready?”

“All data shows I am functioning normally, but I shall answer your questions.”

“Very well. What is your purpose, Forde?”

“My purpose is to follow the rules for my existence. The first rule is to complete the Forde plan. The second rule is to protect human life and pokemon life. I am never to harm anything unless its existence is a direct threat to the plan, but I am to protect myself, since I am the one to carry out the plan.”

“Good. Now, let’s make sure you have the plan properly placed in your systems. Tell us about the plan.”

“The plan, or the Forde plan, involves restoring technology and civilization to the world. Something to contain information, guide humans, and bring stability was needed, so I was created. The plan was made since the catastrophic convergence of both worlds is only a short time away, and the splintering effects of the disasters are already becoming apparent. The fracturing and isolation of different parts of human civilization will only worsen until after the convergence ends, and then I must slowly work to bring the plan about.”

“Everything checks out, so why don’t you come along. There isn’t much time left, and the disasters become worse every day.”

Forde smoothly lifted himself from the table. He cautiously took his first steps and then walked at the pace of the others. In some glass on wall, he caught a glimpse of his reflection. He looked just like a human in their prime would look, strong, lean, and healthy. He had short brown hair, leaving his thin face and green eyes easily seen. Underneath his perfectly human exterior lay the many circuits, systems, and computers that ran the most complex robot ever created. A robot designed to be like a human, but that was stronger, smarter, and faster than any human could hope to be.

They arrived at another laboratory, where several items sat on a table. The project director thrust two at him. “Here put these on. Just examine your databases and you’ll know what to do.” His databases quickly told him that they were a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, so he put the blue pants and grey shirt on over the underclothes he already had on. The databases showed that these clothes were considered normal, and would make so he would easily blend in with normal people, just like he was meant to do.

Next, the project manager handed him two red and white balls. Without explanation, Forde knew what these were. Drawing from his databases on the latest experimental technologies, Forde knew they were pokeballs. Such technology was as new as he was, and these pokeballs must some of the very few that had been made so far.

“A pity that you will be one of the only ones to get to use the pokeball technology we just developed,” the director commented. “It had such promise to bring humans and pokemon together as friends. Why don’t you try them both out, so that I might see my friends one last time?”

Forde activated the pokeballs, releasing the inhabitants onto the table. From the first came Eevee, a small fox-like pokemon with mostly brown fur, except for some almost white fur on the tip of its tail or the mane around its neck. From the second came Pachirisu, a small squirrel that was mostly white except for the light blue stripe running down the middle of its back and tail. The blue coloring also covered its small pointed ears. It also had small yellow circles on its cheeks.

Forde had the Opal translator, a program made centuries ago by one of the heroes that allowed humans and pokemon to understand each other. The director also had one on the computer, so he smiled as he spoke to the two pokemon. “My friends, it’s good to see you again. How was the stay in the pokeballs?”

The Pachirisu hopped up and down in excitement, generating a few sparks from his body. “It was great! Just like taking a nap where you suddenly wake up and it’s later!”

“You’re as energetic as always, Chiro,” The director chuckled. “How about you, Kita?”

Kita, the Eevee, stretched and yawned. “Since I felt nothing, I’ll have to say it was neither good nor bad.”

The director patted both the pokemon on their heads. “As practical as ever Kita. Now, since you two will both be traveling with him, I’d like you both to meet Forde.”

Forde stepped towards the table to examine the pokemon. Chiro jumped onto his arm, and climbed up to his shoulder, the soft fur of the squirrel pokemon brushing against Forde. Kita sniffed Forde curiously, easily noticing the absence of the normal smells humans had.

Chiro climbed on top of Forde’s hair, and then hopped back down to the table. “He seems like a human to me, but I thought you were making a machine.”

“At least he doesn’t smell like a human,” Kita added. “They don’t always smell the best.”

Forde smiled at the two. “Pleased to meet you both. I was designed to be like humans, so telling me apart by looks alone would be impossible.”

A minor tremor shook the lab, and the lights dimmed for a second. The director urged them to hurry. “Are you all ready to go? The safest place possible is where the worlds are already the closest. That is why we are sending you all to the Relic Academy, since it was the point from which this world was split off from the original one. We’ll have to use the jets, since our other methods aren’t as reliable with the unstable energies caused by this world collapsing.”

Kita groaned. “Not the jets. I can’t stand them. Put me back in the pokeball until we arrive.”

Forde returned Kita to her pokeball, while Chiro climbed on his shoulder. He then followed the director to the jet that was readied for their trip. It was a small jet, but among the fastest in the world.

Before Forde climbed into the aircraft, the director gave them a few last words of advice. “Farewell and good luck. I have to stay here to help. Not that there is much we can do to stop the end of the world. We’ve already tried. Forde, you’re our only hope for the future. Also, Chiro, be sure to keep Forde’s battery charged. That’s why we needed an electric pokemon like you to volunteer for this.”
Forde waved goodbye as the hatch began to shut. Chiro shouted as loud as his small voice could manage. “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of him!”

The hatch closed and the jet took off. Chiro scurried up and down the few seats in the jet, looking out the different windows. Eventually, he returned to Forde’s shoulder. “Forde, I’m so excited to be going back to Relic Academy! That’s where me and Kita were at when we met the director. I know they gave you all the human knowledge, but you should spend some time at the academy and learn about all the pokemon knowledge.”

“According to the plan, I must wait for five years after this world converges with the other, so that will be a good way to spend my time. After the five years, I’m supposed to meet with the legendary pokemon and learn of their purposes and stories.”

“I’ve never met a legendary pokemon either! I’ll get to do the most exciting things with you, Forde.”

The jet landed, and Forde released Kita once again. The three were taken to the portal between the worlds of Arrol and Geonne, and soon they arrived in the world of Geonne, the world of the pokemon.

As predicted, Relic Academy remained mostly untouched by the disasters caused by the world of Arrol converging with the world of Geonne. The two worlds in the separate dimensions became one world once again. Elsewhere in the world, the convergence caused much greater problems. As predicted, the cities of the humans were destroyed, leaving humans to build up from nothing once more, except now, they had pokemon to live with, unlike the last time. Last time, the world of Arrol had been created for humans to live separate from pokemon, but now they would have to live in the same world once more. The plan accounted for all of this, and almost nothing could change the world enough for the plan to fail.


There you go, the prologue. It feels quite different from the rest of the story, and if I wrote it now it would probably be quite different. I'll see how you like/don't like it. Also, I think I'll probably post 2 or 3 chapters for this a week until I catch up to the point I'm at in writing the story, chapter 19. Also, since this story is partially a sequel, but mostly its own story, I could provide a link to the prequel, if anyone requests it.