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Thread: Mew for Pokken Tournament!

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    Default Mew for Pokken Tournament!

    Ok... I have seen a LOT of people's wish list for Playable Pokemon in Pokken Tournament. But NONE of these included the daddy of ALL mythical Pokemon, Mew.

    Now, they can be lazy like every other mythic Pokemon revealed thus far and make it a support. But Mew Shouldn't recieve this sort of treatment. Here's why:

    1. Mewtwo is already in the game. Lucario is already in the game. Guess who guest-starred in both of their debut movies?
    2. And here we have the more impressive reason. Mew can use ALMOST any move. whether it be through transform, metronome, to even TM's, HM's and (most) Move tutors. mew can do it all. there is a *LITERAL* goldmine of possible movesets they can choose for Mew as a fighter!
    3. Mew was there from the beginning. It was the co-star of the first movie, it was the first mythical Pokemon EVER made! It deserves a LITTLE more respect than a simple support Pokemon.

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    This doesn't really warrant its own thread. If you want to share why you think Mew should be a playable character in Pokken feel free to share in the existing thread for that here though.
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