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Thread: Pokénchi (Gathering in the Pokemon House?) - Discussion Thread

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    Default Pokénchi (Gathering in the Pokemon House?) - Discussion Thread

    As with Smash & Get TV, we have decided to include a special thread for discussion on Pokénchi so all the discussion can stay here

    We'll keep you up to date with the episodes each week. In the meantime, here's a rundown written by myself & Dephender

    What is Pokénchi?

    Ever since 1999, Japan has had a secondary Pokémon TV series running concurrently with the anime series. Gathering in the Pokemon House? (ポケモンの家(うち)あつまる? Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?), or Pokénchi for short, is the sixth of these series, and makes a change from the style of Pokémon Get TV, being more focused on skits and showcases of Pokémon.

    Please note that Pokénchi is primarily a comedy show for children promoting the franchise and showing off various new products and revelations. It occasionally shows off never-before-seen gameplay footage when demoing upcoming video games, and The Pokémon Company sometimes chooses them as the outlet to reveal certain news, but they are not, and have never been, a show focused on news, and most of the material they present as new has been promoted in other outlets earlier that week. The intended audience for these presentations are little kids who don't follow the franchise closely, not grown-ups who check Pokémon news sites multiple times a day to constantly stay up to date.

    Who are the hosts of Pokénchi?

    Shoko Nakagawa

    As everyone knows, a huge fan of Pokémon! She's the custodian of Pokénchi and wants everyone to love Pokémon even more than they already do.


    A well-informed person that will teach us lot of things about Pokémon! He makes smart desicions both when it comes to games and everyday life.


    A passionate man doing his best to entertain everyone with Pokémon. Although his efforts are sometimes in vain, everyone still loves the guy.

    Rinka Otani

    A girl who just moved into Pokénchi. She's still new to Pokémon, but her curiosity is second to none!


    A man constantly traveling through Japan attempting to make new "Pokénds", friends that love Pokémon.

    What does Pokénchi Cover?
    To be added

    Abareru-kun's Pranks
    It appears that when no one's in the living room of the house where Pokémon fans gather, Abareru-kun pulls various pranks there!? Watch the special "Abareru-kun's Pranks" videos to get hints about these pranks! Once you've watched "Abareru-kun's Pranks", watch Pokénchi closely and see if you can spot what he did! Will Shokotan, Hyadain or Rinka-chan notice!? You can search for "Abareru-kun's Pranks" too!

    When does Pokénchi air?
    Pokénchi airs on TV Tokyo every Sunday at 8:00 AM Japanese time. There is unfortunately no legal way to watch the show outside Japan, but our friends at has an up-to-date episode guide with pictures and in-depth summaries of most episodes.

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    October 4th 2015: Abareru-kun Replicates Electrode's Explosion!? / 'Pokénds Gather?' in Itabashi, Tokyo / Hyadain and Abareru-kun Have a Pokémon Battle!

    "Let's try Pokémon!"
    Abareru-kun tries out various experiments in order to replicate Electrode's "Explosion"!
    "Pokénds gather?"
    Antony travels all throughout Japan! His objective is to make lots of friends that love Pokémon, "Pokénds"! In this episode, he visits his birthplace Itabashi, Tokyo. How many Pokénds will the local celebrity Antony manage to make?
    "Pokémon Battle"
    Hyadain VS Abareru-kun
    These completely different people's Pokémon battle styles are also completely different! But who will win, Hyadain or Abareru-kun?

    Abareru-kun Prank Hint Video:


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