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Thread: Why Were Shellos and Gastrodon Scrapped in Ruby and Sapphire?

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    Default Why Were Shellos and Gastrodon Scrapped in Ruby and Sapphire?

    As I'm sure many of you know, Shellos and Gastrodon were originally slated to call the Hoenn region their home, but were instead scrapped and were instead introduced when Diamond and Pearl were released. My question is: why? Does anyone know why Game Freak decided to scrap the two in Ruby and Sapphire?

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    It's not the first time a specific pokemon had to wait to be released instead of in their 'intended' generation. For instance, they wanted to include more pokemon in Red/Blue, but there just wasn't enough time for them to do so. Those pokemon designs were kept or scrapped and saved for future installments for use. It is something that inevitably happens with each game. With Shellos in particular, heck, it could've been anything from time constraints to not being pleased with the design.

    I'm sure there are more in-depth things on it, but that's the general consensus.
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