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    if this game isnt linked to the internet how can you have people rescue you? what do the codes mean and how do you make one if u die?
    i have pkm mystery dungeon blue and i die alot and get stuck how can i have people help me and how long does it usuallly take to get rescued?

    thank you.

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    The Mystery Dungeon games use a very complex yet easy to use code system to enable rescues from far away. If someone is defeated in a dungeon, the game generates a special code that he or she can tell to another real-life person. When that real-life person tells the code to a Pelipper in the Pelipper Post Office, he or she is sent on a mission to rescue the defeated team. Once the team is rescued, the rescuer receives a special code that he or she tells to the original person in need of rescue. When this person inputs the code, he or she can continue playing from the spot the team was KOed without receiving any penalty.

    Basically, if you are KOed in a dungeon, write down the code that is displayed and give it to someone you know who has the game. (Alternatively, I believe there is a place on this forum in which you can place your rescue requests.) Once that person has rescued your team, he or she will send you a code which you can input to resume unharmed in the dungeon.

    I hope that wasn't too confusing; it's a bit difficult to explain. If you have any more questions, I'll be glad to help.

    EDIT: The "place" happens to be "The Official 'I Died, I Need Help!' Thread" toward the top of this board. If you post your code there, someone should help you.
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    Default ty

    thanks i get it kinda

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